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Kenneth Copeland - See Yourself Forgiven Now

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Hello everybody, I wish you were here. Glory to God, we're just having more fun right in this studio this morning. We welcome you to the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast, glory to God. Well, I'll tell you what we were laughing about, uh, picked up by tea cup. Take a drink in and out of this just flashed across my mind is something that happened years and years and years ago. And, and it just, it was so funny. We had a, we were getting off the airplane and Young African American young man. Oh, he couldn't been 21 years old and on and on. I don't know. I can just, I can just see his face. He said, he said to Gloria's brother, he said, uh, y'all preaching. Gloria said, that's right. I had a Perrier bottle in my hand. And if I remember, I'm not well, I know good and well Gloria did. But anyway, we're coming off of the airplane and all we got is the Perrier bottles.

He said that man, y'all preach. And Doug said, yeah. He said, y'all preach. Yeah. What's that in that green bottle? You know, he's used to seeing wine coolers in those little green bottle. The had no, nothing bad. No Perrier. Oh, the merry heart does good like a medicine. Glory be to Jesus. Amen, this is all wonderful life to live and it's just so rich and so good. Father, we thank you today for your Word and for the joy of the Lord. Yes sir. I'll do that. And we praise you for it. And we give you all the honor and the glory in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

A merry heart does good like a medicine, that's Bible. The joy of the Lord is your strength. That's Bible. Joy, a fruit of the Spirit. That's Bible. It didn't say a thing in the world about feelings, right? Huh? Every born again child of God. I don't care who you are. The joy of the Lord is in your born again Spirit, because it's the second fruit of the Spirit. Love, joy, and it's God's joy it's Jesus. Joy it's Jesus. Peace. Amen, stir it up. Well, I asked the Lord to stir it up. Well, that's all right, but doesn't come that way. The Bible said, stir yourself up now stir up the gift that's within you. The Apostle Paul told his Spiritual son, Timothy, stir up the gift that's in you, stir it up. How do you do that? Well, praise God. I'm stirred up right now.

Well, no, wait a minute. Yeah, but brother Copeland, no, no, no, no. Don't start that. I just said it because I believe it in my heart. I could be lower. And just started saying glory to God. I'm stirred up. But God in the name, I believe I received it, I'm stirred up. You understand that devil? I'm stirred up. Well, I don't see nothing funny. Well, you don't have to see something funny. You don't have to hear something funny. You don't have to do something funny where you could look in the mirror that stir yourself up on the joy of the Lord. If you are weak today, if you're, you're weak and, and down, don't have any strength. You're low in Joy, just start dancing around the room, put on a laugh. You won't do that, but a few minutes you start laughing.

But I mentioned this before. I'm to tell it to you again because I met one of the leading neurosurgeons and, and he's head of a major hospital, the whole neuro, um, division of a major hospital. And um, he, his folks came into Brother Bishop Butler, his church when he was eight years old. And he was raised in the Word of faith. What a powerhouse the guy is. And he spoke right before me and one of the meetings there at the Bishop's Church in Detroit. And he was saying that they have proven scientifically that your entire system, your body, your nervous system, your mind does not know the difference between a made up laugh and a real belly laugh. It doesn't know the difference.

Oh, brother Copeland, I don't believe that are you are, you're a famous neurosurgeon, right? Well, no. You know, I'm in the furniture business. Don't be telling me. Then they have classes. They're in the hospital, particularly with people with a lot of pain, cancer patients. Merry heart does good like a medicine course. This doctor, his name slipped my mind. He knew that. Start with, he understood that before he, but before he ever launched into this, cause he's raised to know that, but he said they did they lead people in a laugh and they say, oh, you know, I just don't know. I'm your doctor and I'm prescribing this. All right. And they get in there and they have laughing classes and it's amazing. The pain stops why? Endorphins In your brain. You know, I'm working out, I call them dorphins. I've got to get the dorphins working, but you start laughing and boy, here it comes there. And if they continue it, they will receive their healing.

