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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - True Humility Is Casting Your Cares

Kenneth Copeland - True Humility Is Casting Your Cares

TOPICS: Humility

KENNETH: Hello everybody. We're Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Welcome to the Believers Voice of Victory broadcast and welcome to our laughing place. Glory to God. I remember, oh Gloria, I was thinking about when John and Kellie were little, John was six and Kellie was eight and we bought them those two little Honda Z50 motorcycles and we came up here, and none of the beauty of this thing had happened yet. This is just a gravel mountain. If you just dig down a little bit and boy I mean, it's rocks. There were just rocks everywhere. Never got them all picked up, get them out of the way. I had a, I took a couple of sawhorses and an old door. It was an old trashed door out of like just plain...

GLORIA: Junkyard.

KENNETH: Like a door out of the inside of the house and set it up on top of those and I had my tire fixing stuff up there. Daddy, my tire's flat. I go out and fix the tire.

GLORIA: That was good for you.

KENNETH: Yeah, it was good. And they'd come, they're running over thorns and they're riding. I'm telling they was all over this place.

GLORIA: They were.

KENNETH: And John came in he said, "Daddy, my stomach hurts". And I was, "What's the matter with you John"? "I don't know, it just hurts". So, I laid hands on him and couldn't figure out what's the matter with him and I figured it out. Because those little scooters had big tires on them and no shocks or anything and he, John rode it hard. You know and John just give it all its got, just running over rocks and bumps and sticks and everything, thorns and just come fix his tires, and he'd go do it again. He had bounced up and down Tim on that thing until his stomach was hurting him. Oh Lord we had so much fun out here.

GLORIA: We did, we did.

KENNETH: Just pray and seek the Lord and one other time I, you and Ma dear, that was Gloria's mother, and they, the two of them did most of the work on this place and so, John wanted to go deer hunting that morning, he was about nine I guess. So I put him on his, over here across the ponds, over there someplace and so I got in the car and I was driving out around the property to move any deer his way. It was early morning, it was cold, and I did, I don't know it took me an hour, hour and a half and I eased back down there where I could see him and he was gone. I thought I wonder where in the world he is because I told him don't move, stay right there where you are. So I couldn't find him, I went in the house and there he was in there by the stove.

GLORIA: He was smarter than you thought he was.

KENNETH: He had been in there the whole morning, I'm out here doing my thing, you know, I said, "What's the matter with you boy"? He said, "It's col out there daddy, I ain't going to sit out there". Amen. Oh Lord, thank you father. Lord we praise you today and we worship you today.

GLORIA: Thank you Jesus.

KENNETH: Oh you're so good to us.

GLORIA: So good.

KENNETH: Yes. This just came up in my spirit. Listen to me please, listen to me. Well oh my God doesn't bless me with a place like that, well what you just said is reason enough. When we started I'm telling you, we were so broke we couldn't pay attention, I had $24.000 in bad debt, that's quarter of a million today, back in 1967. The blessing of Lord it maketh rich and it's already been released.

GLORIA: That's right.

KENNETH: It's not a matter, he's already done it, it's not a matter of getting him to do it, it's a matter of receiving from him. He'll do it for anybody. Listen, he's done it for everybody, he's no respecter of persons. Amen. Yeah, but you a big rich preacher. I'm doing quite well thank you but, and I need to make this clear, I know there's a lot of stuff said about, you know you Google Gloria and she's the wife of that billionaire preacher.

GLORIA: I wish.

KENNETH: Oh yeah I agreed with it instantly. But see, they don't have any sources, they can't get any information, we're a ministry and we come under the austriacus of the IRS, which is all confidential information. So they think that Gloria and I own everything. We don't own anything but a couple of cars and we have a more than generous salary.

GLORIA: Actually we do own this spot.

KENNETH: Well yeah, but I'm talking about all that property at home.

GLORIA: Oh yeah.

KENNETH: We own this and we own, but we don't, as far as the ministry is concerned she and I have a very, very, our salary is more than we're worth, but anyway we don't actually own anything, we don't own our home there, we don't own anything but couple cars. But, that's not the point, the point is God, and it wouldn't hurt anything if we did own it all, but the point is, our God, oh our Jesus, back in the 1950's Jesus appeared to Brother Kenneth Hagin, Gloria and my mentor in faith, appeared to him in an open vision and one of the things he said Gloria, he said, "I am not opposed to my children being rich".

