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Kenneth Copeland - Get Into the Hormone Health Zone

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KENNETH: Hello, everybody. I'm Kenneth Copeland. Welcome to the Believer's Voice of Victory network broadcast program. What do you want? We got it. Praise God. Father, we thank you today in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We give you praise and we give you honor. Thank you, sir, for sending Dr. and Mary Colbert to us today, and throughout this entire week, and all the next week. We're going to enjoy their presence and the Spirit of God as He moves through them to the people. We thank you and we praise and we give you all the praise and the honor. In Jesus' name, Amen. Bless you two, glory to...

DR.DON: Praise God.

KENNETH: These people don't need any introduction, do they? I mean, they've been on this broadcast so many times before.

DR.DON: Amen.

KENNETH: It's so good to have you both back.

MARY COLBERT: Thanks for having us.

DR.DON: It's great to be here. Thank you.

MARY COLBERT: what'd you do?

KENNETH: How old is Kyle?

DR.DON: Kyle is 35 now.

KENNETH: Okay. Now their son is...

DR.DON: Just turned 35, couple of weeks ago.

KENNETH: Just turned 35. And I'm using this as a marker, okay? I held little Kyle like this.

DR.DON: As a newborn.

KENNETH: Yeah, and held him up, and blessed him, and held him up. And he's 35 years old.

DR.DON: That's right.

KENNETH: You know what I'm saying? So, what I'm saying is we've been together a long time.

DR.DON: Oh, man. Praise God.

MARY COLBERT: And you married him. He and his wife.

KENNETH: Yeah, sure did.

MARY COLBERT: And now three kids later.

KENNETH: And now, three kids later.

DR.DON: Eleven years ago.

MARY COLBERT: Eleven years ago.

KENNETH: Amen. And I'm telling you, you talk about three little firecracker kids, they've got it. It's amazing. Praise God.

DR.DON: Praise God.

KENNETH: There's two basic scriptures that the Lord has pointed out to me in praying over these broadcasts, and into our... Everything we do, we must see it through the eyes of the Lord. Because if we don't, we're no different from the world. They're looking for a truth. We've got The Truth.

DR.DON: Amen.


KENNETH: And if we start there, you start with the answer and then...

DR.DON: That's right.

KENNETH: And then you let the Lord reveal things to you.

DR.DON: That's true.

KENNETH: Now, two places. One was in the fifth chapter of Mark when the woman with the issue of blood... Now, Jesus did not heal her. This is very, very, very, very important. I want you to listen. And you know the story. She had an issue with blood for 12 years, spent all she had, and nothing better [inaudible], she heard of Jesus, came in to press behind, and touched His garment. "For she said, 'If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole.' Straightaway the fountain of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague. Jesus immediately, knowing in Himself that power had gone out of Him-" See, He really didn't have anything to do with that. He was headed to Jairus' House.

DR.DON: Right.

KENNETH: Now, this is the verse, the 34th verse. "Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole. Go in peace and be whole of that plague".

DR.DON: Amen.

KENNETH: Amen. Now, she was not whole physically. She was not whole financially. She put everything she had on that dreaded disease.

DR.DON: She did.

KENNETH: Now, we go over to 2 Thessalonians. The fifth chapter. Or, 1 Thessalonians 5:23. "And the very God of Peace". You can't have peace when you're not whole in your body.

DR.DON: Amen.

KENNETH: "The very God of Peace sanctify you wholly," All one piece. "And I pray God your whole Spirit, your whole soul," or your intellect, "and your whole body be preserved blameless under the Covenant of the Lord Jesus". And the thing that has always, always thrilled me about Dr. Colbert's practice is to see people made whole. Most people... I'm talking about Christian people, most of God's People think being whole is just getting healed. No, no. In fact, if you don't get the thinking right, and surely if you don't get the spiritual part of it right, being whole is almost impossible.

DR.DON: That's true.

KENNETH: So, that's what we're after, is the wholeness of God's People. Praise God. And I am here to testify today a major, major piece of that wholeness is obedience to God. Because this man has worked on me and with me for a long time, especially since 2004, but God instructed me and told me years and years ago. And I had the diet part of it right for a long, long time. I haven't... I just haven't violated that in years.

