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Kenneth Copeland - Jesus Introduces The New Covenant

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Kenneth Copeland - Jesus Introduces The New Covenant

Father, we thank you for this covenant promise. We thank you for this covenant meal, where Jesus provided and presided over the introduction to the new covenant. Oh Jesus. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And we give you so much praise. We just honor you, sir. My Messiah. Our anointed one, our Christ. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: It is very necessary. Even John said it, he interpreted the word Christ for us and said it, Christ in Greek, Christ in English, Cristo in Spanish, all mean Messiah anointed one.

Greg Stephens: Yeah in Hebrew, the anointed one.

Kenneth Copeland: The anointed one. And, it's so easy for us to use the word Christ. And there are people I've heard a lot that don't even use the name of Jesus. I do not like that. Have you accepted Christ? Have had... no, I didn't say it wrong. God forbid, if anybody, if you go off and say, I said it's wrong, you're lying. Cause I didn't say that. But it is an emphasis on that word Christ. And people do not know what it means. They think it's just part of Jesus' name. And that will really shortchange you. Particularly when you read verses Jesus, himself, the Spirit of the Lord is upon me for, he has anointed me. That's the reason that got so mad. They're in his hometown. What is he saying? He's saying he's Messiah. Who does he think he is? The anointed one. The anointed one. We know him. We know his family. How could he be anointed? That's what made them so mad. He said this day, this fulfilled in your ear. I am Messiah. And I'm sitting here in front of you. I am be anointed one. They were ready to kill him. Tried to kill him. Couldn't get to it.

Greg Stephens: Messiah is a word that's used, the people believe in Messiah, they don't believe in Jesus to this day. Rabbis will teach there are a couple of Mashiach. There are a couple of Messiah types, Joseph being one. Cause he was a King who protected the nation, and David being the other. So when, when somebody would cry out in faith, son of David, they're crying out Messiah.

Kenneth Copeland: Messiah, absolutely.

Greg Stephens: That's what they're doing that. And that stopped him every time.

Kenneth Copeland: Jesus just stopped in his tracks. That Syrophoenician woman, I don't know where she got it, but she knew who he was and she fell down and worshiped him and cried, son of David, son of David have mercy on me. Have Chesed on me.

Greg Stephens: That's covenant.

Kenneth Copeland: That's covenant talk. And Jesus said that woman's got something here. And she stepping out of her time, but he just baited her. He just let her talk, let her go on, let her talk, and called her a dog. And then all of that...

Greg Stephens: That's what she wanted, a little bread. He said, I can't give you this bread. Not yet.

Kenneth Copeland: She wants that daughter healed and she's not leaving till she gets it because he's Messiah, and I don't care if he's preaching to the Jews. He said, that's only when he's preaching to, but I'm going to get it anyway. And I don't care what he calls me. I'll die for my daughter. And Jesus said, yeah, go your way, girl.

Greg Stephens: He marveled at her faith. She's tapped into the covenant of righteousness by faith, not by words. And this is the transition that Jesus is making with the disciples, to teach us to live by faith. We're going to have to live by faith in this covenant because everything in the world is going to tell you you're not righteous.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh yeah.

Greg Stephens: People are going to tell you, you're going to tell yourself, but you're going to have to do it. The father loves me as much as he loves Jesus. And what I say comes...

Kenneth Copeland: I can just hear somebody out there just say, what did he just say? y

Greg Stephens: Yeah, well we'll show it to you. Can we go, let me show you this. Let me show you. We stopped over here in John chapter 12. Now this is the same things that happened in Mark 11. But John gives us a little detail and he talks about my hour has come. He knows this now because the Gentiles are ready to receive him in verse 23. And he gets down here to verse 27 and he says this, now is my soul troubled. And what shall I say, father, save me. What shall I say, father save me from this hour? But for this cost came, I unto this hour, he's committing himself. And then what he says right here, father glorify, thy name. Jesus is using the name to do what he's about to do. And in a little while, he's going to give us that name. This is why it's a big difference, sir, between Messiah and the name. Alright, go on down.

