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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Exercise Your Spirit And Body To Increase Blood Flow

Kenneth Copeland - Exercise Your Spirit And Body To Increase Blood Flow

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KENNETH: Hello everybody, Wednesday is here! Praise God. The believers voice of victory broadcast.

Father, we thank you today and we give you praise and honor for all that's being done all over the world through this broadcast, through this network, and we praise you and thank you so much for it, in Jesus' name.

Join me again in welcoming Dr. Jackson to the studio! Praise God. Let's read our, I get so excited I don't want to get away from this. And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly. And I pray your whole spirit, your whole or entire soul, your whole body be preserved, blameless under the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is He who that calleth who also will do it. He will do it. You mentioned last week on one of the broadcasts, Thursday or Friday. And it struck me of just how tremendously simple this is, that the whole matter of healing, the brain, healing other parts of the body. No, I'm not talking about what happens after something disastrous happened. I'm talking about prevention, I'm talking about working with your body. We've been talking about exercises so forth. As a matter of blood flow and oxygen.

DR. JACKSON: You gotta have it.

KENNETH: Gotta have it.

DR. JACKSON: Life is in the blood.

KENNETH: Of course. Amen! And as you exercise, the blood vessels dilate, right?


KENNETH: And so the pipes are bigger, you get more volume and you're taking oxygen to your brain. And all the prevention there must be just marvelous.

DR. JACKSON: So two pieces that the Holy Spirit brings to my heart here in terms of facts, medical facts, once when you're very young and the other is when you're older. So in the young scenario, depending upon what happens with mom, when the baby's in the womb, if mom has a lot of stress in her life, what happens to those blood vessels? They constrict. So there's the nutrients change to the baby, the blood flow changes. Okay. So now there's going to be a physical manifestation of that at some point in terms of how much of the nutrients are decreased and blood flow. Likewise to our older population when we look at neurodegenerative disorders and that would be like Parkinson's or Alzheimer's.

In that population there was a study done that also confirmed that at the end of the day, it's about the blood flow being decreased. And that's the biggest factor. And in that study, they looked at a population that had a younger population who suddenly died. They didn't have any chronic issues and an older population of that suddenly died. No chronic issues, no issues there. And they were counting the number of stem cells in their brains. So God has given us stem cells. The egg and the sperm are stem cells. Stem cells make cells like themselves. They can make whole organs actually and reproduce your certain organs when you do have an injury or degenerative disorder in the brain.

So there are neuro stem cells in the brain. And so we see that if the cell population is the same, the stem cells in the younger population and in the older population, then there shouldn't really be a difference in neurodegenerative disorders, in number and young versus old if they're the same number of cells or stem cells that can replenish and repair those damaged cells. What they found though was the difference had everything to do with the blood flow. When that blood flow decreases then that those stem cells don't get nourished and then they're not, they don't work. And so then, well, what, what makes your blood flow work better? Exercise, physical exercise, laughter increases blood flow.

And so, you know, and that's, those are some of the things that can really increase blood flow that can make a difference lifestyle. If you have these habits with smoking with diet, high cholesterol. Here's another interesting fact. Cholesterol, only about 10 to 20% of cholesterol actually comes from outside your body. So there used to be the thought of, you eat this, I'm not saying you should just go crazy and eat all kinds of food. That's not what I'm saying, but what I am saying is that we understand now there's another source of cholesterol and one of those the biggest sources is stress. So stress and lack of exercise can affect your cholesterol levels and the cholesterol as it builds up that leads to hardening of the arteries and that affects blood flow as well.

KENNETH: It all comes back to the blood.

DR. JACKSON: Yes sir.

KENNETH: It comes back.

DR. JACKSON: Yeah. So those are important. That's really important when we talk about our health and in our organs and also especially in our brain. And why is the brain so important? And well, number one, I'm biased as a brain surgeon, you know, but number two is because the brain controls the signals to all the cells in your body. And so having that blood pose important. So when you're stressed, that affects the blood flow. And so there are a lot of stressors out there. And we just finished reading here in the word about how important it is to have his peace and take his peace. And when we take on the Lord's peace, we calm down and then that the blood vessels dilate and we can get that blood flow to the our organs and especially our brain.

KENNETH: Absolutely wonderful.

DR. JACKSON: Yes sir.

KENNETH: Glory to God.

DR. JACKSON: Amen. Yeah. So there is a study at Harvard looking at dancing when we talk about blood flow and exercise and preventative measures. And I would summit that if, you know, find your husband or wife and get some good music on for 30 or 60 minutes and just, and dance up a storm because if you yeah, if you dance, that's exercise. You lose 500 calories, up to 500 calories, in an hour of exercise of dancing. Plus you laugh and you can increase your blood flow.

