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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - How Your Body and Soul Affect Your Spirit

Kenneth Copeland - How Your Body and Soul Affect Your Spirit

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KENNETH: Hello everybody. I'm Kenneth Copeland. I am so excited about our guest today and those of you that have been here yesterday and the day before, you know why. Glory to God. Dr. Avery Jackson, welcome to this broadcast Sr. Chief executive officer, medical director of Michigan Neurosurgical Institute. I'm glad I'm not called to be that I wouldn't be able to pronounce it. Preacher is easy.

DR. JACKSON: Amazing, preacher!

KENNETH: Well ,no, thanks Sr, very much. And our golden text, 1st Thessalonians 5:23. Very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit, your whole soul, the intellectual part of you, and your whole body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is He that calleth with you who also will do it. He has done it and that's what this book is about. This whole book from cover to cover is about spirit and soul and body. God started at him that way and it's. Then he did what he did and brought the breaking of this system. And over the, over the centuries, people have studied and saw after God and the least understood revelation. I believe in the Bible, is the difference between spirit and soul and body. And you can immediately place people where they are.

Now that's the biblical order. The spirit is the never dying you and you have a soul. That proves it, that verse of scripture and also in the book of Hebrews and in another place and the spirit man is the person that live eternally. You know whether you go to heaven or hell, you're a spirit being and you will live eternally. I realize from Brother Kenneth E. Hagins teachings. He was talking about the rich man and Lazarus. Jesus talked about, he said a certain man, so I'm totally convinced that as he called Lazarus by his name.

So the people that to whom he was speaking knew both these men. And he's using this to teach the difference. And it was shocking revelation to me when father Abraham, the rich man in hell, now his body is top side someplace. So he doesn't have a brain. The physical brain. But Abraham said son remember, his memories is intact, because his soul is intact. His memory, the intellectual part of him is still very much alive. It's functioning better than it was when he was in his body, because it's working 100% now. He remembers every little thing that happened to him, all of his existence. And he's going to have to remember that trash forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.

Now his nature is still intact. He said, have Lazarus. He still wanted to boss Lazarus around. And he's trying to tell Abraham what to do! Now Isn't that it amazing that he knew who Abraham was? So my point being, let's deal with this thing now. Let's do the things that will protect and it enhanced this brain and this body because the brain. The brain is the tool of the mind and wow I better do whatever it takes to keep this thing running. Particularly if I'm going to live out my full days on this earth, which in my case would be 120 years and I have made the choice and I have to continue to keep that choice in place to do whatever it takes. Not like I said the day before yesterday, spirit, soul and body is the biblical order.

You'll hear people say body, mind, and spirit so you know, right there. It's not, a scripture revelation. But we're talking today about body first and it's effect on the mind because it's so seriously. So take us back into this, this train of exercise and how we can, how we can develop it in our lives. Because I learned this even as a young man, that by being an athlete and so forth, I was extremely competitive. And I'd get back to exercise and I just started trying to take up where I was before and it would hurt me and I'm ain't doing that anymore. I'm too busy anyway.

And so, but it has reversed my life style and it used to, I was more awake and alert in the middle of the night and it was that way from the time I was a little boy, I didn't sleep much. Well, that caused a lot of problems too. And, but over the years, the Lord helped me and reversed that. And now because of my hour to an hour and a half or so praying, first of all for all men, kings and all who are in authority, so forth and then my partners praise God all over the world.

And so in order to take care of business, man, I mean, like this morning I was, I was in prayer, a little bit before six. So I had to get up, you know, quarter five happy to do it and get up and get in that exercise. Work out an hour and man. I'm telling you this is a miracle in my life and it's changing things and you're supposed to be talking and not me.

DR. JACKSON: It's just wonderful to hear your talk because you're so excited about.

KENNETH: I am. I'm extremely excited.

DR. JACKSON: And so that's proof.

KENNETH: I'm excited about it for the body of Christ because we have not had now Dr Colbert and men like that. Oh yeah. We've had outstanding information. But this is coming from a neurosurgeon. And so we get, it's one thing to talk to a guy that fixes flats in a service station. And to talk to a man that builds engines. I want to know about the engine. I can fix a flat. I need to get inside that engine. I want to know what's going on in there.

DR. JACKSON: You know, Brother Copeland, you mentioned about the exercise and the choices that you made and also that your, what we call the Circadian Rhythm, which is your sleep wake cycles and patterns. You'll find that oftentimes when people, have work hours and God bless them, but you know, when they're, when they're topsy turvy where you're up all night and yet sleep during the day, that can create some challenges. It can create, you have to really work on stabilizing your mood, your physical health.

