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Kenneth Copeland - El Shaddai Has Everything You'll Ever Need

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Kenneth Copeland - El Shaddai Has Everything You'll Ever Need

Tonight I want to talk to you about the love covenant of the El Shaddai God. We'll go to several scriptures tonight. First of all, Mark 11:22, turn there with me please. Of course, the classic teaching of Jesus on the subject of faith, Jesus answering saith unto them, have faith in God. Well, what about the Coronavirus? How faith in God. What about my business? Have faith in God. What about my church congregation? Have faith in God. What about my grandmother? She has the disease. Have faith in God. She'll get over it tonight. How faith in God, have faith in God. I said, have faith in God. Praise God. I said, have faith in God. Hallelujah.

What did the apostle Paul by the Holy Ghost say, above all taking the shield of faith. Where by which you'll quench all the fiery weapons of the devil. Above all the shield of faith. He could have said above all praying in the Spirit and all that, and that's not what he said. Above all taking the shield of faith and stop him right where he is. Have faith in God. I'm a faith preacher. That's my calling. That's my specialty. I preach other things. You can't preach faith without preaching covenant because that's what generates faith. Here's two covenants. They're tied to one another.

My daughter Terri texted me this. I never stopped to think about it, but she said for the first time she looked up those words and it's not like there was one and it stopped and then the second one it stopped. Well, I knew that, but she said, daddy, it says this, it's like, a rose that dies for the winter but then the bud, you got a new rose. So you had an Old covenant that died and out of that budded a new one. Isn't that, isn't that marvelous? Yes it is and it's an exact truth. Praise God. So I would like for you to look with me in Genesis the 17th chapter, when Abram was 90 years old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abram and said unto him, I am the almighty God. Now, here's what he said, I am El Shaddai.

Now get that, that's the correct pronunciation. Not Shaddai, not Shaddia. It's El Shaddai. Say it, El Shaddai. The root word to the Hebrew word Shaddai is actually referring to a nurse, to a mother and, and really refers to her, to her nursing her child. That's what Shaddai really means. God, our nurse, our father, our mother, the giver of our life, he's everything. He's all in all he's, he, he's, he's more than enough. He is the God that's more than enough. I am El Shaddai, I will make my covenant between me and thee and will multiply thee exceedingly. And Abram fell on his face and God talked to him. Fall on your face and God will talk to you. Hallelujah. Oh, thank you Jesus.

Now then turn with me please to the book of Ezekiel, the 16th chapter verse 5. Are you there? None I pity thee. Now, wait a minute. The King James translation. That's what? None I pity thee. No one had any interest in you to have compassion on thee but thou was cast out in the open field. You would dumped in a field and left to die. I passed by and saw you polluted in your own blood and I said unto you when you were in your blood live. Now we have used this time and time again. I learned this from Billye Brim, we have used this time and again and it's worked every time that we have ever put it to work to stop hemorrhaging. I saw you in your blood and said live, I've never seen it fail. Not one time, not one time.

Now we've seen some pretty drastic stuff. Amen. I have caused you to multiply as the bud of the field and you have increased and waxen great. You're come to excellent ornaments, praise God. Amen. Your hair is grown whereas you were naked and bare when I passed by thee and looked upon you behold your time, your time was the time of law and I spread my skirt over you and covered your nakedness. Yea I swear unto thee, and entered into a covenant with you saith the Lord, and you became mine.

That's what happened to you and me that happened to us. There we were just little nasty people. Just little nasty people dying and going to hell. I mean, you know, Hey, particularly me, man. I'm in all I knew better. I was raised right. It wasn't my folk's fault I turned out the way I did. Well, it was later. Amen. I was running. Just running, just mad at the whole world. Dying in sin in terrible condition. Telling you that Gloria Jean Neece changed my whole world. And then six months later, Gloria Jean and I met Jesus, changed everything. Oh my my my. And he entered into covenant with us. We didn't know it. It was a long time before we found that out.

Now look at 16:8 again. When I passed by you and looked upon you, I swore unto thee and entered into a covenant with thee, saith the Lord, and you became mine, hallelujah, and you have a covenant with the same God tonight. And if you don't accept him right now, the easiest thing you ever did in your life. But Brother Copeland, you don't know what I've done. I don't care what you've done. You don't know what Jesus did. Does your Bible have the book of Isaiah in it? Well, let's look over there. Now you remember Jesus found himself in the book of Isaiah. Thank you Lord. Praise God. Thank you Jesus. 25th verse. I even I am he that blotteth out your transgressions for my own sake and will not remember your sins. I couldn't get that. I thought, Lord, I don't understand that. You said you did that for my sake. No, he said I didn't. I did it for my own sake.

And very clearly, very clearly he said to me, here, right here in my Spirit where everybody listening, if you just listen here, he said to me, Kenneth, do you want to remember ugly stuff on your, on your children? I said, well, no. He said, well? Yeah, but besides that, he said, if I remember your sins, I can't bless you and I'm out to bless you brother. I'm out to bless you sister, hat's my job is to bless you. That's what grace is, the true meaning of grace. Is God almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ would like very much to treat you and me like sin never happened. You still have to confess that mess and own it. I did it, call it... don't call it your problem. Call the thing by its nasty name, confess it and he's given you covenant promise.

