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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Covenant Meal That Will Heal

Kenneth Copeland - The Covenant Meal That Will Heal

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Kenneth Copeland - The Covenant Meal That Will Heal

Kenneth: Hello everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland. Welcome to the Believer's Voice of Victory Broadcast, and again today welcome Greg Stevens.

Greg: Thanks.

Kenneth: For this, this studio brother, thank you. I especially enjoy, Greg's teaching at EMIC on Sunday mornings, and you've been doing a lot of covenant.

Greg: I'm flying in formation.

Kenneth: Yeah. Amen. It's especially good to have you on the broadcast.

Greg: It's an honor, thank you.

Kenneth: Praise God. Now Greg, yesterday we were talking about the announcement, the covenant procedure.

Greg: Yes, sir.

Kenneth: That, and I can't emphasize this, I cannot overemphasize this, that all of this, this is the grandfather of all blood covenants and they're still being practiced in, in parts of the world today. Yesterday we talked about Stanley and Livingstone, and both he and Dr. Livingstone cut the covenant over 50 times in Africa, in order to reach those people. You, you're coming from one tribal area to another to get in that territory. You had, you had cut the covenant.

Greg: Mhm.

Kenneth: It's so amazing to me that this became the universal method of creating law. If there was no law, it wasn't against the law for you to just kill somebody. That's the reason. That's reason Cain wasn't executed. It wasn't against the law.

Greg: That's exactly right.

Kenneth: So by covenant, people would enter into large areas, and families, tribes would enter into covenant and certain boundaries then became law, and there's certain things that were against the law for you to do. Well, that's the reason God through covenant continued to create the law so that now we know what's against the law and what isn't. I heard someone interviewing a law professor one time number of years ago and they said, do you think we got too many laws on the books? Well at this particular time, that is a number of years ago, there's probably three times as many now, I don't know how many. But back there then he said, we've got 50,000 laws on the book to enforce 10.

Greg: Yah. Right?

Kenneth: That's what, and he's telling the truth.

Greg: He is.

Kenneth: This had to be put together and once this is finished, no angel will ever be able to do what what Lucifer did again, never. It's against the law. It's against the law of both heaven and earth.

Greg: That's exactly right.

Kenneth: And of course when this thing is all wrapped up, we're going to have final court brother. Satan. I mean, he's done, brother.

Greg: He's done now, but it hasn't played out.

Kenneth: He just hadn't been cooked yet though.

Greg: No not yet. It's coming.

Kenneth: It's coming. Let's go back right where we were in there in the book of Deuteronomy.

Greg: So this, this whole thing Brother Copeland, because you just hit it, for their nation. They went to Egypt. Joseph was sold into slavery, interestingly enough. It was, he was abducted right here where these two mountains were. That's where Joseph was sold by his brother, right there. This is the same place where Abraham is going to build an altar in Genesis chapter 12, when God promises him to be a nation.

Kenneth: That area is not all that big, is it?

Greg: It's not.

Kenneth: And all this was happening right in that.

Greg: Judea and Samaria we would know where Samaria today where this is, would matter of fact, it would be considered West bank at this point. But this is were it happened. They went into Egypt as a family, actually Joseph and he brought his family. They were a family. Moses will take a nation out, they're a nation now. So they're about to enter into their promised land that had been promised to them at that spot in Genesis 12, as a nation. This is why they've got to have a set of laws, because Moses isn't going with him. He, you know, he can't go.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Greg: And the reason he can't go is,

Kenneth: There's a couple of million of them man.

Greg: Oh yeah. Yeah. He can't go because he misrepresented God to them. It's a serious thing. He, he was, he was told to strike the rock. It was a type and shadow of when, when the seed will come and you'll strike the rock and living water will come out of him. That's what he told the woman at the well, I got water that you haven't drank of, and the next time he was told to speak to the rock.

Kenneth: Yep, and he hit it.