Kenneth Copeland: I'm glad you brought that out.

Greg Stephens: It's different than Christ and the name. It's in the...

Kenneth Copeland: I know and have heard wonderful people, I'm not sitting in judgment over anybody, but primarily use the word Christ as if that's Jesus' name. Well, I used to didn't see any difference in that. Have you accepted Christ as your savior? Well the person knows what he's talking about and then you can accept Christ as your savior be just as born again as anybody else. But that name, that name.

Greg Stephens: That name.

Kenneth Copeland: That name.

Greg Stephens: Given to him by the father.

Kenneth Copeland: I very rarely use the word Christ. I use the name that's above every name that's named in heaven and earth known to the earth. Now years ago, just a long time ago. I was in a meeting. It wasn't my meeting. And I was there to dedicate a new church facility. Very, very, very dear friend of mine. Well it was Ed DeFrank. Ed's in heaven today, Ed and Ashley DeFrank.

Greg Stephens: Glory to God. Murrieta, California.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh yeah, man. Prophet of God. And we were done. And then I don't remember what all was said. And the church, everybody was so thrilled and happy, and he said, Brother Copeland, you had anything else you want to say? I said, well, no, but do you realize... I hadn't even thought about it. I said, do you realize that Christ is not Jesus' last name? And I thought, I just realized that myself. And it hit me. Right then, I began a study of that and the Lord had me go through and underline Christ everywhere I found it in the Bible, and particularly in the King James Bible. Now other translations deal with it, the classic amplified deals with it, the new living deals with it. But the King James does not, except in the gospel of John. Messiah, the anointed one, and his anointing. We're carriers of that anointing. And at the revelation of it I went in there and put right out there, translate and meditate, translate and meditate. This was a Bible before I started this one. Translate and meditate Christ the anointed. Is it referring to the anointed one? Or to the anointing itself? Such as I can do all things through Christ. That one.

Greg Stephens: Can go both ways. That's good. Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: I can do all things through his anointing, which strengthens me. I can do all things through him who strengthens me. Amen.

Greg Stephens: Amen. He's the access point.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah. You can't separate him from that anointing.

Greg Stephens: I wasn't born the natural seed of Abraham. That's the contradiction to the covenant.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, it is.

Greg Stephens: I said, how am I going to get there? It's going to take somebody to bring me into that. Well, that's my contact. This is how I pray now. This is how I approach the throne is how I do everything in him is how I live and move.

Kenneth Copeland: Well, he said right there, he said right there in that covenant meal. Up to now you've asked me nothing.

Greg Stephens: Nothing. That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: But in that day, what's he talking about? Just few days now. I mean, hours really from now he's going to be glorified.

Greg Stephens: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: He's going to be crucified. He is going to go and suffer in hell itself for three days and night. And then he's going to the right hand of the father glorified. And he said, and that day you will ask me nothing, but whatsoever you ask the father in my name he will give it you.

Greg Stephens: And this is why so many people pray and miss because they pray, Oh God help me. Oh God. But no. If I go to the father in his name, I know he hears me. I would just wish God could hear me. He hears you.

Kenneth Copeland: How do I know? How do I know? How do I know? Promise. Yeah. That's bread covenant talk promise. You can have it.

