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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Angels Work to Minister Your Healing

Kenneth Copeland - Angels Work to Minister Your Healing

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I want you to turn in your Bible to the 91st Psalm. You do realize that this room today is full of angels. Hold your place there and turn to the book of Hebrews, I want you to put your eyes on this. I've quoted it several times in during this meeting. First chapter of the book of Hebrews, 99% of born again people don't even know this is in the Bible. Verse 13, "But to which of the angels said He at any time. Sit on my right hand until I make thine enemies thou foot-stool".

Now, to whom did He say that? Jesus. Well, we're seated with him at His right hand. He has made our enemies our footstool. Glory to God. "Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation. Therefore we all to give more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip, if the word spoken by angels was steadfast and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompense of reward, how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation"?

He's not talking about the new birth, he's talking about the Ministry of Angels, deliverance by angels, having angels there all the time. Every human being, not just born again ones, every human being the moment they're born an angel is the sign? And they'll work on a limited way, in a limited way, when they can thank God for them. Because I look back, I know a situation, I see situations where... Man. Long before I got saved, well of course my Mother believed in God, but she didn't... She was not aware, of course she knew about angels. But she had never been taught scriptures like this. Taught that we in the name of Jesus we have command. Amen. We have command authority.

Now, thank you Lord Jesus, the 91st Psalm, "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high," the most high. There is no higher than the Lord our God and we've been talking about it all this whole time ever since Thursday night. Greater is He that's in you than He that's in the world and the mighty one, the highest authority in the universe, the highest existing authority is in us right now. I'll tell you, Glory be to God. Now I'm going to rattle your cage here a little bit. There's another miracle that I would like.... I'm going to tell you about it first and then I'll show you a picture about it. Uh, here in just few days. We'll be going to uh, Lagos, Nigeria once again, and we'll be ministering there with Bishop Oyedepo and I'm telling you, it's an outstanding experience to a minister to 110,000-115,000 people in one church.

When you pack that church out, which it will be during this meeting, you pack that building out on Sunday, you can cram 54,000 in there. And when we're there, I mean they pack it out and they have five services on Sunday. That's a lot of folks, not to mention the 80 to a hundred thousand that are outside watching on big screen television. It's amazing. Now, he called me and he said, I'm coming to Dallas and I want to fly over your place and visit with you for a moment. I said, sure, Bishop, come on. I'm excited to see you. He came home and he said a young man, Glory to God.

A young man and our church, he said he's on staff and he just young man, Gloria and I met him then the next year and he was about 25 years old. He'd be 28 now. And he said, a gunshot wound destroyed his elbow, just destroyed it. So, he had to have it like written like a knee replacement, this was an elbow replacement. But he said, man did the pain, he said he just had terrible pain with that, that thing. Something wasn't right with it and he just had so much pain with it. Well from the time that we were there the year before until just right after that, I mean we had an outpouring at that time and 130,000 new people came into the church. So, the staff and can you imagine the staff? And it's big staff, you understand? So, anyway, and he was, he, was really hurting.

So, he went to bed one night and the Lord said to him, said "Now, um, you've been working hard for me. Now, you go to bed and get some rest. I'm gonna work for you". Well it, it wasn't too... You know, he wasn't all that sure about what he's talking about. But he went on the bed, he woke up the next morning and that elbow joint was lying there on the bed next to him. Y'all got the picture of that, that thing? That's Bishop's hand in my office there. And that thing was lying right there next to that young man and, see that, that steel part on the right there, the part on the left, that's artificial bone that they put in there to, to cause the it to adhere to natural bone. On the right or there's the serial number on, on the part and everything. And all of it's, you know, documented, and there it is right there. Glory to God!

Now, who did that? The great physician. Who was the agent, an angel. Now, there was another man that, uh, testified to me. Not here, this was another incident all together. And he, he was having a lot of, with his heart was facing open heart surgery and he'd been, man, he was believeing God, just standing strong, believeing God, believeing God. And um, he went to bed one night and just woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and there was a man standing there next to his bed and he looked at him and he looked and he had his hands, the man had his hands in his chest. And He smiled and said, "Everything's okay. Go on back to sleep". So, he just wen't on back to sleep, woke up next day, had a new heart. The Ministry of Angels.

Now, another very close friend of mine, he's in heaven today. Gary Wood is his name and you can look up his, his book about his experience in heaven. And uh, he was killed in a car wreck when he was 18 years old. And a friend of his, a high school buddy that had gotten, uh, that had gone to heaven a short time before met him there. And uh, and took him through heaven, escorted him through heaven. A great experience, I don't have time to go into all of it, It's marvelous, the miracles that happened to him. In his going through and seeing things. They went into this huge place and there was, there was arms and legs and hearts and brains and eyes and shoulders and all kinds of, every, every human organ in this place displayed in there.

