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Kenneth Copeland - Like It Never Even Happened

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KENNETH: Hello everybody, We're Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and this is the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast. Let's have a Word of prayer together. Father we thank you today. We just worship you and praise you. We thank you for the Word, oh the Word of the living God. We know the truth and it's made us free and we appreciate it so much, and we give you all the glory, Lord Jesus. Oh my, my, my, my. We are so grateful to you today, for the opportunity that you've given us to preach, teach, and heal, just like you when you were on the Earth. And we worship you for it, we thank you. In Jesus' name, Amen.


KENNETH: Well Gloria, here we are again.

GLORIA: Here we are.

KENNETH: You know we were taping at our prayer cabin there in Southwest Arkansas. You know we do five broadcasts a day. We do one week one day and one week the next. Oh, that next day, I can say out in west Texas, it come a frog strangler. I tell you, it rained and it rained and it just rained us out.

GLORIA: Let's don't repeat that, okay?

KENNETH: So anyway, now here we came home to our place here and this is our boat dock down here at our house here in Fort Worth and it did it again. I mean it just rained. If you can see the lake it's just sloshing over the top of everything.

GLORIA: Was it the early rain or the latter rain?

KENNETH: We got the whole thing.


KENNETH: And so we're down here in our little family pavilion down here. So anyway we just wanted you to know what's going on and it's just wonderful. It's good when you know that the blessing of the Lord makes us rich and he adds no sorrow with it. Now...

GLORIA: Thank you Lord.

KENNETH: Let's go back to our golden text for these meetings, which we started there in our place there in Arkansas. Which is 1 Peter, chapter five and Jesus our caretaker. Now Gloria said something this morning and I'll show you in just a few minutes where this came from. You could call this like it never even happened.

GLORIA: That's right. Praise God.

KENNETH: And I noticed for years, I'm talking about years, I kept asking the Lord I said, "Lord I know your grace is unmerited favor and the favor of God that Jerry Savelle has so powerfully preached on all these years," glory to God. I learned a lot from Jerry about walking in that favor.


KENNETH: But there was just something nagging at me that I need a working way to explain that grace. And after all those years one day he just answered me. He said, "It is my overwhelming desire to treat you like sin never even happened".

GLORIA: Praise God. Isn't that great?

KENNETH: Whoa isn't that good? And now you know the commercial with the green trucks and the green people and they come in and clean up after a flood or something like that? I remember that flashed across the TV screen one evening and their slogans "like it never even happened". Gloria look a there, that's grace. That's grace, like it never even happened. Glory to God.

GLORIA: That's good. I like that.

KENNETH: Like it never even happened.

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: Now, well let me get ahead of myself.

GLORIA: Get excited now. Go ahead and get excited.

KENNETH: Okay. All right, 1 Peter, five, verse five. Likewise ye younger, submit yourselves under the elder. Ye, all of you be subject one to another and be clothed with humility. Now Gloria, most Christian people do not have the scriptural concept of what it means to humble yourself. Be clothed with humility. Well, I'm just a little nobody. No, that's carnal minded and, humility is not self debasement.

GLORIA: That's right.

