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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Spiritual Laws Put The Laws Of Matter In Motion

Kenneth Copeland - Spiritual Laws Put The Laws Of Matter In Motion

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MYLON: Welcome to on the road to freedom. I hope you're having an awesome day. We're having so much fun... we're out here enjoying the love of God. This is a a, some people call this a Christian TV show, but I won't tell you the bottom line on this whole deal right here. God is in love with you and he wants to prove it to you and he wants to show up at your house and do amazing, wonderful, magnificent things for you in your life. You know, Jesus told us we ought to pray that it'd be on earth as is in heaven. In your health, in your marriage, with your kids.

So God's in love you and he's just, he's a excited about this opportunity to teach us some more. Jesus said, if you continue in my word, this is John 8:31-32 if you continue in my word, and that's what we're here for, you will be my disciple. That means you'll be a follower of Jesus. You, you'll see him doing something and you'll do it and you'll hear him say something and you'll say it and, and you'll watch how he acts and how he reacts. And that'll, that'll determine how you act and react in the future. And as you, you hear his voice and you continue in his word, you'll become his disciple. You'll know the truth, you'll understand it and you will live by faith. You'll, you'll, it'll set you free in other words. And freedom that's what it's all about. God wants you free, and free indeed, that's why Jesus came. So we're going to share some word. We got the most special guests that I could ever have on this planet. I mean I got a lot of buddies, but this is my father in the faith right here. This is Brother Copeland.

KENNETH: We've been together a long time.

MYLON: We have sir, 29 years.

KENNETH: 29 years.

MYLON: I met you 29 years ago and you know, Paul said to Timothy, a young man, he was mentoring and he said, follow me as I follow Christ. And I've been doing that now for 29 years. I've been, you let me, you sort of adopted me and you let me hang around and watch, you didn't just teach me, but you let me watch how you handled it. When the devil attacked you or your kid or your grandson, somebody, some situation that could have been dangerous. I watched the way you handled it and I watched you practice what you preached. Saw how it worked and changed my life. I'm so thankful for you.

KENNETH: Amen, we're talking about fundamentals faith. The very basic fundamentals. Now to understand that it's extremely important to know that all of the things that we're discussing are laws. Spiritual laws, put the law of matter in motion, a Spirit. God is a Spirit. A Spirit, the Spirit created all matter, so the spiritual world is more real than this natural physical. And when we get born again, when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, then according to Colossians chapter one, we were delivered from the authority of Darkness and translated into this kingdom. Of his dear son, the son of love, glory to God in the Kingdom of love, God is love. And the Kingdom of God is the love kingdom. Amen. And the currency in that kingdom is faith. Amen. That's the currency of the Kingdom of God. You'll never ever function without faith. When you get to heaven, you function in faith, glory to God. Why, Brother Copeland... Don't start that. That you know. Yeah, but harder. Get your what if out of the way and just realize it. God is a faith God.

MYLON: Yes he is.

KENNETH: And he, he moves by faith. It pleases him when his children just step out before they can see or feel anything and say your word said it. I believe it. That settles it. Glory to God. Whether I feel it or not.

MYLON: And can't please him without it.

KENNETH: No, you can't. Mylon, you can't please Christi without faith.

MYLON: I really, yeah, I mean, you know, if somebody thinks I'm a liar I don't care what the see in me.

KENNETH: Well, just think about it. You know baby, I love you I just don't believe nothing. You say, Oh, you kidding me. Oh Man. Faith is pleasing to God. And so let's go back to, we're talking about the very basic fundamentals of faith. It's, very important to realize that the fundamentals never change ever. They never change. Jesus said, Mark 11:22 have faith in God. For verily I say unto you that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he said shall come the past, he will have whatsoever he says. Amen. Now your words are your faith speaking. And here's something I want to tell you and we're talking about the fundamental laws here, they work on the positive side and they work on the negative side. Ignorance is no excuse because what you say is what you believe.

MYLON: I remember when you were first teaching me faith and I was saying a bunch of dumb stuff that I was telling all about what the devil had been doing to me lately, instead of quoting the word and believe in it, and you said, son, you, you were so nice about it. You were so gracious about it, but you said you need to learn the language of silence and I didn't know what in tarnation you were talking about. I thought and, and I went it probably two or three hours later it dawned on me. I got the interpretation. He just told me I need to shut up until I know how to talk the Word. So I got it.

KENNETH: I told Brother Jerry this, back at the very beginning when he was just learning that, that, and it was something that was really, really working on the inside of me. And I had told him close to the same thing. And we were going along there and I said, Jerry, I'm going to tell you something now brother, the shadow of a dog never bit anybody. He said, these are hard saying, we walk through the Valley of the shadow of death, not the valley of death, that the death has already been whipped. That death came bother you. Hey, he's prepared a table before us in the presence of our enemies. That means he ain't got no place at your table.

