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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Who Is God?

Kenneth Copeland - Who Is God?

Kenneth Copeland - Who Is God?
TOPICS: Covenant

Father, thank you. It is so wonderful to gain understanding and insight and ideas into this covenant life two blood covenants, and we thank you for it and we worship you in it today. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Now, we started out in Mark 11:22, have faith in God. Then our question is, who is God? And let's go back now where we were in Genesis 17. Up until this point in fact, the covenant that God made with Abram in the 15th chapter of Genesis was in the blood of animals. And it happened in a powerful open vision. But, then you come to the 17th chapter of Genesis. When Abram was ninety years old and nine, the LORD said unto Abram, I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect or walk with me and be blameless.

How? How on earth can you be blameless? That is so easy. You do something wrong repent. I just don't feel it. Oh, when you don't feel like it is, you better get on your repentance game right now. Because God has made covenant not to remember your sins, not to hold your trespasses against you. But if you don't know that, the devil will pound you over the head with that, to keep you bound down and keep your faith bound up. And you walking around in the daytime with a big smile on your face, saying Hallelujah. We believe God. No, you're not. No, you're not. You're attempting to believe God, but there's a little short circuit there that has to do with the covenant of love. But he's already made covenant promise.

See, the covenant is between the almighty God and the immortal man Jesus. That's where this whole thing is headed. And you and I are partakers of his covenant. We've been named after his father. Amen? Neither one of them can break the covenant. Even when Judas broke it, Jesus didn't. And even after Judas broke it, Jesus called him friend. Now, western minded people are like, what is his friend? No, it's with a capital F and that's covenant talk. The King James, translation is old enough to include that in many places, particularly in the book of James, but then more modern day translations. Just not knowing any better, just made a little f and it shouldn't be that way. Because, this is King James was translated back in the day when covenants in Britain, England. And particularly in England, Scotland covenants were made.

One of your and my close friend, American citizen now, Rodney Howard-Brown. Now, Rodney doesn't put the hyphen in there anymore I don't think, he may still do. I don't know. But he's from South Africa. The connection of course is British but he's an African, a British African. You get where I'm going with this. The only difference at all in his ancestry and Africa. The only difference is the color of the skin. The first time I landed Honiara, Guadalcanal. Customs agent came out there. It was black man tribal scars. Very prominent, you could see it. Came out there, and there was frown on his face. And he walked up to me and he poked me right here.

When are you going to come teach us? And then of course, when Jerry and Jesse and I were in Guadalcanal couple of years ago, I said, is the customs agent that poked me on the chest is here. He jumped up to his feet. Let's see, covenant. Those were covenant scars. Absolute understanding of covenant. Absolute understanding of the name change. Amen. Rodney Howard. Well the Howards and the Browns got together. Amen. And made covenant. Could have been through their children? I don't know. I've never asked Rodney about it. I'd like to know. But anyway, there was a hyphen there between the names Rodney Howard-Brown. Well there's somebody named Brown-Howard. the other half of that covenant. Praise God.

Are we getting anywhere with this? You beginning to see this? Yeah, but Brother Copeland, what does that have to do with me? I'm so glad you asked that. Hold your place there and go with me to the third chapter of the book of Ephesians. And you can see why I said Monday that this is just, Oh my, my my, my, my, my and uh Oh yeah, yeah, Lord. Before we do that, let's slip to the third chapter of Galatians, which is just a couple of pages back in my Bible. Now we know here in the third chapter, where it says, in the 13th verse, Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. Being made a curse for us, for it is written, cursed is everyone that hangeth on a tree that the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. Brethren, I speak after the manner of men though it be but a man's covenant.

Can you see? I mean, and the people he's talking to know exactly what he's talking about. Though it be but a man's covenant. Yet if it be confirmed no man this disannulleth or adds there to. You don't break a blood covenant between people. You sure don't break one between God and you. And I could just see those early Greeks saying, Oh, Oh yeah, yeah. Years ago a man said this to me, he was a missionary and uh, he was in Africa and tired, he was ready to get, get back home to England and, and, and, but he was, he was teaching and particularly on this tape that I was listening to, uh, on the Hebrew word Hesed. Covenant kindness.

He said there was a, there was a tribe in equatorial Africa. Their form of cutting covenant. Let me remind you again, particularly those under the hadn't been with us with, but I said this Monday, I want to say it again. This blood covenant between God and Abram becoming Abraham was the original. This was the original and out of that came blood covenants all over the world. Isn't it amazing? It was in native people right here on this continent. It was already here before any white man ever set foot on this place.

That was the way law was established between peoples, between families, a warring tribe. It was very strong. But say maybe they were strong farmers, they knew the thing, but this other tribe, well what they, they, the, you need covenant with them and the two of them became a family and no record of any time that has ever broken. And that's what the apostle Paul was talking about right there. Amen. But you needed the help of one another. So you became a family. And these kinds of things went right on down. Anyway, he said that this particular tribe, there was, he was, he had gone back to catch the airplane. He's a man, he is ready to get home. He's so tired.