KENNETH: Not the way I dance. Well you laugh at it, but Gloria suffers it

DR. JACKSON: Yeah. So that dancing is a major exercise, that we can do. It's not stressful. It can be a lot of fun. And if you do the swing, you know, the swing that's really fast, fast dancing, if you do foxtrot, then this is a Harvard article. Check it out. Or along with other exercises that you lose about 200, you burn 200 and about 221 calories in that amount of time. So about half the calories that you'd burn if you're really, if you're really dancing and working up a good sweat, I advise people to pray in your heavenly language and dance in the spirit. That way you're knocking out, you're taking care of the both sides. right spirit and a physical when you dance in the spirit.

KENNETH: Praise God.

DR. JACKSON: Yeah. Yeah.

KENNETH: And the Bible is just full of dancing.

DR. JACKSON: Yes, there is!

KENNETH: Dancing before God.


KENNETH: And you know whats amazing all through the first testament, God told him to do that. He kept instructing, you got to have this feast and you dance, you have this feast and you dance, you have this feast and you shout and you dance and you can't go to Israel without the somebody dancing and it still there. Well knowing that they were going to be so heavily persecuted, that was one of the things that armed them and kept them strong and kept them from just being so under such persecution that it just cut their life short. If they did what he said do, it worked. Yeah. And he was talking about living 120 years. He said it in Genesis 6:3 and thats the Bible plan is, for this body to last 120 years and so he had certain foods that he put in there, don't be eating this, that's not conducive long life eat this and so what we want to do, we picked all the bad stuff and pig out on it and get mad if somebody says something about the other, because don't put me under the law. Well, hey, it was just a law to them, but he was telling how to live. Yeah. Amen.

DR. JACKSON: Out of a heart of love.

KENNETH: Yeah. Out of a heart of love. Yeah. And then, well I don't understand why, you know, the why the apostles didn't say something? hey, come on. That's the way they lived. I meant that they were raised to eat like that. Praise God! I mean, Anyway.

DR. JACKSON: And Dr Luke, he's one of them.

KENNETH: Oh yeah.

DR. JACKSON: He's a physician. You know and the dancing is really key because as we mentioned is it's going to help you with your muscles, your immune system. It helps with the lymphatic system when you're exercising and dancing and it's just playing fun. And you know, there is a study looking at laughter belly laughs in children. So children will perform about 300 belly laughs a day and adults over the age of 30 less than 10 every few weeks. Because of all the stress that we take on and that's, you know, that's not funny. I'm serious now. You know, and if I can kill you. And that's 400.000 Americans die from heart attack or stroke every year. And a large component of that is to do with the high blood pressure, which is directly connected to your lack of exercise. And also the attitude of what pressure goes up,

KENNETH: Praise God. So you take, it just goes back to the very basic fundamentals of life is spirit, soul and body. And once you are born again baptized in the spirit, then you have to renew your mind. You get the mind renewed and then comes this physical body. And that's when the body becomes so vitally important because it lashes back on the, on the other, two thirds of the system doesn't it?

DR. JACKSON: Yes sir. Yes sir. When that body goes out, what happens is that the toll on your soul, your mind, will, and emotion is such that you become inward focused in a bad sense, not inward focused on your spirit, but inward focused in that you are in pain. And so there's, you know, how am I going to fix this pain? What's the next step? What's the next step? And so as a result, he can't focus on the Lord. It's hard to hear from him. It's hard to communicate with other people and definitely hard to help other people because you're the one that's in the position where I need help. I need help. And so I think that's another reason why the Lord wants us to be healthy in all three parts of who we are.

KENNETH: Well of course. Yeah.

DR. JACKSON: So that we can be a blessing to other people.

KENNETH: And the kingdom depends on it.


KENNETH: Praise God.

DR. JACKSON: Yes sir. Yeah.

KENNETH: Thank you Lord. Change the way we think, renewing the mind. Jesus said why taketh it though saying. Now thinking is a powerful thing, but the power of the words, a thought comes to your mind and you just say no, than it dies stillborn. But you then you start speaking it. Help us. Now you go to the word. I'm going to change this. I'm going to change the way I think about this. I'm going to renew my mind to this. God loves me and I love my God. I take thought and say it, I take that thought and say it, I take that thought and say it, until I begin to say it without having to take the thought. Now talk to us about creating habits and where the brain and its functions in the physical body. And how this whole system works and changing. And I've heard it said that something like 21 days or something like that. Dive into that doctor!

DR. JACKSON: So Caroline Leaf, a good friend of mine and just a wonderful expert in this specific area, states that three cycles of 21 days is all you need to completely change any habit that you have. And especially when the thought comes in that you take that thought captive has the scripture says. And that's an important piece. And so there are five elements of faith that Bishop talks about. Bishop Keith Butler, my pastor, and he says, you know you hear the word that's spoken, you hear it, you receive it, you believe it. You say it yourself and then you act on it. And when you do that, it has implications in your brain and in your mind that are important.

