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Kenneth Copeland - Be A Doer To Live In Divine Health

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KENNETH: Hello, everybody. I'm Kenneth Copeland. This is the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast.

Father, we thank you today. Oh my, such wonderful things that you're bringing to the surface and bringing into our hearts and our minds and we praise you and thank you for revelation from heaven. We give you all the praise, all the honor and we thank you for the wonderful, glorious, magnificent name of Jesus, and we praise you in that name. Amen. Praise God.

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: Are you enjoying this?

DON: Yes.

KENNETH: Oh. All last week and now... Man, praise God. Come on, welcome Don and Mary to this broadcast. Dr. Don and Mary Colbert. Oh listen, we talked yesterday. The neurosurgeon I was speaking of was raised in Bishop Butler's church in Detroit.

DON: Yes.

KENNETH: Dr. Avery M. Jackson, III. He's Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of Michigan Neurosurgical Institute.

DON: Praise God. Awesome. He's a spirit-filled Christian.

KENNETH: Oh, yes he is.

DON: Praise God.

KENNETH: And preach, whoa!

DON: Praise God, that's exciting.

MARY: Praise God.

DON: We need more doctors like that.

KENNETH: Yeah, he is an outstanding man of God, just an outstanding man.

MARY: Praise God. That's wonderful.

KENNETH: Let's get back in... This scripture again, and the Lord dropped something in my heart the day before yesterday that I want to mention here too. In I Corinthians Chapter 6, Verse 19: "What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the..". No, the Lord just arrested me here. Yes. Thank you Lord. Yeah, thank you Lord. Let's back up here to the 15th verse. "Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ"? The thing that just came up inside me is that when we're sick, it doesn't affect just us, it doesn't just affect our families because if we're engaged in the book of Ephesians praying, persevering, in the spirit for all saints. If we're engaged in praying first of all for kings and all that are in authority, praying for this nation. If you're not doing that listen, your prayer block is missed because the scripture says if one of us suffers it affects the whole body. We've been so single-minded here, just us and just our family, that's not the way this is. Now let's go back down there. Verse 17: "He that is joined unto the Lord is one Spirit. Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body, but he that committeth fornication sins against his own body. What? Know ye not your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, which is in you, which you have of God and you are not your own". You're not your own. You are bought with a price, therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit. It is not optional. What we eat is not optional. The way we think is not optional. This book, this Bible has commanded us to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice and not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: That's not a suggestion.

DON: Yes.

KENNETH: Amen. Walking in love is not optional, that's a commandment.

MARY: That's exactly right.

DON: Amen.


DON: That's the only commandment that we need to follow really is walking in love.

KENNETH: It is, yeah because the scripture says you do that and you satisfy...

DON: All the others.

KENNETH: Thou shalt not steal and so forth... And if there be any other commandment, it says, it satisfies the commandments of God.

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: But it is not optional, it's a command.

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: I had the Lord say to me one time, He said, "Kenneth, I love you, son, but I don't like you very much". Oh, brother. I said, "Well, God, You did it again. That hurt".

DON: That hurt.

KENNETH: I said, "Why"? He said, "Kenneth, I commanded you to walk in love". He said, "You're too high-tempered. Anybody that says anything about you in ministry..." He said, "I can't expose your ministry anymore unless you make some changes. Said, "You're too high-tempered. If somebody criticizes you and says something ugly about you you fly off the handle". This is what He told me to do, and this would apply to social media today. He said, "You, and advise your staff, don't ever again read anything about you in print, good or bad".

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: He said, "The bad part is too hard to get rid of and the problem with the good part is you don't try to get rid of it". He said, "You start believing stuff, you get puffed up about it".

DON: Mm-hmm. Amen.

KENNETH: There's not very many things that I've been perfect in, but that's one.

DON: Praise God.

KENNETH: I told the staff and everybody else. I quit watching it on TV and rolled all the care of it over on the Lord and I just simply said, "You just have no idea how much I don't care. I just don't care. I don't care what they say". Now over the years...

MARY: Yeah. That's freedom.

KENNETH: I have missed great opportunities to get really mad, but think about all the stress that I missed.

DON: Amen. You cast all your care.

KENNETH: All the care.

DON: It's at the feet of Jesus, which is good.

KENNETH: After a while you get to where you don't care what they say one way or the other.

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: But it's so vital, the point being this body, the temple. Think about it, the temple of the living God. What an honor it is.