Greg: And he hit it. He's not supposed to strike it twice. He's trying to teach him a principle that after the rock has been struck, now all you're going to do is speak. "Hitherto, you've asked nothing in my name". Now you'll go to the father in my name and it'll be done for, he's trying to teach them the principle of what we get accused of name it and claim it and blab it and grab it. That's what he's trying to teach him, and he misrepresented God. Cost him, cost him dearly. He didn't, he got to see the promise land, but he didn't get to go in it. So these are the instructions about what you're going to do when you cross over, and when you cross over, Joshua here's what I want you to do. I want you to write the, plaster some stones, right the law on the stones. He's replaying Sinai for a generation that didn't see it. We're talking about covenant for a generation that might not know covenant. They use blood loosely and you know, there's just no respect for it.

So he's going to tell them, you're going to divide the camp into half of it on this mountain. That's the cursing mountain and half on the blessing mountain. You're going to, you're going to proclaim all of the curses and they're going to agree to it. So be it. Amen. So be it if, if we do this and they're making a covenant with God, the nation is when they get into their promised land. So that's how this whole thing in Deuteronomy 27 to 28 hasn't happened yet, but it's going to happen once they cross, once they cross over. Then we get to talking about Jesus and the scapegoat and the wilderness. You see their forefathers, because they refuse to believe Joshua and Caleb went in, told them we can take this. They had covenant thought, covenant talk. They had already known it was given to them. We can take it. The rest of those spies, we don't know their name, because no reason to know their name, didn't have any faith in them and said we're grasshoppers. That's how they saw themselves. So the people's hearts melted and we know for 40 years, 38 to 40 years, they stay out there. Now Jesus is going to go into the wilderness after his baptism in the Jordan river at the same spot and he's going to be tempted by Lucifer, three temptations. There were three temptations that the nation failed in. Jesus is going to be tempted with the exact same thing because he's representing the nation.

Kenneth: That's right.

Greg: He's going to pass it. So he passes the test, they fail. Now we go all the way up to his ministry and we've got a guy who's laying by the pool, covenant man laying by the pool for 38 years. Well that's exactly how long they'd been sitting over there, and he says, I don't have anybody to put me in. Well the one responsible for the stirring of the water is standing right in front of him.

Kenneth: Praise God.

Greg: That's all, all of these are types, and shadows.

Kenneth: He said, I don't have any man. Well here's his man.

Greg: Here he is standing right in front of me and he's been sick as long as they were and it was going into the water. So here's the one that was baptized in that same spot. My God, it all falls together in your line up. They should have been able to recognize it when he was standing right in front of them. So this all will play out later after they crossover into Jordan, but they are going to accept. Yes. So be it. Amen. To the cursing and, walk in the blessing,

Kenneth: Praise God.

Greg: That was the instructions that was given, but you can't take Deuteronomy 28 if you don't understand Deuteronomy 27. You can't understand that until you get back here to Exodus, when when God told Moses, if you will do my covenant, that was covenant of Abraham believing and I believe I'm in this covenant. Matter of fact, I'm fully persuaded now that I'm in this covenant based upon what Jesus did.

Kenneth: Well, think about the, you mentioned Exodus 23 and 23:25 "you will serve the Lord your God".

Greg: Yes.

Kenneth: Now, he just got through talking about this, angel of war and he put this, he, he gave them this angel. So, because Moses said, I'm, we're not going in there by ourselves. He said, okay, I'll give you this angel. He will bless your fruit and water and I will take sickness from the midst of you. He will bless your food and water. I will take sickness from the midst of you. Let's turn over there and look at that, right there.

Greg: Yes sir.

Kenneth: I quote it all the time, but I, Exodus 23:25, "you shall serve the Lord your God, and he", your angel "shall bless your bread, and water". He's going to take care of it. Don't, you don't have to worry about what you eat. You got angelic forces that are going to see to you that what your bread and your water is going to be blessed. He'll take care of it. "And I will take sickness from the midst of thee. And there shall nothing cast their young, nor be barren, in the land: and the number of your days I will fulfill.

Greg: Glory to God.

Kenneth: So I consider that, for instance, now you're talking about so easy to receive healing. Abraham said, I consider not my own body, now dead, neither yet the deadness of my wife's womb, but only that which God had promised. While I consider not my body 83 years old, I consider that which God has promised, and he promised all of us 120 years. Genesis 6:3 I mean that's as close to the front of the book, about as good as you can get. So he, all he would say was what the book said.

Greg: That's right.

Kenneth: He didn't have a book. All he said was what God said to him.

Greg: I heard you say it last week. He fully intended to kill Isaac.

