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Kenneth Copeland - Build a Foundation of Faith for Your Family

TERRY MINOR: God is gracious to show us how and to do, and how to keep things well balanced. You know for His ministry, family and everything. Because only He can show us how to do that. I know my God has made the way for me. I know my God has made the way for me.

KENNETH: Hello, everybody. We're Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Let us be the very first ones today to wish you Merry Christmas!


KENNETH: Praise God.

GLORIA: Merry Christmas.

KENNETH: This is the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast. This is our Christmas Week Special, and we are so pleased and so blessed that you're here, and thank you for being our partner, praise God. Let's have a word of prayer together. Father, we thank You and praise You today. We worship You. We thank You. Thank You so much. Oh, God, thank You for sending Jesus. Mm. We're just so thrilled. Our hearts just crying out praises to You.

GLORIA: Praise You, Lord. Thank You, thank You.

KENNETH: Thank You for the Holy Spirit that led us to that point that day on November 2nd, 1962, for me; two weeks before that for Gloria.

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: When we just cried out and said, "Jesus, come into our hearts. Take our lives and do something with it".

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: And how wonderful it is to know the risen Savior, the Lord God, the King of Kings.

GLORIA: Praise You for it.

KENNETH: In Jesus' name, amen.



GLORIA: Hallelujah.

KENNETH: Hallelujah. Merry Christmas, Gloria.

GLORIA: Merry Christmas, Kenneth.

KENNETH: You certainly look pretty in your Christmas, black and white... no, that's not black and white, that's black and red.

GLORIA: Black and red.

KENNETH: Yeah, black and red.

GLORIA: Thank you very much.

KENNETH: You are always so pretty. You know, her daddy was right.

GLORIA: Oh, no. You're not going to tell that, are you?

KENNETH: Yeah. Yeah, he walked up to me at that party back there and 50-some-odd years ago. And he said, "My daughter's the best looking girl in the state of Arkansas". I said, "Is that right"? He said, "Yeah, that's right". And so he went around the rest of the party there. A little bit later, he came back and said, "You don't believe me, do you"? I said, "I believe you".

GLORIA: He never told me that.

KENNETH: And he said, "I'm going to show you". He said, "How you going back to the airport in the morning"? I said, "taxicab, I guess". "No. I'll come by and pick you up". And I thought, "Yeah, that's just party talk". But in the morning, son, there he was at the front door of that place. And I said, "Uh, uh". I was almost that dumbstruck. The man's right. Ha-ha-ha-hallelujah! Best looking girl in the state of Arkansas, and she still is. Praise God. Amen.

GLORIA: We've done well together, haven't we?

KENNETH: Yes, we've had a lot of fun together, and still having a lot of fun together.

GLORIA: Yeah, that's right.

KENNETH: Watch this. Pay really close attention to this. This young man, Terry, and his wife, Hannah Minor, his dad, before he went home to be with the Lord, I knew his dad real well, and this young man is a very, very anointed, very talented young man, he and his wife both. They're pretty people.


KENNETH: Amen. Watch this. We'll be right back.

TERRY MINOR: Hello. I'm Terry Miner, Jr., and this is my wife, Hannah Minor, and we're from Knoxville, Tennessee. As soon as I was born, you know, even from that moment, my house had been filled with Kenneth Copeland Ministries' material and tapes and magazines and all the materials from my parents and from being partners and just supporting the KCM ministry.

HANNAH MINOR: I was born and raised in a Baptist church. And we met through doing full-time ministry. He was a Christian rap artist, and I booked him for a show. And ever since then, God just did an amazing work, and we ended up getting married. And I was introduced to Word of Faith and have been there ever since.

TERRY: I grew up as a P.K., a preacher's kid. And my dad was a preacher my whole life. But my life took a turn on this, March 3, 2016, the day before my 27th birthday, suddenly and instantly. And it was totally unexpected. My dad passed away. And on April the 13th, or 15th, I was supposed to be celebrating his 30 years anniversary as pastor. After that happened, when he passed away, of course, you know, because my dad was involved with the city so much, and hundreds and hundreds and thousands of kids' lives that he touched and all the things that we do with sports and church and youth centers and everything that we've done all over the years. And everybody was looking like, you know, after dad passed, was like, "What now"? You know, obviously, also being the pastor of the church, no time passed, even hours after it happened, everyone's already looking to me and saying, like, "What now"?

