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Kenneth Copeland - Faith Obeys Spiritual Laws

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CHRISTI: Well, welcome to on the road to freedom. You've joined us again at beautiful Monument Valley, Utah and we are with our father in the faith, Kenneth Copeland, and it is such an honor and a privilege for us. We love him and Miss Gloria and we're going to pick up today, right where we left off.

KENNETH: Christi, what is the suffering of the born again believer with the... our suffering is not in the natural. Our suffering is resisting everything that Jesus bore for us on that cross and you wake up some morning with ever symptom of the flu in your body, you don't lay in that bed. No, no. You get your self up, start praising God and you go in anyway. We're doing this anyway. I don't care about a fever. One time, years ago I was preaching in Oklahoma City. I was so sick with the flu. I couldn't get up and Gloria, I woke up, I was so sick, I, couldn't physically get out of bed. She shaved me with a little electric shaver, and I did the morning service anyway. I preached an hour...

MYLON: I've had to do that.

KENNETH: I don't know... something like two hours on healing. Talking about healing, standing in the pulpit.

MYLON: One time in Topeka I was having a heart problem. I woke up one o'clock in the morning. My heart was racing. They call it Afib, when I finally got to the doctor. And I was sweating, I couldn't concentrate, was up all night. It's time to preach and I was praying in the spirit, didn't know what to do, couldn't stop my heart, and they call my name and I stepped into the pulpit and for the first 20 minutes I just quoted healing scriptures because that's all I could do. I knew I sweat pouring down. I never told anybody until the sermon was over, because after I preached those Healing Scriptures for awhile, led them in some confessions. The anointing that was on the word, destroy the yoke and removed the burden, destroyed the yoke and removed the burden.And then I was preaching like a house on fire, had a good time, my heart settled down, we got home, found out what the problem was, and they fixed it. Glory to God and you just gotta preach your way through it.

KENNETH: Yeah but Mylon, what if I die? Let me help you with that. You're gonna die. You should have known that, by the time you was four, so get over it. You're going to die, now with it. Yeah. How are you going to die? Laying in there in the bed, crying about it, or, just get up and just get on after it anyway, in the name of God.

MYLON: And you know what, if you do the word, you won't die sick. You'll die, You'll die healthy and die happy. You won't die in misery and depression and fear. When you die in God, you go to sleep and you wake up in heaven, I mean to leave the body. You're instantly in the presence of God. It's not nothing to fear. It's awesome. The Bible says we'll see Him as he really is and then we'll get to be just like Him. Now, I'm talking about come on people, man, being like Jesus. We've been trying, we've been trying, we've been trying and then we're going to see him and all of a sudden we're there. Man, We're in the presence of God forever and by the way, all this stuff we're teaching y'all this week about how to live by faith.

Listen, this ain't for heaven. You don't need, you don't need to know how to get healed when you get to heaven. There ain't no sickness. You don't need to know how to prosper, when you get to where everything's free. In my father's house, there are many mansions and there ain't no income tax y'all, those streets are made out of gold and it's all free. They ain't no mortgages on your mansion. This is for now. We live in Texas. This ain't for heaven. This is for Texas. This is for your family. This week, this faith we're talking about, he's talking about the lady with this, your blood in Hebrews 11, he talks about the father of faith. Abraham, and even that guy, it took him 20 years to get from God saying, I'm going to give you a son. And him not being sure about that. And he even went to creating an Ishmael, he was only trying to help God out. God don't need help. He just need you to trust him and obey him. Expect what he says to come to pass.

But by the time he got to the end, God had to actually change his name from Abram to Abraham, which means the father of many nations. God had to get him, And the good news is he had enough faith to do it. He changed his name. So everybody that talked to him from that point on had to call him, a hundred year old man with no kids, He made them all call him the father... You know they thought he was crazy. They thought he had Alzheimer, old boy, his whole family making fun of him thinking God is... He believes God's talking to him. Well God was talking to him, but for him to get fully persuaded, that's the end of this deal. Brother Copeland taught me in his teaching me. I'm still learning by the way. I've been through this cycle and he read while ago. I've done that so many times where you learn something and then you get to dealing with putting out the fires and you, if you're not careful, you can't see the forest for the trees. And then you got to go through it again.