Kenneth: He absolutely did. He wasn't the least bit bothered about it. He already knew. Praise God. He knew what he knew and he believed God. He had a blood covenant with God, and if his covenant partner needed him to kill that boy well then that's just fine. He'll fix it somehow or another.

Greg: That's that whole thing with circumcision, not to be too graphic here, but that circular cut on Abraham, he every day he could see his covenant Mark on his body. That seed, here's the thing, the seed of Isaac passed through. Now, Ishmael didn't because he hadn't been circumcised yet. The seed passed through that bloodline for Isaac.

Kenneth: Glory to God.

Greg: Passed through it.

Kenneth: Glory to God.

Greg: So, I, you just read this in Exodus 23, and what all God is going to do, look here, look here at verse 32 it says, and talking about when you go into this land and he's talking to the people now, not talking about making a covenant with God. "Thou shall make no covenant with them or their gods".

Kenneth: Oh yeah.

Greg: He's like, don't you line yourself up. This is talking about being unequally yoked with an unbeliever and that's exactly going to that, but he's making sure, listen, don't go in there because they're stronger and you're trying to make a covenant with them. You've got a covenant with me. I'm stronger than any of them, I'm stronger than they are. You already have one with me. You don't have to make covenant with all those times.

Kenneth: Well, you can see it, you can see it in 23rd Psalm.

Greg: Yeah.

Kenneth: "Even though I go through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because, you're with me". You're with me. Now, in David's mind, his covenant partners, the biggest thing in that valley, and there's not anything in there big enough to take him out because he has a covenant with the Almighty God.

Greg: The very next verse, "thy rod and thy staff".

Kenneth: Yes.

Greg: That's like that rod that chief gave.

Kenneth: That's right.

Greg: Gave him.

Kenneth: Oh Yah.

Greg: See that. Glory to God.

Kenneth: Yah. Glory to God.

Greg: Oh, I love that. That's beautiful. I'm just, I would say there's chills all over me from that. They comfort me.

Kenneth: Yes, they do. Oh, they do. Yes. Amen.

Greg: We really shouldn't have nothing to fear.

Kenneth: No.

Greg: As, as people of covenant. Absolutely nothing. We, healing, prosperity, the blessing, all of it is a result of our covenant with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Kenneth: Oh hallelujah.

Greg: And that covenant name, and that covenant blood, it's applied to me. That's the way the Father sees me now.

Kenneth: Yes, he does.

Greg: Sees me that way. I have right to enter into that, into that place as a son. No longer a servant. I tell you, I think about this, the prodigal son. Jesus tells that story. He had a plan. It's better at my dad's house for the servants. I'm going to go be a servant now. He goes and he starts to say that, and daddy wouldn't have any, Abba wouldn't have any part of it.

Kenneth: No, he never got his little speech.

Greg: Never go it out did he?

Kenneth: No, he never did.

Greg: You're my son.

Kenneth: Yeah. The fatted calf was killed.

Greg: Yes, sir.

Kenneth: That doesn't mean much in Western civilization. That was a covenant animal. Now you notice the older boy said, you never let me kill a goat. He wouldn't touch that fatted calf. That was a covenant animal. That was the best. He covenanted that boy back into that family. Amen.

Greg: He didn't say, notice the word, I pay attention to the details. Notice the wording of it. He said, my son, he doesn't say my son that was bad is now good.

Kenneth: Nuh uh. No.

Greg: Jesus didn't come to make bad people good. He said, my son, which was dead,

Kenneth: Is now alive.

Greg: Is now alive. I was dead. I was, back to, back to Monday. I was dead without a covenant, strangers and aliens.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Greg: To the promise, but because of Jesus, my God, I've been brought in with full rights and benefits to the fatted calf.

Kenneth: What is the Psalm that says, I've never seen begging bread?

Greg: Yes. Oh my. Yes sir.

Kenneth: What does that mean?

Greg: Yes. Well bread is part of that covenant. It's another picture.

Kenneth: That doesn't mean that, well, I need some bread to eat. No, no, that's not referring to that, at all. That's referring. I've never seen what has it?

Greg: The righteous forsaken or their seed.

Kenneth: The righteous forsaken.

Greg: Or their seed begging.

Kenneth: Or their seed begging.

