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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Spiritual Laws Work for Those Who Put Them to Work

Kenneth Copeland - Spiritual Laws Work for Those Who Put Them to Work

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CHRISTI: Well welcome. You've joined us on the road to freedom in beautiful, majestic monument valley, Utah. I'm so thankful you joined us today. We have some very special broadcast coming up for you. But first reminds you the reason why we do this show is because Jesus said in John 8:31-32 if you will continue in my word, and that's what you're doing by watching today. If you will continue in my word, then you truly are my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth will make you free. So we are all on that road to freedom and we're getting free or everyday. Hallelujah. But first I want to let you know we have such a special VIP guest with us, one of our favorite people on the planet, our spiritual father in the faith, Kenneth Copeland. And it is such an honor and such a privilege for you to be here.

KENNETH: Oh, thank you Christi.

CHRISTI: We love you and Miss Gloria so very much, and we are so grateful to the Lord for you. And I know that how you and Mylon met it was a divine appoint.

KENNETH: yeah. It's a miracle of God absolutely.

MYLON: We met in, uh, uh, Panama City Beach, Florida. I had had a heart attack and the doctors told me I couldn't go out of the country, I was supposed to go to do a missionary trip to the Philippines. And they told me I shouldn't go if I had one, uh, another heart attack over there, uh, that it would be dangerous to be in a third world country. And so I had already made that commitment and I needed to hear God. I read in the Bible where, uh, Daniel needed some information from God and the Bible said, he said his face like Flint toward the Lord. And he went and prayed and God sent an angel and gave him the information he needed. And he knew what to do. I needed to know whether to go or not.

So I went on a fast like, like Daniel did. And I went down to Florida, borrowed my brother's a Condo, and I was just alone , uh, drinking water and praying in the Holy Ghost. And I'd walk up and down the beach every morning, and praying the spirit and then I'd read my Bible while I had this book called healing the sick by TL Osbourne. And one morning I walked in front of the hotel Brother and Sister Copeland were in. And sister Copeland, Mrs. Gloria was out there with her mom Mrs.Mary, and they were reading and they looked up and here came this happy guy and the spirit of the Lord spoke to Mrs. Gloria, And said, that guy's sick and I want you guys to lay hands on him and pray for him. And I'm going to heal him.

And so the next day by divine of, I didn't even know this happened, I went on up the beach, you know, just a guy with a few feet of hair disappeared in the crowd and the next day y'all came back from church and I was sitting out at the pool. We were in the same condo. Sitting out by the pool reading the healing the sick by TL Osborne and Brother Copeland showed up. Gloria had looked over the balcony and saw me down there. And the pastor that you were preaching for that weekend, brought him down there. He knew me. He's been to my concert. So you did something that day that changed my life. Lots of people I'd had everybody, I mean, when you're sick and they tell you you're going to die, you'll let it, no matter Methodist, Catholics, Presbyterian, Episcopal, anybody. Baptist. You just want to get healed. Dogs can lay paws on you. You know what I mean? But you did something I'd never seen before.

Instead of asking God to heal me, you took authority over my heart and you commanded me to live and not die. And you commanded my heart to be strong in the Lord and the power of his might. And I was watching you. I'd been four days without food. I was pretty spaced out. But I was tuned into the spirit. And I was watching you and I saw the authority of God. And I knew that you knew something I didn't know. And there's a guy in the Bible that found that and he called it the pearl of great price. And it was the most valuable thing you'd ever come in contact with. And I knew I did not know how to live by faith. And I knew you did because you're the first guy I ever met that made no excuses for God. There was no plan B. He was going to heal me. It was a done deal. That was that and you were ready to laugh about it and have a good time that day. I was mr intense. Ya know? Oh my God, help me Jesus. so I sold everything. Moved to Texas. Took me a few years, but I came out there in 95 and I've been sitting under your ministry living by faith.

KENNETH: Yeah, and I had the privilege of marrying these two wonderful, powerful people. Glory to God, amen. We had a Holy Ghost meet right there. Our God filled us, I don't remember now. I think I preached all night long.

MYLON: It was about an hour and a half, but it was so holy. Once you married us, we took communion and then you and Gloria set her aside for ministry. Boy, that was so powerful and she was never and I was never the same. No higher place than God.

KENNETH: Now My, my next assignment is you get you off Harleys and get you on...

MYLON: I'm ready.

KENNETH: Yeah. Yeah. Whoa. Big Step.

MYLON: We've had some good ride. You've took me on good rides.

KENNETH: Yes sir. Thank you. Jesus.

MYLON: Thank you.