You've got to go back to the foundation, the fundamentals, and do the fundamentals again. Where did I miss it and humble yourself and admit, it ain't God. God's never missed it, it's always Mylon. If something happened... if somebody misses it between me and him and ain't never Him. And so, you know, we're, we're just telling you this thing works. If you work it, the word works, but it is work. You gotta work out yourself. It's the difference, I used to be a musician the difference in being a great band and being a band is how much you work at it. How bad do you want everything God's got? Cause it's all free. Everything that comes from above he ain't withholding any good and perfect gifts. He wants you to have everything he's got, this week. You don't have to beg him far as his idea. And he's teaching you right now how to get it. So don't get religious now. Don't miss the point. He's giving you the sword of the spirit. You can whip the devil with it. He taught me how to do it and he is teaching you. You can do this, people.

CHRISTI: You can do it, amen.

KENNETH: 10% word, 10% results.

MYLON: Come home.

KENNETH: 30% word, or less.

KENNETH: Total immersion. Your 30, 60, 90, hundred fold.

CHRISTI: Hundred-fold. Yes! Hallelujah!

MYLON: And it doesn't depend on God, it depends on us. I met you in Florida as, you know, uh, 29 years ago and you invited me, you laid hands on me, God heal me, and you invited me to my first Believer's Convention. And you told me about immersion in the word. Well, I'd never been to any meetings. They start at nine in the morning. I didn't even get up, man. And, and then you'd have another meeting at 11 and another one at two, and another one at four and, another at seven, the theme was war on debt.

KENNETH: Yeah, I remember it.

MYLON: I didn't know it was possible to get out of debt. I thought, yeah, you ever want to have anything? I mean, you got to save up enough money to buy a car. You gonna be... Come on. I mean, I maxed out my credit cards and my two old wore out cars. You know, I made some money in rock and roll, but I was so stoned, you make really stupid decisions when you're stoned. Spent it all on dope and crazy stuff. And so I had an old house and even when I got it paid off, I didn't really own anything, nobody wanted it. I didn't want it, you know, like you taught on war... And that's when I got immersion.

What he's talking about, five days, I went to these meetings, war on debt and owe no man anything but love. Uh, the borrower is slave to the lender. I'm getting back home and I sat down and I went to my banker and I did it. He did an amortization schedule and if I paid off my two cars, my two credit cards and my house and got completely out of debt, it was going to take me five years and 10 months, and my ex wife wasn't in agreement with stoping and going to the, to the mall and, and tithing and a few other things, you know when I got saved, you can't govern anybody else's spirituality.

And so the bottom line is I took communion by myself. You told me to take communion. Well, I took communion by myself. And I started the process and I didn't buy a tee-shirt, I didn't go out to eat. I didn't go to a movie. I didn't, I didn't spend a dime except on paying that stuff is supposed to take five years, 10 months I was out in debt in 19 months.

KENNETH: Isn't that just God.

MYLON: Hadn't owed dime since that yeah, that is a miracle. People. Do you realize that after 19 months, now here's the miracle. I had been paying the bank and the credit cards, I'd been paying interest to everybody. I didn't think I could give God 10% because I was paying the credit cards 20%, and the house and the car. But after 19 months, I got some interest from the bank. Instead of me supporting the world, the world started supporting me. Come on somebody.

KENNETH: Glory to God!

MYLON: Ans they still are paying the rent. The wealth of the sinner coming into the hand of the righteous. Glory to God man.I mean, I started tithing, that year I was making, $175 a week as a janitor in my church. I start tithing $17 and 50 cents. And then I started saving, that's the plan God gave me, you said you need a plan. Talked to the Holy Ghost. Pray in the spirit. God gave you a plan. And he told me, uh, bring the tithe to the storehouse. Give Caesar with Caesars. And set aside the tithe unto yourself self. Just basically a little savings account. And once you get used to living on on what's left, you don't miss it. You don't even know it. You just give God his 10% of the first fruits and then you, you pay your taxes of course, and keep you out of jail.

KENNETH: That supernatural atmosphere that you begin to live in. In the natural, you never could get used to living on that.There's no way.

