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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - El Shaddai, Our Covenant-Keeping God

Kenneth Copeland - El Shaddai, Our Covenant-Keeping God

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Kenneth Copeland - El Shaddai, Our Covenant-Keeping God

Thank you, Lord. Father, we do praise you for your Word this morning. The blessing of the Lord is on this place and in this place and we receive your presence and we give you all the praise, all the honor, all the glory. You're the breath we breathe. You're our life and because of you we have life and we have it more abundantly overflowing enjoyable life, and we thank you for it in Jesus name, amen. Open your Bibles with me this morning. Two, my favorite scripture in all the Bible. Mark chapter 11 but I'm not going this morning where you think I am. Amen.

Where are you going, brother Copeland? I will tell you in a moment, Mark chapter 11 are you there? "Jesus, answering saith unto them, have faith in God". Read that aloud with me please. Have faith in God. Well, what about my children? Have faith in God. What about my finances? Have faith in God. What about the politicians? Have faith in God. Now I'm going to ask you a question. At first it will sound like duh, but who is God? Look at the 17th chapter of Genesis. Genesis chapter 17 verse one, "when Abram was 90 years old and nine the Lord appeared to Abram and said unto him, I am the almighty God".

That's who he is. Say it. He is almighty God. He is almighty God. The God that I serve is the almighty God. My trust is in him. Oh, hallelujah. Thank you Lord Jesus. Now I am the almighty God. In the Hebrew text he said, I am El, meaning God. I am El. That's God in singular. Elohim is God in the plural. I am the almighty. That Hebrew word is Shaddai. Can you say that with me? Shaddai. Say it again. Shaddai. I am El Shaddai. Say it again. I want you to get used to it. I am El Shaddai. Whoa. Now the root word, I'm no Hebrew scholar, but I can read and I have very, very close associate, particularly.

Um, professor Stevens teaches at Kenneth Copeland Bible college. He has a degree in Hebrew and oh, you think I don't have good time pumping him for stuff? You know when you get a guy that knows a lot and he's smarter than you, you better stay around him. Amen. What a man of God, and associate pastor at EMIC. Oh, my. The root word, the Hebrew word that Shaddai is built around is the all sufficient God, but more literally that root word refers, it's actually the breasty one. And actually refers to the mother. God, now listen, is more than enough yes.

Let me get over here in front of mama. Now, when our babies were born, she was life to those babies. She was food for those babies. She could understand them. It wasn't nothing but noise to me. I say, Gloria, what? What she say? She'd tell me. How do y'all do that, Kathy? I don't get it. Jessie, I think they is making it up. You know, but see, the one with the breasts is everything to her children. Not only did she give birth, not only is she everything to that child, she will die for that child. Well, so did he.

Now my next question is who is Jesus? Jesus, my Lord, my savior, my covenant brother, is El Shaddai in the flesh. Everything we need in the flesh, he's everything and hey, he's been there. He's been here. Of course, our father knows what we need before we ask, let me tell you something, darling. Jesus not only knows what you need, he knows what it feels like here. He's been here. He understands dirt. He understands tired. He understands hungry. He understands what it means to walk everywhere you go and get weary and get hungry. He understands pain. He understands the pressure the devil can put on you. Hallelujah. He knows more than any human born into this planet. He knows what it means to resist sin.

Until you bleed out the pores of your skin. El Shaddai in the flesh. It's shouting time in this church this morning. Oh, hallelujah. Glory be to God. Hallelujah. Ah, who are you? We know who God the father is. El Shaddai. We know who Jesus is. El Shaddai in the fresh. Who are you? You are a new creature. Don't lose your place there in Genesis 17 but let's go to second Corinthians please and put our eyes on this. Now for teaching purposes because of our main focus this morning is on our covenant God. Our covenant El Shaddai. That's our main focus this morning.

Second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17, "therefore if any man be in Christ the anointed one, he is a new creature". I am a new creature. I'm not a forgiven sinner. We went past that a long time ago. I'm a new creature and so are you, and out of all of the billions of new creatures on earth, you're the only one like you. You're as spiritually unique as your fingerprints are unique. Hallelujah. Whoa, thank you Lord Jesus. Behold, you're a new creature. Old things are passed away. Behold, or look, look now.

Now look here. All things have become new. There's not any, not any. In New Orleans talk, ain't none. Just ain't none. In Texas is, ah, what you talking about? Oh. Nothing. No thing. Not anything left in your spirit of that old human that used to live in there. Not one speck of it. You died. Just as real as Jesus died on that cross. You and I died. We were crucified with him and now we live in him and he lives in us. Who? El Shaddai lives in us, the almighty God. The God that's more than enough, that's more than enough. The heart healer. Whoa. More than enough, and He's right there, he's right there. Oh, thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord, Jesus. All things have become new and all things are of El Shaddai.

Now in this particular verse, I like to say it like this, and all things are of the almighty God, because see that's saying the same thing, but when you bring it out of Hebrew and you bring it into English, it impacts us, this marvelous love himself that's dwelling inside you is the almighty God, the God of heaven. Now who's the God of this world? Zero. Hey, that's scriptural. He's been brought to not.

Now, my dad was born 1904. So Jesse was telling me this morning, his granddaughter said, grandfather, were you born in the 19's? Isn't that what she said? You born in the 19's? Oh, in the 1900's think of that. He said yes. She said, did y'all have cars? Oh, praise God. But here's what I started to tell you, my dad was a good mathematician and um, he, uh, he went to John's business college. In fact, he was a student at Draughon's, which is a, uh, uh, business school business college in Lubbock, Texas, where I was born and that's where he was. He was teaching bookkeeping and studying other courses there at Draughon's when I was born.

So back in those days and, and his early years, they use the word not for zero. That's the reason in old English. Well, the standard version of the King James version is translated. He's been brought to not. They just simply were saying he's been brought to zero. Amen. By whom may I ask? The almighty God. Oh, thank you Lord Jesus. So you and I are new creatures created in Christ Jesus. We are and have been made the righteousness of the almighty God. I can't hardly stand that. I don't know how you sitting there. Oh, and we hey, we're just now getting ready. Unbuckle the seatbelt on that seat. Make sure your shoes are tightened on good. Hallelujah. You are a child of the almighty God.

Let's look at Romans chapter eight or the eighth chapter of Romans. My my my my. Look at the 16th verse. Well, let's read down into it. Look at the 15th verse, "for we've not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption" where we cry. We don't just say this, we cry this, Abba literally translated it's just dear father. It's daddy.

Now, as I got older and I would talk about my dad, you know to somebody else until that day he went home to be with Jesus I called him daddy. He's my daddy. And he still is. He's not a was. He is. And I was so glad to see he and mother get back together. Boy, that went right over somebody's head. She went home in 1988 he went home in 2000 and uh, they were, you know, they were able to get back together. That's good, isn't it? Amen. Glory to God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Father. My daddy. And my father is my daddy. He's my daddy. Say he is the almighty God. I trust him, because he's my daddy. He's my Papa.
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