Greg Stephens: You do have it. I'm talking about whatever it is you ask for.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah. You have that. That's yours. That is your privilege to go to your father with a smile on your face. I don't care if there's paint all over your body, father, it thrilled me. Now, well Brother Copeland I prayed to Jesus. That's not what he said. I do not pray to him, I visit with him, I talk with him, I talk to him about the mountain, but he said, you know, he said, you speak to the mountains. So I talked to him about the mountain. What do I need to say to the mountain? But I speak to the mountain. And he said, in that day, you'll ask me nothing but whatsoever you asked the father in my name he will give it to you. So I bring them both into this thing at the same time. I turn right there to the 16 chapter of John 23rd verse, I turn right there to it. And I say, Jesus, you said this and father, you're listening. And I'm asking you now in the mighty glorious name of Jesus. Now, I asked him for something really big this morning while I was on the treadmill. And I'm okay, here it goes. I'm trunking along there, you know. I said, Oh yeah. And I'll tell you what, I've got it. I'm telling you Sergio, I have it just as sure as I'm sitting here looking at you, it is mine glory be to God. I own it. I have it now. And I give God praise for it now because I have what I say and whatever I asked him in the name of Jesus, he gives it me.

Greg Stephens: And when you don't know how to pray for that, he gave you the third member of that group the Holy Ghost, to pray through you the perfect will of God.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes.

Greg Stephens: There comes times I don't know how to pray about this, Lord father you know, I don't know what. Pray in the Holy Ghost.

Kenneth Copeland: And this just a few days ago, I was just, oh man. Oh God. And I went to bed that night. I hadn't said anything to Gloria about it, but it was something that bothered me. And I had my iPad, my big one, it's got bigger speakers in it, had it up there to, I had been listening to another series By Brother Hagin and my eyes just fell over here on the, on another series "Casting all your care". Well, I know how to do that. I learned it from him back there 53 years ago. I said, we're going to listen to this one. Before the first message is over with that care was dumped and I no longer had it. And I'm smiling again this morning. Promised it to me. He said it in his book.

Greg Stephens: It's covenant promise.

Kenneth Copeland: It's a covenant promise.

Greg Stephens: And so whatever is contradicting that has to go.

Kenneth Copeland: And when you've found something, you do this and you say this and, and, and so forth and it will keep your mind. I'm having trouble with my mind. Not anymore. All I have to do is, I have to stay with it. But he said it in blood.

Greg Stephens: Yes. This is why Jesus is making the statements he's making. To put it into action. He's putting things into action by what he's saying. This is why John writes it differently than the other guys did. He's writing the Messiah, Jesus words down for us so that he did this so that their faith wouldn't stumble in the next day or two. With what's going to happen.

Kenneth Copeland: And you have to remember this, Greg, the apostle John outlived them all.

Greg Stephens: Yes he did. Yes. He did.

Kenneth Copeland: All of them. They couldn't kill him.

Greg Stephens: They tried, they actually tried. Then they just put him out there on that Island somewhere.

Kenneth Copeland: And he wrote the book of Revelation. What is it with this guy? You can't get rid of him.

Greg Stephens: That whole thing started with a little argument with Peter and all about who should see this. And he said, what's it to you? Jesus said to Peter, paraphrasing, what's it to you if he's here till I return? And so there was a common thought in the early church that Jesus will return before John dies.

Kenneth Copeland: Well, you can see why.

Greg Stephens: Well he did, he did do that. He returned when he was on the isle of Patmos, all of a sudden he was in the spirit on the Lord's day. And he heard a voice of familiar voice. And he turned to see the voice. You don't turn to see a voice, but he knew the voice. He turned to see it. And he saw Jesus, but he saw him glorified. He came and visited him before. Just what he said he would do. Different form than he expected.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, if you really, if you really want something good, go to the book of Revelation. It's not, Revelations, it is one Revelation, it's the revelation of Jesus. It's not Revelation of the end time. It's a revelation of Jesus. And look how he looked when John saw him. After what? About 60 years?

Greg Stephens: Yeah. That's about right.

Kenneth Copeland: On the thrown. Look at the difference between the last time John saw him which was right there, he appeared to them. John records it. What he said to them. They show him there.

Greg Stephens: Right. But he saw him as he is.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah, he looked just like he did. He always did. He wasn't shiny or anything. I mean, they saw him, he said, handle me a spirit hath not flesh and bone as you see me now. I'm the same man that I was. Except now 60 years later, 60 years in the glory. Wonder what he looks like now?