KENNETH: There is a basic truth. You, you've, you've touched on it. You will know the truth and the truth will make, you free. The basic fundamentals of faith. That's what I was operating on that day. And, and, and here, and here's what Gloria said to me. She said, Kenneth he's reading TL Osborne's book on healing the sick. I believe he's sick. I believe the Lord showed me that. And uh, and so I turned to Marcus, I said, who is he told me, I said get him up here. So up to that room he came, and the difference in, like you were saying, the very fundamentals of authority, all of it goes back to faith. Because without faith the authority doesn't work. And it's knowing where the plugs go and, and, and the situation. And when you get to where you thinking, well, it seems like my faith is not working like it should go back to the fundamentals. I mean go all the way back. Um, one of the greatest football coaches and in all history of the game and the Great Green Bay packers and, and uh, they had had a losing season.

Now these are the best football players in the world. He called him in, he said that he said now gentlemen, this is a football. We're going back to the fundamental. Now think about it, Christi, what are you watching when you watch the super bowl, the world series, you're watching masters of the fundamentals. The game is the same. Amen. But it's the people. Especially Olympians because they're out there by themselves. They got their own flesh to, to put under, and they just won't quit. They just won't quit. And when everybody else just falls on their face somehow or another, they just suck it up and just keep pushing. And that's the way we are, we don't fold over to the pressure of the devil. We don't quit. Praise God. We spit in his face and just keep it coming, just keep it coming. Glory to God. And he can't handle it.

So let's go back to the, the basic fundamental teaching. of Jesus. Oh, where are-they're going to fall off my lap. And in Mark chapter 11 where Jesus said in the 22nd verse, Have faith in God. Now, the King James Cross references says have the faith of God that that's very, very accurate. Because it's God's faith. And when we were, when we were born in again, we were born again by faith. Well it that had it had, it had, it was dealt on to every man. The measure of faith from 12th chapter of Romans. How did that happen? Well, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So-

CHRISTI: It's continuing in the Word.

KENNETH: Yes. That you're back to the, to the, to the basic fundamental of it.

MYLON: And if I might be, he'll give us as much faith as we want. He starts out with an a, a certain amounts, but if we are hungry for it and we really need , we understand the need for it and we pursue it. If we seek, he made sure we find it.

KENNETH: Well and that's, that's basic to the fundamentals. Well, because every single person, every one of us, everybody ever born again. All of us got the same measure of faith. He's dealt to every man the measure faith. It's the same measure that the apostle Peter received when he was born again. He wrote in his book, he said, I write this to people of like precious faith with us. Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith. He's the source. Yes, he's everything. Now, have faith in God, he didn't say ask for it. He said, have it. 'Oh, Brother Copeland, now here's what I believe...' It doesn't matter what you believe. It makes a difference what Jesus said. Amen. 'Well, I believe nigh comes through trials and blah blah blah.' Well, no it doesn't because if it did, you'd be a faith giant by now, and you're still crawling around on in your diapers. Why? Because you believe what the Bible says about it. This is final authority, we do not let, hear me now, we do not alter the word to fit our lifestyle. No, no, no, no. We alter our lifestyle to fit the word. Yeah, I've done it. You've done it. I said, we go keep doing it.

CHRISTI: It's true that your life gets better and better. That's how you get freer and freer.

KENNETH: Absolutely.

CHRISTI: That's where the freedom is.

KENNETH: And don't be afraid of judgment. There's bad judgment and there's good judgment and if you judge yourself, you don't get judged with the world.


KENNETH: But when you say Lord, thank you for judging me, glory to God. I appreciate it. Thank you for judge- Judgement is merciful because if he left you to your own devices, you'd killed yourself a long time ago. But you say, thank you for judging me. I receive that correction. I look forward to it. It's amazing. People hear you say something like, and I do this a lot, Lord judge me, I need you to judge me here. I'm looking for correction. Glory to God, I need it. You know, I'm 82 years old and I only got 37 and half more years ago. I'm really busy at staying for 120 years. That's a mandate for me. The Lord asked me to do it and I agreed to it. So I'm looking for all at judgement I can get, all the correction I can get.

MYLON: You don't act it all like an 82 year old all over the world and thinking I when I converse with you man. It's popping like a 20 year old man. You know when you speak out and believe your youth is renewed everyday. It is.

KENNETH: Yes it is. Yeah. Yeah it is.

CHRISTI: And you know Brother Copeland, I want to say I love that about you because unless we've all arrived at Christ like perfection, that process of correction, that's a lifetime process because we're all being changed. Our destiny is to be changed into the image of this friend of God, faith and from God. So that teachable heart that's so key to growing up in our faith and increasing in faith. You know, one of my favorite scriptures I say all the time is Proverbs 19:20 and it says here, council receive instruction and accept correction that you may be wise in the time to come. Amen. And so I just really honor you for that. I love that you do. One of the things you taught us is father, I am yours to command, and we say that continually.