So, of course, I had to get time with God. And then after I did, God gave me a sermon. And the sermon title was "What now, the answer". And then, you know, to everybody's question. And then God spoke to me and said this, He said, "Nothing will slow down. Things will pick up speed, but only according to your faith". And that was the exact word that I received from God. And then after that, I just had to run with it and take on many more hats. And now, also being the head pastor of the ministry now, and preaching every Sunday, ever since he passed, I've been preaching every Sunday and Wednesday since, and hosting and running the prayer nights every Tuesday night, also on top of the music and everything else that we have to do. But God has graced us to showing us how to do it and how to keep things well balanced, you know, as far as ministry and family and everything, because only He can show us how to do that. And I've learned that our direction in life, and the things that's really in us only become servants when we truly get before His presence and spend time with Him in a secret place. And then as I did that and went deeper there, God started showing me who I really was.

Of course, you can think, "Okay, well, now am I going to have time to do music or". You know what I'm saying? And while I'm going to be preaching and doing this and that, but He showed me, I'm going to use it all. "I didn't have you going hard and pressing and staying and patient all these years for nothing, this and then this. There's going to be a purpose for the music. There's going to be a purpose for the preaching. I'm going to use it all". And both of it, of course, we want to help lives and save souls globally. Brother Kenneth Copeland of KCM emailed me. We was emailing back and forth. And I noticed he started calling me, "Son". What happened at this years Southwest Believers' Convention was amazing because it was like I saw he really took that step physically and spiritually as, "You are my son in the Lord, and I am your father, and everything is going to be okay". And then so we had a moment, and he called me to the front at the conference, at 2016 SWBC; and went up there and then he told the crowd, he said, "This is my son," you know.

KENNETH: This is my son, Terry Minor.

TERRY: Yes, sir.

KENNETH: Glory to God.

TERRY: And I got up there, and then he began to lay his hands on me and then ordain me as well, as an ordained minister, because, of course, you know, my dad had been a minister. And I knew I was going to preach sometime in life, but I didn't know it'd be this soon. Of course, I knew, whenever that happens, I knew it would, to be honest. Deep down, I knew it, but I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to embrace. This is just the rapping part, but also I knew for a fact, probably after rap, you know, then I'll become a minister, stay in the ministry, then it crosses over to pastor. But it happened in such a way, you know, to where it wasn't the method I thought that the way it would happen, but it happened.

KENNETH: And today there is released unto you anointing to lay your hands on the sick. released unto you anointing to lay your hands on the sick.

TERRY: It was already in my heart. It's already been in my heart to do something. I know you had to be an ordained minister to legally be able to go into hospitals and be able to go on floors and just have at it, you know, with the Lord and lay hands on people and stuff. So he ordained me, laid his hands on me, and it was a real powerful and real intimate time. There is a divine connection when you become a partner. It is highly important to be spiritually connected in the ministry where you are called to. And although Brother Copeland may have embraced me in a way with, you know, like spiritually and physically in moments like that, some people, you know, may say, "Well, I want somebody like that to embrace me that type of way". You are already embraced that type of way...


TERRY: Jesus. And the thing is, you know, as it says in Romans 2:11, you know, God is not a respecter of persons. So what He made happen for me, He'll make happen for somebody else, but it may not be the same exact way that you've seen God use. And so that's the ultimate way, you know, to be encouraged 100 percent; know that God is for you. And what He makes happen in my life, He'll make happen for you as well. And the most important part is just staying in the Word and reading the Bible, because when you are assured, it comes from being in His presence. We can only have total assurance by being with Him, like, because we know man is not our source. God is our source. It doesn't matter who embraces you, you embrace God, and God will see to it that you're going to prosper with the blessing and all that. But we are grateful, grateful, grateful, grateful, you know, that God used Brother Copeland in my life in that way and also now being my spiritual father.

KENNETH: Now, Gloria, a lot of the young people, they say, "Well, yeah, that's Grand Mill," very, very well-known Christian rap disc jockey. I mean, everybody knows Grand Mill, you know, from radio. But what I wanted to point out here is, here is a young man, now, his dad, Terry Minor, is a good friend of ours. He'd been in our home, you remember, and he claimed me as his spiritual father. So actually, I guess I was Terry Minor, Jr.'s, or Grand Mill's spiritual granddaddy until this occurred. But anyway, the thing that just popped out there to me, he was raised in the household of faith. He didn't know he was supposed to fail.

GLORIA: That's right.

