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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Eating To Live In Divine Health And Wholeness

Kenneth Copeland - Eating To Live In Divine Health And Wholeness

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KENNETH: Hello everybody. Welcome to Thursday's edition of The Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast. I'm Kenneth Copeland.

Father, thank you today. We praise you, we give you praise and honor, and we thank you Lord for sending Doc and Mary to us today. We receive them, praise God. As you said, "If you receive whom I send, you receive me". We receive them in the name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

Praise God. Amen, you receive them? I do. In 1 Corinthians, the sixth chapter. Now our minds must be is the better word. Must be renewed to this. I don't own this body. I don't own this. The care of it is my responsibility, but Jesus bought it and paid for it, and he paid an awesome price for it.

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: Amen. In the sixth chapter, now look. In verse 20, "For you are bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's". Now, back up here. Notice the 12th verse. "All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient".

MARY: Amen.

KENNETH: "All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any of it". Amen. It is so important to realize that this physical body, the world, other members, the people that go to the same church we go to, like here at EMIC. You go to church on Sunday. Well, what condition is your body in? I mean, when you walk in there, you're walking in there in your tag. What shape is it in? Until you open your mouth, that body is speaking. It's speaking to someone. When we walked in there and we stand up straight, amen, and I don't care if there are aches and pains and hurts and all that in your body, put a smile on your face and tell the devil he's a liar. Amen. And be a witness.

DON: Amen. Praise God.

KENNETH: Now, the responsibility though is to not put up with that state of things. Go on for the best. Praise God. Like we read, 1 Thessalonians 5, "The very God of peace sanctify you wholly, and I pray to God your whole spirit, your whole soul or your will, your emotions and your mind, your whole body be preserved blameless under the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calleth you who also will do it". If we'll do our part, if we'll get in here and learn about this thing, and commit to obedience to God. What kind of obedience? Walk in love. That's number one. Spirit, soul, and body. You'll never get there without walking in love. Number two, walk in faith. Amen. You remember the Lord said in the 15th chapter of Exodus, "Do those things that are pleasing in my sight. None of these diseases that came on Egypt will come on you. I am the Lord that heals you". Then Exodus 23-25, "Serve the Lord your God and he". Now when he said, "He will bless your bread and water," and I told you about God, it was referring to the angel that he talked about earlier in that chapter. He, the angel, will bless your bread and water. In other words, we have angelic forces that are helping us in this, according to Hebrews 1:14. "I will take sickness from the midst of you and the length of your days I will fulfill". He's ready. Jesus has fixed that. He will do it, but he has to have something to work with.

DON: And he works with faith, too. Faith involves action.

KENNETH: It does.

DON: He's gonna require us to do certain things. If we keep inviting disease into our bodies with wrong choices of foods, and like you said for years, most people take better care of their cars and their planes with the right jet fuel, the right gasoline, rather than their bodies. They don't take...

KENNETH: The Lord came down on me. He said, "You're a hypocrite". Like somebody kicked me in the gut. I said, "Oh, well I guess if you say I am". He said, "You would fire somebody for putting the wrong brand of oil in your car or your airplane". I said, "Yeah, I would. If they knew better and they do it, yeah," I said, "I would". He said, "You put stuff in your mouth, you don't even know what's in it". He said, "You never read the label on a can. You just open it and eat it". Boy, I mean, I'm going from bad to worse here. He said, "You're not being responsible at all". He said, "You're a hypocrite". I said, "Not anymore I'm not. I'm changing this right now".

DON: Thanks God. Amen.

KENNETH: Because all things are lawful to me, but they're not expedient.

DON: Exactly, and that's what's happened. Again, so many Christians say, "Hey, I can do this. I can eat sugar. I can eat all these starches and carbs. I'm not under the law anymore. I'm under grace". But what you're doing unknowingly, sugar, even though it tastes so good, and this is what I try and get through to everyone, it invites over 35 major diseases into your body, and it also starts to disrupt your hormones because so many of the foods we eat are genetically modified.

KENNETH: Now, is this the reason the flu season comes in right after Thanksgiving and Christmas?

