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Kenneth Copeland - Faith-Filled Words Make You A Faith Champion

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MYLON: Hey, how are you doing today? I hope you're having a wonderful day and as you can see, we're out here in one of the most magnificent places. I've been here a bunch of times, so has Brother Copeland, our father in the faith. We run out here on motorcycles if you go a hundred miles in any direction, 13 miles up the road, there's a place called the valley of the gods. You run along and you don't know it. You on flat ground and you run it along there for about a hundred miles and all of a sudden you get to this, overlook it in drops 4.000 feet there into the desert floor. All these monuments popped up out of nowhere and the Navajo call it the valley of the gods.

Look around people and you can see there ain't but one but he created this. Here's why it excites me. He's not just the God, or a God, he's my God. If you're watching He's probably yours too. We're going to share some word with you today. You know Jesus said, If you stay in the word or he said it this way, If you continue that's what we're doing here today, if you continue in my word, you'll be my disciples. You follow me and you will know the truth and when you act on that truth, it'll set you free and free indeed, and that is the will of God for you that your life get better. He wants to, he wants to raise the quality of your life. He wants to do such amazingly wonderful stuff in your life that all the people around you want what you got. He wants them to see, you know, some people, we live by faith, but a lot of people live by sight and God wants to do such holy stuff at your house that they see that you couldn't have done that.

You Ain't smart enough, you couldn't work hard enough. You ain't what the world calls lucky enough no, You're blessed. Cause God is good, He's in love with you, and he's got some good, we got some good news for you today. We are going share it with you, we can't wait to get in the word. We're studying about how to live by faith, just a simple practical application where the rubber meets the road, what to do when the devil attacks, how to win every time. This is the victory that overcomes the world. Even our faith this my beautiful wife, Christi Le Fevre and this is my father in the faith. This is the gentleman who's a... the Bible Says give honor where honor is due. I ain't got enough to give this guy. This gentleman has lived it in front of me. He's taught me the word, but then he lived it and you know that's what Jesus did. He came here and he told us what he said. I only say what I hear my father saying and then he lived in front of us and he showed us how to do it and he set the example now Brother Copeland's made it easy to follow him as he follows Christ and I'm very honored sir to be on the program.

KENNETH: It is a blessing to me to be here and to preach faith. Glory to God. That's what I'm called to do. And I'll do it till I'm 120 years old and then I'm getting out of here. Oh, that day I'm getting out of here, hallelujah. Oh, thank you Jesus.

MYLON: Thank you Lord.

KENNETH: We talking about the fundamentals of faith, the very basic spiritual laws in the book of Romans about what law? The law of works. No, no. By the law of faith, the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus. Has made me free from the law of sin and death. Faith filled words dominate the laws of sin. Fear filled words dominate the laws. Now that's a, that's a brutal thought. So we talked already about the number one fundamental of faith and believe it in your heart say it with your mouth. Believe the word, the word of God. And you don't just start making stuff up. No. Take time to read and study and look up all the healing scriptures and look up all the financial scriptures.

If you're having trouble in family, look up family scriptures, study them and meditate them. Get them down in you. Then you begin to say them and you pray that answer. You pray the answer about the problem. And then you begin to take it step by step by step. Believe it in your heart. Say it with your mouth whatsoever thing you desire. When you pray, when you pray, that's when you start believing, believe that you received them and you will. And when you stand praying, forgive if you have ought against any because faith doesn't working in an unforgiving heart. No, no, no. And then you begin to pray for those that despitefully use and persecute you. Yeah. Now and then as a second one, um, this woman, she believed it, the woman with the issue of blood, she believed it. She saw herself whole, she believed and meditated on what she had heard that Jesus said, the Word of God. Because faith comes by hearing, hearing by the word of God.

Jesus said, daughter, your faith made you whole. So it had to be the Word. But she meditated on those and she kept saying that and she kept saying that and she kept saying that until it got down on the inside and she began to see herself with it instead of without it. That is huge. It's part of the fundamentals and you don't quit and you don't stop until it gets down in. And you get that by meditating in the word, but thinking about it, well, by his stripes I was healed, all right. Okay, now that I'm healed, how does that change my life? You're sitting there in pain while you're saying, but you just praising God. And thanking God and you start meditating on that and you start thanking God for, Oh yes.