KENNETH: He wasn't afraid to do what he needed to do. And his dad, I mean, it was just like that. I mean, like he said, it was so unexpected and everything. His dad just suddenly went home to be with the Lord. Well, I mean, Terry, Jr., just stepped up. And he already knew how to believe God. He was already successful as a Christian rap artist, and he's got a new album out some months ago and all that kind of thing. He's flowing with God since he's a baby. He don't know how to do anything else. And that...

GLORIA: That's all you need to know.

KENNETH: Whoa. Now, when you know, Scripture says, "You train up a child in the way he ought to go..".

GLORIA: Mm-hmm.

KENNETH: "...when he gets old, he won't turn from it". And if you read that verse on down a little bit, well, on each side of that verse, you'll see that it was referring to training a child up to not be in debt. And people just take that verse out of its setting. Ho. I was raised to be in debt. My dad took me to the bank, and thinking this is a good thing to do, and took me to the bank...

GLORIA: To help you.

KENNETH: ...and introduced me. I was just a kid, just a teenager. And what you did back there then, you borrowed $50, and then you hand it to your daddy, and your daddy keeps it until it's supposed to be paid back, and then he hands it back to you so you don't spend it. And you go back down there and pay your note off. Well, you do that several times, see, and then somebody would, you have your credit rating, back there in those days, it would just be marked "Satisfactory". Well, you got a good credit rating building up, it liked to have destroyed me as you know. By the time she and I got married, I was $24,000, in 1962, $24,000, I mean, that's...

GLORIA: You still didn't have anything.

KENNETH: That would be about the same today as 150-, $200,000. And we was in that mess when we went in the ministry. I just wanted to point out that it's so vital to surround your children. And if you haven't been doing it, start doing it now. Say, "Come on in here, boy. We're going to listen to this. We're going to", Don't talk Bible. Just say, "Come on in here. We're going to feed our faith. Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the Word of God. Amen". And then after they kind of wake up a little bit, well, of course, it's the Bible; of course, it's the Word of God. Amen. Now, let's keep that same flow, that same flow. I want you to watch Brownie Bounds. Now, Brownie, ho-ho, Brownie's like one of our children. And I mean, I married she and David, and David's in heaven now. And they've been missionaries all the way in the northern parts of Canada and up among the Cree Indians and all of that, so I want you to watch Brownie.

LINDA "BROWNIE" BOUNDS: My name is Linda "Brownie" Bounds, and I'm from Lloydminster, Alberta. I was raised in a denominational church, but didn't get born again until I was almost 24 years old. But two years later is when I went to work for Brother Copeland. And so I learned faith. I was working with him and Brother Jerry Savelle at the same time. And so I learned faith from those two who are my fathers in the faith.

NARRATOR: So Brother Copeland played a significant role in you and your husband's lives.

BROWNIE: Yes, he did. Because I was working for him, and then when I introduced him to my future husband, David, finding out that David worked with the First Nations people in Canada just knit their hearts together. And then he performed our wedding ceremony and actually ordained us as apostles to the Nations during that ceremony.

NARRATOR: Tell me about the work that you and David did here.

BROWNIE: Well, we came up here primarily to work with the Cree Nations in northern Saskatchewan. But it turned out that we were called to the whole nation of Canada. So our work was to establish churches and raise up indigenous leaders in those places. It was a miracle that we had children, that the doctors had said we couldn't have children. And, you know, that doesn't say "no" to us. We say yes, that the Lord had already told me, actually when I was working for Brother Copeland, that I would have a daughter, and I was to name her Liberty. "For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty".

And so He told me to do that. And then I didn't know at the same time He had spoken to a young man in Canada, and named David Bounds, who God said, "I'm going to give you a son, and you're to name him Jonathan David". So when we got together, we had to agree that, "Okay, this is part, if you want to marry me, you've got to agree to this". But so we knew, even the doctors said we couldn't have children. We knew we would because God had promised us Liberty and Jonathan. And so we did have two children, and we raised them with the Word of God. We raised them, you know, being able to come to like these different conferences, victory campaigns, Southwest Believers' Convention, Anaheim back in the years, where we would take them and let them sit under the anointing even as young children. And by that, they, you know, they had to make their own decision. They had to have their own encounter with God, which they did.