And somebody came to him and said, uh, there's a, uh, some people that they, they, they want you to come speak to them and they should, the chief of the village wants to talk to you, wants to hear what you got to say. Well they drove and drove and got down into, in the area Where this village was and he thought, what am I going to say to this man? And then he saw it. He got it in his heart. These people cut covenant with slices in the ends of their fingers and they mixed blood like that.

Now, even in the banks, there'd be a little picture there on the window and you reach up and put your fingers up there in the bank teller would put their fingers up there. This will be an honorable transaction. Now, some stupid white man come in there and he just walks up to the teller. Boy, he's, he's red meat, you know, doesn't hurt anything steal from him. But if he walks up there and does this, that's a different thing. And he thought, and the Lord said to him, tell him I want to touch fingers with him. And he said, in 15 minutes, that heathen, illiterate old man sitting on a mud floor in a grass hut knew more about Christianity than 98% of the Christians of the world.

He said, he screamed and jumped to his feet and ran out. And went to hollering at the villages. They gathered people, God sent his messenger. God wants to touch fingers with us. He wants to make covenant with us. In His son's blood. He wants to cut fingers with touch fingers with us. Get in here, the God almighty. He said, that old man knew and he said he believed every word I said, and so did everybody else in there. They understood it. They understood more about the New Testament then 90% or more of all of the new Testament scholars in the world that don't know beans about a blood covenant.

Ah, well you see Brother Copeland, the thing of it is here. We know that in the new Testament. Testament, the English writers were trying to tell us something. We're using the word testaments instead of covenant. They're trying. They thought you had to have sense enough to know that a Testament and a covenant is the same thing. They were trying to tell us this is God's will. It's his last will and Testament. Your church should be readers of the will every Sunday morning. This is the will of God. But you know, Brother Copeland... No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That healing business has been passed away. Well, something must've happened to the blood.

But who is God? Well, God is God. No, he's not. He is Jehovah. Rafa. You're going to change his name for him. I am the Lord that healeth thee. Lord, english-ized, Jehovah, Jehovah. I do those things that are right in his sight, walk in his statutes, keep His commandments, and I am the Lord that healeth thee. Yes Brother Copeland, but that's old Testament. No, that's first Testament. That's first Testament. He hadn't changed his name. He is the God. This is a healing covenant.

Now Abram's, then Abraham's covenant was a national covenant that included healing. We have a healing salvation, healing prosperity covenant. That's the reason Satan got away with stealing the money of the church. My dear friend, I preach for him every year, Bishop David Oyedepo. South side of Legos. Covenant man. He said, I, he said, Kenneth, I, Oh, he said, God taught me you could just praise, just praising him. You can just praise him until something happens. But he said, I, with healing gifts should have no trouble with that, but he said, the problem I had was with finances. He said, I, he said, I struggled with that. He said, I read your book on the laws of prosperity, but he said it was what I was reading, Mama's book, Gloria's book, God's Will is Prosperity. And he said, uh, it was while I was reading her book, I had a visitation of the Lord and he said, it's covenant.

Well, his eyes just... fire when he said that. The first time I met him. He's taking me around, showing me the place. Now he said, this is the first... now this is in one of the poorest nations on the planet. And he said, no, all of this cost, 250 million American. And no American money, no debt. Now he said phase two, which has already been done now. Phase two, cause this was back in 2008 is 250 million American and it's in the bank. Although, uh, maybe you better teach me and don't you think I haven't learned some things from him. He said this to me, he said, when I read, seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you. He said, Kenneth, that's a blood covenant.

I read it. I say, yes, Lord. And I just praise him 'till it happens. I praise until it happens. Because he said, once I see it, once he reveals it to me, we have, there's blood between us that's done. Now I'm, I'm, I'm covenanted to the God. And now, that church seats 50,000. 5 Services on Sunday and they have tents outside watching great big LED screens with 51,000 people in those tents every sunday that comes by, because a covenant people understand covenant talk and once you tell him it's blood between you and God, that settles it. Praise God. But it takes blood. Just praise and worship until something happens. Hallelujah.

That's the reason. That is the basic fundamental reason that you preach one, you preach the same message right here in United States and little happens. You preach the same message and Africa, thousands of people get saved. Well, because they're covenant minded people. Hallelujah. And that's the reason why they're ready to believe it. And you preach it to people here and you say covenant. The covenant won't mean anything. Well, it's a blood covenant. Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, so what? Yeah, I understand that. Yeah, I've heard that before ain't you got something else you can preach? When you going to preach something else when you get this.

But that's the reason in this country, you have to preach it and preach it and preach it and preach it and preach it and preach it. And it's not a bad thing because once it's compounded and built into your very being here, no devil or hell can take it away from you. I mean, you begin to realize he doesn't have anything left. He used to have the power of death under that old covenant. He had power of death, but not over the people that walked in their covenant. Amen. Then he lost it. Our Lord and our savior went to hell for you. So, that God's dream of a family That started in the Garden of Eden could come to pass. And it's happening and it's happening all over the world and we're out of time.
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