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Kenneth Copeland - Whatever You Put Your Hand To Is Blessed

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Now, let's talk about this for a moment. You may not be called as an apostle, a prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher. You may not have a calling on your life like that, I don't care who you are, but don't ever say you're not called. Every man and every woman before the foundation of the world, every person, every human being, their name is in the book of life, and what you're called to do, and what you're called to be. There's no mention of sickness and disease in there. Now that's not the Lamb's book of life. That's the book of destinies. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. Now when you get born again, you get put over in the Lamb's book of life, and that there is where I want to talk to you. Thank you Jesus.

Gloria said one thing about it, that she'd never marry a preacher. And she didn't. No, there was absolutely no possibility there. I'm talking about Kenneth BC. I had no sense of being called to preach at all. Now, there was certain things that I did have sense about. I knew I was a musician; I mean, from the very get-go. I knew I could sing. Then the music part of me... My dad found a little small Wurlitzer Spinet piano. This was before World War II and it was a used piano. It was in excellent condition; but it was one of the last that you could buy that had a metal soundboard, where it would stay in tune.

Now, during the war, you couldn't get the steel, so there were wooden sound boards. They would warp and you'd get that "Boing", you know. I mean, the thing would just change keys every few days, you know, it was just all over the place. Kellie still has that little piano. Well, when they brought it in, it was still on a dolly. I was, oh, I was six it think. I was seven when I started school, my birthday fell at a time where I started, I was almost seven at the time when I started. While they still had it on the dolly, I played. Lay that pistol down, babe, lay that pistol down. Pistol packing mama, lay that pistol down. Bom, bom. Oh, Lord. I wish it had been Rock of Ages, it was Lay that Pistol, It was Pistol Packing Mama. Oh, my goodness.

Now I won't go through all of them, but the graces of God are there and the grace to do whatever God created you to do is there to do it. Big time! Whatever it is. If you were called of God to teach school, then you can revolutionize the school system. But people don't realize this and don't understand it. This verse, this is huge. This blessing verse that we just read. Whatever your hand finds to do is blessed with the blessing of Abraham. Hallelujah! Now where we've missed it is, particularly in the United States, but in other countries too, because people perish for lack of knowledge. And you'd be surprised how many people don't want the knowledge. By teaching our children...

That you need to take these courses and you need to do these things because you'll be able to get the best job here and this job will make you more money... And one of the worst things that's ever come along is make such a big deal out of retirement. You're talking about retirement to a 16 year old kid. I mean, come on man! What you want to retire for anyway? Amen. You don't retire, you just change employers. Or if you get the right employer, you just work there all your life. Yes sir. Amen. But if God is your employer... Let's say you make God your financier and your employer. So you've made your mind up, I'm going to work wherever you tell me to work. I'm blessed and I live by faith and I walk in your Word. I'm not seeking my own will or my own thing here. Now, what do you want me to do. Amen. Don't be like this one kid I saw. Well, I don't want to call him a kid, he's a young man. A young African-American young man.

There was a TV person interviewing some young people on the street, talking to him about a job. He made a statement that just stuck to me. He said, "Ain't nobody going to give me no job"! You're right. Nobody is even interested in giving you a job. That's plantation talk. It was the plantation boss that came by and said, "Here boy. You put that oil over there, when you get done with that, I'm going to give you another job, you gotta go do this over here". What are jobs? You've been listening to the pastor. I know it, and that's good. And that's right. But what is a job? It's a problem solver. I'm not looking to give you a job. I don't care about giving you a job. But if I have a problem, I might consider hiring you.

Now you see the difference? That young man, he didn't understand that. Because of not understanding that, you begin to slide toward the socialistic system which does try to give you a job. Tell you what you can do and... No. Now, if the job that I need satisfied is easy for a lot of people to do it, it's not going to pay very much. I'm just talking about in the natural world. But wait a minute. Let's get out of the natural world. Let's get over here in the supernatural world, where you and I live. Where our hands are blessed. Now along with that same deal was, "Ain't no way I'm going to flip no burgers for no minimum wage"! If I heard the Lord say, "I need you at Burger King" or wherever. Some minimum wage job. "I need you there".

Well, now I'm over on the blessing, see. That's the job I'm looking for, because He needs me there, then I'm going to do it. I don't care if it don't pay minimum wage. I ain't going to sue nobody over it, I'm just going to go do whatever they need me to do. And I'm going to do it so cool and so good man, it ain't going to be long, they going to some kind of need me. Yeah. I'm talking about Joseph. Huh? He wound up in prison man! But he turned the prison into something to... I mean, even the jailers say, "Oh, man. Ain't this something. Look what that guy's doing here".

The blessing. It was the blessing of the Lord. It was God that was with him. That blessing was in him and it was on him and that excellent spirit of Daniel was in him and it was on him and I don't care if he's flipping burgers, I'm telling you he becomes the king of burger flippers. He'll wind up owning the store. The key element, the key element. I am yours to command sir. Where do you need me? Wherever it is, I'm yours sir. I'm not interested in my will anymore. Now, oh my will must crumble. God's not looking for soft willed people. He's looking for strong willed people. I'm a very strong willed man. But I'm very strong about doing His will. My will didn't crumble, it got placed in a different direction. My will and God's will have merged.