DR.DON: Right.

KENNETH: Years and years and years and years and years. But the exercise part, I was just too stubborn to do. Just disobedient. But when that piece was put into place, I was shocked at this whole system and how it worked.

DR.DON: That's true.

KENNETH: Now, I wanna plug this in here and then I'm gonna hush and turn it over to you. If you say something long enough for it to get in your heart, it'll control your life. Good or bad. Now, I was discussing this with Mary earlier this morning. I'm totally convinced, going back and thinking all the way back, my childhood, junior high school, high school, being an athlete and all that. I'm convinced that my testosterone level never was where it should be, because I just fought fat all the time. And on game days... Or when it came, particularly in football practice.... When it came time for football practice, oh, I'll tell you, I'd push, and push, and push, and did it anyway, but on game days, I didn't wanna move. So that I'd have energy and strength enough to get through the game, to have enough to just push it through it because I didn't know about it. I'd do it anyway. But that was so hard on me. And to exercise, even after I got up and got into ministry and all of that, doing my very best to be obedient to God, I'd try to exercise, I'd get on a treadmill for a little while and just kinda get sick. And I just flat wasn't gonna do it.

DR.DON: You know what? We find that so many people just like you, even at young ages, have suboptimal thyroid and suboptimal testosterone. And we now know that when we raise and optimize this testosterone level, it turns the adrenal glands on and supports the adrenals which help to give us energy, as well as testosterone gives us energy, as well as thyroid gives us energy.

KENNETH: Lemme tell you what happened to me. I mean... And I said it so many times, "Man, I hate this. I just can't stand to do this". Well, not all that long ago, I finally came to that place. I said, "I gotta be obedient about this. Everything else is in place".

DR.DON: Right.

KENNETH: And I have the Genesis 6:3 mandate before me and the Lord asked me to go for the 120. And so, I walked in that weight room feeling good about all this because I got my commitment made and everything. And I grabbed ahold of that thing. It came out my mouth, Doc, before I could stop it. I said, "God, I hate this"!

DR.DON: Oo. You cursed it.

KENNETH: Aw, man. See, I'd said it, and said it, and said it, and said it. It was controlling my life.

DR.DON: Amen.

KENNETH: Now, when you take the spiritual side of it, I'm convinced that's controlling the testosterone level and just killing it.

DR.DON: It is.

KENNETH: It was in my heart and it just infected my whole life, and I repent of this. Oh God, forgive me. I love this. I love you. And I love this in the Name of Jesus. I physically felt that thing leave my body.

DR.DON: Praise God. Amen.

KENNETH: I physically felt it leave. And I was free, and I can't hardly wait to get in there. I mean, I work out hard four days a week and I've got the best trainer. And my diet is in place. And I want you to know... Really, man. You've known me all these years, and the Battle of the Bulge has always been, you know...

DR.DON: Right. But it's won. You won.

KENNETH: I win it! Yeah. I went, just in a few weeks, 15% body fat, which has been my goal...

DR.DON: Amen.

KENNETH:... For years and years...

DR.DON: That's right, sure.

KENNETH:... And years.

DR.DON: Right.

KENNETH: And it just... The supernatural kicked in.

DR.DON: Absolutely. And you've combined it. It's the body, the mind, and spirit, but you lined your body up with your spirit and your mind. You got them, all three, aligned properly and then, boom, you were reset, reset.

KENNETH: Wholeness.

DR.DON: Yes. Amen.

KENNETH: I'm not just healed.

DR.DON: Right.

KENNETH: I'm not just pain free.

DR.DON: Right.

MARY COLBERT: Isn't that wonderful?

KENNETH: But made whole.