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: Now you add to that... Think about how, can we say hypocritical? I believe we can, how hypocritical it is for someone that is obese in the prayer line for bad knees and ankles...

DON: And hips and back.

KENNETH: Healing always comes, and I am a believer, Gloria is a believer, Don and Mary are believers. We lay our hands on you and we believe full recovery.

DON: Amen.

KENNETH: Healing always comes, it's always right there because Jesus said that in His Word and it is right there. That person, whomever they are, and I've been guilty of it, way overweight, way too heavy for your joints and so forth, and absolutely refused to do anything about what caused it.

DON: I see this all the time in my practice.

KENNETH: Yeah, you do.

DON: I saw it this week. A lady comes in weighing 300 pounds, five foot two, arthritis in her hips, arthritis in her back, arthritis in her knees. "Doctor said I need a total hip replacement, total knee replacements". I said, "Listen, you just exceeded the weight limits of your frame. We exceed the weight limits in our trucks and all and it'll break the truck down". And so she's damaged her joints, but I said, "Here's what I want you to do. Let's start crucifying your flesh today, let's put you on the keto zone diet, let's give your body what it needs, let's start practicing intermittent fasting, let's go down to two meals a day". I gave her scriptures and gave her some key supplements that are anti-inflammatory to start restoring her joints.

KENNETH: Now her faith will work.

DON: And what I did, she had no energy. She came in, she says, "No, doctor. You don't understand, I'm bone tired. I'm so tired. I have no energy, I have no vitality". When I checked her percent body fat she was like 50% body fat. Again, when I checked her hormones, which I do, no testosterone. This lady was in her late 50s, no testosterone. Testosterone and thyroid are the keys for my patients. What I do is I put them on the bioidentical testosterone, I put them on natural thyroid because hers was suboptimal, it wasn't low, suboptimal, bring it up to optimize it. I'm excited because I know now that her body is going to start going into health.

KENNETH: Did she get excited about it?

DON: Oh yeah, she's excited.

KENNETH: Isn't that wonderful?

DON: When you give people hope, the key is hope.

KENNETH: You remember my Brother Hagin used to say? It's the verse you get excited about that works.

DON: Amen. If she gets excited her faith will work.

DON: That's exact... She started literally getting excited because she envisioned herself being at a normal weight. She envisioned herself being with no pain. Now her body will start going there but she's got to meditate on the Word. She's got to keep the Word in front of her and be a doer, not just a hearer, because so many Christians will hear the Word but they won't do it. In her case she's got to put away the sugar. She loves sugar, she loves desserts and she has to crucify her flesh with that.

KENNETH: That keto zone diet, oh man that thing is just marvelous, particularly for somebody like that.

DON: Yes. Absolutely.

KENNETH: It just satisfies all of that craving and all of that.

DON: It does because church, especially I do more of a plant-based keto zone diet. When I give those patients 70% of their calories as healthy fats, their cholesterol drops. Before I was doing some saturated fats, moderate. My patients would go to their primary care and they would say, "Your cholesterol is too high". And they'd put them on a statin drug. The lord dealt with me and said, "Let's put them on primarily a plant-based keto diet with lots of avocado oil, lots of olive oil, lots of seeds and nuts". As a result, that cholesterol dropped like a rock and the weight followed it. And then in combined that keto zone with the Hormone Zone with the two key hormones being testosterone and being natural thyroid and oh my goodness.

KENNETH: Then your ankles quit hurting and your knees.

DON: Absolutely. Yeah. We add a little collagen, a little curcumin to it, a little glutathione to it and all of a sudden, boom! We turn off that inflammation and then we get them cycling. I don't get them running. If you run, church, if you're doing a lot of running, if you're in your 50s and 60s, that pounding is going to... You have like five to ten times as much weight coming down on those knees, you're going to wear those knees out, you're going to wear those hips out, you're going to wear that back out. You'll get arthritis, you're signed up for it. I tell people to do more gliding, do more cycling. I love recumbent bikes. When you do recumbent bikes what you're doing is you're pedaling and you're causing that synovial fluid to bathe those joints to nourish and nurture those joints so you will start to restore those joints. Or gliding, like that elliptical machine. Those are real joint-friendly. If you're pounding on them you're going to wear them out. That's why exercise is so important. Some weight-lifting exercise, some planks, some core exercise, some postural exercise, which I was teaching you.