Well, Brother Copeland, it's just so expensive to be in the will of God! Well, that's stupid. Words just kind of fail me man. But I've heard that. I've heard that. If I were ever to go do what God called me to do, well my goodness, there's no telling where He's liable to send me. Well, He's liable to send me to Timbuktu. Now you've heard me say this before. Have you ever been to Timbuktu? How do you know you wouldn't like it? I just keep being drawn right over here, particularly right here. Let me tell you why He's going to send you anywhere. I don't care if it's Timbuktu, I don't care if it's someplace in southern Brazil, I don't care if it's in Ohio. Wherever it is.

You know why He's going to send you there? To be a blessing. You're going to take the blessing of the Lord and you're going to improve the place where you go. Don't be surprised and shocked if He calls you into some poor, raggedy old neighborhood that you said, "Oh Jesus! You know, I'm used to being at EMIC where we shout and everybody loves everybody. I don't know about this. Oh Lordy"! Go change it. Go bring the blessing of the Lord there. Turn that poverty around in that neighborhood, glory to God. Amen. Be what Abraham was everywhere God sent him. He sent him in there in a drought, in a famine. He starts hitting wells. Well, he'd hit a well and somebody'd take it away from him. Well, that's good. They needed it. Let's go dig another one. Yeah. Just keep digging brother.

Now, you know, on the other hand, how crazy is it to be in the desert where you need water more than any other one thing, and you plug up the wells of Abraham because you don't like him. Duh, duh duh, duh duh, duh duh. Go ahead. Hit my face. I've got it protected. Just go ahead, just try to hit my face. The blessing. The blessing. The blessing. The blessing. He just kept digging it. Just kept digging it. The place prospered so they thought the famine was over, but then they ran him out of town. When they ran him out of town, you ought to read that in the Chumash, when they ran him out of town, the fruit trees dried back up, the famine wasn't over. It'd been displaced. The famine hit again with a vengeance and they ran after him. Please come back. Please come back. We won't treat you that way anymore. We'll enter covenant with you. Hey, we'll kill anybody that tries to take your well away from you. Would you just come... Please come back!

Why did they want him so much? Because he was so good looking? No. The blessing of the Lord. The blessing of the Lord. Say it. The blessing of the Lord belongs to me! Whoo, glory to God. Thank you Jesus. Oh, thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord. In all that you set thine hand onto and He will bless you in the land which the Lord giveth thee, or He will bless you, your land that He's given you is wherever and whatever he's called you to do. If He's called you to preach, if He's called you into the ministry of help. I'm telling you, He will bless it if you listen to Him. Amen. And walk in love. And walk by faith. Love your neighbor as yourself and love the brethren. Even as He loves the brethren. Hallelujah!

All right. Let's go on here. The Lord shall establish thee on holy people unto Himself, as He has sworn unto thee, if thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord and walk in His ways. That would be walk in love. Walk in the anointing and walk in faith. And all the people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the Lord and they shall be afraid of you. Oh, they'll highly respect you when they finally see that God is in your life and what you do and say works, praise God. They may talk ugly to you in the day time and call you at night when they're in trouble. Well that's all right. That's what we do; and that's what we're for.

Oh, look at verse 11. The Lord will make you plenteous in goods. Now did you ever stop and think that they call it dry goods. Huh? They don't dry bads. They're goods. Plenty of goods. Lots of goods. Amen. You're willing and obedient. Eat the good of the land. Hallelujah, the good. That means you ought to drive the good and wear the good and be involved with the good, glory to God. The good of the land. Thank you Jesus. Now at the same time, you can't sit around and just criticize the politicians and talk ugly about them all the time. No, they're not fair game. They're a part of our blessing. Thank you Lord Jesus.

Now, I said this last week, I'm going to bring it up to you again. God may not be able to trust you with news broadcast. You get too upset at everybody. "They better not be talking about my president like that"! Yeah, but they are, baby. And they gonna keep on him. Did you notice that the same spirit of destruction is working in Israel today against Prime Minister Netanyahu. There's no new devils. Devils are devils and devils do devilish things. And they can't change themselves. Now Satan might appear to be an angel of light, but he's not. Amen? So don't be looking too argue with the news broadcast and get all bent out of shape because they're talking ugly about somebody you like.

Well see, you don't have any more right to talk ugly than they do. Love them. And there's certain of them that need praying for every day. Every day. Every day. I'm not a fan of Chuck Schumer's politics. I'm just about 100% crosswise of his politics. But my brother and sister, Chuck Schumer is a Jew. Now, you'd better keep your tongue to yourself. So is Bernie Sanders. This ain't the time. Don't be doing that. Say, "Okay Brother Copeland" Now that'll change your attitude about him. And when they come up on the TV screen, just turn the sound off. Say, "Lord. Bless that man. Bless him, oh God, bless him today. Open the eyes of his understanding. If he has things in his life today that are hurting him, if he's got things in his family that are hurting, oh help him Jesus. Help him. Help him". Thank you Lord.
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