You can laugh, you can laugh. That's the pain you can, you can laugh, sickness and disease right out of your physical body. Hallelujah. Thank you Lord. Romans eight one there is therefore now say now, no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh or after the five physical senses. You remember what Second Corinthians chapter five says, we walk by faith and not by sight. Well, sight represents the what you feel, what you see, what you hear, what you taste and so forth and so on. So now think about that. We walk by faith and not by sight. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God so these two verses actually say the exactly the same thing. So for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ, Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death. We're talking about the born again child of God. Faith is a Spiritual force.

Now when people say, ah, of what faith are you, they're talking to not talking about a Spiritual force. They're talking about, you know, I denomination or, or something like that. But the faith, it's impossible to please God without faith that uh, that's talking about living in and by and the results of using your faith. The just live by faith. Amen. Praise God. So it's a Spiritual force generated in the Spirit. Now to use Bible terminology, particularly the the authorized version, the King James version, the older version and the heart of man not talking about your blood pump, It's talking about you. You are a Spirit. You have a soul and you live in a body that force generated in the born again, human Spirit amen.

Now, condemnation is fear based. It is fear dependent. So here you have someone that's in condemnation. There's just beating yourself over the head. I'v got to change this. I just can't keep doing this. Uh, others. Oh, condemnation has never done anything that may get worse. Why you don't have, you're not, you don't have your mind on things above. You have your mind on yourself. You got your mind on the problem. You got your mind. You can carry it in yesterday's problems over end of the day and then over in tomorrow. How do you think you're going to ever change it? You can't keep sowing the same seed and ever get a different result. You can't change the result. So the way we have to train our thinking to look through the eyes of your Spirit being not your carnal thought in life.

And now last week we got to that point in the 10th chapter of the Book of Hebrews concerning sin Consciousness being so aware of the failure side of life all the time. Now you just never think in any other way. Just burdened by it all the time. Just right there and you face, well roll the care of it over on God, Jesus is your care taker. First Peter Chapter five six through 10 glory to God. But what does it brought? The the Apostle Peter also say you, you're going to have to, you're going to have to resist the devil. Cause he's like a roaring lion. He's not a roaring lion, but he acts like it, all he 's got is a threat, right? He doesn't have the power of death anymore. Jesus took it away from him right now. But you have to do something with your mind. And this is one place that you, where you start get completely away from condemnation.

There is none. There is no condemnation. There is none to those who are in Christ Jesus. I understand this now. I haven't studied this out so, but I understand that early manuscripts just said, there's therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus. Period. Like I said, I haven't studied that out, but I can tell you this, you still have to do with the rest of that sentence in order to walk in it. So you, you're going to have, you're going to not allow the five physical senses to dominate your thinking because if it dominates your thinking, it's gonna dominate your Words. And what ever you say long enough will get into your Spirit and it will control your life.

I told you the story about, um, about how, um, disliked just hated physical exercise and the Lord told me to do it years ago and I was a disobedient and, and didn't do it. And when I finally did make the, the, the commitment to do it was excited about it and I'd, the first maneuver I made, and that didn't bother me as much as on the treadmill, but the one of first times I grabbed hold of that bar and with weights on the other end of it, before I pull it, the first time came out my mouth, I had a smile on my face. I am committed to this. I'm telling you, I'm excited about this. And at my mouth came, God, I hate this. It jumped out my mouth. I slap my hand over my mouth and repented. Just as loud as I could. I said, no, no, no, no, no Lord God, no, I love this. Uh, physically felt that thing. Leave my body. And I've been gung Ho after it ever said, oh, I love ever minute of it. Glory to God. Thank you Jesus. But what you say counts for everything.

