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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Reward of Doing the Will of God in 2020

Kenneth Copeland - The Reward of Doing the Will of God in 2020

TOPICS: Reward, God's will

Kenneth: Hello everybody. We're Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Welcome to the believers voice of victory broadcast. Let's have a word of prayer. Father, we thank you today. We thank you for this new year and we thank you for all of the prospects and the, the power of God that's being released. Hallelujah for our young men and old men are having dreams and visions and we thank you for it and we praise you for it, in Jesus name. Amen. Praise God. What about 2020?

Gloria: What about it?

Kenneth: What about it? Glory to God. Colossians chapter one. All of my partners will recognize this because this was on, uh, one of the prayers that we pray for our partners I put on the bottom of the letter. In the ninth verse, "For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you and desire that you might be filled", say filled, "Filled with the knowledge of his will and all wisdom and spiritual understanding". I mean, that's enough to shout about right there. Glory. That's God's will. That's God's desire. That's you might walk worthy of the Lord of all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, increasing in the knowledge of God.

Hey, this is something you pray for this country. Are you listening to me now? Cause, this is, Hey, this is the Bible prayer. He's praying for me. Praying for these people, increasing in the knowledge of God, strengthened with all might or dunamis. The miracle working power. How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with Holy Ghost and dunamis. Thank you Lord Jesus. Strengthened with all might according to his glorious power under all patients and long suffering with joy thanks. With joyfulness giving thanks unto the father. Oh, I'm giving thanks unto the father, which has made us able to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light.

Oh, here it is. Who hath delivered us from the power or the authority of darkness. And that translated us, took us out of darkness and put us in the kingdom of God's dear son, and it is the kingdom of God's agape. The word agape was translated dear in the love kingdom. Whoa, God loves this nation. Amen, what's happening in this country? He's delivered us from the authority of darkness. Think about all the born again, people in the United States and Hey, all of you outside the United States, you don't understand as well as I do. Glory to God. That what happens in your nation is so tied to what happens in this one. Amen, all over the world. All over the world, glory to God and in whom we have redemption.

In whom this nation has redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sin. Now, I had the Lord say this to me a few years ago. Well, I'd, I'd say, um, about four years ago now or so, you know, when I think four years, it was probably eight. But anyway, it was some years ago. He said, now I've never heard the audible. I've heard the audible, but not the voice of the Lord. And, well, I'll explain that. And when I was flying over this property many, many years ago, I heard it, it, to me, it was all audible and it was, it sounded like a radio announcer "coming to you from the revival capital of the world". And it was just, it's about dark.

I looked down to my audio panel to see if I left the am radio switch up, which I never do. Then I look down there and then I realized that didn't come through the radio. I heard that, but that wasn't the voice of the Lord. Well it was, but anyway, I just wanted to explain that anyway, but you hear it right in here. All Christians have this and particularly those that been baptized in the Spirit, you had particular and, but you have to, you have to learn to hear it. Anyway. Excuse me.

He said Kenneth do you think George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, fathers of the country. He said when they formed this nation, He said, do you think they had any idea what he was going to look like a hundred years from now? From then? Well, I'd never thought about that. It hadn't ever been done before. Now they had of course ideas you would, naturally. And that naturally is a good word, but they didn't know anything about any government but England.

Now listen to this. He said, Kenneth, all this trouble that's going on right now, all of this problem in trouble. He said, these are birth pains to the rebirth of this nation. It's being reborn right now. And he said, I'm going to tell you something else, son. He said, you have no idea what this one's going to look like when I get through rebirthing it. Oh, isn't that good? Hey, 2020, 2020 dreams and visions, insights into the future. We're there kids. Give the Lord a shout. We're there. We are there just as sure as you and I are sitting here. Amen. What about 2020? What about it? What a time.

Well I'm going to go ahead and and give you these. I am praying about 2020. And what I told you about the prophecy of Joel that came, almost immediately when I started praying about 2020, but I said, Lord, just being 2020 It lends itself, uh, to 2020 vision and then therefore into visions and dreams and so forth, which there's nothing wrong with that, but I, I said I'm not satisfied with that. And I kept praying in the Spirit about it and I'd think about it and bring it up and then, then going about my business. And I didn't get anything until just, well, let's see. Uh, one, two...

Well, anyway, just, just this few days ago on my way, I was preaching in Tuba city, Arizona on the Navajo nation. We've been involved in the Navajo nation now for almost 50 years, 47, 48 years. And it was a, it was a special gathering there. And we were in the airplane going, I wasn't thinking about that. I had prayed that, but I didn't have that on my mind. All of a sudden, it just started. It just started. The Spirit of God just came all over me. And I just started to say something and then Dr. David weeder, of course my companions was there. I said, David, you better take this down. And he took it down to as a spoke out of my Spirit.

2020 will be a year of great change, wonderful and magnificent changes in the kingdom of God in the earth. Changes that will come because of insights, ideas and concepts directly from Jesus to his church by his mighty Spirit. Excuse me. Glorious concepts of how his laws work, the laws governing increase and financial prosperity. The laws of the Spirit that release miracles and divine healings and manifestation of his almighty power in the earth. New concepts of his love, his very person for he is love, insights into the true power and strength of his joy. It will be days of political change, great victories and great defeats for the spiritual enemies of God, and his people shall be crushed.

