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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Names Of God Reveal His Covenant

Kenneth Copeland - The Names Of God Reveal His Covenant

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Kenneth Copeland - The Names Of God Reveal His Covenant

Hello everybody. I'm Kenneth Copeland and this is the believer's voice of victory broadcast. So give the Lord a great big praise and honor him with a shout, glory to God. We've been studying all last week and all this week, covenant faith. And I have to tell you my faith is at a place. I mean, um, um, like they say down South, I'm higher than a Georgia pine Brother. On the things of God. Thank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus. Yes, Amen. Now that I want to take you today, and yesterday when we finished, we were talking about Jehovah Sabaoth and the 22 times that that is spoken, the Lord of hosts or the Lord, which would be Jesus, the Lord head and commander of the heavenly angelic armies of God. Well, wouldn't that include Michael, the great Archangel of war? Well, of course, wouldn't that include Gabriel? I mean this, all the angels of God, all of them that have anything to do with the earth. Amen.

Now this is an interesting thought. The situation with Jacob's ladder, angels coming and going, that doesn't exist anymore. Not that way anymore. Hebrews chapter one, are they not all ministering Spirits sent forth during the days of darkness when, when Satan had authority in this earth in the first covenant, we don't have any idea how dark that was because we've not, we've, we've not been around when people were eating their children. I mean, come on. But now think about this. On that day of Pentecost, there was a big noise. Not a big wind. No, it was the noise as a rushing mighty wind and it wasn't a wind. Now I mean they may have experienced something like, but that's not what the book says. That noise was trillions and trillions of angel coming back into this atmosphere where they were created to be in the first place. Earth angels and the Holy Spirit himself.

See back then he didn't, he wasn't just totally present, but now he's omnipresent. I mean brother, he's present everywhere. Every place, and I said everywhere and the way he works now is just so marvelous. So marvelous. One of my very, very dear friends, he's in heaven now, Wayne Cochran. You old rock and rollers know CC rider. Well, Wayne got born again reading the Gideon Bible. He said "I stole the first Bible I had". It was Gideon bible. And then he and I got just close, close, close friends. He and Monica and yeah, whole family and they're both in heaven now. but he led the man that owned the Sands hotel where Wayne had performed a lot in Vegas. He won him to the Lord. The guy owned the hotel, the casino and everything. And he said, "Wayne, I got to do something for God, man". He said, "all, I got this old hotel and this casino. What can I do"? He said, "do you think Brother Copeland would come"? He said, "are they said you know I'm learning from him on tape. Would you think he would come and have a meeting in a casino"? Wayne said, "of course he will. I'll call him".

And boy I Jumped at it like a dog on a bone, you know? And it was shocking what all happened in there. And I'm standing back behind the curtain. We're in the casino on theater and back in those days we had our full band and all that. And I'm standing back there just waiting for 7:30, you know, to open up. And one of the black Jack dealer stuck his head and I said, "Brother Copeland, we're praying for you". He said, "man, I'd love to come to the meeting tonight, but I'm on the floor". But I want to show you how the Spirit of God works. While we were there, I left the theater where we'd had the meeting and I was heading back to the hotel part down this hall. And of course, you know, those hotels were just beautiful.

And I'm walking along and here comes this couple. Very, very distinguished looking people. And I mean dressed to the nines Brother. I mean, they, you know, really, really sharp looking people. The Lord said, "I have a word for those people". I said, "okay". I said, "excuse me"? They said, "yes". I said, "I'm a minister of the gospel. And I believe the Lord has a word for me to speak to you with that. May I have permission to do that"? They said "yes", and I spoke the word and they smiled and said, "thank you", and just went on and I thought, "Well, you know, I did what I was told to do". I started to just turn around cause when something like that happened to don't get, I'll say, you know, you did what you're supposed to do. Why? What if I missed it? Hey, what if you did it obeying God, he won't let your words fall to the ground.

And I started walking. I turned around and here was a guy, Greg, this guy was so drunk. He looked like he was holding up the wall. Wait a minute. I heard what you said. Will you pray for me? I said, sure, I'll pray for you. We were standing right there next to the mens room and he said, let's go in here. We went in there and I'm telling you, he just, he's falling down drunk. I began to pray and I laid my hands on him when I laid my hands on him, he straightened up. He was sober as a judge. He began to weep. He said, Brother, I'm a back slid Pentecostal preacher. Thank you. Thank you for delivering me tonight. Thank God. The Spirit of God is in every casino in the world. He's in. He's in every joint he's ever played. All you have to do is take my life. He's there. He's there. Wasn't so in the first covenant, but he's here. I said, he's here. Glory to God. He is the ever present God that never leaves nor forsakes us. Hallelujah.

Now all of those are his names and here in the book of Malachi, this little book, four chapters, Jehovah Sabaoth is used 22 times telling us that the angels of God, cause that's his name, that's his name. He's commander in chief of all of the angelic armies and forces of heaven and every, every human being has an angel. Now you get born again and you can become aware of that angel. Are you kidding me? I know good and well that it was angels that kept me from getting killed over and over and over again. Thank God I had a mama that prayed night and day, and she is aware that amen. But then I began to learn this cause I grew up didn't mean my angel left.

Now you start out with one, he's the captain of the team. My good friend Ed D. Frame, he's in heaven now. Nancy is his widow and she pastors in Marietta, Californian and I go there every year, I'm telling you, they've been close friends of ours for years and years. What a guy, he was in his hotel room, Ed was in traveling ministry and before he and Nancy got married. She's pastored a church but he never pastored, wasn't called to be a pastor in the first place, called a be in the prophets ministry. But anyway, he was in his hotel room and he was having just some real financial situations, just really just terrible, big time problems.