Now see, I had said that since I was just a boy and I won't go into all the reasons behind it, but there was some physical stuff behind it. Anyway, it changed. And it's never too late. You understand that anybody in here over 80? Anybody in here over 70? Anybody in here over 60? Anybody in here over 50? Hello children. But you can you understand? Amen. Hey Words. The most powerful thing on the planet Word, we live in a Word created Word upheld, environment Words were not primarily for communication. Communication is only secondary to the the why Words. Word are primarily for the release of power. That's the way you release faith. That's the way you release fear and fear is a Spiritual force. It is the opposite faith. It was originally Adam's faith and he have a twisted 180 degrees and became a fear.

So fear is faith. Fear of a dangerous animal is faith in that animal's ability to hurt or kill you. So you can readily see why Jesus said fear not. I'll tell you 95 times in the Bible, that very phrase is used 95 times. The very phrase, fear not. 72 times in the first covenant and 23 times in the second covenant. Now. It said in an really countless times in other ways, let not your heart be troubled. Jesus said, let it not be afraid. Well, letting it not be troubled as the same thing because trouble is fear based. They like to destroy so it is so important. All this comes down to condemnation. Living a self condemned life. When God told Cane, what would happen to him? The the curse that he had gotten into, he added something to it that God didn't say and God didn't correct him. Read it for yourself. I know what it was, but he added it to it. God didn't say that. God didn't correct him. Why he said it well, no, no, no. Okay. No, no. When legal forgot to do that. Well, sure, because he was what we were doing. He condemned himself. He was condemning it. What'd he have on his mind? What he'd done? Are you following me? Y'all got awful quiet on me. Amen. Thank you, Jesus.

Now I want us to go to Matthew chapter two no, no, no, no. First we will go to Isaiah 43. Now, this is an amazing scripture. We dealt with this a good bit. Uh, last week, the 25th verse, this is God speaking through the, uh, through the Prophet Isaiah. I even I am. I am. I am the I am is speaking. Well that made you ears to perk up here. Now notice the, the even and the am are in Italics here, but this adds to it cause he's the great I am. He's the great forgiver. If he said it, it's so impossible for him to lie Impossible. See, the thing about this, if Jesus were to appear right in the room and say, isn't this a wonderful Saturday? Uh, no, no Lord they, this is, Huh? This is Tuesday. Not Anymore it isn't. No. Go look at your calendar had just changed because he said it. Amen, if he said it, it changes everything. Glory to God. I even I am he that blotteth out thy transgressions. Stay with me now for mine own shake and I will not remember your sins. I refused to remember your sin.

Now you confess them and believe you receive your forgiveness and your cleansing from all unrighteousness. Get a smile on your face and get that junk off your mind. Yes sir. Hallelujah. The problem that happens here, and condemnation and remembering wrongdoing and so forth, even the every one of us who, who know better because we've learned better. If something you've done for any length of time, well, I can tell you, if, if you've done something in excess of 21 days, then it's become a habit. And if it's something that now, let's see. Well, let's take forgiveness. Jesus said in Mark 11:25, when you stand praying, forgive if you have ought against any your Heavenly Father, forgive you your trespasses so that somebody that's just been a thorn in your flesh all this time and, and I don't know, maybe use a thorn in their flesh, but, but anyway, that strive has been there all that time. And you see, glory to God. I better forgive them, and you repent of it and he's faithful and just to forgive us our sins. When we confess them, see let me tell you, the forgiveness is already there.

Now look at this. That blackberry has been there all morning. It's mine but isn't doing me any good. It's mine. It's been there all morning, and we're out of time already. Tim Fox, what are you doing to me? But it's my blackberry and I received it when I prayed and praise God and now my flesh is in the habit of being in unforgiveness. So you have to tell her what to do and the name of Jesus. I'm not following you anymore. I'm not condemning myself and I'm not condemning him or not condemning her. He's forgiven. She's forgiven. Glory to God. Now flesh, just get in line. Brother Hagin used to say, I feel good. I feel fine. Flesh getting line. Glory to God.
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