So quite forget about him even being there. Get on out of here. He ain't got no place to just to get, amen, he's no more powerful than a lizard running across this sand. And he has no more business at our table than a, than a doll. Unless you give him strength. And then he'll rip it to you. But as long as you walk in fear, I mean he'll dog your tracks, but he has been completely, absolutely irrevocably defeated. By the Lord Jesus Christ, the champion of champion, the Lord Advocate General of the church. Hallelujah. I'm his to command, thank you Jesus. I've gone preached me happy again, man. I'm tell you what.

Now notice this. Therefore I say unto you what things Soever you desire when you pray, start believing. Yeah. Not after you see something. No, no. When you pray, that's when you start. Now, I mentioned Thomas's faith yesterday. You can't receive Abraham's blessing with Thomas' faith. No, that can't be done. No. Abraham said he called things that be not as though they were. Be it done as you have spoken as you have written. That's what little Mary said. When the angel of the Lord came, she said, I don't understand it, but be it done unto me according to you. Amen. Amen. Thank you Jesus.

This is final authority. Yes, and when you have, you have to come to that were not what I think about what it says. His word is final authority, absolute final authority, so that, remember Jesus said, if you abide in me and my words abide in you, ask what you will and it will be done unto you. Listen to that. How many times are you in it? If you abide in me and my word abides in you, ask what you will and it will be done unto you. Yeah. It's not up to God. No, he's already answered you prayer. This book is the answer to every prayer you can think of. Don't let, don't hope to get an answer, find the answer and then pray. Don't start off stupid. Definitely find the answer that covers your situation, the promise or the Bible fact, and then start with that.

MYLON: If I may say this, the important that this is the most important thing you're ever going to decide. I mean, can you trust God? What Brother Copeland's teaching you right now is how to get your mind renewed. But if you don't believe God's honest, you're not going to change your mind. You're going to keep on thinking about it the old way and leaning on your own understanding. Yeah, and that's going to keep the devil eating your lunch. Now, God's not asking you to think about this or vote on it. He's, he doesn't have any problems. The devil don't bother him. You're the one that we're problems. I'm the one that's got problems and Brother Copeland's trying to teach you how to get those problems solved. The same spirit that raised him from the dead is in you and he's trying to teach you how to get that powerful God that raised Jesus from the dead out here where the problems are. He's already in here. You've got to get him out of this mouth. Get Him in your heart. That's where you believe. And then you gotta say it and expect it and that's faith. He's teaching us how to do this. Now get this, but change, let him change mind. Let God change your mind. While this is going.

KENNETH: Let's think about the fact that those basic fundamentals, faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Every word in this book is backed in blood.

MYLON: Yeah. Amen.

KENNETH: God was standing in blood when he spoke to Abraham and said, so shall your seed be, he was, I'm totally convinced that Abraham saw his footprints in that. Well, think about if that, if the blood of animals is powerful, think about the blood of God. Man. When Jesus said, seek ye first the Kingdom of God that's backed in blood, all these things will be added unto you, you can take that in your heart and you can, you can compound it in there and meditate on that and think about that. I mean, glory to God if that's backed in his own blood.

MYLON: Yes, it is.

KENNETH: My God, man, that is up Bible fact.

MYLON: The blood of the lamb.

KENNETH: And He's already said by his stripes you were here. That is not a promise that is a Bible fact.

MYLON: I wouldn't be sitting here alive if that wasn't true.

KENNETH: That's right. I wouldn't either.

MYLON: The devil has tried to kill us a bunch of time. Good news he can't. He already would have if he could.

KENNETH: Gloria said one time, she said, you know if things were as bad as the devil says they are, he wouldn't have to lie about it. That's good. That's a Gloriaism.

MYLON: She's got a bunch of those.

KENNETH: Now, It's so important to understand that the first fundamental of faith is believe in your heart. Say it with your mouth. This, here's the next thing, and when you stand praying, forgive if you have ought against any. that comes right when you're praying, not when you feel better about it. Yeah. None of this has anything to do with feelings.

MYLON: People tell me they can't do that, but you can.

KENNETH: If you said you can't, you can't.

MYLON: He'll give you the grace to do it. He'll put his super on your natural, but you got, you got to make the decision. It's your life, being mad at somebody hating somebody wanting God to get them or the devil to fix their red wagon. It don't hurt them. It just hurts you.

KENNETH: Yeah. I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do, Mylon. I'm going to kill that old heifer, yeah, you watch me now. I'll take this poison and she's going to die. How dumb can you get? It is a command. We are soldiers in the army of the Lord. There is no option here. No. You don't make any difference what you feel like it don't make any difference what I feel. It's sir, yes sir. They're forgiven. I made a decision here.

MYLON: If you know they going to do it to you again tomorrow, still forgive them.

KENNETH: Just forgive them.

MYLON: Because God told me to and he loves me amen.

KENNETH: Amen, and just act like they're forgiven. Here's something that needs to be said about that, Mylon.

MYLON: All right.