KENNETH: Now, here it is. He's going to tell us right here what humility is. Be clothed with humility, for God resisteth the proud and gives grace to the humble. Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time. Here it is, casting all your care upon him for he careth for you. Casting it all. Now then, Mark, chapter four, verse 19... and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches and the lust, or pressures of other things entering in, choke the Word and it becomes the Word becomes unfruitful. So, the care. Now care, let me tell you what it is. Anxiety, distress, uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune. Now, worry, which is anxiety. Worry... all this is fear based. Fear dependent. It has to have fear to operate. To torment ones self with cares and anxieties. Jesus said, "Don't let your heart be troubled. Don't let it be afraid". Now, I want to show you this right here, and pay really careful attention to this. SUSAN: I'm Susan and this is Shay. We work for Kenneth and Gloria Copeland in Arkansas at their prayer cabins. SHAY: In 2012, I had my first daughter. You know, you expect, as soon as you have your baby, you expect to hear them crying and that's when you know they're okay. And I just remember silence in the room. The nurses took her off and they said, "Your daughter has a very, very bad lung infection. And we're doing everything we can do right now, and we're going to have to airlift your baby to a different hospital". So, about six hours after having her, I was driving to another hospital. When I got there she was in the NICU and for two days we couldn't touch her. I still didn't get to hold her. The phone rang, and then I answered it. It was the nurse, she said, "Yes, your baby has a bad infection but we found something else. Your baby has a hole in her heart. It may require surgery, but there's always a chance that it could close on its own". So, after the infection was taken care of we left the hospital, brought her home, and they said, "We want you to come back in X amount of time, and we're going to check again". SUSAN: I called my church family and of course, my family, our family. I said, "I have to call Brother Copeland and Mrs. Gloria, and Terri and Georgia Pearson because I know they're going to pray for our baby". SHAY: Well, when we came back the Copeland's were still here. Instantly, prayers. They just started praying, and they put their hands on her and prayed for healing. A year later we go back to Children's Hospital and they say, "We have no sign of anything wrong with your baby's heart. From this point forward, when you fill out any papers, she has no heart condition. Never treat her like she does ever again because it's like it never happened". In 2016, I had another baby girl. Her name is Brelynn. The pregnancy was smooth as could be. Anything after birth was great, no problems. Then, we got surprised in 2018 with a little boy. And because Paisley had the heart condition both of my children after were tested. The cardiologist was doing the test, and I could just see something come over his face. He just quit moving. He just sat there for a minute. I said... I looked at her, I said, "He's fixing to say something that I don't want to hear". And he heard me. He said, "Yes ma'am I am". He said, "Do you see this on the screen"? You could see the two holes in his heart and the blood going back and forth. The holes looked so big. He said, "I want you to come back in three months". So, he said, "Before you leave I want to have an anatomy scan done on him also". So, we go to a different doctor down the hall and she's doing the anatomy scan. And, even she looks at the heart and says, "I can see the two holes in your baby's heart". I said, "Yes, the cardiologist just told us". She said, "Okay, well I'm going to keep going with my scan". She said, "There's a cyst on your baby's brain". And she said, "With the holes in the heart and the cyst on the brain, those are major markers for a certain type of Autism". And she said, "I too need you to come back in three months". So, it just so happened that the Copeland's were here again filming in Arkansas. Mr. Copeland said, "Well, how's the pregnancy? How's your baby"? I just started crying, and he knew. I said, "There's a lot wrong this time". And he started praying, him and Gloria laid hands on my stomach, and when they started praying I got chill bumps everywhere. I was cold all the sudden. And the nights before that, between the appointment and meeting and praying with Gloria and Kenneth, I couldn't sleep at night. I was anxious, and after that day, God gave me a calm. Just a peace. I said my prayers at night and went to sleep, and that was it until I went back three months later. The cardiologist says, "I don't see any holes in your baby's heart. Both of them are closed". I told her, I said, "Now, we'll just have to check on the brain now". So, we go down the hall to the doctor and he says, "Everything looks great". I said, "Well, we were here because there was a cyst on my baby's brain". He said, "It's not there". He said, "I wasn't even going to mention it because there's nothing there". It just showed that, to me, the God you read about, the miracles he did thousands of years ago is still the same God that can still do the same miracles now, and today.

KENNETH: Now, Gloria, Shay had every... I mean, she could have just worried, gone to sleep at night just worried sick. Oh God, oh God don't let my baby die. Oh God, don't let my baby die. Oh God, don't let my baby die. Oh, oh, oh. And I understand that. I understand it from people who don't know how to cast that care. And Shay said, "God just gave me peace".


KENNETH: Brother and Sister Copeland prayed. Well, glory to God. I mean, they prayed. Whatever, you know.

GLORIA: So, she took it.

KENNETH: She took it, and she just didn't care. She just rolled all the care of it over on Jesus. Now, I was ministering this a few weeks ago to another young woman. And, having trouble in different areas. One of them was financial, one of them was her teenage son, and there was things really, really bothering her. She's a member of KCM staff. It was really bothering her, and I had never... I'd never seen it like this. It was such a revelation to me, and to her. I called her by her name and I said, "What if Jesus was standing right here"? And you said, "I have this problem with my son, Peter, and I've got..". I said what if Jesus standing right there, and he said, okay. You could see him, and you just said, "Okay, fix it". And he said, "Okay". You wouldn't give that another thought. You could see Jesus, and he's standing right there. And you said, "Jesus, I can't fix this. This is really bothering me. Here, you fix it". And he said, "Okay".

GLORIA: I'll take it.

KENNETH: And then, just disappeared.


KENNETH: You'd say, whoa! Glory to God, it's done. Let me tell you something sweetheart, this is even more powerful than seeing him in the flesh. You remember what he told Thomas? Thomas said, "I'm not going to believe anything unless I can feel it, and see it. Put my hand in the... the finger in the holes in his hand and in his side". Jesus said, "Thomas, quit being faithless". This book, this Bible is just as much a manifestation of God in the earth as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is God manifested in his covenant, hallelujah.