Now, he didn't say people would be crushed. He said the spiritual enemy, principality we wrestle with. We read that yesterday. Principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world. We don't wrestle with flesh and blood, you're not talking about. Now flesh and blood is involved, but those devils would be crushed. Spirits, not flesh and blood. But there are those on both sides of the political divide who refused to listen to the Lord advocate general of the church. Their dreams shall be dashed, their desires shall be wounded and they shall be removed from their offices and replaced some by the ballot, some by tragedy, and some who in despair will quit and go do something else.

This is my country saith the Lord Jesus. It was founded by people who love me for the sole purpose of their love and desire to worship me and to worship the almighty God and I will never forget that change 2020 the year of change and manifested power, saith the Lord. October the 13th 2019 headed to preach in the Navajo nation last night I had just gone to bed.

I was thinking about today and our time together today and, and so forth. And I was just laying there and in fact, Gloria had already gone to sleep. And I'm just laying there, just praying in the Spirit, this thinking about today and all of a sudden the Lord said, go get that word the came in the victorython. Now the way they had that set up in the victorython of course everything was being done it appeared at headquarters and, and there at KCBC's auditorium. But I had a setup there in our den living room there and they had a camera there incases that the Lord said something to me and I wanted to butt in on what they were doing. And so..

Gloria: Which happens frequently.

Kenneth: Well, Gloria and I both were sitting there. Now, he had gotten up, I'd forgotten now. She had gotten up and gone to the other room for some reason, and it just came on me. and I just began to, uh, just, the Word of the Lord came out. Well, they kept that camera on all the time. So all they had to do was just, uh, let somebody know and they'd open the feed, but the camera was on me. I really didn't realize that I was just sitting there and it just, it just came on me. I just began to speak about it, begin to speak about it and speak about it. I had forgotten it until last night and I remembered how they dovetail together. That's all one word.

Now listen to what their dreams shall be dashed. Their desires shall be wounded on both sides of the political aisle dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. Listen to this, those politicians that refused my call to unite and become the United States of America and not just America. Those politicians that refuse to listen, excuse me. Those politicians that continue the pathway of hate, I will remove them from their place. I will remove their influence from the record books. I will remove their candle in their families and I will remove them from office and put somebody in there that will, that's what the Spirit of God is saying.

That was Tuesday, October the 1st, 2019. So now here was Tuesday, October the 1st and then October the 13th. So there's 12 days there. You have to understand and those that are not familiar with these kinds of things, I have to go back and read these to see what I said because it didn't come out of my mind. It comes out of my Spirit. And um, somebody could cause somebody could say, well, you know, you said, and I said, did I say that? I don't believe I said that. And I said, well wait a minute. And they go, well yeah I did. I said that, but it doesn't have anything to do with my mind. It comes right straight out of, out of my Spirit.

And um, so that actually is one word, but the thing we need to realize, things are changing in 2020. Most of it's good, whole lot more good stuff than the bad. People have a tendency to settle up on the bad. No, no, no. He didn't say he's damning those politicians. No, he's saying those that refuse to do what he said, they're just going to do something else. That doesn't mean they won't ever get it. That doesn't mean he has anything against them. It just means they're bucking his will. And it's on both sides of the aisle. Amen.

Not all Democrats are heathen and not all Republicans are Christians. There's some heathens in both sides of the aisle. Amen. But now the Republican platform, as you know, acknowledges God. The democratic platform does not that they've, there's a big divide there that never was God's will. Men did that. And it has not always been that way. It's just been in recent years. This is a recent phenomenon.

You know, I've been around a long time and uh, I remember back in the days when on my dad was a Democrat because he was, he was raised in a country and as a country boy and farm boy and, and most people out there with Democrats. But it was just a difference in their viewpoint about government and so forth. And it was, it was the, it was the way the Lord was leading him to keep God in government. And he was just led to become a Republican because of that and their platform and so forth. No where near all this hate and fighting on both sides, in your wrangling. It's Satan trying to kill this nation, but he can't have it. Not till we're done with it. Not till Jesus is done with it. He cannot have it. Amen.

Gloria: That's right.

Kenneth: Thank you, Jesus. 2020 is a big time. It's pivotal in a lot of different ways because we're growing this, this mountain of spiritual power has been growing all these years, particularly all of the 20th century, Azusa street, Amen, Coffeyville Kansas outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Ah 20th century. Glory to God and the wind up of the 20th century. Glory to God. I've been in it since 1936 I've seen a lot of stuff. Amen. Hallelujah. Glory be to Jesus. What'd you say Tim, how much time we got? Oh, dear, we're out of time. Oh dear. Oh, Oh. 15 seconds.

Gloria: You were pretty young in 1936 as I recall.

Kenneth: You weren't there. You weren't born yet.

Gloria: I heard about it.
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