GLORIA: I remember hearing that.

KENNETH: "I am opposed to them being covetous". Now that's big key, what is rich? Abundant supply, more than enough, true prosperity, true prosperity is the ability, by faith, to receive all of your needs met in abundance, spirit first, intellectually second, physically third, Spirit, soul, and body, financially and socially. So that the worries are gone. Now we're into our message again today. So let's go over here to 1 Peter 5 once more. In the 5th chapter of 1 Peter and we begin reading with the 5th verse, "Likewise you younger, submit yourselves unto the elder, ye all of you be subject one to another and be clothed". Think about that word, what does clothed mean?

GLORIA: Covered.

KENNETH: Covered. To be wrapped in it. Now this brings to mind Gloria the full armor of God.

GLORIA: That's right.

KENNETH: Now what do most people think humility is? Well I'm just unworthy, I'm just a little worm, I'm just a nobody, no that's not humility. Now that's what a lot of religious people think humility is, but it isn't. Humility is, humbling yourself to the Word, put the Word first place, not what I think about it. I humble myself to what God said about it. His slightest desire is a command to me, I remember very vividly that I realized that sir, I am yours to command. If he says, "Kenneth I would like for you to do this," hey that's a command.

GLORIA: That's right.

KENNETH: Every word he said and do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that, all of those are commands to me, I receive it because he's never said one word in his entire existence that's against me, it's for me. Did you hear what I said? Well I'll tell you what, he rebuked me, well smile. I don't like to get rebuked, I know you don't. That's a spiritual spanking. He put sickness on me, that's a lie! Don't you ever say that again, I don't care how bad you feel, God has only made one man sick in his entire existence and his name is Jesus and he put your sin, sickness, disease, fear, and all the curse on him so you and I could go free.

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: And have no care, glory to God. Those ideas came from being carnally minded trying to answer spiritual questions and if you don't understand spirit, soul, body, if you don't understand those things and how they work, then you just, you have to have some excuse for why it happened. So anyway, let's get back in here. "Be clothed with humility for God," let me remind you of something, remember what John said in his letter in 1 John? "God is love".

GLORIA: That's right.

KENNETH: "Love resisteth the proud, God resisteth the proud," and we're going to see here what the proud is, "And giveth grace to the humble. Humble yourself". Well now, God humbled, no, no, no, there are some situations in the old covenant where God had to move to do certain things. Gloria, you can't, you can't humble somebody. You can embarrass them.

GLORIA: You know what you do if you're not careful, you'll break them.

KENNETH: Oh yeah.

GLORIA: Then that's it.

KENNETH: Like that little boy said, his teacher said, "Sit down". He said, "No". She said, "Sit down". And he sat down and he said, "I'm sitting down on the outside, but I'm standing up on the inside". You can't humble him.


KENNETH: You have to humble yourself or, I don't care what anybody does to you, pride just won't let you, oh yeah and then on the inside you just madder...

GLORIA: Yeah that's right.

KENNETH: "Humble yourself therefore under the mighty hand of God that he may exalt you in due time". How do you humble yourself? What is the Holy Spirit telling us? What is the apostle Peter telling us? How do you humble yourself? Casting, did you hear that goose? Oh glory to God. You know we usually have word bird out here and now we have goosey goose.

GLORIA: Loosy goosey.

KENNETH: One of the things they're honking about, they got a little gosling that's following them around that just hatched out here a few days ago. "Casting all," I remember Keith Moore's friend when he was at Rhema, he said, "Keith I'm going to do a word study on the word all". He said, "You just see it all over the whole Bible". So he did it, he looked up in the Greek, he looked it up in the Chaldean, he looked it up in the Hebrew, he looked it up every which way. He said, "You know what it means"? He said, "What"? He said, "All".

GLORIA: Yeah that's it.

KENNETH: All means all anyway you go at it".Casting all-"

GLORIA: All your cares.

KENNETH: Well Jesus you just take half this off me I can carry the rest. That's pride, you're not, you do not, I do not, no human being was created to carry care. You can't do it. You can't. It'll kill you.

GLORIA: Think of all the people that are tranquilizers and drugs and all kinds of stuff, trying to get peace when they can have it.


GLORIA: In Jesus.

KENNETH: I learned this Gloria, you and I both did, particularly when you first get hold of it, now we walk in it now because we've been practicing it for so many years.