Greg: Seed.

Kenneth: Bread. The seed of the righteous don't need to go out and beg covenant with somebody so they can eat.

Greg: My God, I have a right to this.

Kenneth: He has a right to that right there.

Greg: Jesus will be born in Bethlehem, which is the house of bread.

Kenneth: Yah, and he said, this is my body.

Greg: And he does that in the covenant meal with them on the night when he will be betrayed as our high priest. He will, Oh Lord Jesus. He will take that, something gets on you when you're in this studio. He will take that bread and say, tell them this is me.

Kenneth: This is me.

Greg: Now in, in Hebrew tradition of Passover, it's Passover. They'll take the matstsah, which is unleavened, and they'll take three of them and they'll put it between linen. It's wrapped in linen, and they'll take the middle one and break it. Wrap it in linen and go hide it, bury it.

Kenneth: And wonder why we break Isaac?

Greg: It's Isaac, it's Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And they'll take Isaac, go break it. They'll bring it back to Jesus. He's going to take that one and say, guys, this is me.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Greg: Abraham offered his promise seed, but guys, I am the promise seed of Abraham.

Kenneth: Oh, glory be to God.

Greg: That's who I am.

Kenneth: Oh, can you just.

Greg: Judas will dip it with him.

Kenneth: Just put your, put your mind around that they've been in that, they'd been in that place long time. It's in the middle of the night. And he goes, he's, he's the Rabbi and he's going through all the traditions they know so well.

Greg: All their life.

Kenneth: And he takes the three and then he takes the center one out and he breaks it and he says, this is my body.

Greg: Yes.

Kenneth: Broken for you.

Greg: As often as you do, as often as you take this, Brother Copeland, that bread is, it's matstsah. If you look at it, it's striped, the cooking process and it's pierced.

Kenneth: Yeah, it is.

Greg: He's a King that's going to be impaled on a tree, that's Joshua chapter eight we'll get to it.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Greg: But it's pierced and striped and this is my body. This is how you recognize it. I'm telling you, communion will heal your body.

Kenneth: If you know what it's saying to.

Greg: Yes. The meal that will heal.

Kenneth: Yes.

Greg: Done in faith. Somebody you need to go take communion today, just just do it knowing what you know now in the name of Jesus, in remembrance of him. Here's the thing, Brother Copeland, he said, I won't touch this again until I do it with you in my kingdom. There's coming a day, sir, when we're going to be at the marriage supper of the lamb, where he's going to, he's like Melchizedek, bring the bread and the wine and he is going to, we're going to take communion with him. It'll be the next time. That's the next time we'll do it. So we always remember suffering. I'm beginning to get right to the point where I remember the next time he takes it, I'm going to do it with him. Oh, Lord.

Kenneth: Oh, Lord.

Greg: I look forward to that day.

Kenneth: Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Go ahead sir.

Greg: So we, we get into this. This is all a type and a shadow about what, what's to come over in Deuteronomy 27 and 28 and they're going to cross into their promise land over here in the book of Joshua. Joshua is going to take over for Moses and they're going to cross in. We talked about this earlier in the week. The priest are going to go before them. The water's going to roll back all the way to Adam. You'll see that in Joshua chapter three.

Kenneth: Yeah.

Greg: You get over here though into Joshua, first of all, Joshua chapter six, we have, this is the first city they're coming to and they're going to walk around it. We know that the walls of Jericho are going to come down and it seems like they break the law because they put the priests in front of him and they're walking on the Sabbath day and shouting on the Sabbath day, and they're not supposed to do anything on the Sabbath day, but God's showing them, I'm doing this. Joshua chapter eight, they're not supposed to take anything sir, from Jericho.

Kenneth: That's right.

Greg: It's cursed. Now they had just heard the instructions on the other side about the blessing and the cursing. They'd said amen to that. There's a guy by the name of Achan that's going to take some spoil for himself from Jericho. The first city they're not to take anything from it. The first, first fruits of their promised land. They're not supposed to touch it, take anything from it, this guy does. Then they come up against this little town Ai in chapter eight and chapter seven and they lose badly to this little thing they shouldn't have lost to, and why? Well, there's sin in the camp and then no more had they got in there. Then here we go and we're out of time.

Kenneth: We're out of time.
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