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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Relax in God to Be Healed

Kenneth Copeland - Relax in God to Be Healed

Kenneth Copeland - Relax in God to Be Healed
TOPICS: Rest in God, Healing

Open your Bibles first of all of the book of Matthew. We won't be able to cover nearly all of these this morning, but in the gospels, there are 19 examples of individual healings in the ministry of Jesus. Now it seems like there's a lot more than that, and there were, but the Spirit of God saw fit to give us details about these 19 and how they received. And I'm going to tell you, Jesus is so easy to get along with. He is so easy. It is so easy to receive from him. For some reason, and I've done it, for some reason, people realize how easy it is to receive him as savior. Now, it hasn't always been that way. You go back many years, and people thought it was very, very difficult. You had to, well, and you go back far enough people thought they had to suffer to receive. They had to suffer physically to receive. And then we found out that that's just erroneous as it can be. In fact, it's impossible to earn it. Right?

Well, how did you earn your salvation? How'd you get it of faith in grace, right? Did you earn the baptism of the Holy Spirit? How'd you get that? By faith and grace, did you earn your healing? How do you receive that? Well, what made you think you had to earn your money? Set you up for that one? No, we don't work for a living. I can prove it to you from the book of Ephesians, "let him that stole, steal no more. Let him work with his hands. That which is good in order that he may have to give". That's why we work in order to have the tithe, in order to have to give an out of the tithing and the giving, our needs are supplied. Hallelujah. When you put the priorities where they belong, glory to God, you never go to work a day in your life. You just go to have joy some place because you know you, you know the purpose behind your effort.

Let me give you a real truth here. Now get ready for a real deep truth. You don't work. You don't eat. That's just as scriptural is by his stripes you were healed. But it's the motive. Motive is big with God. What's behind it? Why are you engaged in what you do? Amen. We're soldiers in the army of the Lord. Now, does a soldier go to a war at his own expense? Scripture says he does not. What kind of air force would we have if the pilots had to buy them? Oh dear. You know? Well, you know, we're gonna take this $900 million airplane out of your pay for the next 600 years. You'll still be paying on it when you get to Heaven. Of course not. Well, neither does a soldier in the army of the Lord. We're blessed. It's the blessing of the Lord. Are you listen to me now?

Proverbs chapter 10 verse 22, the blessing of the Lord it maketh, it maketh rich. Well I make $200,000 a year. Well, that's your fault. I'm a self made man. Yeah. Yeah. We won't even go there. No, one fellow told me one time, he actually told me this, he said, I'm losing money on every deal. If I wasn't making some many deals, I'd go broke, he had bought, I mean he had to keep them turning and just to keep something coming in. Like another guy who said they'd get bothering him, you know, you're going to, you're going to have to pay this thing. You got to pay. They kept calling him saying now listen, don't you ever call me again. He said, I know I owe you, and he said, I owe a lot of people, I've got everybody's name in a box and I shake the box up and I pull out the ones I'm going to pay this month.

You call me again, I'm going to take your name out of the box. I don't know that that system may be a little shaky. Praise God. This is kingdom concept. This is kingdom economy. This is the way God works. I'ts necessary. When you're selling something, selling a car, selling a home, buying, selling. Don't just make deals, pray, spend time listening to God about this, know what the value of it is. Just because somebody else said the value was this, that Hey, you need to find out what God values this. Nah, I didn't plan to get off on this this morning, but I'm here. I was praying and I had sowed my little twin engine airplane that I, and in fact I sowed it to Tracy, standup Tracy, glory to God.

I'll tell you, Tracey Harris is a man of God and a prophet of God and walks and is blessed in that office and bless his heart. I mean he shows up to healing school just bought as often as I do, glory to God. And anyway, I had a little twin engine, Beechcraft airplane that, you know, I didn't go anywhere in any much and just put around in a thing just cause I like it. And you know, I would get kind of grumpy around the house, Gloria and say, why don't you go fly something? I don't know that just something about it. The minute those wheels hit the holes alive is good. It just works, you know? Anyway, I sowed that airplane into Tracey. And I was looking for another one. And I was praying like always did, you know, I would say Lord, and you know where the airplane is, I'm only looking for one, so why would I want to look at nine of them. I want the one. Amen.

And so, and that's what I intended to pray. Here's what came out of my mouth. Father, you have somewhere, there's someone, someplace that has that Beechcraft Baron and they're crying out to you to sell it. There's a problem somewhere and I can, I can be of service to that person and, and whatever they need. Well the man that has always, he's partner of the ministry and for many, many years he's been the one that's always handled all the transactions in the aviation department and so forth. And he's always been the one that has written the contracts and all that. So I just call him. I said, Joe. And I told him what the Lord said. He said, well, hang on Ken, and he hollered, he said, Bob that call we got just a couple of days ago, that woman had that Baron, ain't she a widow? Yeah, he said, she is and needs to sell that airplane. He said, yes she is. He should get the details on that. I want to know more about it.