Oh, Jesus. I just want you to know how wonderful it is. I just want you to know I thank you that I'm healed, I thank you that I'm healed. I thank you lord that I'm debt free. Glory to God. Thank you for it. Oh, it's so wonderful. And Are you just head over heels in debt, not in the spirit. The moment you did that by faith, heaven says you're debt free. Now, once you do it, that's when it starts. You don't turn it loose and you kind of get disgusted at it and I don't know.

Now just start praising God. You haven't lost anything. Just start praising God. Well, I feel like I've got, forget about what you feel like your feelings are just going lie to you anyway, so quit that. Just get back in there and meditating on it again. It's called total immersion. You totally immerse yourself in the scripture. And if you're in the ministry, most especially, you totally immerse yourself in words of faith and you listen to the cds and you watch the DVD and you watch the believers voice of victory network and you'd just totally try it on to lead it on all it just all the time until it just washes all the doubt and unbelief you. All the unforgiveness. It just washes it out of the washing of the water of the word and you get kind of disgusted. Well you hadn't lost anything. Just put the smile back on your face and just keep trucking. Those are the champions. Those are the champions.

MYLON: It is not easy. You get tested and they're on and every grade you get tested and some of the tests are easy. When you're in kindergarten, all you got do is just stay between the lines, you know, color between the lines. But as you get older, you know that you get in a different grade and, and the basically you, you study a while, you go study for a semester and then they give you a test. And if you pass the test, if you're in the third grade and you pass the test, you're in the fourth grade. But if you don't pass the test, you can blame it on your teacher. You can blame it on the school, the devil or your mother-in-law. But you still in third grade next year until you pass the test, you can go to a different church. You can get a new life.

KENNETH: It don't work.

MYLON: But it won't help any until you pass the test. And the test is, God is honest. The devil said to Eve, you eat of the tree, the fruit of that tree, you won't die. And God just told her she would. And that's the same test that everybody's still going around for all eternity. Is God honest? And, and Adam and Eve had seen how honest God was and yet they still believe the father of all lies. And he still got a big mouth. And he's still saying it won't work for you, but he's a liar. This is the Word of God. It came out of his mouth and came in to people and it's full of power and it will change your life if you'll let it change your mind first. Now all he's saying is getting agreement with God. Don't agree with the devil if the devil says you got cancer and he's going to kill you. You're supposed to resist the devil. If you don't fight, you're supposed to receive nothing from the devil. If you just say, the doctor says you got cancer and you say, I got cancer, you ain't resistance, you're just saying thank you Mr Devil. I believe all that.

KENNETH: You calling things they be not as though they were.

MYLON: Exactly, exactly calling things as be not as though they were is just saying, I believe God is honest and I'm going to stay on his side and all we're trying to do to do this, how to serve the holy one that loves you. They wouldn't never do you any harm. Don't need anything you got. If he wanted money, he just speaks it in there it is. I mean, the tithe is not for his sake, he don't need your money. He's just trying to find out if he can trust you with some of his.

KENNETH: He spends, he spends the tithe on your spiritual growth.

MYLON: He's good.

KENNETH: Oh, yes. Amen. Glory to God. But that's the whole case. Satan's coming. But he's got one thing on his mind to steal, to kill and to destroy and the only thing he's after is the Word. He's not after your family. He's not after your money. He's after the Word. He's got to steal the Word out of you. If he steals the Word, he's got your faith. Now he can get your money and get your family, but if you won't let him have that Word, I'm telling you, you fight him over that, and you say, hey, hey, wait a minute here. That before you flee, I'm going to talk to you. Let's talk about your future. You ain't got one. I know where you're headed. You're going to spend a thousand years in hell and still ain't going to learn anything out of it. They're going to turn you loose for awhile and you idiot, you're going to think you can defeat God.

That's the answer to the question on how stupid can you get, how dumb can you get, and then they gone, whoa. They gonna sail you off in the lake of fire. And you're going to be up there forever and ever and ever and ever and ever not get. I'm healed. I will not change my words. I'm healed. Fill your mouth with God's Word. I tell you, you get so dangerous that he really does not have anything to do with it. Let the word of God let the Scripture fight it's own fight, man. Woo. I mean that's the sword of the spirit. Sharper than any two edge sword filled with power. Dividing us unto the soul's spirit, the thought and intent of the heart and and take that sword by his stripe. I want to tell you something Satan, hold this, and just cut him. Spiritual things hurt and are filled with pain. Anybody that's ever been in depression knows that.

