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Kenneth Copeland - Faith Is the Connector to Miraculous Healing

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Kenneth Copeland - Faith Is the Connector to Miraculous Healing

Thank you Lord Jesus. Praise you Lord Jesus. I thank you Lord. That healing is the children's bread and I'll have my meal this morning. I sit at the table. God has prepared my Lord Jesus. El Shaddai in the flesh has prepared a table before me. He is my shepherd in the presence of my enemies and I thank God I am at the table. The devil has no place at my table and the healing is on the table. I thank God. Now do this. Reach over there and get that big platter healing, pick it up, say glory to God. I take my healing. I thank you that this my bread. Now watch me. Watch me. Lick the platter clean. Lick the platter clean. I'm healed this morning, Glory to God.

Now I want you to have a live testimony. We were called one morning, Kenneth you and Gloria need to get over to the hospital. Pastor George, Terri, Gloria, me, got over there. Jerry Savelle was in the hospital after suffering a massive stroke and he was... well, you come up here and take it from here, sir. At the time that we prayed for him, he was just kinda in and out, had gone in there for a really very simple, almost outpatient procedure just to clean some plaque out of the big artery here in the neck that goes up to the brain. And a piece of that plaque got loose and hit his brain and he had the kind of stroke that nobody, I don't care how much therapy I don't... And all that. Nobody gets over that. You don't look like you got any stroke to me.

JERRY SAVELLE: As Brother Copeland said, I went in for a physical because I hadn't had a physical in quite a while and they put me through all the tests. And the doctor said, while I was laying on the table there, he said, how are you alive? I said, I don't know what you're talking about. He said, well, there's some major blockage in the main artery in your neck that the blood flows from the heart to the brain. And he said, I don't know how you walked in here on your own. I said, sir, I still don't know what you're talking about. I said, I just got off a motorcycle trip in South Texas, 107 degree weather. I didn't even work up a sweat, much less have any kind of symptoms.

He said, well, I'm telling you it's very serious. And that's 90% blocked. And he said this could cause a stroke, an aneurysm, and other things. And he said, I recommend you go to the doctor or go to the hospital. And I have a man that works for me that's a specialist. It's a routine surgery. All you gotta do is go in and he'll make an incision in your neck, clean the plaque out, you'll be there overnight, maybe one more night after that and then you'll be back home, recover and be back to doing what you normally do. So my wife and my two daughters were with me and my daughters especially said, daddy, do what he says. And so, we went in, I'd had just turned 70 years old and we went in and the next morning they were prepared to do the surgery.

The last thing I remember when they're rolling me down to the surgery room was routine surgery. That's what I was thinking. Routine surgery. I've lived in divine health all these years. I have not had to go to the doctors very often other than maybe a physical or something very minor. So I'm thinking routine surgery, I'll be here overnight and I'll be home tomorrow and then we'll be back to doing what I normally do. And so, after the surgery, the doctor told my wife and children that everything went well. They said, can we go have lunch? We haven't had anything to eat today. And by the time we get back, will he be in his own room? They said yes. So they went to lunch.

When they came back, the doctor was waiting on them and said, we've had a major problem. Said, some of the plaque broke off and went to his brain and he's had a major stroke, full blown stroke. They were telling my wife and daughters, it's not likely he'll ever recover. It's not likely he'll ever be normal again. It's not likely he'll ever walk. He'll be an invalid. You'll have to take care of him for the rest of his life. My wife said, you don't know my husband and you don't know our God. Amen. Thank God. Thank God for a woman of faith. Thank God daughters had been raised in faith all their lives. They would not accept it.

And so I don't even know what's going on. I don't even, I'm not even aware of what's happened. I'm just laying there like a vegetable and the only word that I can say in English is yes, just whatever they said. I just looked at him and said yes, really not understanding anything they said. I lost total use of my right arm, my right leg, and the worst part of it all - total memory loss. I couldn't remember one thing. I'm just sitting there in that bed, just staring out in the distance and don't have a clue what's happened to me. I don't know my wife, I don't know my children. When the doctors say, who is this? I didn't know. All I could say was if I saw his mouth move and it stopped, I'd just say yes. He said, who is this? Yes. Who is this? Yes. I didn't know.

And so, I'd been in there for at least a couple of days now. Brother Copeland came and George came and David Weeter came and I very, I hardly remember them being there, but my wife said that Brother Copeland stood over me and he preached to me, and George and David and all they were praying over me and she said, even though you couldn't say anything in English, but the word yes, you never lost your ability to pray in tongues. You said you prayed in tongues the whole time they were praying for you. Later when she told me this, later I asked the Lord about it, I said, well, why was I able to pray in tongues, and the only thing I can say in English was yes? He said, well, son, you Spirit's not connected to your brain. Hallelujah. And so thank God for being able to pray in tongues. Amen.

