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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Learning to Say All Is Well

Kenneth Copeland - Learning to Say All Is Well

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Open your Bibles to Mark Chapter 11 Verse 22. Mark Chapter 11 it so simple and so profound. Chapter 11 verse 22, Jesus, answering saith unto them have faith in God or the cross reference, have the faith of God. For verily I say unto you that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that. Here's what you believe. Believe that those things believe that those Words which he sayeth shall come to pass, he will have whatsoever you say. Therefore I Say, you notice that he laid out the spiritual law and then he immediately used it.

You see it? Therefore, see if he hadn't said therefore it would just been part of it, but therefore because of what I just said, I say unto you what things whatsoever you desire. When you pray, believe that you received them and you shall have them. When you pray, start believing then right then while you're praying, not after you see it, not after you feel it, not for any other reason except the Word of God. Hallelujah. This is the way faith works and it's the faith and God. Believe that you received them and you shall have them. You shall have what you say and you shall have what you believe. When you stand praying forgive, right then, if you have aught against any that your father also, which is in heaven, may forgive you your trespasses.

Now then, second kings chapter four, this one oh most, most, most exciting, praise God, verse eight. It fell on a day that Elisha went to Shunem, where there was a great woman and she constrained him to eat bread. And so it was that as often as he passed by, he turned in there to eat bread or he turned in there to eat and um, and to take rest and eat. She said unto her husband, behold, I proceed that this is a holy man of God, which passes by us continually. Let us make a little chamber. I pray thee on the wall and let us set for him there a bed, a table, a stool, and a candle stick.

Now that doesn't sound like much, but you don't know what kind of bed it was. It was a nice bed and that bed looked good man when you're walking everywhere you go. And these were wealthy people. What sounded like just a little hole in the wall. I expect. I expect that wasn't just this little den or something. It was nice, it's one room, but it is good. Amen. And so, and he said to Gehazi his servant, call this Shunammite woman. And when he had called her, she stood before him and he said, she said in him, say it now. And he said unto him, say now unto her, behold thou has been careful for us with all this care. What is to be done for thee? Which thou be spoken for to the king or to the captain of the host.

She answered, I dwell among my own people. I'm doing all right. I don't need them. We're wealthy people. I don't need a favor with the king. I don't need any of that. Besides that, I'm a Shunammite, I'm not a Jew and I don't need that. So, and he said, what then is to be done for her? And Gehazi answered verily she had no child, and her husband is old and he said call her. And when he had called her, she stood in the door and he said about this season, according to the time of life down shall embrace a son. And she said, no, my Lord. Now wait a minute. The ample, I mean the, the new live with amplifies good on this, but the new living really, really shows what she said, she said, my Lord, don't deceive me and get my hopes built up over this. Amen, that meant that it opens it up.

The woman conceived and bore as son at that season, then Elisha had said unto her, according to the time of life. When the child was grown, it fell on a day that he went out to his father, to the reapers and he said unto his father, my head, my head, and he said to a lad, carry him to his mother. When he had taken him and brought him to his mother, he sat on her knees till noon and then died. She went up, laid him on the bed of the man of God, shut the door and went out. She called unto her husband and said, send me I pray thee one of the young men and one of the donkeys that I may run to the man of God and come again. And he said, wherefore wilt though go to him today? It's neither the new moon or Sabbath. She said it'll be well. She didn't tell her husband the boy dead. I mean the boy was hurting when he left, but he just figured, well, he's all right. He went home. He must be okay.

She said, "Oh, you know, everything's going to be right". Then she saddled a donkey and said to her servant drive and go forward. Slack not thy riding for me except I bid thee. Turn this thing on right now. So she went and came to the man of God to Mount Carmel and it came to pass. When the man of God saw her afar off, he said, he Gehazi, behold yonder is that Shunammite. Run now pray thee to meet her and say to her, Is it well with thee? Is it well with though husband? Is it well with the Child? She answered it's well, it's well. When she came to the man of God to the hill, she caught him by the feet. He's the only Bible she had. He's the only word available her. That is tide to our amount today taking the Word of God and standing on it and not ever saying anything, but that. I'm not saying anything else. I absolutely refuse to say anything else. Praise God.

She went and when she came to the man of God to the hill, she caught him by the feet. Gehazi came near to thrust her away and the man of God said, let her alone. Her soul is vexed within her. The Lord have hid it from me. He hadn't told me. Then she said, did I desire a son of my Lord? Did I not say don't get my hopes up. Don't, don't, don't deceive me on this. Then he said to Gehazi gird up that loins and take staff in your hand, take my staff in your hand and go your way. If you meet any man, salute him. Not if any salute the answer him not again and lay my staff upon the face of the child and the mother of the child said, is the Lord liveth and as I so live I will not leave thee. And he arose and followed her and Gehazi passed on before them and laid the staff upon the face of the child.