KENNETH: You can immediately obey God with your Spirit. And with your mind. Now, if this has been a problem for any length of time, your flesh is in the habit of being mad about that. So it takes a while to get over to your flesh. It may take as much as three, four weeks, but you just take authority over the thing and you can change that habit of unforgiveness into a habit of forgiveness and you flesh or come right in line and you fall in love with somebody and it will make any difference how they act. I got so tickled at Keith Moore talking about having to go home for Thanksgiving and there they all are and you know you're the fanatic, and you're going to talk about religion and politics, you know on everybody. So then you're the one who going dump on every time you get the chance. Keith was saying what you need to do is just 'it's so good to see you.' You make the decision. Say this Christi, my mind is my mind.

KENNETH: I tell it what to think.

TOGETHER: I tell it what to think.

KENNETH: And I tell it what to do

TOGETHER: And I tell it what to do.

KENNETH: My body is my body.

TOGETHER: My body is my body.

KENNETH: It don't tell me what to do.

TOGETHER: It don't tell me what to do.

KENNETH: I tell it what to do.

TOGETHER: I tell it what to do.

KENNETH: and Jesus tells me what to do.

TOGETHER: Jesus tells me what to do.

KENNETH: I am not mind, body, and spirit.

TOGETHER: I am not mind, body, and Spirit.

KENNETH: I am spirit, Soul, and body.

TOGETHER: I am spirit, soul, and body.

KENNETH: According to first Thessalonians 5:23 Amen. Spirit. That's you. That's the way we got born again. I, you, can live without your body. Your body can't live without you. Yeah. Amen. Now, your spirit being, inside this spirit being is the soul. You remember the rich man that went to hell? Yes, sir. Jesus told this. This is on one a parable. He said a certain rich man.


KENNETH: And he got into hell. And he looked up and saw Abraham. Abraham said, son remember? His memory wasn't in his brain. His memory was in his soul, which was part of his spirit. His brain is in the ground up there or somewhere. Amen. Amen. That is so vitally important.

MYLON: Never thought that. I never saw that.

KENNETH: And you, you, you're the real one. The you got born again. But now you're going to have to do something with your mind, you will, and your emotions. You've got to renew it according to the 12 chapter of the book of Romans. And offer your body as a living sacrifice. For several years in order to renew my mind, I didn't call this my body. I years in order to renew my mind, I didn't call this my body. I call it my living sacrifice. And as I did that, it divided the, the word began to divide us under the soul and the spirit and the joints and the marrow until it just completely renewed my mind to it. And, and then the Lord began to talk to me several years ago about Genesis 6:3. The days of man shall be 120 years. And asked me if I would do that for him. And I said, yes, sir.

Well, he said that as much my Word as much as by my stripes you were healed. And so it became a mandate for me. And I don't think I would've ever realized the truth of this with, without having renewed my mind to this is my sacrifice that I, I've, I've sacrificed this for you Jesus. I give it to you. He said Mylon so plain, I heard it right in here. He said, Kenneth, I sacrificed my body for you. And I'm thinking about this. I'm on that treadmill. I'm in there working out with weights and this mandate of a 120 years and I'm enjoying it. I love it. And but he said, and you're sacrificing your body for mine. Oh, Whoa, Lord Jesus. I saw it man. The time I spent in the word, the time you spend building your faith, the time you spend renewing your mind, think about what you're doing. You're not forgiving because you just think, well, I'll just have to do this. No, no, no, you're, you're sacrificing your, you're moving in building your building up your spirit, you're building up your soul, your then your, your working your body, but because you're a soldier in the army of the Lord. Yeah, and we got a job to do. That's a whole lot bigger than anything that we're messing around with.

MYLON: Without a doubt.

KENNETH: Because there's things happen-

MYLON: It's forever.

KENNETH: These are the end times.

MYLON: Everything we're talking about is forever.

KENNETH: And when I get finished with my 120th anniversary, that's the shortest time you'll ever live.

CHRISTI: Yeah, that's true.

KENNETH: This is just the beginning, there won't be anymore like us either. Think about this Mylon and Christi, when this thing is over and the catching of the weight of the church comes, that's the end of the glorified ones. There won't be anymore of them. That's the end of it. All life will go on the new heaven and the new earth that's alive will go on, no more glorified ones. Cause the devil has been shipped completely out of here in the lake of fire. Thank you Jesus. Yeah. Oh, glory to God. Let there be no more glorified ones. People walk up the, come up to us and say, could y'all tell us some stories? Oh, glory to God. Could you tell us some stories about what it was like? Wow. Living to be 120 years old on the earth, Whoa, whoa. Against all the demons and the devil. We don't know what demon are like, tell us what it's like. It's worth it. I'm telling you it's worth. It's worth ever second of it. And we're out of time.

MYLON: The good news is we got tomorrow and next week. We aren't never quitting so it keeps getting better. If you'll stay in the word of God every day, it'll keep you on the road to freedom where Jesus is Lord.
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