DON: Well, let me explain something. When you eat a lot of sugar, you depress your immune system by about 50%, so it's like keeping your front door of your house open so any wild critter can come in your front door, a snake. In Florida, snakes and alligators, possums and raccoons, skunks here in Texas, can crawl in your front door and set up shop there. So, that's disease. Viruses can come right into this because our immune systems are depressed by 50%. We're not outside.

KENNETH: Man, that flu virus, and it's all over the place during that time. It'll just knock you out.

DON: Then we're not exposed to sunlight, which produces Vitamin D that protects people from the flu. That's one of your most important vitamins you can take. When you have sugar and no sunlight, you've just opened the door for the flu and every virus and most every bacteria. That's why, again, we as Christians have got to learn to say no to the foods that invite disease into the body. But Dr. Colbert, you don't understand, that German chocolate cake or that Snickers bar or that cheesecake or that chocolate chip cookie is so good. It smells so good.

KENNETH: Yeah man, and I only do it once or twice a year. But of course I like the diet and the flu last year.

DON: But that's the biggest thing. I tell people, "Listen"...

KENNETH: I know, every excuse. I used them all. I'm a sugar addict and a bread addict.

DON: That's why I love what you did to break that addiction. You took the communion and you gave it to the Lord. You just pushed it away and said, "I have no further need of you". The Holy Spirit has empowered him, that was over 35 years ago, to resist sugar. So, that's what I tell people. What we need to do as a church is start practicing intermittent fasting. This is one of the key ways to crucify the flesh. What the flesh is craving, you crucify it. Say no. To crucify the flesh, intermittent fast is one of the most powerful process. I teach most of my patients how to do this now because it unleashes a process that prevents almost every disease in the body. It's so simple, everyone can do it.

DON: Every Christian should do it because in Matthew 6, Jesus taught us. He taught us to pray. These are the duties of the Christian, to pray, to tithe, and to fast. One of the best ways to fast, I'm not telling you go without, just go with water. No. I tell people, "Just start fasting ideally about 16 hours a day, or you can start with one day a week". That's just not eating from 6:00 p.m. at night to 10:00 the next morning.

KENNETH: This is what he taught me.

DON: Yes. But you say, "But Dr. Colbert, you've been teaching me for years, breakfast is your most important meal". Let me explain. Medical knowledge is increasing, doubling every 78 days. We're finding out new and incredible benefits of fasting. It's one of the most powerful things we can do as Christians.

MARY: That's part of the glory, the glories coming to us.

DON: Yes. And when you do fast church, and just I tell people, just one day a week. Just try it and see what happens. When you start to fast 16 hours... Now some can't do 16, so I say do 14. I'm kind of like Lot dealing with the angel. I'm negotiating. You go down to 16. If you can't do 16, go to 14. If you can't do 14, go to 12. Start with 12. Start with something. In other words, if your last meal was at 6:00, don't eat another meal until 6:00 the next morning. Or if you can wait until 8:00, even better. If you can wait until 10:00, even better.

DON: So, what does it do? It unleashes a process in the body called Autophagy. I know it's a mouthful. All it means is self-eating. Our body starts to literally eat up these abnormal proteins that literally gum up your mitochondria, which are your energy producing cells in your brain, all throughout your muscles. Every cell in the body has mitochondria that produces energy. It's like a self-cleaning oven. It starts to get rid of these old denatured protein, and gets rid of them. It also gets rid of beta amyloid and proteins in the brain that are associated with dementia. It also helps to stimulate stem cell production. It's like renewing your body, renewing your organs, because about 90% to 95% of your whole body is renewed every year. But when you do this, this is so powerful at getting rid of these old abnormal proteins. I try and get my patients to just start out just one day a week. If you can just tarry, I say, or do this one day a week, watch what happens. Some people say, "Hey I feel so good, I'm gonna do it two". I have some people doing it seven days a week. They only eat two meals a day. These are my healthiest patients. What happens? Many of them start out obese, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes. I put them on that and my healthy plant-based, more plant-based keto zone diet, lots of plant food. Lots of salads, lots of green vegetables. Not so much animal meat. Not processed meat. Not bacon and sausage and all those bad oils. No soybean oil. But I do a plant-based keto diet and then I see blood pressure drop down to normal. I see them come off their blood pressure meds. Now, how many people would love to do a dietary program lifestyle? It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle, along with intermittent fasting and reverse most every disease.

