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Kenneth Copeland - Different Ways to Receive Healing

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Father, we give you praise and honor this morning. We come before your Word with expected hearts. Thank you. Yes. Yes. The healer is in the house and his name is Jesus and he's never changed and never will. He's never refused healing to anyone ever. Anytime, any place. If there's a problem, it's not with Jesus. If there's a problem it's with us and we just dump, all of our problems over on you this morning. Oh, glory be to God and we worship you today in Jesus' Holy Name.

Receiving from Jesus is not difficult. Look particularly in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John because he carries on through the book of Acts. Think about the leper. I know you can if you will. And he said, of course I will. That's what one translation said. Of course I will. And I hear him saying, that's why I came. Why wouldn't I? Amen, it is so simple. You have to have help to misunderstand it. And over the years we've had some high price liberal, high price religious help. Amen. But Hey, the Father... Did he heal you because you have faith? Well, you have to have faith, but he healed you because he loves you. Amen. When did he heal you? 2000 years ago. Thank you Jesus.

Now then I want to begin this morning with examples of the different methods of receiving healing. I'm talking about physical healing both in using your own faith and the Word of God only. Now there are 19 different healings in the Gospel. Now it looks like there's a whole lot more, and of course there were just multitudes of people that were here, but there are 19 that the Holy Spirit has chosen to give us as examples and out of that 19 if you'll take the time to just check it, because see, there's some of them that are the same example that are three times. Some of them two times, some of them only once, but the most of them were healed on their own faith, like the woman with the issue of blood. "Daughter, Thy Faith has made thee whole go and be whole of that plague". Be it done unto you as you have believed then the Centurian...

And I just put this in Texas talk. Sir, ain't no reason for you to come to my house, speak the word only my servant will be healed. Jesus said, okay. Amen. He didn't say no, We need to do it, I need to come lay hands on him, no he just moved on that man's faith and he said, I man under authority. I tell somebody to go. They go. I told them to come here. They come here. I'm the boss. They do what I say. What is he saying? He's saying, I realize that you're the boss over sickness and disease and all you have to do is tell it to get out and it will leave.

And there's something, another thing I want to tell you right now, if you want to keep that pain in your body, you better get outta here cause it's in grave danger. Pain is over for you today. Oh, bad times are over for you today. Glory to God. If you'll measure it and take it that way. And just like Jerry said, bulldog faith. Thank you Jesus. Praise you father. So I want you to pay attention to these videos and watch how people receive, so watch this please.

BLAKE STURM: So when I was about five years old, kind of starting to enter that stage, were reading and learning how to read. We found out, one I was loving learning how to read, but I couldn't make it very far and actually getting these splitting headaches. And so my parents wound up taking me to see the eye doctor. And they wound up finding out that basically I had a weakness in one of my eyes. One of them, the muscles wasn't fully strengthened. So we wound up going and getting some glasses. Wore them for until I guess I was about 10, you know, for the longest time it was just something I had.

But something that last year I remember commander Dana and Linda started talking about healing and it just started to register with me a little bit and we were at super-kid camp of a 2001. went up for an altar call, and then there was this eight year old kid at the time I was 10 and I remember his name is Matthew and Linda talking about the story of Jesus healing the blind man. So Matthew comes over and sticks his thumbs in my eye like an eight year old, like an eight year old does, you know, it was, it wasn't perfect, wasn't most clean thing in the world, but I was being 10 and I was in agreement with it and I was not wearing my glasses again after that.

And it was an amazing service. What was most impactful though was it was probably my first moment to identify my relationship with my savior, and him being my healer in that moment. And we got back from camp that year and I remember looking at my mom and dad and saying, I'm not wearing these, I'm not wearing them anymore. And Mom and dad said, okay. We went back to the eye doctor I think a few weeks later and test it. And sure enough, I went from, I think it was like 20/80 vision to about 20/20.

And so from that moment on no more glasses and it's just the biggest thing has been, it's been almost a mile marker in my life to be able to look back on and say, man, I look at what Jesus did and going through the teenage years and even the young adult years, that was that signifying moment where suddenly he wasn't just Christ the healer. He was Christ my healer.

KENNETH: Well, praise God. Blake, how did you get healed? Well, there was an eight year old minister put his thumbs in my eyes. and I was 10. Can you see it? Amen, you know, you don't have to be in the ministry 25 years to lay hands on the people that need healing. Amen. And it matters where you go to church and how you children are taught. Amen, Amen. Praise God.