MARY COLBERT: You're 120

DR.DON: Amen, so you are set on 120, but what's happened in this world now... So many Christians are stuck, especially when they reach that age of 50. All of a sudden... Or 45. Hormone levels start to go down. And the hormone levels that go down in men, especially, is testosterone, but also in women. But it starts 10 years younger in women, around age 40. Your testosterone goes down. And women, generally speaking, when they're young, have more testosterone than any other hormone. But when your testosterone level goes down, so does your energy, so does your vitality, so does your muscle mass and bone mass, and brain, thinking ability, clear thinking. Because Testosterone energizes the brain. What it does, it helps to repair brain cells. It decreases inflammation in the brain, it increases blood flow in the brain. It increases neurotransmitter production in the brain, it helps to get rid of depression by boosting dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine. And it also decreases insulin resistance, one of the main causes of Alzheimer's. So, look at what we have when we start to restore this powerful hormone. And I tell my patients nowadays, "Nutrition is great, diet is wonderful, exercise is wonderful," but the hormones, I find, the bioidenticals, not the manmade hormones, the bioidentical hormones are one of the most important things you can do to restore your health and turn off disease. And I tell people it's like flipping on breaker switches so your body says, "Yes, thank you"! Now my body's programed for strength and vitality and energy. And so, that's what's so exciting. I tell couples now... I see so many couples that come in and their marriage is on the rocks, they have no energy, they're depressed, they're tired, they're trying to get ahead in life and they're just burdened with all the stresses of this world. And I tell them, first of all, because so many come in on the verge of divorce, "Don't get divorced until we get your hormones checked, balanced, but even better, optimized". 'Cause once we hit that optimal level of a 20 to 25 year old, it's like the body is reprogrammed for youth, your youth is being renewed like the eagles.

MARY COLBERT: One thing I think is really important for the people to know, this blew my mind when I read this. This is a medical statistical fact. You know when you go to get your labs done? They show the normal ranges of what should be a normal range from low to high. In 1950, a man's...

DR.DON: It was 1940's. 1940's.

MARY COLBERT: 1940's, a man's high... Considered high level of testosterone...

DR.DON: No, high-normal. High-normal.

MARY COLBERT: High-normal was 20...

DR.DON: 500.

MARY COLBERT: ...2500. Today, in 2019, they have reduced it so fast and brought it down to quick because of what's happening to the men's testosterone levels in America and around the world. The high level today is 900-and something.

DR.DON: 916. Back a few years ago it was up at 1200, but they keep lowering it because the endocrinologists get together and they look at all the norms and all the testosterone levels, and since testosterone levels are dropping in men, 20% drop in less than 20 years, and the sperm count has dropped 50% in less than 40 years. So, because of these new norms, they've dropped the level down. 264 to 916 is normal. But can I tell you what's happened? What's happening is now our men are having less testosterone, they're not being treated, and when your level is that of 264, you feel horrible. And to get the cardioprotective effects where it strengthens the heart, it dilates the blood vessels, you need at least 550 minimum, but to feel really good you usually need 750 to 1,000, I tell most men. Sometimes a little higher, 1100 or even 1200, but 1200 back just a few years ago was high-normal. So now, the levels have dropped. And why have they dropped?

KENNETH: That is one...

DR.DON: Why have they dropped? It's real simple. You follow the chemicals. We're exposed to so many chemicals. We call them endocrine disruptors. These are chemicals, manmade chemicals, which are tens of thousands in this country. And unfortunately, the vast majority are estrogen disrupters, they increase estrogen in your body. So our men are becoming feminized because of all the estrogens we're taking, like bisphenol A. 75%, approximately, of all canned goods are lined with bisphenol A. It's a chemical that's a type of plasticizer that increases estrogen in your body, makes you become more estrogenized, and causes deceased libido, man breasts. It causes...

MARY COLBERT: And men wanna watch Lifetime TV.

DR.DON: ...Fertility problems. But again, that's bisphenol A. And even in the credit card receipts. Now, if your hands are oily or moist and you take that credit card receipt, you absorb that bisphenol A from that credit card receipt and your skin and you become more estrogenized. Now, when women get more estrogenized, they have more female problems. They have, usually, more fertility problems, but there's so many different ones I discuss in the book like atrazine. Atrazine is a chemical that's found mainly in our tap water. That's why anyone that drinks a lot of tap water, they're getting atrazine. Now, atrazine is similar to glyphosate. You know what RoundUp is or glyphosate? It's a weed killer. But atrazine is one of the most common chemicals that's in tap water. And what it does, it induces feminization in marine life. In other words, it causes male frogs to become female frogs, but it also does it in the fish, in the turtles, in the alligators, and in the frogs.