KENNETH: Wholeness.

DON: Exactly. That's what it does. When you do these powerful principles. Now, the bible has been telling us for thousands of years to do this, but science has just in the last few years recognized this power of fasting, church. Is that not amazing?

KENNETH: Isn't that amazing?

DON: So, we can start doing it. That's why I tell people just start as you can, and as you break the power of this flesh, eventually you're gonna feel so good and have so much energy and sleep so good and have so much mental clarity, it cleans out all the cobwebs. It cleans out all those abnormal denatured proteins that collect in our brains as we age, collect all the mitochondria throughout our body. It literally burns them up out of your body. You self-digest them, so it's like you're totally being renewed. Every organ is being renewed.

KENNETH: Now let me tell you something about fasting here, just for a moment. And it has to do with everything we're talking about. Decision. Nothing happens without a decision. A decision of quality. This goes back to that time when the Lord said to me that I was a hypocrite about this stuff, and I really got serious about it. A quality decision, that is a word-based decision about which there is no more argument. From which there's no retreat. There's no backing up here.

DON: Love that. Love it.

KENNETH: When we learned about, for instance just a very simple thing, just to eat at 5:30 and have breakfast the next morning at 9:00. My goodness, figure up the hour.

DON: That's right. The intermittent fasting.

KENNETH: And you feel good. You've got plenty to eat. But all of that, you go way back there now a number of years where you make that decision. If you say, "Well, I believe the Lord wants me to fast a couple of days here". You just told the devil what you're thinking about. You're gonna eat about six of the biggest meals you have ever... I mean...

MARY: Isn't that the truth?

KENNETH: That gluttony spirit is just waiting on... but when you go to the word, and you base it there, and you seek the Lord and find out what he's telling you to do. What kind of fasting you want me to do here? 1983, in January of '83, I went on a cleansing and very serious fast. That's the only one like that I've ever done. The decision is what I mean. You got born again, but making a decision. You can't walk in love without a quality decision. You have to decide to do that. The word agape is not a feeling word. It's a decision word. I will love you. I will.

DON: Amen. With a God kind of love.

KENNETH: I will do it. God said, "I will". Now, it doesn't have anything to do with your feelings. You feel one way or the other. I'm gonna walk in love.

DON: Amen, a decision.

KENNETH: Yeah, you make that decision. If you don't make it, food will make it for you. Hey, this is what cost mankind, food was what cost mankind.

DON: Invited, infected the human race with sin by choosing the wrong kind of food.

KENNETH: Just choosing the wrong food.

DON: And now, most Christians do it every meal.

KENNETH: You know what, here is another thing that was all part of that, part of that hypocrite thing he was talking about. He said, "If". I looked up the word gluttony, oh brother, and gluttony and drunkard were together in every scripture. Every scripture that mentions gluttony mentions the drunkard.

MARY: Don't you love it when he chastises you though?

DON: Yes.

MARY: I do too.


MARY: I do too.

KENNETH: But it was a key.

DON: Amen, it was.

KENNETH: You have to deal with food the same way you do alcohol or any other kind of dope. Sugar is a narcotic. It is a dope. It gets uncomfortable when I talk like that. I'll make statements of concept. He's beside us. He's sitting on the other thing going, "Well now wait a minute".

DON: Not exactly, but it does have a similar dopamine response.

MARY: It does. It does. Right, yeah it does.

KENNETH: Well, when you stop and think about it, it's the same process. That's the reason that you can cut cocaine with sugar, and unless you test it chemically you can't tell the difference.

DON: Well studies have shown that rats chose the sugar over the cocaine or heroin because it was more addicting to the rats. Isn't that amazing?

KENNETH: Isn't that an amazing thing?

DON: So it is as addicting.