KENNETH: Number of years ago, they, oh it started off where, I won't go into all the details but started off at somewhere around $400.000 and we got behind on our television bills and all of that, oh we were paying them but we were struggling to get it done. That thing got up over a period of time to six million dollars. Well man, it was eating a hole in me and I'm thinking about, man maybe I can sell some of this property and I heard the Lord very distinctly say, "What are you going to sell next month? You'll wind up selling this whole thing if you're not, if you're going to go at it like that". Well oh my goodness I, because here's the thing, you've got to have two million to pay off one. Because our television bill was a couple million a month. So if we, so it seemed like you're just in a trap. Oh, our board meeting was coming up, and I, oh I didn't want to face that broad and I waited till the night before and the way it would work, George would bring in, Pastor George would bring in he's CEO, still is today, he would get all of the reports from all of the different departments, then he would bring them to you and me and we could read through each department and see how it did and then get up and report it to me. I waited till, Gloria had already gone to bed and was asleep. I did not want to look at that board report. Now, I want you to see something here. Here's this department.

GLORIA: I didn't help your worry at all did I?

KENNETH: No, you... now here was, see, now let me show you how this works, here was this department, best year it had ever had, this department, best year it ever had, best year it ever had. I didn't even know it Gloria, I was carrying the care over that one department, the TV department, got to the TV department and I'm sitting there looking at that and I'm telling you, the Word of the Lord came up on inside of me, he said, "Kenneth did you notice the only one that had any trouble was the one you was carrying"? He said, "You didn't pay any attention to all these others and I was able to give you a powerful year but on the one you carried". Man I saw it, I know this, I know this scripture, I had learned it years before, way, way back in the beginning and so I, oh glory to God I hollered at you and we came in there and repented over that thing. I want you to know, the, of course in this ministry, in 52 years of ministry we've never written an appeal letter of any kind. I'm not saying it's wrong, it was just something the Lord told me to never do. So, and I'm telling you, just partners began to add a little here and add a little there and just things happened and here it was in April and March and the end of March it was paid. Then in that summer for the first time in the history of this ministry we paid the TV bill in one check instead of splitting it up into three.

GLORIA: What was it in those days? $600.000 a month?

KENNETH: No, no, the TV bill? Two million.

GLORIA: Two million.


GLORIA: So it's not like we were packers, it was a big deal.

KENNETH: No, but see God just supernaturally, and we never let it get there again, because of not carrying the care. Now, well why didn't he just step in? Well let me show you something. Let's let this represent, we use these and wind gets up we got something to hold the page down, but let's let this represent my care. So, I cast all of my care over on you. No be don't be acting up.

GLORIA: Okay. Right.

KENNETH: And somebody comes along and says, "I tell you what," no let's do it like this, this will make more sense. So, I cast my pen over on you. Somebody says, "Brother Copeland, I need to borrow your pen". Well it isn't that I don't have a pen, but I've cast it over on Gloria.

GLORIA: I see.

KENNETH: It isn't that I don't have a care, I've cast it over on God. So, now you notice how quick she gave me that back? It's mine. The minute you pick it up in your thought life, God can't do anything with it if you're going to carry it. So the process of this, I'm going to touch on it now because this is where we really need to get. It's right here. Now I notice this, back there then, I'd be just doing something else and catch myself thinking about the six million dollar debt. I was in the habit of thinking about it. You can break any habit in 21 days.

GLORIA: That's called worry.

KENNETH: You can create a habit in 21 days. I just catch myself, no, no, no, no I don't touch that in my thought life. I don't touch that in the name of Jesus. Now, I'll use another. There was an individual, great guy, but he was doing something in the connection of our ministry with theirs, I mean good friend, good friend, but I didn't agree, I just didn't agree with what he'd done. Every time he'd come across I'd say, oh glory to God I love him, call his name and I forgive him and I love him and praise God and I don't touch that situation in my thought life. Now, you can do this with the President, the Vice-President, you can do it with anybody in government, oh Lord I don't touch them, I just pray for them. You don't, it don't make any difference whether you agree with their politics or not, you're agreeing with the Bible. I just cast all, oh I tell you, I love them in Jesus name and we're out of time.

GLORIA: Already?

KENNETH: I am not going to take the care and don't you say, "Take care Brother Copeland". I'm not going to do it.
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