He said, "What on earth is this"? He said, "I want to show you this place". He said, "This is the parts room". And he said, "The father has these available for his people, for his family," and he said, "All people have to do is call for them". But he said, "Most of them don't". But he said, "The angels, uh, you know, they install them". The great surgeon, the great physician has never lost a case. Now, Kellie came up with something that just thrilled me. And, uh, and, and I'll give you a bit of my testimony. I was, um, in my working out and so forth, and I've been healthy in my body, except for the thing that happened in my back several years ago, never had any trouble in the heart and they ran into trouble with anything. I started getting short of breath.

Well, let me back up a little bit. I went to see my, to get my flight physical and my medical examiner heard something she didn't like in my neck called a bruey. It just simply means a loud slushing sound. And normally it would have, she wouldn't have passed my medical, but we had, uh, David Weeter who's also my primary caregiver, the young man you see with me all the time. And, um, he's a, he's a chiropractor. His, his mother worked for our ministry, with our ministry when he was five years old. And later he went to chiropractic school and said, he said "I went," he and his wife, both went, and he said, "We went to chiropractic school for one reason, that's take care of you and your family".

And so anyway, and he happened to have records that we, that I had just had the most extensive kind of a physical possible just a few days before. And she said, my AME said, oh, well, okay. So she just passed the thing. But that noise was there. So, you know what I did? I just stood on the word of God and I had already started getting a little short of breath and went over to just outside of Dallas to preach in a prison October the 12th last year. And, I got through preaching in that prison at night and went out to get in the airplane and well, did get in the airplane, and Dwayne had already started the engines and I was just sitting there in the back seat and I'm telling you the presence of God just filled up that citation at that airplane. It just rose up in me. Oh Lord, oh, Thank you. Jesus.

October the 12th, 8:42 in the evening, I take my new heart, I take it right now. I have it and I'm so grateful to you for it. And I forgive if I have aught against any in the name of Jesus. Well, and then I began to work out more and so forth and, and then took... every January, I take that, that granddaddy of all physicals. I mean, it's not your Aunt Minnie's physical. No, no, no. I wish I had time to go into it, but it's a physical. I mean they even measure the thickness of my arteries. I mean, it's a whopper. I'll just put it like that. I love it man. And, uh, particularly... In a world you know what a plank is, where you get down on the floor there and, over 80 years old. And I did a three minute plank and those guys don't know what to, you know, they don't know what to do with that.

So anyway, Hey, and I ain't bragging on me, brother. You understand? His name is Jesus and he's right in there. Anyway... So, and when they put me on the, on the stationary bicycle and they bumped the oxygen, your receptors on your face and all of that, and sure enough, man, I wasn't making enough oxygen and... Anyway, so the man that runs that clinic owns that clinic. He is a cardiologist and one of the top cardiologists in state of New York, but his main, uh, ministry and practice now is in synergetics. And so that's the name of the company, anyway. So, he said, we're going to do an Angiogram, we're going to... We're going to look at this thing, we're with thing. We're going to see what's wrong.

So we went up there and this is on the 4th of March, we went up on the third and then checked into the hospital there on the morning of the fourth. Now remember the bruey, Come to find out later, one of the valves in my heart wasn't closing quite right. Well, oh thank you, I can't hardly tell this without getting so excited I can hardly stand myself. We checked in and now David had just listened to that the day before, shoo, shoo, shoo. So, we checked in the next morning. They're going to do this, Angigram and do all this testing and stuff. And of course that's, that's first place that nurse went with that stethoscope. And she said, "huh, well I'll tell you one thing the bruey's not very loud".

Oh, okay. So, and just a few minutes later, the doctor came in, the specialist, that's gonna start these tests and he said, "I don't hear anything". They ain't even done the test yet. And he don't hear it. So, they did the Angiogram, you know, and they're going to see if they need to put in stints and all of that. And they got through and the doctor told me, he said, Well, he said, "There's one artery that's completely blocked, but it's already, it's already bypassed itself".

Angels, angels. I had a heart bypass and didn't know it. So, my blood flow was now particularly since that valve closed back up, it's running 100%. I got a new heart. I have a new heart. Sometime during the night. That night between the third and the fourth I believe with all my heart that ministering angel operated on me, Amen. And the procedure started the healing of my heart just, just completely started right then.
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