Then he prayed about it and prayed about it and he, he heard the motel door open and he thought, Oh no, they've given somebody my key by mistake. And he turned around. He said when he turned around, the ceiling disappeared and he said there were two angels. He said, if that ceiling had not disappeared, I wouldn't have been able to see their heads. And they're standing there at the ready. He said, who are you? They said, we're are your prosperity angels. We've come to help you financially. And Ed said good or something like that. Okay or whatever he said. And he stood there and they just stood there and he said, what are you waiting for?

They said, the command, he said, go in the name of Jesus, and they just disappeared. He had to have $350,000 to keep from losing the whole church facility and everything because of a note, and the property had gotten really worth more and the bank wanted the property and wanted that church out of there. He had to have it The last day. It's over with today. He owes 500,000, but he's got to have 350,000 to keep losing all the property, the headquarters of his ministry, and the church building and everything. He and his lawyer are walking the floor, what are we going to do? And we've got some way we can do that? No. Secretary came in and said, comes, cames in isn't.

That still sounds right. But the secretary came in and said, there's a man here that needs to see you. He said, I want to see anybody. She says, you need to see him. He came in and he still in his jogging clothes. He said, uh, I've heard you preach and you scare me. I don't like it. And he said, I don't know why I'm doing this, but anyway, here's a check for $350,000. Now, see, I'm telling you, those angels were walking with him, riding around. I just just right there. He commanded them to go and they're giving that suggestion. They're giving that. That's the same way the devil does.

Well, don't listen to the devil, but when he starts coming to you, you need to send Brother Copeland a hundred dollars listen to him. Come to that place where you know exactly not what you need, what you must have. Over and above. Make sure you know what you're doing financially and come to that. Don't, don't be cheap about it. Let it come to that bind the devil. You keep your hands off of my money. I bind every principality, every power, every ruler of the darkness of this world. Ever wicked Spirit in the heavenly. I bind you, Satan, get your hands off my money. Ministering Spirits go. I need $350,000, go, now. And then start shouting cause it's done. Amen, expect it. Expect it. Hallelujah.

I was preaching in the very early days of this ministry. I just learned this from, from Brother Hagin. It was the first thing I ever learned from him about the ministering angels, I wound up in my mother's floor of her den under the coffee table. It was so excited. Anyway, I was preaching and a little small church in Beaumont, Texas and I had a three week meeting there. Lot of Southern Baptist people started coming. And this one fellow set right on the front row. I mean every service he was there, and we were there for three weeks. And he was just having such good time and all of a sudden one day he just got up and walked out right in the middle of the message.

I didn't know what why. And then he wasn't there for two or three days and then he came back and he sat down right next to the door there's swinging doors like this, right next to the door on the back Pew just as close to that doors he could get. All of a sudden, well of course I noticed him and I can tell something's wrong, you know, cause he's, he sitting there to make it quick exit if he can. All of a sudden his mouth fell open and he just, and he, after the service, he said, may I speak to you? I said, sure. He said, Brother Copeland, he said, you said something that just made me mad. And he said, I just left. I said, well, I noticed you were gone. He said, the Lord said, I want you to go back. I said, no, I'm not going back, I don't want to listen to that nut. The Lord said, yeah, you need to go back at least once.

So he said, I came back today. He said, all of us sudden, he said, the biggest fella I ever saw in my life, he's just like he's fastened to you. And he said, he's all dressed in white, said he looked like mr. Clean. And he said, he said, he was just fastened to you and said, you're just walking around preaching like you always do. And he said you'd kind of wind down a little bit and he'd lean over and say something in your ear, and you just go, wild. Well, it's happened in here this week. Amen. I'm very aware. I've never seen him. I will, but I've never seen him. But every time we get in that airplane, whether I'm flying or whether I'm not, father, we plead the blood over this airplane today in the name of Jesus for protection against every, every evil Spirit, every evil person, every evil wicked plan of the devil is bound and stopped and foiled.

Ministering Spirits lift us up in your hands, less we dash our foot against the stone and keep us in all of our ways according to the 91st Psalm, and bless all of our partners beyond a measure. You need to be praying that when you get in your car, Brother, sister. Amen. Get that Angel in there with you. Now, dear old saint of God, my God. In fact, he was pastor the church while I was preaching, ah, when he was young driving for his dad who was pastor driving an old I guess, and old T model Ford over old rough, bumpy roads and he said, they're just driving, they're coming back in the middle of the night from a meeting his dad had been preaching.

And he says, start hearing music. We'll work till Jesus comes we'll work. He said, Brother Copeland, there wasn't any radios in the car. He said, God opened my eyes, and he said, there's an angel on each fender and an angel just right above the hood and they're all around the car singing to my old daddy, and he heard every word of it. He heard the angels singing to him in the middle of the night. Now go to the 17th chapter of the book of John. How much time do I have? Oh, just exactly right.

17th chapter of John's gospel at the covenant meal, verse 11, and now Jesus is praying. I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, I come to the Holy father. Keep them through thine own name, those whom thou has given me that they may be one as we are one. While I was with them, I kept them in thy name, I kept them in it, I kept them in it. I said I kept them in it. Ephesians chapter 3 quickly, we just got just time enough to read this. Verse 14, for this cause, I bow my knees unto the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, of whom the whole family in heaven is named. The whole family is named after him. We're named after him. We're covenant with him. We're family, the whole family, the whole covenant bunch of us. Oh glory to God. We're out of time.
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