KENNETH: Now, here's the basic, the very first place and the first step in the fundamentals of faith. For verily I say unto you that whosoever, these are spiritual laws and they work for whomever will put them to work shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass, he will have whatsoever he says. That's basic number one. Yes. You believe it in your heart, but you have to say i, it's so basic. Let's go back to the very first God said, light be light was.

MYLON: And the darkness disappeared.

KENNETH: Now and the process is exactly the same because he did it by faith. Scripture says he did it by faith, book of Hebrews. When I thought and- the Spirit of God was moving on the face of the deep, Jesus said, it's the father that dwells within me. He does the work. That's his job. He was out there moving. Nothing happened. Until God said. When God said the faith was released, now he's got something to work with, it ain't no difference.

MYLON: Power. That's how you release the power.

KENNETH: That's how you release and the Spirit of God living in us right now. Big Time. Oh yeah. And but if you're not, if you're just like, 'oh, Brother Copeland, I just believe, I just believed and nothing will happen until you say it, cause he doesn't have anything to work with. Praise God. It's so basic and so fundamental that you have to continue to remind yourself because as you grow you kind of grow away from it and you get doing off on those some other things and and well, you know, no, no, no, no. I mean get right on back. Go back to the first grade again. Get the basics.

MYLON: Well, we're, as you know, we're surrounded with the chaos that's created by sin. And so if, if we're not careful, the people who are not believers in Jesus Christ, they lean on their own understanding and they try to figure it out intellectually. And the Bible says not to do that. We trust God. I trust God more than Mylon. This is a key important thing. What he's teaching about this fundamental, the beginning of, of wisdom is the reverence for God, is God honest? So I just want to throw this in here because if you're going to do this that he's teaching us in Mark 11 and we are going to do it. We're going to learn to do it today and tomorrow and this week we're going to learn to do this. He taught me to do it. He, uh, I barely got out of high school. Anybody can do this. And the way you do it is you got to know there is nothing but truth in the Bible. We're surrounded with facts and people think that's the truth. It's not whatever God says is the truth. And once you make the decision that this is the truth, it will set you free like it did him. And like it did me, like it did her. It'll set you free. But the beginning of receiving all of this is there's not one lie in here. If there was one lie, the Bible then God would be a liar and he's not a man that he could lie. It's not possible. When God speaks, the facts can change, but the truth never changes. Whatever God says your Bible, that's the truth.

KENNETH: Amen. Then it takes a second step. Therefore I say, now he just put it into operation, right? Yes sir. He gave you the first fundamental and then he used it. He showed us how to do it. Therefore, I say unto you, what things soever you desire. When you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them. That's when you start believing is when you pray. Now, Thomas had he made up his mind what he's going to do. He said, I will not believe until I put my finger in those holes and put my hand in the hole in his side. Now then Jesus appeared and he said, my Lord my God and Jesus said, Thomas, quit being faithless. The faithful believe when they have not seen, that's when you start believing. That's what causes you to see it later because you can see it in the Spirit. Amen. Glory to God. I'm already preached myself happy, I haven't been here 15 minutes. Thank you Jesus. I am living proof. Now think about Jesus just all of a sudden just appeared sitting there next to you said, Jesus, oh, you mean this. You mean whatsoever thing I desire. Yeah, he's given us a way to have all of our desires met. If our desires are not met, it's our stupid fault, not his because he's fixed this. Yeah. Believe you receive it, you'll have it. Really? Yeah. And he just nodes. Yeah. Yeah. Get on with it, boy. Just believe you receive.

MYLON: That's how much he loves us.

KENNETH: That's how much he loves us. Whoa man, that's just too easy. Yeah, it is.

MYLON: Yeah, it is. You can be religious mess it up.

KENNETH: Yeah, you do. And here's the thing. He did all the hard part. That's the reason it's so easy to get saved, Mylon. Cause he did. He did every thing he could possibly do. There's only one thing he can't do. He can't pray your prayer for you. Yeah, you're going to have to do that. He went to hell. He suffered it. He bore it. He did it all except that final part. It don't make any difference what you did before. That's not who you are it's who you use to be. You're a new creature. If you mean it in your heart you're ready to go. Amen.

MYLON: Amen, we're running out of time for the day, but we got some much Holy information up inside us. It's just about we're about to blow up. We wish we had more time, but we'll be back with you later on and in the meantime you make sure that you stay in the Word because that will keep you on the road to freedom where Jesus is Lord.
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