There was neither voice in her hearing. Wherefore he went again to meet him and told him saying, the child is not awakened. And when Elisha was come into the house, behold the child was dead and laid up on his bed. He went in there for and shut the door upon the two and prayed unto the Lord, and he went up and lay upon the child, put his mouth upon his mouth and his eyes upon his eyes and his hands upon his hands. And he stretched himself upon the child and the flesh of the child waxed warm. Then he returned and walked in the house to and fro. He began to walk the floor and he went up and stretched himself upon him and the child sneezed seven times and opened his eyes. And he called Gehazi and said, call this Shunammite.

So he called her and when she was coming into him, he said, take up thy son. She went in, fell at his feet and bowed herself to the ground and took up her son and went out. Not one time did she use the word death. She said it all is well and wouldn't change it. Refused to change it. And then, Brother, I'm telling you, she acted on it. She wasn't crying. She shed a tear. She wasn't crying. She just gritted her teeth. Like what we talked about this morning and healing school. I mean like a dog grabbing a bone. She just bit down on what that prophet said. And here she went just as hard and fast as that as that donkey could run and she told that guy don't you let up unless I tell you to. So, She said it and she acted on it.

All she ever said all is well. And the Lord had me pick up on that not long ago. I began to say it all is well. Say it, all is well. All is well. What's the matter with you Kenneth? All is well, by his stripes I was healed, glory to God. As long as that book says that, that's all I'm gonna say. There was times in time in time, like everybody else, I yield and broke down, started balling about it. Well, with the help of all mighty God, with the help of the Holy Spirit, with the help of my angels, glory to God. I will not break down again. And if something happens, Let me, if you say something long enough it gets into your heart. It'll control your life. The things you've been saying a long time. Oh, get out of your mouth.

I've told you this before, I'll tell you again, I hated exercise with passion. Mowing the yard is the stupidest thing I have ever, I meant it, man. My granddaddy said that's laziest kid I ever saw in my life. And he was right. I didn't plan on being anything else. I enjoyed being lazy and as where I wanted to be. Just my mother, I'd just drive her up a wall. And like you said, you know, he sure ain't afraid of work, he can lay right down the side and go sound asleep. Anyway, but then of course after you got into the ministry, but this is not work. This is not work. When you love what you do, you never go to work a day in your life. Amen.

And so, but that exercise and God kept telling me, kept telling me, and I've tried it a while and then it just wouldn't really be in my imagination, but then for a lot of the reasons that you already know, but, and, and the Lord began to talk to me about it and he said, you have to do something about this. You've gone as far as you can go, you've hit the wall with this disobedience, and you're going to have to do something about it. I said, okay, glad to do it. Made my decision. Glory to God.

And I went in the workout room on that first day and um, David, uh, was, uh, until, um, Yvonne, um, trainer could, the situation has to be arrangement at then when David was working with me and man, I was excited about it and made my commitment. I'm excited. This is it. Glory to God. I really genuinely got all excited and I walked up to that. We had an a, I got an a frame there. In the exercise room, the called those those rope through. The exercise is to take those. You got weight on the bottom of them and you take that thing and you pull it this way, which starts working this party arm and this was the first exercise and I got a hold of that. I was just feeling great.

I remember what I told you. You say the something long enough. It gets in your heart. It'll ruin your life. I caught that and I said, God, I hate this, and I grabbed my mouth. It came out my mouth before I can stop it. I'd said it and said it and said it. Now I'm going to show you something that's real. Grabbed my mouth. I said, oh God, forgive me. I repent. I repent of it. I love this. I love it. I physically felt that Spirit come off my body. You mean you had a demon in your spirit? No, no born again human being has a demon in their spirit. That's a blasphemous thing to say. You're a new creature. Old things passed away, behold, all things became new and all things are of God, but he can sure get a hold of your flesh.

Brother Hagin used to use this illustration. You move in some old house and the guy comes out, the guy that chases termites down the drain, you know? The commercial, some people watch it. Anyway, and they gave you a report, and this old houses full of termites. You live in the house that don't mean you got termites. The real you live in that flesh and blood and bone house. And if you give the devil an opportunity, he'll nest up with the body, not your spirit, mess with your mind.

You're a spirit. You have a soul and you live in a body. Amen. But he's not all that hard to get rid of unless he still has a legal right to be there. And if you've been saying you hate exercise all these years, I don't care if how much of a commitment you make that's gonna come out your mouth, that you better do something about it right now. And it was so easy. I said, I love it. And away it went. And the more I exercise, the more I enjoy. Glory to God. I'm on my way to 120 and loving every minute of it. Glory to God. Can you say amen with me. Now, believe it in your heart. Say it with your mouth, then comes corresponding actions.
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