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Kenneth Copeland - Every Covenant Must Be Activated

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Kenneth Copeland - Every Covenant Must Be Activated

Hello, everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland. This is the "Believer's Voice of Victory" broadcast and sometimes you need to come sit in here. I mean, this is one of the happiest places on earth is right here, praise God.

Father, we thank you today. Thank you that Jesus, our Lord and our Savior is on the throne and prayer in His Name changes things. And we give you praise and we honor you today in the precious Name of Jesus, Father. For every word that's said and every miracle that takes place all over the world today, and there will be many, in the Name of Jesus.

Join me once again today in welcoming Professor Greg Stephens.

Greg Stephens: Thank you, sir, it's an honor.

Kenneth Copeland: An instructor at KCBC and a man of faith, man of honor, man of God. Let's go to book of Ephesians. I just had a thought here that I'll get to it in a moment.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: First, our chapter two, verse 11, our golden text concerning our study of Covenant. "Wherefore remember, that you being in times past Gentiles in the flesh, who are called on circumcision but that which is called the circumcision in the flesh made by hands. At that time you were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel and strangers from the Covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world, but now glory in Christ Jesus, you who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of that Covenant". Glory to God, hallelujah.

Greg Stephens: That's my access.

Kenneth Copeland: That's it.

Greg Stephens: That's my access, the blood.

Kenneth Copeland: Every Covenant must be activated. I remember when it came as a revelation to me that this is the reason, Greg, for all of these many years, I don't have partners, I have Covenant partners. I have entered Covenant with them to pray and so forth. And sometimes, man, I'm telling you. Sometimes I'm real busy and all that but still I have to do it 'cause I made Covenant with my partners. Activating that Covenant, they can be a prayer partner, they can be, and that's wonderful, man, hey. But we're talking about financial partners here.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: See, I'm not pastor of a church. Now, you've been pastoring and you're a...

Greg Stephens: Associate pastor.

Kenneth Copeland: Associate pastor at EMRC but my congregation is all over the world. So you activate. The first partner service I ever heard was "I was a Driver" for Oral Roberts And I wanted to be a partner, it was so bad, it's just all over me. And the thing that got me, Greg, he said he'd pray for me every day. And I thought, man, I want a piece of this. I needed a piece of that. But it had to be activated. And he'd been talking about $10 a month. Well, I didn't have $10. Anywhere in the world, I didn't have $10. They passed out, remember those lil' wooden church pencils? That goes a long way.

Greg Stephens: Yes it does.

Kenneth Copeland: They had a little manila envelope with a little pencil in it and I said, "Hey, that pencil belongs to me". Now what is my desire? I didn't realize just what I was doing then but I needed to activate that Covenant. I didn't have $10 and this pencil was it but I had to give something. Now how did God make his Covenant? He so loved the world, He gave.

Greg Stephens: Whatever was in your hand.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah and immediately, a woman right behind me said, "Hey, you", and gave me $10. I ran, caught the usher, got my pencil, put it in my pocket. I'm a Covenant partner with Oral Roberts. That activated it. Now turn with me to Deuteronomy 28. Now, this is from the curse of the law. We won't have time to get into that today but if you will go back several weeks when we first started studying Covenant together, all of the Blessing mountain, the curse mountain, all of that was explained. But now this is, and we remember Jesus redeemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse for but look at this. Let's say verse 45. "Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee and shall pursue thee and overtake you till you be destroyed because you hearken not. You didn't listen to the voice of the Lord thy God to keep His commandments and His statutes which He commanded thee. They shall be upon thee for a sign and a wonder and among your seed forever because you serve not the Lord thy God with joyfulness and gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things". Now, I got into really serious trouble over this studio right here. Years ago, we did a tour of Australia. We were there for, I forgotten now, two or three weeks all over Australia, dynamite meetings. We would get in at night, turn on the news and it would be the news, the morning news in the United States. All of a sudden, all of the TV preacher scandals all over the television. Right there looking at that, I heard it so plainly. I want you to go home, start a daily broadcast. I was already exhausted and it was my fault but I didn't know any better then. And I asked the Lord, I can't do that, it'll kill me. And that 13-hour airplane ride from Sydney to Los Angeles. Our plane picked us up in Los Angeles. I made that whole 13 hours, trying to talk Him out of that. And of course there wasn't a way I wasn't gon' talk him out. He said the country's gonna have to have a daily broadcast and learn how to walk by faith. And I said, yeah and we were doing a weekly. Some TV preacher's stock is at an all time low and you want me to go on daily?