And then later Jesse and Cathy Duplantis came. I hardly remember them being there, but my wife said, when Jesse walked in, she said, a smile came to your face. Jesse has that effect on people, you know, Brother Copeland brought faith and Jesse brought joy. Hallelujah. That's a winning combination. You got faith, you got joy, you are going to be well, hallelujah. And they prayed for me, but I hardly remember them being there. And so I'm just there. And they, they come in and they talk to my wife. And once again, they're not giving her any hope whatsoever. And she just wouldn't accept it. The children wouldn't accept it. I still am not able to even communicate.

And finally one day the doctor came in and he said, if he shows some improvement, we'll let him go home tomorrow. I heard that. But once again, I couldn't respond, but I heard it. And so I didn't know what he wanted to see in the way of improvement. And so, everybody had left and my granddaughter's there with me and I can't communicate, but I pointed over to a chair and of course if I took my right arm and laid it on my chest, it just laid there. But if I tried to move it fall off to the side, it was just dead weight. And so I laid my arm on my chest and I pointed over to a chair and my granddaughter didn't know what I wanted. She thought I wanted water, I waved her off and then she thought I wanted a kleenex, I waved her off and she got everything over in that corner on that table and it wasn't what I wanted. And she said, what do you want papa? I couldn't tell her, but I kept pointing.

Well, in a box over there was a robe that Keith and Phyllis Moore had sent me and they ordered this rope from London and it's where Prince Charles gets his robe. It was Royal blue and it's still in the box. And I pointed to it. And so, she finally got the robe out, helped me get it on, and then I pointed to the door and she said, what do you want papa? And I pointed to the door and I'm holding this arm up. I'm sitting on the edge of that bed. And she said, do you want to go outside? I said, yes. And so she helped me get up. And of course I'm having to walk like this, holding this arm up and she's holding me up so I wouldn't fall. And I get to the door and I walked down to the end of the quarter and I came back and then I just dropped in the bed and I sit there.

By this time, my son in law, Rodney, who's married to my youngest daughter, Terry and Rodney is a character anyway, he's sitting on the side of my bed when I came back, he said, dad, how you doing? I said, yes. He said, I was in here yesterday. I don't know if you realized I was here yesterday, but he said, I asked you about that 67 Corvette you have. And he said, you told me now he knew I could only say yes. He said, you told me that you'd want to give that 67 Corvette to me and I want to know if I could come by and pick it up today. And I'm just kind of looking out in the distance. And I turned to him and I said, no. So Rodney jumps up and he says, okay, he's getting better now we can all go home. He tried to set me up, you know.

And so, he left and, and my wife came back up and the next morning the doctor came in and released me to go home. Now once again, I still can't communicate, but I knew if I got home in my own environment, my recovery would be immediate. The doctor told my wife as we were getting ready to leave, they put me in a wheelchair, took me to the car. He told my wife, he said, I've arranged for you to take him to a special clinic where he will spend from four to eight hours a day in a chamber that's designed to help rebuild his brain cells, but we don't have any guarantee that that'll even work. And so they had arranged for that. But we went home and when, we got home, my wife took me to our garden room playroom where the grandchildren all come and that's where we hang out. And we're sitting there at a table and my granddaughter took a piece of clay and put it on the table and buried some coins in it.

And she said, now papa, give me that hand. Well, I reached over with my left and she said, no, your right hand. I can't move my right hand. I'm just holding it. I can't move my fingers. And she said, she reached over and got it and set it on that clay. She said, get those coins out of there. Then she grabbed my cheek, my face, and turned it to her and she said, now papa, your most famous sermon that you preach all over the world, you tell people don't quit. That quitting is not an option. And she said, and quitting is not an option for you and I'm not going to let you quit. And then she put my hand on that clay and she said, get the coins out. I can't even move my fingers.

I worked and worked and work just to try to move my fingers. I'm holding this arm like this. I can't move one finger. And I'd look at her and she'd say, don't quit. I'd look back at that clay and I just, all I could do to just try move one finger. It was frustrating to not be able to do something you've always been able to do with ease. And she'd look at me, don't quit. I kept thinking, if I ever get healed, I'm going to slap her and tell her to go home. But she would not quit. Thank God she wouldn't let me quit.

