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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Receiving Deliverance From Condemnation

Kenneth Copeland - Receiving Deliverance From Condemnation

TOPICS: Deliverance, Condemnation

Hello everybody. I'm Kenneth Copeland. Welcome to the believers voice of victory broadcast. We've been having such a good time all last week and this week concerning the point that we've been reaching for is living a life free of condemnation, free of sin consciousness. Most people don't even know that exists. Much less any idea that it's obtainable, and it's not, without the word of God being first place and final authority in your life. If it says, says fear not, then fear not. Thank you Father. We rejoice today in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you. Amen.

All right. Back to Romans eight one and then we will go take up where we left off yesterday and the book of Hebrews. "There is therefore now no condemnation to them, which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh or after the five physical senses. But after the word of God". So, that must become final authority. Yeah, but no, don't start that. "Yeah. But what's coming after that"? Nine Times out of 10 "yeah, but, is right in front of unbelief. "Yeah, but what if..."

Now you can turn that around. And the devil starts talking. Well, you're not going to make it. Yeah. Yeah. But let me tell you something, which you see what's happening. You're turning the tables. Well, you don't want to turn the tables on the word of God. That's what you don't want to do. You want to turn the tables on the devil in his thoughts. So, that because he's not out to do, but one thing and that steal the word from you. And if he can steal the word he can kill and destroy. But if he can steal the word, Amen, it's all what's coming out. Because what you say with your mouth is what you believe. Get rid of. Totally eradicate. I don't know about you.

Uh, my Mama didn't allow no cussin. It was, it was bad news, brother. You got some really nasty tasting stuff, but if you'd remember like I do, It didn't have anything to do with straightening out my mouth, I just didn't cuss in front of her anymore. That's a spiritual thing. You know, you, you, you just don't hear yourself. Stuff comes out your mouth. You want me to give you a scripture for it. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks". Whatever's in you in abundace... It's coming out your mouth. Gloria, she said, "I'm not going out in public with you anymore". Why? "Your foul mouthed," I said what the... did I say?

The night I got born again first week of November, 1962. I'll never forget it. Long as eternity row. I physically felt it felt like a square block. Am I physically felt it for uh, almost all evening long. Not never used profanity since. It just wiped it out. Now I struggled with other things. I struggled with that tobacco habit, that thing really, I struggled with it. I didn't know how to receive deliverance from it. And after that, after I learned how it is so simple, um, I remember I kept having problems with my elbow joints. I mean they started hurting me and I'd pray and they'd get a little better. And then, man poor, but I abused coffee. I drank way too much of it. I'm drinking it flying and just drank it all the time. It was really too much.

Well, I had tried to quit it and just get that sick caffeine headache and it just really bad. And I said, the Lord is not right. And James, the first chapter it says, uh, in any man lacks wisdom. Let him ask of God. About What? About the test, temptation and trial, whatever this thing is that in your gut and you need wisdom about it. So I set myself aside and, and just fasted and prayed for three days for the wisdom that I've never done that, that I didn't get the wisdom on it in less than that, three days, sometimes I'd just wake up the morning of the second or third day in there it is, I've had it happen again and again and again and again.

And so anyway, and then the Lord said, the problem with this is you've, you've abused it and he should that... I mean I drank and 16, 15, 16 cup of coffee a day. Oh, that was stupid. And um, it was building up in my joints and one just my elbow joint, but that's where it hurt the, he said, go get your stuff. So I had this ugly old green bag. I carried my little coffee pot and I carried my, my can of Folgers and, and I carried, you know, the whole, the whole makings and uh, he's go get it.

So I went and got that thing and he said to put it right there in front of me. So I did. And now this will work for you. I don't care what it is, but you have to go to the word. And I had, I had the word on it. I had the wisdom of God. I now found out what it was and I knew how to cast the care of it over on him. So I put it there in front of me and um, don't go into lengthy but, but I'll show you all this, just sitting right here in front of me. I did the same thing with bread, starchy bread and, uh, the things that, that the Lord... sugar and uh, took communion. I have no need of you in my life in the name of Jesus. I haven't had a cup of coffee since now.

I'm not telling you it's sin to drink coffee. I will tell you this, it sinful and to keep drinking so much that... I mean there's no use in being a coffee glutton any more than anything else. Right, right. And you can stop it. You don't have to, you don't have to abuse it like that. I never had any kind of withdrawal. Never had that sick headed thing anymore and that's been over 40 years ago. The coffee is gone. Amen, you can do the same thing with alcohol. You can do the same thing with anything that the, that you're your body's craving, Amen. I weigh a hundred pounds, about 102 pounds less that my highest weight was. Amen. Glory to God. I'm 82 years old and I'm strongest I've ever been in my life and getting stronger, not weaker.

All right, let's go back over to the book of Hebrews. We were talking there yesterday and the sixth chapter, well let's read here the 13th verse of the Fifth Chapter because this, this was what the Lord said to Gloria and me many years ago. This is the faith statement and the, the, the, uh, mandate of this ministry. This is our job. Everything else that we're called to do comes under the heading of this for everyone that uses milk. Oh, that's verse 12. For when the time you ought to be teachers, you have need that one. Teach you again.

Now. Here we go again. Here we go. Teach you again, which be the first principles of the oracles of God and are become such as have need of milk and not as strong meat. Now, there's nothing wrong with milk. when you're a baby, but when you've been a baby for 35 years or something wrong with that, you need to grow up because you're going to get to a place where people can't pray for you and get anything for you. You may have the finest pastor, strong anointed man or woman of God that just guts you healed. But there's gonna come a time when you're not gonna get it anymore. You're gonna have to grow up. Amen. Everyone that uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness because he's a baby. Strong meat belongs to them that are of full age. Even those who by reason of use or practice and training have their senses trained to discern both good and evil.

Therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ. Let us go on to perfection, not letting go on to maturity. See what he's talking about. He's talking about growing up, not talking about being perfect. He's talking about growing up, maturing in Christ Jesus, Uh, not laying again. The foundation of repentance from dead works and faith toward God of the doctrine of baptism, laying on of hands and resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment. This we will do if God permit. Now, sometime read the book of Hebrews without the numbers. It's a letter. Let's go now because since this is what this is it, this is the flow of the book of Hebrews.

Now let's go to the 10th chapter. Now he's taught and is teaching here. He's taught about the power of the blood. He talked about the power of the blood of animals. They're powerful. That's a blood covenant, but then he goes ahead and talks about the blood of God. Hallelujah. In Jesus' Ministry after the order of Melchizedek. And so then you come down to the 10th chapter. Okay, let's read the 27th verse of the Ninth Chapter Because this is a huge you verses scripture and it has been good as been butchered up and all kinds of horrible ideas and doctrines have come out of it. It is appointed on the man once to die. It did not say a time to die. Right. Not Appointed unto men a time to die. It is not. We have a lot more to do with that.

There's things you can do to shorten your life. There's things you can do to lengthen your life. Your life ought to be 120 years and that has to do with your spirit, soul, and body. It has what'd you do? What's your feed on spiritually? What's your feed on mentally and what you feed on physically. This is an integrated system praise God. So, the law, having a shadow of good things to come and not the very image of the things can never, with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the comers there unto mature. You couldn't grow up with that because nothing had changed.

Hey, listen to me. Nobody got born again. The reason God took the blame for what the devil was doing, you have to go back and read very carefully and study very carefully. For instance, the curse of the law, if you will, now listen, and Harken to the word of the Lord thy God. Listen now all these curses, we'll come on you and overtake you. There's no way God had to go smite somebody. It's seed and harvest. But it says, then the Lord will smite thee. Well, it looks like God just came down and just smote him. No, he didn't have to do that, but he brought no attention to the, to Satan, except in very selected scriptures because they were not born again people. And it's absolutely obvious that they couldn't hang on to anything more than a generation.

Why they were not born again. That didn't happen to Jesus. Went to hell. Paid the price. Yes, they were in paradise, which was a, uh, an area of the upper region of... Completely protected there. They didn't know what there is in heaven. And then Jesus preached the Gospel to them right there in hell itself. After he did just stopped. Satan and their excited, they're watching it. Don't you know, don't you know David's throwing a fit. My my my. Put it on him, Jesus. Woo. Kick him again for me. That's when they all got born again and he led captivity captive and out of there. They went into heaven glory to God. So then would they not have ceased to be offered because that the worshipers once purged Jesus by himself purged our sins. Remember that is purged. We just accepted the purging. Others, AH, everybody's sins have been purged, but you have to receive that. Amen.

Righteousness has come upon all men, right? That doesn't mean they all be saved. That means they all can be. You have to reach up and take it and once you do, Whoa, praise God. They should have had no more sin consciousness. There shouldn't have been any consciousness of it anymore. Why? I've been purged. I been purged. Glory to God. Amen. Thank you Lord Jesus. I know you shouldn't be thinking about that anymore. My consciousness. Whoo, whoo. Glory to God. Hallelujah. There was a young man that heard me preaching. He had gone to the prison in the state of Minnesota and uh, he heard what I preached in another prison and he, said, I'm getting outta here. They should know you can't get outta here. You not email legible for parole... Nobody in the Minnesota prison is eligible for parole. I'd think in three, four or five years, whatever it was.

No, no, no. He said, I'm a new creature. I'm not the one that did the crime. They just... Guy's a nut. No, he said, no, no. He just kept telling everybody... I'm getting out. Oh yeah, I'm getting out. The state legislature changed the law and he got out in something like 18 months. He got ahold of that right there. Oh Man. Hey, my sins are purged. Yeah. Glory to God. I'm a new creature in Christ Jesus. I am a new creature. Hallelujah. And it worked for him. What? He shot the kingdom and the laws of the kingdom. Yeah. Overrode superseded the laws or Minnesota So, They got together and changed the laws in Minnesota and out he came. Oh, glory to God. Thank you Jesus. Oh, praise God.

Are you listening? We should have had no more sin consciousness. But in those sacrifices, there's a remembrance again, made of Sins every year for, It's not possible that the blood of bulls and goats should take away sin. You had to remember it. Now here's another place where people have just butchered this. And the, in the words of Jesus, he was preaching to Jews. There were no Christians on earth. He was preaching to Jews. Amen. And he talked about divorce and remarrying. Now God hates divorce. Christian people unknowing.

One man told me he said "Kenneth, I was, uh, I was a drunk and a known wife beater. Got born again. And everybody loved me but..." He said, "I wound up in a divorce. And he said, I'm just going to hell. What? And Jesus, you know, said what he said about that He said, nothing. But it was only for the balance of 12 months, Until the day of Atonement. No, no. That doesn't make divorce right. But it's not an unpardonable sin. Right, right, right. It's a shameful thing, but hey, that's what the blood's all about. Hey Man, get that condemnation off of you. Yeah. Amen. Amen. You get anything out of this today? Give the Lord praise for it.
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