Greg Stephens: You mean at a time of famine He's asking you to...

Greg Stephens: Yeah and I was famined out. Anyway, make a long story short. I came up against really some serious problems in this ministry. One of the things He said, "You better get your house in order". And I said, "Lord, okay, I'll do that", and I said, "How about this financial thing"? He said, "You don't qualify for that". He said, "Your daily broadcast", and I said, "I obeyed you in that" He said, "Yeah, but you were not willing, you haven't had a good thing to say about it, not one time this whole time". Now He said, "Go to Deuteronomy 28:47". Oh, Jesus. "You serve not the Lord God with joyfulness and gladness of heart in television". And the first time I smiled is when they turned the camera on 'cause I was tired and I didn't like it. I dreaded it, I talked ugly about it, I didn't want any more to do with it. Well, I changed that right now, glory to God, I love daily television. And so the next summer you might have seen it, I don't know but the next time I'm broadcasting, of course I was in here by myself. The table was sitting right out there and it was facing this way and I told that story. And I said, "I want you to know I love this". And the glory of God hit me and I jumped up, I said, "I've got joyfulness and gladness of heart", and ran around the table. And I've been in love with it ever since 'cause I've got a Covenant with my God.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, let's go to Exodus and what I'm showing you here is activating the Covenant but you get over into religious tradition just makes it no effect at all, Jesus said that. He said that your religious traditions just make it the Word of God or the Covenant of God no effect. Now, look at Exodus 23:25, and when you read this this way, it doesn't even make sense. Look at this, "You shall serve the Lord your God, and He shall bless your bread and water and I will take sickness". What, who's the He? Hey, come on. And people just read by that and still think it's God 'cause that's the only verse you read. Now wait a minute, look at the 20th verse. It would do you good to read Exodus.

Greg Stephens: It'll bless you.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah, and then you come to there you say, "Oh, son, I've got ministering spirits here looking over my food". Anyway, "I sent an angel before you to keep you in the way and to bring you unto the place which I have prepared. Beware of Him, obey His voice, provoke him not, He will not pardon your transgressions for my name is Him. And you shall serve the Lord your God with joyfulness and gladness of heart for the abundance of all things and your angels shall bless your bread and water and I'll take sickness from the midst of you, there's nothing cursed there, young or barren in the land and the number of your days I will fulfill". So I just had 120 in there. The number of my hand, I have a Covenant mandate with Jesus Christ of Nazareth to live out my full time, which is 120 years, at His request. So now instead of saying, "How can I do that"? No, he asked me to do it, that means I can. And I'm in better health now than I've ever been. Really, much better. I'm not fighting the "battle of the bulge" anymore. I'm well and strong and the dreams of my life have come to pass. I went for years, 40% body fat, 30%, 35, just starving and you still got more fat than anything else. On the DEXA scan machine.

Greg Stephens: Yeah, I'm familiar with it.

Kenneth Copeland: Just a few. My ideal body fat percentage is 15% I just hit 14.7.

Greg Stephens: Glory of God, that's wonderful.

Kenneth Copeland: Now the last time it was 11%, so what's the deal? Muscle.

Greg Stephens: Yes sir.

Kenneth Copeland: And absolute the diet that I should have had all along. And the Lord has balanced it out. At 83 years old, I'm where I wanted to be when I was 30 and I weighed 240 pounds.

Greg Stephens: Well, I did one of those not too long back and I'm gonna tell you what happened. I looked at it and I wanted to rebuke that machine. Well, actually, I know I did. I rebuked that machine and the Lord said, "What are you doing that for"?

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah, you think it lied?

Greg Stephens: I called it a liar and I realized that now I have white hair but I'm not that old. It just went early. The thing is, as I looked at that and I said, I'm close to Brother Copeland's age, according to that machine. And that's what it was telling me. You know what I mean, biologically, and I said, something's gotta change, this needs to change and begin to change instead now going back to that verse right here, this angel, he says, "Beware and obey His voice, provoke him not". I'm thinking, well, now I need to know how not to provoke this guy, because he's involved...

Kenneth Copeland: Let me make one statement here real quick. By reading those like this, praying and announcing to the devil and all the demons of hell and my angels that are in the room activated that Covenant that I liked to destroy my life by not doing that. And I put that verse out of the curse and this verse in this blessing, and got all these things in order. I put that together and activated that Covenant and I am completely convinced, Greg Stephens, that that's the reason I'm in the physical condition that I am now because this started back before my body was in this good shape.