And so finally I was able to move one finger and I'm raking that clay will that one finger. And I've finally got enough clay removed where I could see that coin. And she said a big smile came to my face and then she covered it up again. She said don't quit. And so I kept on, this is not just in a matter of minutes, it's hours. Trying to get that one coin out of that clay. And I finally got one coin out and I smiled real big and then I pointed to my shop at the back of my house. My wife says, quit calling it a shop, it's a museum. It's full of antique motorcycles and classic cars. That's been my hobby all my life. And I have this museum. And I pointed to it and my granddaughter said, what do you want Papa? And I pointed to the museum, she said, do you want to go to the museum? Yes.

So she helped me up. I got this arm like this, she's walking me to the museum. Took a long time to get there. She took the key and unlocked the door, turn the lights on, turn the alarm off. And I stood in that museum and looked at all my motorcycles, my cars. And even though I still can't communicate, in my heart, I'm determined I'm going to start everything in there before I leave that building. So I walked over to my oldest motorcycle, which is 1942 Harley Davidson that actually saw duty in World War II.

KENNETH: Now this thing is hard to start when you're in good health.

JERRY: I mean, it's hard to start and when everything's working right, it's not electric, it's kickstart. And it's like trying to start a model T, and I can't remember how to do it, but I'm standing over it like this. She's standing next to me and I started praying in the Spirit. And the Spirit of God told me what to do. Thank God the Holy Ghost knows how to start a 42 Harley. And he told me what to do and I turned everything on and now I've got to kickstart it. So she's holding me up while I take this good leg and kickstart it. And it starts and I leave it running.

Then I went to my 46 Harley and this is the same way and I got it running. Then I went to my 57 Harley got it running. And then I went to the Indians and I got them running and then it went to my classic cars. My oldest is a 32 Ford Roadster. I got it started. I have an antique classic Corvette collection and I started with my 54 Corvette. I got everything in that building started and I'm walking around and smelling the fumes and the smell of fumes was exhilarating. Hallelujah.

And then I started walking around, turning everything off. I've got everything cut off and she helped me back to the door, turn the lights off, turn the alarm off, walked outside, and then I said, Rachel gave me the key and I reached out with my right hand. She put the keys in my hand and then she said, Papa, did you see what you just did? I said, what? She said, you have them in your right hand. I've got my hand back. I got my arm back, my leg back, and then three steps toward the house and my memory came back. Everything I had ever learned, everything I'd ever preached, every sermon, every scripture I was totally recovered. And in three weeks, in three weeks, I was preaching in five different nations, two and three services a day, and that was two and a half years ago. Do I look like a man who would never be normal again? Look what the Lord has done, hallelujah, come on, give the Lord a good shout of praise.

KENNETH: Praise God, hallelujah, don't forget your angel, are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those that are the heirs of salvation? Those angels are healing agents. They work for the great physician. I have testimony, if I had time I'd show you a picture of it. Where Bishop Oyedepo, and where we were earlier this year, there's a young man that a gunshot wound had destroyed. Had destroyed his elbow and they put in a an elbow joint, a metal prosthetic elbow joint. But he'd had pain with that thing, bad pain with it ever since they put it in there.

Well, a couple of years ago when we were there and after we had, we had just an outpouring of God in that place, their church building seats 50,000, and they have five services on Sunday. So you can tell how busy the staff is. And they're just, when they had 130,000 more people come in to the church. So the Lord said to him, Jerry said, now you've been working for me, I want you to get some rest tonight, I'm going to work for you. Now, that was the Lord. Bishop called me, he said, Brother Copeland, I'm going to be in Dallas and I'd like to fly over to your place. I want to show you something.

So he did, he landed there at our airport and he showed me this elbow joint. He said, there it is. Can you see that from where you are? Now on that flat spot is all of the serial numbers, the doctor serial number and so forth and dates and so forth that identify that piece. That on the left is where the artificial bone was put on there to mix and mend and cause, his own bone to grow up around it. He woke up the next morning with that thing laying in the bed, no blood. He just got up there. It was the next year I met him and man, his elbow and everything. It just perfect. Just perfectly all right. There he is right there with Gloria and me.

Now I'm going to lay hands on Jerry. The moment I speak, the name of Jesus you received the anointing that's functioning in me and functioning in Jerry this morning. Father, with Jerry Savelle, as the proxy for all of those that are remaining seated, I set my hand on him as laying hands on all of them. So that they may be healed. I use the name of Jesus by a power of attorney to use that name and the blood that ratifies the covenant in the name of Jesus. Be healed.
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