That is just that. I'll tell you what I, I knew you'd enjoy that this morning. Great. Blake is a great guy. Now, this young woman, most everyone in here knows that Gloria and I have a place in southwest Arkansas that was a, when we got married, her grandfather and grandmother gave us four acres there out of their farm. And uh, and so we moved a raggedy old house from, Oh, I want to tell you about that house. It belonged to Pop. It was over across the highway on his property he had over there. And so we wanted to move it over and run in on overhaul it and, and remodel it. No, rebuild it. And the first mover came out and he said, Copeland, my advise is let her set. I see you don't want to move. I don't want to move that thing.

But Mr. Wooten came and I said, Mr. Wooten, would you move it? He said, Copeland, I'll move anything. So he moved it over across the place. Well then you've seen it on television and it's just the Gloria and her mother did so marvelous working on that place. And then the little log cabins and all. Well, Susan Hamilton has been the young woman that's taken care of that place now for a lot of years. And we come up there to do television and so forth. And uh, she just, I'll tell you, that has been her ministry for a long time, among other things that she does there in Nashville, Arkansas. But I want you to watch what happened with her daughter Shay, now watch this and pay, listen very carefully to it.

SUSAN: I'm Susan and this is Shay. We work for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland in Arkansas at their prayer cabins.

SHAY: In 2012, I had my first daughter. You know, you expect, as soon as you have your baby, you expect to hear them crying and that's when you know they're okay. And I just remember silence in the room. The nurses took her off and they said, "Your daughter has a very, very bad lung infection. And we're doing everything we can do right now, and we're going to have to airlift your baby to a different hospital".

So, about six hours after having her, I was driving to another hospital. When I got there she was in the NICU and for two days we couldn't touch her. I still didn't get to hold her. The phone rang, and then I answered it. It was the nurse, she said, "Yes, your baby has a bad infection but we found something else. Your baby has a hole in her heart. It may require surgery, but there's always a chance that it could close on its own". So, after the infection was taken care of we left the hospital, brought her home, and they said, "We want you to come back in X amount of time, and we're going to check again".

SUSAN: I called my church family and of course, my family, our family. I said, "I have to call Brother Copeland and Mrs. Gloria, and Terri and Georgia Pearson because I know they're going to pray for our baby".

SHAY: Well, when we came back the Copeland's were still here. Instantly, prayers. They just started praying, and they put their hands on her and prayed for healing. A year later we go back to Children's Hospital and they say, "We have no sign of anything wrong with your baby's heart. From this point forward, when you fill out any papers, she has no heart condition. Never treat her like she does ever again because it's like it never happened". In 2016, I had another baby girl. Her name is Brelynn. The pregnancy was smooth as could be. Anything after birth was great, no problems. Then, we got surprised in 2018 with a little boy.

And because Paisley had the heart condition both of my children after were tested. The cardiologist was doing the test, and I could just see something come over his face. He just quit moving. He just sat there for a minute. I said... I looked at her, I said, "He's fixing to say something that I don't want to hear". And he heard me. He said, "Yes ma'am I am". He said, "Do you see this on the screen"? You could see the two holes in his heart and the blood going back and forth. The holes looked so big. He said, "I want you to come back in three months". So, he said, "Before you leave I want to have an anatomy scan done on him also".

So, we go to a different doctor down the hall and she's doing the anatomy scan. And, even she looks at the heart and says, "I can see the two holes in your baby's heart". I said, "Yes, the cardiologist just told us". She said, "Okay, well I'm going to keep going with my scan". She said, "There's a cyst on your baby's brain". And she said, "With the holes in the heart and the cyst on the brain, those are major markers for a certain type of Autism". And she said, "I too need you to come back in three months".

So, it just so happened that the Copeland's were here again filming in Arkansas. Mr. Copeland said, "Well, how's the pregnancy? How's your baby"? I just started crying, and he knew. I said, "There's a lot wrong this time". And he started praying, him and Gloria laid hands on my stomach, and when they started praying I got chill bumps everywhere. I was cold all the sudden. And the nights before that, between the appointment and meeting and praying with Gloria and Kenneth, I couldn't sleep at night. I was anxious, and after that day, God gave me a calm. Just a peace.

I said my prayers at night and went to sleep, and that was it until I went back three months later. The cardiologist says, "I don't see any holes in your baby's heart. Both of them are closed". I told her, I said, "Now, we'll just have to check on the brain now". So, we go down the hall to the doctor and he says, "Everything looks great". I said, "Well, we were here because there was a cyst on my baby's brain". He said, "It's not there". He said, "I wasn't even going to mention it because there's nothing there". It just showed that, to me, the God you read about, the miracles he did thousands of years ago is still the same God that can still do the same miracles now, and today.