Greg Stephens: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: 2000 years in the glory.

Greg Stephens: Yeah. Wow.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh, let's go today.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. He sees him standing in the churches.

Kenneth Copeland: Do you realize what it's like to know when you're going to die?

Greg Stephens: No, I don't think I do.

Kenneth Copeland: I'll be there in less than 37 years. Because the Lord asked me, he didn't tell me to do it. He asked me, because of the anointing. The only, the only time God did not say three score and 10, four score. No, no. He didn't say that. Greg, this gets back to covenant relationship.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: Now he was in...

Greg Stephens: Your his friend, capital F. So he's going to ask you.

Kenneth Copeland: But he was in covenant with those people out there in that wilderness.

Greg Stephens: Yes he was.

Kenneth Copeland: And yet you have to realize, Sergio, they kept saying stuff and he just put up with it and he kept putting up with it. It was an 11 day walk from where they were and where he should be. And it took them 40 years to go 11 days. Well, even God get tired of that. So, and they kept saying, we're going to die in the desert. We're going to die in the desert. We're going to die in the desert. We gonna die in the desert. That's all he heard. We're going to die and he's going to kill us in the desert.

Greg Stephens: And he's feeding them, and he's watering them, taking care of them. They're still saying it.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh, we going to die in the desert. They got what they said.

Greg Stephens: Yes they did.

Kenneth Copeland: That's covenant and Jesus, Jesus brought that back alive again in Mark 11:23, you have whatsoever you say.

Greg Stephens: Yes. Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: That's biblical by both covenants.

Greg Stephens: Well, that doesn't change.

Kenneth Copeland: No that doesn't change, that's spiritual law.

Greg Stephens: That's correct.

Kenneth Copeland: That's the way God started it with words, and that's just the way it is.

Greg Stephens: That's correct.

Kenneth Copeland: Well, come on man. I mean, then finally he said, okay, ain't anybody over 20 years old getting out of this desert.

Greg Stephens: Except Joshua and Caleb. They became youth pastors right then.

Kenneth Copeland: I didn't realize that I was just like everybody else. Well, you know, you just, now I knew I was going to live be 92 because of something else that had happened back 1983. I was thrilled with that, brother, you know, going right along. And I got a messing around with Keith Moore and Gloria picked up on and she starts teaching it in healing school. And I kept listening. I'm sitting back there behind the curtain. She's teaching and I'm looking down at the... Oh yeah. God said the law of biblical established words. The first mention of something in the Bible, it carries that meaning all the way through.

Greg Stephens: The law of first reference.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah, the law of first reference is what I was trying to say. Genesis 6:3. I'd call that pretty close to the beginning, wouldn't you?

Greg Stephens: Very close to the beginning. Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: And God said, I'm not going to put up with them living so long. They're only flesh. Therefore the days of man will be 120 years, God said that.

Greg Stephens: Yes he did.

Kenneth Copeland: And he asked me, he didn't tell me. He said, 92 is fine with me if that's what you want to do. And I questioned him about it. His bottom line was nobody's done this. A lot of people live long time, but for the specific and give God the credit for it. But for the specific purpose of preaching and teaching the word of faith, A specific message longer and longer because of that anointing. And he just took me up 10 years at a time. Were you as anointed when you were 40, as you were when he was 50, and on to me all the way up. And at that, at that time, I was Oh, I was in my late seventies and we got 30 seconds left. But anyway, I'm going 120.

Greg Stephens: So here's the interesting thing. I still take school in Israel. I'm still a student. And my professor the other day saw that it was my birthday and said a phrase to me in Hebrew. And I said, I don't know this phrase. And they said, well, we don't say happy birthday, we say to a 120 like Moses. And that's what she said to me.

Kenneth Copeland: To 120, like Moses. Yes sir.
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