Now, let me make a very interesting, long story short, this woman lived in Harrison, Arkansas. Her daughter lived in Branson, Missouri and was a member of Keith Moore's church and had turned in a prayer request for the church to pray about the sale of her airplane because her husband who flew the airplane all the time, and it was part of his ministry, he was a businessman and one and he's just, he just died suddenly, unexpectedly, and here's this airplane and she's got, of course it was sudden like that, she's got financial problems. She really needs to sell this thing. That's doing business in the kingdom. That's business, kingdom business. Amen. Then the way it all turned out. They've, and it was right at the time when recession had hit, you know, few years ago, so money deals were going down. That airplane was just losing value.

And I asked her, I said, what do you have to have? What do you need? She, she said, Brother Copeland, that airplane's not worth what I need. I said, I didn't ask you what the airplane's worth. That's my business. I said, I asked you what you need for that airplane. And she told me, well, it was more than what the market said, but the airplane was really worth it to me. I said, fine. That's what we will pay. I'm not in the business of stripping widows or anybody else. That doesn't sound like we're talking about healing, but we are. This is the way you stay well. You don't sweat and worry and push and pull you relax in God, let him take care of business. Hallelujah.

And you can tell everybody, my business partner is a very wealthy Jew. I mean that, I don't say that to be funny. How do you know why that you know why the Jewish people are wealthy? Because they follow the rules and laws of the Spirit through Abraham. Well, anyway, it turned out really, really good and she's blessed and we're blessed and then there was a man, there's a man literally hunted me down. He said, I want that Baron you have. I said, well, you know, he said, I want it and I'll give you, I'm not going to tell you what I made off that airplane. Alright, glory to God.

Matthew chapter 15 if you will, please. We're going to be discussing the Syrophoenician woman. Oh, we've got a lot of scripture to cover this morning. Now, in talking about the financial realm, as we were speaking about for a few moments there, more people have physical problems. Everything from chronic headaches to who knows what because of financial problems, because of not understanding how to live financially by faith. Well didn't you get thrilled by what brother Jerry was talking about this morning when he received the offer, amen. I mean, that's the way we learn these things. And yeah, but you have preacher, you can write letters and get money. You want to say that to me up close? I didn't think so. Anybody in here ever get a letter from me begging for money? Well, if you ever do, I didn't write it.

Now there have been people that have tried that on social media. Oh Brother and Sister Copeland need, Oh no, I don't do social media. I don't have time to mess with that mess. Now, thank God for the good things, but you just, you don't just get the good, well, I better get off of that right now. I do not have time this morning to tell you no, no, I'm not going there. That's one of the problems though, or things like that, and spending time feeding your eyes, your ears. Consequently, your Spirit with strife, whether strife, there's confusion in evil work. Amen.

Now, 15th chapter of Matthew, verse 21, Jesus went then and departed into the coast of Tyre and Sidon, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts and cried unto him saying, have mercy on me oh Lord. Now I'm going to stop and tell you where to underline. Underline that phrase, have mercy on me, Lord. When you find the word mercy, when you find the word compassion, many times it's exactly the same word translated one way or the other. When it is not the same word and you look up the meanings that it means compassion, and you'll find a word translated compassion and say it means mercy. This is important.

We're going to see something about that this morning. Have mercy on me, Lord thou son of David, underline that please. My daughter is grievously vexed with a devil, but he answered her not a word and his disciples came besought him saying, send her away. She cries after us, but he answered and said, I'm not sent but under the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Then came she and worshiped him. Underline that one. She worshiped him saying, Lord. Who? Lord. Help me, but he answered and said, it is not meek to take the children's bread and cast it to the dogs. Underline children's bread. She said truth, Lord. Yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their master's table. Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman great is your faith. I don't have to tell you to underline there, be it under thee even as you will.

Now, isn't that a strange statement that doesn't fit in with religious ideas? Religion says, I don't know if it's God's will to heal me or not. People that say that 99 and nine tenths percent of them that they say, well, I know he, I know he can, and I know he does from time to time coming out of that person's mouth, you won't hear coupled with that. But if he heals anybody it'll be me. No, in their mind, they're one that he doesn't. Or go at it from this viewpoint. Well, the only way I know to determine the will of God about healing as you know, ask him to heal me or have somebody lay hands on me and if I get it, I know it is his will. No, it is his will.
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