There's a discipline that was developed in 2004 called psycho neuro immunology. It's a science and psycho neuro immunology is where you take faith in prayer along with a biochemistry and other physical sciences and you put those together and you can describe exactly what we're talking about. And these are the areas of thought and how it affects the physical body. And so within that fear. We now understand, even epigenetics, which is another piece where when you say something then based on what you think it's going to have an effect all the way at a genetic level in terms of genetic expression, along with a environment, what comes in your environment and also exercise. But it plays a major role in your gene expression and that can affect your health.

KENNETH: Oh, absolutely. Yeah. And when Dr Leaf was on this program, she was talking about actually changing your DNA.

DR. JACKSON: So the DNA changes in a couple of ways. So when, with the epigenetics, there's receptors on the walls of all the cells in our bodies. And so when we perform this function, we can engage those receptors on those cell walls and then we can change the function of the cell and how the cell reacts to the outside environment. And so by saying what you want to say, and by changing those thoughts over the three cycles of 21 days, then there is a genetic transfer. And so now when you hear something that was bad or bothered you, it doesn't have the same effect that it did before.

KENNETH: Wow. Praise God. So you're actually in an area here of about six weeks. You can change your whole life if you're diligent to do it.

DR. JACKSON: Yes, sir. Super important.

KENNETH: Praise God, man.

DR. JACKSON: Yeah. Yeah. It's just like when, if you're a catcher and you're not a professional catcher, it's your first time up to the plate and there's a pitcher is gonna throw a fast ball a hundred miles an hour, right at you. The thoughts that come in are, hey, wait a minute. This could be catastrophic, right? Blood pressure goes up and there's a physiologic response based on your thoughts about where that ball's gonna head come in. But now with some practice, you change your perception, you change your thoughts. So now you've got some experience behind your belt. That ball comes at you. It's not a problem. You're just as cool as a cucumber and your blood pressure stays low and then your health translates to your health. Your health is okay.

KENNETH: So let's go, back now to the exercise and what you're talking about in your exercise routine and my routine it's so simple. First of all, I spend about an hour and a half in prayer and I pray for all of my partners all over the world and follow the scriptural pattern. He pray first of all for all men, for kings and all that are in authority. Well I do that. I can only pray about that for about four or five minutes and I'm done, you know. But you get over in the spirit and the more I practice this and the more I do it, and the more proficient at it you become, you'll find a little changes and a little direction here and there and the other. And I'm telling you, doc, and like I said last week, I've really enjoyed being outside and particularly at about sunrises, just marvelous. And you start flowing and all of a sudden there'll be something crossed my mind.

You need to touch this in the spirit. You need to be doing the, suddenly an hour and a half has gone by is like our time in here just seems like nothing and used to be, it was just work, but I'm getting better at it, you know? But then after that and I don't just, when I go into my exercise room, I don't dress just any old way. I put on my exercise shoes and my exercise shorts and I look like I've been doing this a long time and I get a little sassy about it and I get on that trip. I'm only on the treadmill for about 30 minutes, but over a period of time. Then Yvonne began to tell me, he said, don't just walk into that level anymore. Put a little incline into it. So then you add a little incline. Then you add just a touch of speed. I really didn't need more speed. I needed more inclined because now I'm getting more out of the 30 minutes exercising particularly my legs. And then he works with me for, you know, about 40-45 minutes. And we a lot of fun in there.

DR. JACKSON: Can you mention your thoughts when you initially try it? When you're exercising one day and you said something that was in here.

KENNETH: Oh yeah.

DR. JACKSON: In terms of.

KENNETH: That goes back, the absolute spiritual law that you say something long enough for it to get in your heart. It'll control your life. And you start saying something over and over and over and over and over. Even if just something stupid, something you thought was funny and you know, I'll see you later for train don't hit me. And you take the world's habits, which scared me to death. Are you going to church in the morning? I'm afraid not, what? But you've compounded that and work that and work that. And It's shortening you life, because you using death and kill and die to express yourself.

But anyway, I walked in the exercise, I'm thrilled over this. I repented and God put it in my heart and I'm right with God again concerning this. And I grabbed a hold of that thing and before I could get it pulled, I said, God I hate this. And I was smiling when I took hold of it. Now that thing was controlling me all these years, I mean, it have been there for years and years and years and years and years. I immediately said, no, no. God, I love this. I love to come in this room. The moment I said it, I physically felt that thing leave my body, that spirit blocking my life over something I had said, almost all my life because I had trouble with it. When I was just a young kid. I didn't want to do it. I had to push to do it and there it was, but it left that quick and we're out of time.
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