It's harder to exercise and there's a weight that you feel on your spirit because of all of this flesh that we're wrapped in and it's kinda holding us down and to be free, with that spirit to be able to really focus on God's word. You can't focus inward. And so with the physical you mentioned, going from the physical to the soul to the spirit, if we have this physical issues, that tiredness and the fatigue, it's going to weigh us down and our soul mind will and emotion, then it's going to have, give attention to the physical and being tired. And that's going to take away that time that we need with the Lord and prayer and so forth as he tells us to do x, y, and Z.

KENNETH: Of course absorbing your life. And then you're down all the time. I see it.

DR. JACKSON: And so the dopamine is a classic example. So we talked about that. Your spirit, you have a mind will and emotion. You live in a physical body. Well, the physical body side includes your brain because your brain is separate than your mind. Your brain is the physical processor of all the information that comes through your five senses. It gets wrapped up. There's a little memory loop there that starts a process and then it slips into your mind, which is going to stay with you for eternity. And then, so the issue there is, is that if you're a while that processor is working, if it's not feed right, if it's not getting water, if it's not getting sleep or exercise, then the way that you process information is not going to be as effective as what you need to get it to the memory.

And to also help to supercharge your soul as we're talking about going from body to soul to, to spirit. And so that's so important. And you also mentioned praying in the heavenly language and tongues. But that's an act of your will because especially if you're a , I don't want to get up and you know, and I don't, I'm not sure if I completely a hundred percent believe what, you know, what God's word says about what it will do for me if I'm not sure if I have those doubts because of my soul. Maybe because of scenarios in the past, people I've talked to, what have you, but in doubt in that soul part will effect my spirit because then I'm not praying in my heavenly language and that loses, I lose my focus and then I'm not filled up or being refilled with the spirit.

My measure of the spirit is I'm supposed to now, if I'm not praying to him language, then I'm not going to be listening when the Holy Spirit says you need to exercise to get that body in shape and that's going to have a cyclical pattern because all three are so are interwoven. One of the things that we know is if I'm in good shape, if my heart, my physical blood pump is working well, and let's say that yours or my, the body of Christ around me isn't, there was a study looking at what happens when we come together corporately. And when you look at, and we come together corporately, there's a study that says that when we have relationship, which takes effort, but when we have relationship, our hearts, the heartbeats literally sink up. So how?

KENNETH: Now that you're approaching quantum physics here, now I'm liking this. Whoa. Glory to God

DR. JACKSON: Sinks up. So can I be

KENNETH: So that should be the absolute truth with you and your spouse?

DR. JACKSON: Yes, sir.

KENNETH: All the time. And strive, can mesh that up. Whoa. I can see that in this strive messes up your brain.

DR. JACKSON: Yep. And so that's an important piece. So the other piece is the way that God made us people say, well, does God love me?

KENNETH: Let me ask you something here Dr. Jackson.


KENNETH: When our physical hearts begin to agree, I can see, the Scientific Law of synergy, if you put two equal forces together, you get the force of three. Now spiritual synergy. It's one put a thousand flight two puts 10,000. Any two of you on earth shall agree as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done. So we need to be in agreement in our love walk. So sinked, Oh man, I've just see a ministry staff. There must not be any strife. There must not be. Strife is so dangerous. It's to the Kingdom of God. What serpents and snakes are to the natural world is there. It is so dangerous. So I can see this. Well, you talk, I'm kind of,

DR. JACKSON: Yeah. And so sinking, is something that happens when we're in agreement and the heart literally sinks and when they come together that can help with certain conditions. So it's really interesting because you pour this love out to the people around you, but you can't do that if you're in physical pain. You can't do that. If you have emotional trauma that turns you inward and there's an emotional pain that you have, it's a challenge to be able to connect and have that relationship that we're supposed to have physically.

KENNETH: Praise God!

DR. JACKSON: And so even thinking about the joy that you have of being with someone that you love, that increases your dopamine, your brain chemicals or feel good chemicals and reinforces memories that you've had about. And with that person that you create it. So your brain's got, you know, the memories are going, cause you pull those memories back and then you feel it because of the chemicals go throughout your body and you feel good. You feel revived because you remember the last time you were together, you laugh and you had a good time and now you're more likely to exercise because you're, you know, your moods different. You're not depressed.

KENNETH: I can see that. And then on the other hand, then the more you exercise more, it increases the other side of the equation.

DR. JACKSON: Yes, sir.

KENNETH: Praise God!

DR. JACKSON: Yes sir.

KENNETH: Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Now go ahead with the, I got, so we particularly, you're talking about your lifestyle and what you have to do and the commitment that you have made. And I can see that commitment now because exercises is a part of your tools. You have to do this.