Well, when you come against Satan like that, you come on him with the Word of God, I said, Lord, how can I hurt him? I can't get to him physically. How can I hurt him? He said, don't do anything he says. He said, that hurts me when you do me like that, and he said, it hurts him. It is that piercing, sword that cuts into him and he's the most fear. He is fear personified. He is so afraid of you. He so afraid of every born again believer, I'm telling you he is so afraid of you. You have the power to control his whole operation and he knows it. If you'll stay in the Word, if it stay in faith, if you love God and love his people. Amen.

And don't deviate to the right or to the left. Walk in love forgiving all the time, and as you grow in that, you get to put this place is where you want to be. Casting (1 Peter 5) glory to God, six through ten. Casting the whole care over on him once and for all. Every night before you go to sleep. Lord, do I have any care today? I roll it over on you. You're my caretaker. Oh God, I refuse to care. I refuse to walk in unforgiveness.

As you do that, your faith in the book of Hebrews, the fifth chapter. For the time you ought to be teachers. You have need again. One teach you again, which be the first principles that Oracle of God and are become such as need of milk and not of strong meat. For everyone that uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness for he's a baby, but strong meat belongs to the them that are a full age. Even those who by reason of use or practice or exercise have their senses trained to discern both good and evil. You just stay with it. You're training your flesh. Why Brother Copeland? You just, you're just too picky. Oh yeah. I'm very picky. I mean it. I mean, the little, the little stuff counts. I'm extremely picky. I'm in training. Glory to God.

MYLON: The little stuff determines if you get in on the big stuff. If we're not faithful in the things that we think are little, you were never got, if God can't trust you with $50 don't be asking it for 5 million. You Ain't getting it. If you don't tithe on $500, and then you try to tell him you'll tithe on $5 million, He knows you lying.

KENNETH: You know John D Rockefeller, he's raised in poverty. Oh, and a tither. Oh man, Just a tither. He is such a tither and giver and he made this statement, his mother taught him the tithe and he said, if I had not tithed on my first million, I never would have tithed on any of the rest of it. Hey. He's giving, and just giving, and what I'm saying is you get over on the God side of everything and forgive and forgive and forgive and forgive. Well, that Old Rockefeller man, he is so ruthless. You don't know anything about it. So shut up.

I was griping about President Johnson once, I just don't like his politics blah blah blah. Boy, the Lord butted in on me. He said, I want to ask you something, well I know I'm had. And I said, okay. He said, you know Lyndon Johnson? No Sir. You know anybody that knows him? No sir. Don't sound to me like you know too much. And he said, what do you know about it? I said, I'm supposed to be praying for kings and those in authority that the church live in peace. He said, I suggest you take that very seriously. Yes sir.

And so I started praying and I started praying for him. Every time I see his face on television. Oh Lord, I love President Johnson. I love him, glory to God. And I thank you for him. I don't like his politics, but I thank you for him anyway. And thank God he's president. And if he's president he's my president. So and so and I came in after a meeting one night and just got, just walked into the hotel room and um, and the television was still on and back in those days we would turn the television before we'd leave a room cause back in those days they didn't have electronic logs and stuff and you'd hear noise in there. Anyway, so I walked in there and he's on the television and the love of God just flowed up on the inside of me and I just begin to worship God. I love that man. I love him. And it happened because I was, I was loving and obeying the Word of God, doing what the Bible says, acting like this book is absolutely true. Cause it's true. Thank you Jesus.

Now then I want to talk about this for a moment. We mentioned the fact that faith will not work in an unforgiving heart. You can't receive, put these two together. Faith will not work in an unforgiving. And you can't receive Abraham's faith, a blessing with Thomas's faith. See you're crippling your faith here. I'm not gonna do something unless I feel it and see it and I'm not going to forgive.

Well you just forget the rest of it cause as well and then and then, well I'll just pray in tongues. Huh? Really you're going to do that? Though I speak with the tongue of men and angels and have not love I am nothing but a loud noise. Flip that over 13th Chapter of first Corinthians, flip that over. I pray with the tongue of a million angels and I have love. God uses my life and not to- I get up early every morning. Um, this morning coming out here, I got up at five o'clock. Spend my hour in the spirit before God just worshiping and praying in the spirit and praying for my partner and just gets so happy sitting up there in the dark on my porch. You know, just gets so thrilled cause you're in love. And God is in love with you.
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