And so both of them are now serving Jesus. My son is pastor of our church in Lloydminster where I'm living now. And he and his wife pastor The Word Church of Lloydminster. And then Liberty and her husband, Matthew Harris, they are basically getting ready to launch into their own ministry in a couple years, I guess. But they're helping in a church there in Philadelphia and in other areas of New Jersey. So we're just really blessed that we're all serving Jesus. And I think because I came from a legacy of faith with Brother Copeland, you know, he was under Brother Roberts. And then Brother Jerry was under Brother Copeland, and so we see that the heritage of faith is so important, that it's so important that you raise your children with a faith atmosphere, that you parent out of faith and not out of fear, and you put that foundation in them. And the Word says they won't depart from it. And they haven't. And now I have a grandson, and he's just a real blessing, too. We just know that God has called our family to preach the Word of God, you know, all over the world.

We need the people that have been under this and the people that have been in the Word and the people that have walked by faith and experienced all these things, we need to hear what they have to say. And I'm not too much younger than Brother Copeland, but I need to hear what he has to say. But I look at my children and my grandchildren, and there again, that's the heritage of faith. That's a legacy. And so we need to pass on. And my son said it so well one time when he was graduating. He says, "It's not passing the baton to someone, and they run". He said, "It's passing the baton, and we run beside each other". And I think that's so well spoken in that the younger generation, the ones that have been raised in this. They're not looking to get rid of us. They're looking to learn from us. But they have something that needs to get out. We have to make room for them. We have to honor what God's called them to do. And I'm thankful that they have that confidence because they've been taught faith. They have that confidence to teach it and not necessarily in the same way we did it, but it's the same message.

KENNETH: Now, you know, there are things that are supernatural that are not spectacular at all but they're no less supernatural? Now, I want you to verify this. Terry and Hannah Minor, ordained by Kenneth Copeland, answering the call of God. It doesn't say anything about being raised in the house of faith, does it?


KENNETH: As we were watching that, just at the close of it, I just heard the Spirit of God say that, "Talk about the fact that he's raised in the household of faith". Well, then Brownie comes up, can you see how the Spirit of God orchestrated whomever picked those? Because they weren't looking for this. It was something that Terry Minor talked about, being raised in the household of faith. And the Spirit of God said that to me. The Spirit of God had those two put back to back. "Ha-ha-ha-ha" on the devil. I tell you what, ho-ho! Holy Ghost is in charge of the Believer's...

GLORIA: Yes, He is.

KENNETH: ...Voice of Victory. Isn't that good?

GLORIA: Hallelujah.

KENNETH: Hallelujah. Whoo! That's shouting ground, brother.

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: That would happen between Jerry and me, he'd come in from somewhere, and I'd come in from somewhere, I mean, we had ministered together for a long time, but then he went out in his own ministry. And he would, without us, we never did talk to one another about what the other one was going to preach. I'd be following him, he'd be following me. And one time in a Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship meeting, I was sitting right next to a friend of mine. I had the outline out on "The Power and Authority of the Name of Jesus". Now, somebody's hearing me right now, or the Lord wouldn't be having me take time to do this. And Jerry got up there first. He took point one, he took point two, and he got right down to the end of that point. And I poked this guy over there, and I let him look at my outline. And I had the same outline in my book. The title was a little different, but is was the power and authority of the name of Jesus. And he got right down to that third point. He said, "Well, let me read this Scripture here, and we'll close". He read the Scripture and closed. That was my opening Scripture on my outline. That guy said, "Wow. That beats all I ever saw". Ha-ha. But see, it wasn't spectacular, but how supernatural.

GLORIA: Supernatural.

KENNETH: Hallelujah. This is life in the faith lane, brother.

GLORIA: Praise God. Yeah.

KENNETH: Hallelujah. As the Spirit of God orders and ordains life. That's what living by faith is if you'll spend time with Him. Now, you can hear this coming through both of those testimonies, that here's people that spend time with God. They're not spending time wasting a bunch of time on a bunch of junkie television and all that, and then get up about 10 minutes before time to go to church and go back and dig out, "Well, let's see. I preached that one. Oh, let me get back here. Uh, yeah, 14 months ago. That's probably fine. They won't remember that one". No leadership of the Spirit of God at all. Amen. But God knows what He's doing.

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: And He will order your life. That's the reason you need to be so full of the Spirit of God you don't want to think about anything else, you don't want to talk about anything else. That's one of the things before this week's up, we're going to talk about the anointing of God, the yoke-destroying, the burden-removing, yoke-destroying power of the living God.

GLORIA: Praise God.

KENNETH: That's one of the things that Jesus came to give the Church, to you and me. Amen.


KENNETH: We'll be back in just a moment.
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