KENNETH: If the moment came that I had to make a life decision, I didn't have any trouble with alcohol. I didn't have much trouble with alcohol before I was born again, but oh sugar. Just pure dope to me. Made the decision, dealt with it. Now this was funny. I'm renewing my mind, do you understand, to these things and putting that gluttonous spirit where it needed to be, gone. Here's what the Lord said. If you have to resist a piece of your favorite cake every time it's offered, some of the time you're gonna fail it, but if you resist it once and for all, just like you did the alcohol, it is gone.

DON: Amen. Just like Mary, when we'd fly on American Airlines, every time after we'd eat, they'd come by with that plate full of cookies, hot right out of the oven.

MARY: Chocolate chip warm.

DON: That, you could smell it all over the plane. They'd come up to her and offer that cookie. Now years ago, she would take one and take mine too. I'd say no. But then I notice now she says no. Politely, she says, "No thank you. No thank you".

MARY: I don't even look at it.

KENNETH: But you know what...

MARY: I don't look at it.

KENNETH: You know what the Lord says.

MARY: Don't look at it.

KENNETH: People thought I was crazy.

MARY: Your eyes will get you in trouble.

DON: That's right. And don't touch it. Women, don't touch it. Remember Eve.

KENNETH: People thought I was absolutely crazy. They'd come up and offer me a cookie or something like that. I would say, "No thank you. I don't drink".

DON: That's good.

KENNETH: But gluttony and drunkard were in the same, so I'm renewing my mind. I don't care what they think, but it was talking to my mind and it put me in a state of resistance to sugar that just absolutely just powerful. That way, it's gone forever.

MARY: I can tell you, when you go to family reunions and parties and you know you're going somewhere that it's gonna be there, you know we can't get away from it, you have to do a self-talk to yourself before you go.

KENNETH: Oh yeah, out loud.

MARY: Out loud. You do, out loud. So now you know there's gonna be XYZ there. Right now, I'm just talking to you, it ain't happening. Just we're not going there. Then you'd be surprised how when you talk to yourself out loud and have that conversation of preparation, how much easier it is by the time you get there just to go, "That's okay. Thank you. No thank you. No thank you, I'm good. I'm good".

DON: But also when you're on a keto type of diet, you're shifting your metabolism from burning primarily sugar as your fuel, which is carbs and starches too, to burning fat as your fuel. And healthy fat becomes your friend. Olive oil becomes your friend. Avocado oil, walnut oil, macadamia nut oil, almond oil, almonds and nuts and seeds, they become your friend because that's where your energy comes from, and you're full for eight hours. You only need two meals a day, or one meal. Some people just do one meal.

MARY: I keep sunflower seeds, that roasted salted sunflower seeds around. I travel with it.

DON: And pumpkin seeds. She loves pumpkin seeds.

MARY: The pumpkin seeds because just a handful of those things, I'm not kidding, they blow up in your stomach and you couldn't eat anything...DON: They don't blow up, now look. They swell. Blow up's a bad image in your mind. They swell.

MARY: For me, they blow up. I'm not hungry. It just, absolutely it's satisfying.

DON: See, I love those garlic onion macadamia nuts. I carry those in my luggage. I love pecans. Love them. And avocados. Oh my goodness, avocados. And those are these good healthy plant-based fats. They don't raise your cholesterol. What was happening a few years ago when I did my keto zone with patients and they would take a lot of coconut oil, a lot of butter, a lot of cheese, a lot of cream. They're going to their doctors. They were checking their cholesterol, and their cholesterol was high and they were put on statin drugs. Then I shifted them to a plant-based keto diet, cholesterol is normal. Beautiful. That's how it works.

KENNETH: Amen. We're out of time.

MARY: I know.

DON: We try and squeeze every second out of this broadcast.

KENNETH: Well you know, time is short.

DON: And time is speeded up.

KENNETH: Yeah, it is.

MARY: He has sped up time.

KENNETH: Absolutely. Praise God. Oh, thank you Lord. We give you praise today in the name of Jesus.

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: Thank you, Lord. Hey Jeremy.

JEREMY: Thank you, sir. Now, faith for healing and divine health requires corresponding action, and our food choices will either lead us to or away from achieving good health. That's why Brother Copeland said today that a quality decision that is word-based is one where there is no argument from which there is no retreat. Right now, we are in position to decide how healthy we want to be.
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