First John, given us covenant promise. Whew. Glory be to God. Thank you Jesus. The very first chapter of first John, if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood. Say the blood, what blood? The blood of this covenant, glory to God. The blood of the new covenant, the blood of God, the blood of God himself that entered into covenant with you and me, an unbreakable covenant. What do you mean it's unbreakable? It's unbreakable. God's plan all away from the garden of Eden shows you all the way from there. His plan was to work this and work it and work it. He had to do it ultra legally and it took a lot of years and a lot of time to establish it. He had to get it to a place he had to work at so that the covenant of God would be between God almighty and Jesus. You can't break it. It can't be broken.

We get out of fellowship with it. The covenant cannot be broken and one of our precious articles in the covenant of blood is right here. I love it, if we walk in the light as he is in the light we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ, his son cleanses us from all sin. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sin. You notice he said 'we'. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and he is just or righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Glory to God. Not when you feel better about it. Your feelings don't have anything to do with this. It'll change your feelings, but you just... Lord, yeah I did it. Yeah, I called him that. Yeah. I'm going to forgive her one way or the other. Yes sir. Yes sir. Yes sir. I confess it. I did it. I said it and I'm sorry to say I meant every word of it, but I confess it as a sin. Yes sir. Yes sir. And I thank you very much. I'm forgiven because you said so and you're faithful and you're just, I am forgiven. I receive my forgiveness. Glory to God.

Now all the time I'm just feeling like a dog over this thing. But see, feelings don't enter into this. You let your feelings enter into it it'll cost you dearly, because you'll spend a lot of time feeling sorry for your own self. You sorry thing. Don't ever do it. Don't ever feel sorry for yourself. Don't ever do it. That's a form of grief. Don't do it. You get off into depression, grieving. Nobody loves me. That's a lie. I said, that's a lie. Jesus loves you. The father loves you. I love you, I don't even know. There's a lot of brothers and sisters that love you. So see you don't fall over into that trap. You just stay away from that because we have a blood covenant, and he saw us wallowing around in that nasty, nasty place. Where we did just spiritually just been dumped out in the field to die. But he came and he took off. He took off his robe. He took off his shawl, and he covered this little kicking baby out there in the middle, somebody just throw it away to die.

Is that a picture of abortion or not? Kick this little baby out there to die, and didn't care about it. They just threw it away. Let it die. Who cares? He cared. He cared, and he took his shawl, I liked, I envisioned Jesus taking his prayer shawl off as a rabbi. He wore that all the time. That's the reason they knew he was a rabbi and just put it over that little baby and picked it up and just wrapped it in his arm and said, I'll take it. I'll take it. I'll take you, little fella. I'll take you, little girl, you're mine now. I covenant with you. I'll be your daddy. I'll be your mother. I'll be everything you need. I'll give you a life. You walk with me. I'll tell you what I'll do, I'll build a house for you. I'll come in, I'll take care of you. I'll find you a husband. A good one. Amen. And I'll take care of all the bills. Yeah, I'll provide for you.

Look what he said. He said, I'll bedeck you in jewels. I'll dress you out like you've never been dressed for your life, girl, I'll make you wealthy. I'll make you rich here I'll, Hallelujah. And it's all on me. Oh, I do have a little fee here, but it's just 10%. But then, Hey, but now, but I give you my word. My word is good. What'd you say? Oh yes, sir. I give you my word. I'll never spend it on myself. I'll spend it on your spiritual development. Yes. Glory to God. Hallelujah.

Now he, I'm talking about God, the God that is very mindful of his covenant, his covenant with Abram who became Abraham was a national covenant. Ours is a healing covenant. Now we have a salvation covenant and all that, but primarily first of all, a healing covenant because that's what Brother Hagin called the dinner bell. Back in the olden times, you know, that go out there and ring that bell. It is time for the hands to come in and eat. Now I remember on my grandfather's farm, praise God, if they had hands working out there, mostly, most of the time he was, but when it come harvest, we would come, we'd harvest or when it came time to, you know, we needed help picking cotton. And uh, so they had, he'd get out there and ring that bell. You know, boy, everybody quit. Come eat. Brother Hagin said, healing is the dinner bell. Healing is the dinner bell. People get sick they need to be healed. And they don't care whether you preach healing or faith healing or dope healing, get me well. Amen. Then you get saved.

I heard Brother Hagin says, somebody really got on Brother Hagin about this, and they said, you, you don't ever preach salvation. Well, he always gave an invitation. They said, you just preach healing all the time. He said, well, that's right. Of course, Jesus is the one that taught him this, he said, that's right. But he said, if you just keep talking about healing, you just keep teaching healing. You just keep saying it. You just keep teaching healing. You just keep laying hands on the sick. He said, when I stopped preaching evangelistic sermons and began to teach and preach healing, he said, I got 10 times as many people saved, even more than that time then what I did preaching evangelistic. It's the healing. We have a healing God and we have a healing covenant.
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