DR. JACKSON: Yes sir. And my wife is very kind as I mentioned, because we don't have a lot of time. And so my days can run long, I'll be in the operating room operating either in a brain surgery case or a spine case. And that case can be anywhere from one hour. We've had a 16 hour, even 24 hour, hour long cases. So you come out of the surgery and you get home and you have to find a place to exercise your spirit, your soul and your body. And so immediately get home. And when I'm talking to my wife, I'll perform jumping jacks. So the Holy Spirit said, well, you know, here's some things that you can do. Because I said, well, I'm running out of time. I don't have much time. And he said, there's no excuse. know you got to still do, right. Take care of your health. You've got to take care of all three parts, so anyway, jumping jacks while we're talking.

KENNETH: Pardon me for interrupting you, but I have to get back to this. Yeah, because I can see it. We're my life in ministry is concerned. Exercise is to you and the longevity of your practice and the health of other human beings. what a rifle is to a soldier.

DR. JACKSON: Yes, sir.

KENNETH: Yeah, you cannot. You must not, you can't put up with a nasty, filthy weapon. It'll get you killed. And I saw it just flashed. I'd never seen that before. It's a tool to your trade. You have to do it.

DR. JACKSON: And you know, just to piggyback off of exactly what you said, when I'm in surgery, when I'm sinked up the Holy Spirit, because when I operate, I listen to the Holy Spirit and I follow His peace and then I do the right things. And I don't hurt anybody. But if I'm not sinked up because I'm not exercising and my attitude's bad because I'm tired. I'm not listening to Holy Spirit then somebody gets hurt in surgery.

KENNETH: Oh Man. Oh Man. Yeah, I can see that. Praise! Father, thank you for that. Oh my glory. Jesus. Now continue with this and how that, Well you just be lead by the Lord and take us deeper into this.

DR. JACKSON: You know going back to the children if I could, because that's such an important subject is that we form our brains at different stages of development from the time we're, we're younger and our brain doesn't fully form until the age of 25 or 26. And so when we are introduced to these emotional issues that has an effect and informs how we see the world and has an effect on our bodies and has an effect on our emotional state. So you have situations where what is supposed to be right or supposed to be wrong is flipped. And so now you're looking at what is wrong and you say it's right. And I believe it's because of one of the things could be what happened back then and your brain and your emotions and that has huge implications on your physical body.

KENNETH: The way that seems right to a man. But it's the way of the death.

DR. JACKSON: Yes sir. And in particular as a physician, you know, I care for all people. It doesn't matter what sex you are raised, none of that matters to me. It's about how can I be of help to you. There are certain populations of people that have a higher rate or risk of depression and physical challenges. And that is when you, when you talk about gender issues, and it's an important piece because, and I think people are focused on the wrong thing. They're focused on the physical side and decisions made, but they're missing the spiritual side and they're missing the soulcycle side.

And my heart goes out to people when they have an increased risk of infection, increased depression in those populations. And it ought not be. It ought not be. And again, I go back to that time when something happened, an abuse or a misinterpretation of what happened. And then how that informs certain decisions. And then you get to a situation now where you say physical anatomy and this and well that's not, it's all wrong. This is what's right. And it doesn't make any sense.

So for me as a surgeon, I study anatomy. I know the physiology. So to tell me that the anatomy and physiology is different than what, than how God created it. And its function is flabbergasting to me and it bothers me when that happens and it affects people and it affects them in all three areas. And so I think that's kind of a hidden piece cause we are focused on one third, which is the physical. But we're missing some of the real underlying techniques as far as soul and also spirit.

KENNETH: Missing the roots?

DR. JACKSON: The roots. Yes sir.

KENNETH: Praise God! Now, how do you combine your exercise, your physical exercise, How do you combine that, with praying in the spirit? Your spiritual exercise.

DR. JACKSON: Yes sir. So, at being word of faith, Bishop Keith Butler and Pastor Debra, they're just amazing teachers and they love the Lord. And they let the Holy Spirit move throughout service as well as the teaching. So that's kind of interesting because their posture is the teaching as well as praying in the having language and letting the Lord move at the same time. Right? So for me, isn't it? For me it's no different. So while I'm academic in my exercise, my research and how I do what I do in my brain, the Holy Spirit is always welcomed and He's always a part of that. So the Holy Spirit said, when you exercise dance in the spirit.

KENNETH: Yeah, yeah. Right.

DR. JACKSON: And now you get your exercise. So we know that if there's with heart, with the heart issues, cardiac issues, that if you have a sedentary professional lifestyle, 6 to 8 hours of either sitting or standing, your risk of having a heart attack or stroke is pretty high. And those are the big killers here in the United States.
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