Greg Stephens: So here's the deal. It says "He shall bless thy bread and thy water and I will take sickness from your midst". That angel's taken. He's watching over that. Now what if I get in there and do some cockamamie crazy prayer about my food just haphazardly? He can do nothing, can he? I mean, if I get in there and try to bless something that is not good for me. Lord, take all the calories out of that. Now I've heard good Christians do that and think they prayed over their food to bless it.

Kenneth Copeland: No, it just the pig came oh, excuse me. That's the pig syndrome, but that won't work. How can I say this one? Every human being born into the earth has an angel, Jesus said so. As your life and ministry increases, that angel is the boss angel of your life and ministry. If he needs help, God will assign other angels as your life and ministry grows. Now, there have been those that have seen the angel that works With me I've never seen. I won't go into the story but I'm very aware of it. Anyway, well, yeah now that I opened this can, I need to say this.

Greg Stephens: Good, I was hoping.

Kenneth Copeland: Many years ago I was preaching Beaumont, Texas for Hilton Sutton's dad that son. There three weeks just preaching on this Mark 11:23 and 24, 25 And there was a guy, Baptist, and he sat right on the front row, and then all of a sudden he wasn't there anymore. He was so attentive and so energetic and so thrilled with faith. I missed him, it's a little small building. So then, several days later he came back and he sat right on the back seat back there and I saw him and and I thought to myself, I'm sure glad he's back. And he'd just sit back there right next to the door at morning service so there weren't all that many people there but he's on the back seat instead of his front seat. And all of a sudden he went and just froze there, then he went. Well, I thought what in the world did he see? After service, he said, "May I please speak to you"? I said sure. Brother Kenneth, and he told me what I said it wasn't all that Baptist, it just made him mad. And he said, "I'm not going back over. I won't listen to that", and the Lord got after him took him three days to get him to come back in there. He said, "There's an angel that's stuck to you". I said, "I know it". "No", he said, "You don't understand". He said "He looks like he's fastened to you and big", he said he's huge. He said, "You know that soap commercial, Mr. Clean"? And I said, yeah. He said, "He looked like that, oh, he great big". And he said "You'd be walking around and he just stuck to you", and then you'd kinda slow down a little bit and he'd whisper something in your ear and you just take off again.

Greg Stephens: Glory of God.

Kenneth Copeland: Well, he's still here right now. He's still here right now, and now because of the size of this ministry and the things that we're called to do together, our angels have increased.

Greg Stephens: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: And it comes down to when Jesus said this, "Whatever you ask in my Name, I'll do it". Who do you think's gonna do it? We have an Angel Covenant as well as we have. Now you can look at the dark side of it and you can see the order 'cause Satan is a fallen angel. He can't change God's order and there's no way but right there in the sixth chapter of Ephesians we get it. Principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, wicked spirits in the Heavenlies, the madman of Gadara. possessed with one unclean spirit. So you start off with one clean spirit, one angel but as your ministry and life grows, it may take tens of thousands and who knows how many? Jesus said and one person said that in reading his Greek testament, because he reads the Greek testament for his, it was dad Nelson that read in 32 languages, wrote and spoke in 32 languages. So he read his Greek testament. He said, what I read in the Greek in that Jesus said, "Whatever you ask in my Name if I don't have it, I'll create it".

Greg Stephens: Glory to God.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, Greg, what Covenant did do that?

Greg Stephens: Well, he did that with the children of Israel. They were hungry, manna, then they complained about that. They brought 'em quail on top of that but when you when you look at this...

Kenneth Copeland: Did you ever stop and think where all those quail were?

Greg Stephens: I believe He just spoke it.

Kenneth Copeland: Well yeah, that's all He had to do, "quail be, go".

Greg Stephens: Get over there. Absolutely, so I'm thinking about that angel at the dinner table. I'm reminded that verse that says, "Whatever you bind on earth, whatever you loose on earth", it's possible for me to bind that angel, take a sickness out of my bread and water and it's largely done right here.

Kenneth Copeland: It's 99% done there because this is the activator. This plus action activates.

Greg Stephens: You can have that big, giant strong angel standing there just with his hands folded.

Kenneth Copeland: May I demonstrate?

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: I'm coming down with something just sure as the world. That Angel thinks, "I'm helpless to protecting him. I'm helpless to be a protector for him. I can't minister for him, he won't let me", or I'm... I wonder what that is. The devil'll say, "Would you believe cancer"? He'll just do his flip chart. And you're going through all that list and your angel says, "Come on dummy, get in the Word. You have a Covenant of healing and we're out of time". It did it again, 15 minute broadcast, man. Come on, son.
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