MYLON: But you become content.

KENNETH: But when you're in that supernatural atmosphere and you're obeying, God. And things happen, there's things happen you can't really figure out. How did that take place? How did that, how on earth did I pay that? It just...

MYLON: It don't make sense.

KENNETH: It doesn't make any sense, but it makes faith. Praise God. I want to go over, over into first Peter. Uh, I've talked about this a few times. First Peter, and uh, First Peter Chapter Five, five through 10, "Likewise, you younger submit yourself unto the elders. Yea, all of you be subject one to another and be clothed with humility". Now guys, most people have no idea what humility is. Well, I'm just unworthy. Humility is not self debasement. Here's humility. "God resists the proud and give us grace to the humble. Humble yourselves, therefore under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due time casting all your care on him". Now that's humility. Yes. Now, let me read you that. From the amplified translation, "Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God. Set aside self righteous pride so that he may exalt you to a place of honor in his service at the appropriate time. Casting all your cares, all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns once and for all on him for he cares about you with deepest affection and watches over you very carefully".

MYLON: Amen. Amen.

KENNETH: Now it takes faith to do that. So what do I do? Well, oh, I don't know, brother Mylon. I don't know. I don't know whether I can do that or not.

KENNETH: If he says you can do it, you can do it.

MYLON: It's all a choice.

KENNETH: I believe I receive that. Amen. I believe I receive when I press the lifting of this care and anxiety. See how the faith came together. I believe I received. Yesterday. It is my desire, it is my desire to be worry free. It is my desire to be free of this, this debt, pain and all of this. Ah, so I believe I receive it. That's my desire. And this is what Jesus said. He said it, I can do it. But now in order to do it, I'm gonna have to meditate this, I'm gonna have to think about this other I'm going to have to get it before my eyes and in my heart and my ears. I'm going to have to do Proverbs 4:20. I'm gonna have to cline my ear unto his sayings, I'm going to keep these things in my heart Glory to God. And just hold it there. Hold it there. And somebody else comes up with something... Naw... No Man. Nuh-uh? That's not what Jesus said. Oh, that's not what Jesus said, he cares for me. Oh, he cares for me. Oh glory God, I'm carefree. Oh. Oh. And Not Mylon. I just can't tell you, buddy, how much I don't care.

KENNETH: I don't care. Now let me show you something.

CHRISTI: Yeah, that's good.

KENNETH: Um, yeah. Now, somebody comes up and says, uh, Kenneth, I, I need that. I need that soft stone that you use on... Offset. Uh, well, you're going to have to talk to Mylon about it. Cause I don't have it. I didn't say there wasn't one, I said I don't have it. That's fine. So, now I want you to notice how quick he me that back cause it's mine. This came off our set at home and this abundance. Yeah. So you just, you can't hold on to it. And God won't, it would be absolute spiritually illegal for him to do that. Because that worry and that care is mine. But once, praise God, I'm not picking it up.Glory to God. Far as I'm concerned Mylon's got a soft stone. Amen. Do whatever he want with it.

KENNETH: Amen, that's God. I rolled all that care over on God. Now what have I gotta do, I gotta deal with this. Yeah. I have to not touch that in my thought life. You'll catch yourself thinking about it and worrying about it.

MYLON: You're trying to fix it.

KENNETH: You're in the habit of it, trying to take care of it. And you stop right there. No, no, no. Forgive me Jesus. I repent. No, no, no, no. I'm not taking that back. No, I refuse to touch that in my though life. Yes. I noticed in the hardest time I had ever had, financially we were $6 million behind on our television bills and man, it was beating me over the head and, and the Lord corrected me and and straightened me out and, and I cast the whole of that over on him. I'd noticed I'd catch myself thinking about it then and then remember what I did and I'd stop and , no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I refuse to touch that in my thought life. And it was every few seconds. It was just every few seconds, every few seconds. And then after about a week, it got to where it was every few minutes. And then after about a couple of weeks, it was just about gone. And after about two and a half, three weeks, it was flat gone in the name of Jesus. And so was that sin. And by that summer we paid our TV bill in one check for the first time in the history of the ministry. I don't know how he did it. I don't care. He just did it.