MARY COLBERT: This conference we went to with the medical professions down in Miami, there was almost 1,000 medical doctors and they were up giving these medical facts and studies in front of the room. This man stood up there, Brother Copeland, and he said, "We are concerned that if, in 20 years, the human population will be able to reproduce".

DR.DON: Because of diminishing sperm counts. And these endocrine disrupters are causing men's sperm counts to decrease by already 50% in less than 40 years. Now can you imagine in another 40 years, if its another 50% we're in trouble of maintaining ability for fertility in men to get their wives pregnant.

KENNETH: If it was left just purely on a natural level, the devil would wipe it out.

DR.DON: Absolutely. And that's his goal is to wipe it out.


KENNETH: It's just wipe it out.

MARY COLBERT: That's what's going on.

DR.DON: Absolutely.

KENNETH: And without the influence of the Spirit of God, not just in Christian people, but in the whole planet, it'd just wipe it out.


DR.DON: Right.

KENNETH: But thank God we can do something about it.

DR.DON: Absolutely.

MARY COLBERT: That's exactly right.

KENNETH: And we can do something about it in the Christian community, and that makes our witness even that much greater.

DR.DON: Right, sure.

KENNETH: And the affect of it that much greater in our own health and testimony. There are people, I'll tell you, the people that we talk to and the people that we see, the people in our meetings and so-forth, so hungry for answers.

DR.DON: Amen. Amen.

KENNETH: If it hadn't been for the absolute mandate of God on Gloria and my life, man, I woulda quit. It was so tough, physically.

DR.DON: It's tiring.

KENNETH: I oughta just quit.

DR.DON: Sure.

KENNETH: But by just continuing to walk my faith and believe God for His wisdom and stand on the Word, and then God raises up people like this to minister to us. I remember in 2004, we were down there in their place in Florida. And we were just standing there in the kitchen, and I heard the Lord say this so clear and plain. It was almost audible. It's just so authoritative. He said, "Don Colbert is a apostle of healing".

MARY COLBERT: That's right.

KENNETH: And I said, "Say that again"? He said, "He is an apostle of healing". Well, see, in my mind, I had the medical doctor over here and I had the preachers over here. And of course, the Lord knew what I was thinking, struggling with. He said, "Kenneth..." He said, "Don't you think it's a good thing when I call a man to be an apostle of healing, to send him to school"? I said, "Yeah, now that idea... Yeah! That just makes a lot of sense to me". You have no idea how much this man's been to school.

DR.DON: Amen.

KENNETH: There's a lot of things that... Man, he made a lot of other doctors mad and upset and everything else, but...

MARY COLBERT: He still is.

KENNETH: Man, I mean, he studied Chinese medicine, he studied all these different areas and levels of... And he studied chiropractic and nutrition.

MARY COLBERT: God gave him such an incredible thirst to know because healing is this giant tree.

DR.DON: Amen.

MARY COLBERT: It's like a giant oak tree. And if you eliminate one of the limbs of God's ability, it's one way God heals. And if you cut one of those limbs off, then you have just minimized...

KENNETH: There's serious trouble.

MARY COLBERT: Serious trouble. God's wanting to bring wholeness.

DR.DON: Amen.

MARY COLBERT: You know, I don't know. I saw the movie, "Paul the Apostle of Christ".


MARY COLBERT: I don't know, if you haven't seen-


DR.DON: Powerful movie.

MARY COLBERT: You know, I have heard so many major apostles on the Earth. We've gone and spoken, say, "You know, Don Colbert is God's Luke in the Earth". I didn't fully appreciate that until I saw that movie because Luke was a prolific writer and a medical doctor.


MARY COLBERT: And I saw that and I went, "That's what they were talking about"!

KENNETH: And we're out of time.


KENNETH: Praise God, hey Jeremy?

JEREMY: Thank you, sir. You know, God wants you healthy, whole, and strong, and just as Brother Copeland said today, a major part of that wholeness is obedience to God. Now, for those of you that don't know, Dr. Don Colbert is a Board Certified family practice doctor and a born again believer. And you have these two experts in their field, Brother Copeland and Dr. Colbert and both are directing us towards God's plan for divine health. And I want you to stay with us all this week and next as we learn spiritual and practical steps to maintaining and improving your quality of life.
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