KENNETH: Whoa. Glory to God at them! Preach me happy. Thank you Jesus. It ain't even lunch yet.

GLORIA: Well, there's plenty of room out here, just go ahead.

KENNETH: Just go ahead.


KENNETH: Glory to God. Can you see where we're going with this? Cast the care over on him. I remember when John was just a little boy. He had... we never did... I never did have any kind of diagnosis of it, and in fact, a doctor never looked at him. But his skin, he was about four, maybe five, and we were in a meeting. Back in those days our meetings were two, three weeks long. And this was a three week long meeting. So, his skin just, from his little waist up, was just red and felt kind of like crepe paper. And just sunlight, oh it would just hurt him. So, I put him to bed. Gloria and I laid hands on him, and prayed for him. Prayed over him. Went to bed, I woke up. And I got up and went in there and checked on him. I prayed and, thanked God for his healing. I got up the next morning and he wasn't a bit better. So, excuse me. And I went back to bed, and I woke up a couple of times during the night and so forth, thinking about him. I was worried about him. I didn't know what it was. I was worried about him. But we prayed. So, the next morning I got up for morning service, and no, let me back up just a second. I'm missing the point. So, that next night I... when I went to bed, I said, "Lord, what's wrong here? I've missed it some place. You can't miss it, and we prayed. We believe God. How am I missing this here"? He said, "Doubt".


KENNETH: Whoa. He said, "You haven't rolled the care of that over on me". And he said, "Doubt and worry is the thief of God's greater blessings". He said, "You haven't cast that care over on me. Let me have it". So we did. And, went on to bed, and I woke up about the same time I did the night before. My feet were already out of the bed and on the floor, and the Lord reminded me of that. I said, "Thank you Jesus. That care is rolled over on you. I'm not going in there and check on John". And I heard this, "Well, he's kicked his cover off. You better go in there and check on him". That nothing but the lies of the devil. I said, "Well, glory to God. If he's kicked his cover off, angel, you can just put it back". I just rolled over and went back to sleep. But now, before I could get to sleep I heard the devil say this, "Now, aren't you some kind of a parent. You just don't care enough to even go in there and check on your own son. That's irresponsible". I said, "No devil. No devil. Irresponsible is to doubt his Word, and I have cast the whole of my care of John Copeland over on Jesus". And just went on back to sleep. Well, I got up for my morning service that morning, and went on to the venue. After the service, and of course, I had taught there for over an hour. I was talking to some people there after the service, and I felt a tug on my coattail. It was John. He said, "Daddy". I said, "John, I'm... just a minute. I'm talking to somebody". I started talking. He said, "Daddy"! I said, "John, just a minute son". He said, "Daddy! Look at me! I'm healed"!

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: The proof of the pudding, pudding for all of you that don't understand Texas. The proof of the pudding is in the eating of it, glory to God. Amen!


KENNETH: I learned right then, the most irresponsible thing anybody could do is to get into pride thinking you could do better by worrying about it. It's not true. The best thing you can possibly do is role that whole care over on Jesus, your caretaker.

GLORIA: I've got something good about that the other day, a statement. Excuse me. Fear and worry are the opposite of faith. You can't be in both at the same time.

KENNETH: That's so true.

GLORIA: It is, isn't it? That's the easy way to recognize unbelief. Unbelief. Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear and worry are unbelief you could say. Fear and worry are the opposite of faith. You can't be in both at the same time. You can't be in fear and worry, and be in faith.

KENNETH: No, they don't work.

GLORIA: No, uh uh. There's no way.

KENNETH: Faith...

GLORIA: So what do you do? You rebuke fear, or whatever, and get on your faith and stay.

KENNETH: Yeah, and the Word should...

GLORIA: Don't vesiculate.

KENNETH: The Word... let's go to 1 John. Let's go to 1 John, and that's explained in the fourth chapter of 1 John. Just, it's so plain. Verse 18 of the fourth chapter of 1 John. There is no fear in love, but perfect love... that's talking about love that's growing and developing or maturing, and that's what we're talking about here today. Perfected love casteth out fear because fear hath torment. Now, what did we say over there? Worry is to torment ones self with cares and anxieties. All right, now listen to this. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. Well I sometimes just feel like God don't love me. Well, you're just as wrong as hell. Did you hear what I said?

GLORIA: I heard it.

KENNETH: That's hell that brought that subject to you. That is hell itself that told you that, and you don't need to be falling for that trap. You know better than that! Don't ever say, don't ever challenge God because he doesn't care. I just got through reading to you, that's pride. Cast the care over on him, for he cares for you.

GLORIA: Yes, amen.

KENNETH: Jesus is our caretaker.
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