KENNETH: Don, talk about how exercise dilates the arteries and blood vessels.

DON: Okay. What happens when we exercise, when we exercise extreme exercise it will many times shift us over into sympathetic dominance where it constricts the arteries. But when we get into that pace, that pace where we're about 60% of our maximum heart rate, that heart rate about 110 to 130, you enter into that sweet spot of working out and that will help to dilate your arteries. It increases these endorphins that are natural pain relievers.

KENNETH: I call them dolphins, I see my dolphins working.

DON: You enter into what I call the exercise high because of the endorphins. These are like morphine compounds that give you an endorphin high. Some people take it to the extreme and they'll run marathons and wear their knees and hips and back out, so don't take it to the extreme, but what I tell patients to do is just get in the habit, it's a habit. It takes usually 21 days to form a habit, so I start my patients... 21 days. Can you do this for 21 days? I tell patients, you don't have to go out and do extreme, just start out five days a week, take off on Saturday, Sunday. My elderly patients over 70, I start them out at 10 minutes a day. If you're, say, 50 and younger, I'll start them out 30 minutes a day, five days a week. But if you're in between that 50 to 70, start out about 20 minutes a day. Now if you have a heart problem, see your primary care, get an EKG or get a stress test, I don't want anyone having a heart attack, and do not start at high intensity exercise. I've seen patients over the years and they start exercising and they get on that treadmill and they crank it all the way up where their heart rate's going 180 and some people... I mean, they could have a heart attack. We don't want that to happen. You've got to start out slow. Let your heart gradually get conditioned. Let your muscles get conditioned. We don't want you to be so sore that afterwards you can't move for a week or two, and I've seen that happen. Again, exercise is a lifestyle. Say lifestyle.

KENNETH: Lifestyle.

DON: We've got to put it as part of our lifestyle because this body was meant for movement. In order to live a long, strong life... It's kind of like I used to have a car years ago, it was a Firehawk, this was back in the 90s, early 90s. This was a fast, convertible car yet after I had it a few years I got tired of driving it because it was low down, every time I'd get in there I'd kind of twist my knee and my knee started hurting, so I quit driving it. Then after a year of doing this, I'd just drive it on occasion, maybe once a month, after doing it the car wouldn't run right, even though I put the real high premium gas in. Finally we took it to the shop and the mechanic says after he checks the car out totally, he said, "Let me ask you a question. Do you not drive this car"? I said, "Yeah, I drive it once a month". He said, "Once a month? You need to be driving this car every day. This car was meant to be driven". He says, "If you don't drive it, it's not going to run right". It's kind of like our bodies. This body body was meant for movement. When we move and exercise and make it a lifestyle... Our body is about 60-70% water, liquid, and when our waters get stagnant, like a stagnant pond, we start to breed disease. We start to breed... We invite cancer and viruses and bacteria and fungi and yeast and parasites and everything starts to live in this body and it starts to cause all kinds of problems. But when we move it's like having a beautiful fountain or waterfall that literally washes out all the impurities and keeps our body strong and pure and healthy.

MARY: You know what's great is on my watch phone here, I have this iPhone watch, if I sit too long it'll come on: You need to stand.

DON: That's great.

MARY: Then it'll come on and it'll tell me: You need to do some breathing exercises, you're not breathing deep enough.

DON: Amen. I love it.

MARY: It's amazing how these little reminders will tell me.

DON: Amen.

MARY: Then it'll give me at the end of the day, and I know you like your Fitbit, and it tells you at the end of the day: You reached your goals. You moved enough, you stood enough, you moved.

KENNETH: So many steps a day.

DON: Amen.

MARY: Yeah, it's great. It's a great reminder and for people that may need that nudge... We fly a lot, we're like you, we're in a plane. People ask me where I live, I say American Airlines.

DON: We do fly a lot.

MARY: Because I'm in a plane a lot.


MARY: When you're sitting there and you don't realize how quick an hour or two goes by, I love it, my phone will come on and say: You need to stand. Yes, sir. I don't care what's going on, I'll go ahead and stand up just to get the body moving. Little things like that work.

DON: Amen. Again, this is a lifestyle, I like to tell people. When a person comes to see me, they don't come to me expecting to get a medication, they come to learn the key principles to start bringing back their health and reversing disease.

KENNETH: Now we're back to wholeness.

DON: Yes.


DON: Again, it starts with spiritual health...