KENNETH: Now, what you need to see out of that is agreement. A prayer, the prayer of agreement. All of us in agreement. Nobody was going in a different direction and Shay just absolutely refused to receive anything else. Just standing on the Word and Susan, her mother, I'm telling you that Susan Hamilton, I mean you couldn't squeeze unbelief at her. She is just, there's no way. There's just no change. Just stay, just stay in agreement with the word, stay in agreement with God, and stay in agreement with one another. Particularly in times when you... The devil's putting pressure on you and you want to just get mad and throw something. Don't be doing that. No, those are the pressures. Those are the, the lust or the pressures of other things entering in choke the Word. Amen. Now, this one was by manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit. So watch this.

JENNY: I'm Jenny Kuhne, and I'm from Living Word Christian Center as our home church, and we're from Elk River, Minnesota. I was painting with some friends, and I had just come down off the ladder and looked up and saw that I had missed a spot, and so I'm like, "Oh". I had to go up and get that. I climbed up to the top, and I had to stand on the very top, which you're not supposed to do, and reach for the spot. When I reached for the spot, the ladder started to tip. My only thought in my mind at that time was that, "I don't want to fall on this ladder," and so I used my legs and pushed it away.

When I did that, it pushed my feet up, and so when I landed on the ground, I landed on PVC piping straight across my shoulders. I laid there for a few minutes and went, "Oh, that hurt". Called the paramedics, and they came and took me to the hospital. They shot some x-rays and when they came in and realized the damage that was done, they immediately took me into MRIs and CAT scans, and when they came in and said, "You're not getting off that backboard. You broke your back in two places and you broke your neck".

The one in my neck was C7, and they called it a burst with a retropulsion, which means the inside of my vertebra exploded, and there was fractures all the way around the outside of my vertebra and it also pushed back towards my spinal column. They said they didn't want to have to do surgery, because of how mobile that I was, because they would've had to fuse all the vertebrae in my neck, so put me in the brace, and they told me that rehab for something like this would take anywhere from 12 months to 18 months before that I would have full mobility in my neck. I'm like, "No, I don't think so".

The first night in the hospital, God gave me a Scripture, and it's Luke 8:48. It says, "And he said unto her, Daughter, your faith", your trust and your confidence in Me, "has made you well. Go, enter into peace, undisturbed, well being". I had total peace about the whole thing, that, "You know, God, hey, I'm getting a miracle off of this". It was a Thursday night, the first night that Brother Copeland was here. I had my full body brace on, and my husband said, "Do you want to go"? I said, "Oh, you bet I want to go," and so we came, and Brother Copeland got done preaching, and he stopped, and he was walking back and forth praying, and all of a sudden he stopped, and he goes, "Somebody is getting healed right back here in the back of your neck". Right away, I'm like, "Oh, that's me". He prayed some more, and he goes, "As a matter of fact, you're not going to have to have surgery".

KENNETH: I heard the Lord say this, "I'm putting that vertebra back in there right now, and you won't have any more pain. That will not be a weak vertebra. It will be the strongest one in your spine now".

JENNY: Right away, I said, "I claim this. In the name of Jesus, that's mine". After we got done, I was just like, "Yes, this is me". The next morning, I got up, and God said, "I want you to feel the back of your neck". In my brace, there's this little piece that was open, and that's where my C7 was. He said, "Now, feel back there," because when you looked at my vertebra, it was pushed out, and so it stuck out. I put my finger back there, and I'm like, "Oh, it's in place". I walked into the kitchen, and I looked at my husband, and tears are coming down my face, and I said, "I got a new vertebra". He goes, "I know you did".

I so bad wanted to go to the doctor right away, and God said, "No, I want you to wait until your next two-week checkup". I went, "Okay". We went in, and every time I would go in, they shot x-rays. We went in, and he had the x-rays and stuff, and I just couldn't wait to get into the room and ask him. He put them up, and he looked at them, and I looked at him, and I said, "What do you see"? He goes, "It's like a brand new vertebra". He goes, "It's like a baby". He goes, "It just needs to mature". He knew what was going on. He saw all the brokenness in that vertebra and that it should not have been a brand new vertebra in there. It was just like, it's one of those ah-ha moments, where it's just like, "Yes, yes, God".

KENNETH: Hallelujah. That little baby vertebrae took several weeks to grow up to full size. Now what are we talking about here? It was a combination of the word of knowledge, and of course she took it by faith and then as she did, then the gifts of healings were involved, which caused that little vertebrae just go on and grow and come to full fruition.
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