KENNETH: I'm telling you man, but it's in, it's in Second Corinthians chapter 10, "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are powerful through God, for pulling down of strongholds". We're built to have strongholds but not bad strongholds. A stronghold of carrying the care to God. A stronghold of power and might in the word of the living God by faith in the name.

CHRISTI: Amen, that is so good. We receive that!

MYLON: He, he said while ago, we are over here, still in first Peter Five and verse five. I want to re-read it to you here in the amplified. Because, we went to a whole bunch of good stuff about how to cast the care on the Lord. And by the way King King James put these periods in here. This was originally a letter. You know, how do humbly yourself under the mighty hand of God. In due season He may exalt you and there was, there's a period there now so we can all go verse seven and we all know where we are, but at the time it was, here's how you humble yourself, casting all your care on him because he affectionately cares for you.

Now in order to do that and me and you need to humble ourselves, that's how, in other words, Okay God, I'm going to have to take care of this, something going on in my family or my health or something. I'm on leave us alone. Brother Hagin said this is hardest thing he ever did as a Christian and he was in his eighties when he said, he said, he said, I take it to the alter and I'd pray it through and I'd give it to God and then I'd get up and start trying to take care of it and the Lord told him, he said, I'll just sit here on throne, watch you. You know you can handle if you want to or you can give it to me, but it's either in your hands or man, Brother Hagin said he went through that over and over and over and over and over, and that was, that was a hard for him.

So it's hard for all of us. It's okay to admit we're human. He's God. I'm just Mylon. I need his help all day, every day. Being humble is easy. When you realize how much he loves me, that's the key to my future. Everything's going to be all right. Not because I earned it or I figured this all out, or if I was disciplined, I'd be skinny. Like this guy I been working out every morning, you know, no, this ain't, this is about God's good and he loves me and that's why my future's amazing. Likewise, it says you who are younger and have lesser rank. This is the amplified version of what Brother Copeland read us while ago. Be Subject to the elders, the ministers and spiritual leaders at the church.

So you need to submit yourself to those people that come by divine appointment. I can relax and rest if I when when we married, when I met Christi, you remember I came to you and said, I need to talk to you today. We were filming. I asked you some questions and you gave me some answers and I asked you to pray about some stuff and then if you ask somebody, you ask your pastor to pray about something and he goes in his prayer calls and prays about it and comes back and give you the answer and you don't like the answer and you ignore the answer, then you didn't blow your pastor off. You Blew God off.

God sent Brother Copeland. I didn't you. I didn't know Brother Copeland. I didn't know pastor George, but God knew the people that I needed to have in my life to help me be like Jesus. The people who would look me in now when I was wrong and say, son, I love you but you're wrong and you need to change. And to correct me when I needed to be corrected. It is wonderful for Brother Copeland to be my friends, to ride a motorcycle with me or to laugh with me or to go to dinner with me. It's wonderful that I get to be his friend, but anytime he wants to, he can change hats, anytime he sees something's not right in me. And he's done it before he sat me down and had to come to Jesus meeting more than once. And I needed that. And I'm so thankful you need that. Yeah. You need to consider, you need people that can tell, you know, if you don't have anybody in your life that has the no vote that you respect enough to, to really pay attention, what good would it be on the pray for me if I'm not going to do what what God tells him to tell me.

So I encourage you, fan those paces and give them a place of authority in your life. God's trying to help you, pay attention and, and give God a chance. Cause when he tells you something, he doesn't have any agenda except to fix what's wrong in your life. And he told me this one time, I've never said it cause it, I've never read it in the word, but he did say this to me. He said, son, if you give something completely to me, you give me total control of it. I'll do one of two things. I'll either fix it and give it back to you or I'll give you something better and take his place. Yes sir. Yes sir. And that's what he'll do for you. That's the way it works. Amen. Thank you sir. Thank you for being with us this week and it's such an honor to be your son in the faith. I love you with all my heart. You're a good man. Thank you so much.

KENNETH: Huge blessings to Gloria and my life. Amen.

MYLON: Well you stay in the word because that will keep you on the road to freedom where Jesus is Lord.
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