KENNETH: Whole life.

DON: Mental health, emotional health and physical health. When they come in, the first thing I put them on is a dietary lifestyle, either an anti-inflammatory diet or a keto zone diet, a plant-based keto zone diet, which is the healthiest keto zone, because so many people are eating keto diets but they're eating slabs of bacon, sausage, eating butter by the stick. And again, if you do that your cholesterol is going to go off the chart and you're going to see your primary care and he's going to put you on a statin drug that lowers your testosterone and gets you out of the hormone zone. That's why I like to tell my patients, realize adverse reactions to medications have been the third and fourth leading cause of death in this country. Again, medications have horrible side effects. I'm not against medications, but I'm against too many medications and especially when we can clear something up with diet and lifestyle changes, why shouldn't we do that? Again, when we get our minds renewed, when we enter into the peace of God, when we practice our belly laughter, when we turn off the news and turn on the good news, we start to renew our minds and that starts to clear up the mental and emotional aspects that so many Christians are suffering from. The spiritual aspect is real simple, receive the Lord Jesus as your Lord and Savior and then just stay in the Word and read the Word and memorize the Word and speak the Word over and over and pray in the Spirit, so that's easy. But the physical is where most Christians blow it because this flesh craves sweets, carbs and starches. Sweets, carbs and starches invites almost every disease into your body and so when you enter the keto zone guess what? Your sweets, carbs and starches go down to less than 15% of your total calorie and you're consuming mainly salads, green veggies and berries. Those are your main carbs you're consuming. And when that happens, guess what? Your weight goes down because when you enter the keto zone, now this makes a lot of people's brains tilt, you are eating 70% of your caloric intake as healthy fat.

KENNETH: Praise God. Isn't that good?

DON: Did you know that about 60-70% of your brain is fat? When you do that, you have just lowered your insulin levels... High insulin invites almost every disease.

KENNETH: You sure don't want a skinny brain.

DON: No, you don't. You want a nice, good...


DON: They say a fat head or a fat brain, you want a nice fat brain. But when we do that, church, we are lowering our insulin levels and we make a metabolic shift from burning sugar as our primary fuel to burning fat as our primary fuel. When you start to burn fat as your primary fuel, the first fat depot your body starts to burn is usually your belly fat. That belly fat starts to shrink, especially when you can go down to about two meals a day or two and a half meals a day and do some intermittent fasting. What happens is similar to this, I like to explain it like this: When your body burns sugar and starch and carbs, which all convert to sugar, when you eat that potato it's like a bowl of sugar. When you eat that piece of bread it's just like a bowl of sugar. When you eat that corn it's just like sugar. That's what people have a hard time realizing, but what you do, you make a metabolic shift. You shift from burning sugar as fuel to fat as fuel and when this happens it's similar to shifting from a gas-burning or diesel-burning engine... Just think, a diesel-burning engine creates a lot of black exhaust. Have you ever been behind a truck, a big old 18-wheeler that's got that big old diesel exhaust come in your car and you're gagging? Well just picture this. When you make this metabolic shift, you shift from burning diesel fuel to an electric engine.


DON: When this happens, listen to what it does to your mitochondria, it's so exciting, I get so excited about this because your mitochondria are your energy-producing little factories in every cell in your body. When you make that metabolic shift, guess what? You don't have that inflammation and that free radical reaction in those mitochondria so boom, your energy shoots up. Your mental clarity starts to improve. Your sleep starts to improve and your appetite goes when you make...

MARY: Turn off that black plume.

DON: And then with fats, fats will keep you full and satisfied for eight to ten hours. That's why so many people say, "Dr. Colbert, I'm not hungry. I don't know what's going on". I said, "You're in the zone, you're in the keto zone..".


DON: "And as a result you got control over this appetite. Praise God".

KENNETH: Glory to God. If it seems good to you, on tomorrow's broadcast let's talk about plaque.

DON: Oh, absolutely.

KENNETH: Artery plaque.

DON: We reverse that. Amen.

KENNETH: Vessel plaque and how to reverse that.

DON: Praise God. Yes, sir.

KENNETH: And keep someone from having a heart attack.

DON: Absolutely. We'll do that.

KENNETH: And get that blood flow back.

DON: Absolutely.

KENNETH: Praise God. Well, we're out of time. Let's give the Lord praise here. Glory to God.

DON: Praise God.
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