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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Expect Your Daily Load of Good Things

Kenneth Copeland - Expect Your Daily Load of Good Things

Kenneth Copeland - Expect Your Daily Load of Good Things
TOPICS: Expectations

Join me again today in welcoming Brother Jerry Savelle to this broadcast. Jerry, we had a great time last week.

We did.

It's still just going over and over and over. He loads me up. I got up this morning and said, "I'm loaded".


I really did. First thing I thought of when I got up today.

Praise God.

Let's go back over there to that scripture in Psalm 68 where you started us off last week. Well, this was our scripture all week long.


In that 19th verse, "Blessed be the Lord who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation". Glory to God. Man, it did it again.

Boy, that excites you every time you read it.

That just stirs me on the inside. It shows God's will that he's not holding back from us. We've not been receiving is the problem. It's never been with him. It's never been him holding back. Say, well, I'm going to teach you something, you dummy. You're going to stay sick for another 10 years. That's just man-made dumb religion. Very dumb idea to think God would even be that kind. Now, two things come to my mind, and then I want you to just drop the hammer on this thing because we got some good going to happen in here today. Number one, Jesus said in praying, "Give us this day, today, this day, this day, our daily bread". Okay. Now, let's combine this scripture with what he said. Give us our daily load, Lord. Amen. I got my truck open here. Load her up today. And then James, Jesus' half-brother, raised in the household with Jesus, had very unique perspective of Jesus compared to anybody else. And he said, "Every, every, every good gift comes down from God".

That's right.

Never let any man say when he's tempted, he's tempted of God because God brings no evil to any man. Isn't that what Jesus said? Deliver us from evil. I mean, we're supposed to be taking that every day, expecting every day, my daily load of good things coming from God.

Religion has lied to us, obviously.

All these years.

And so many of God's people are still living under that lie. And they think what we're saying here sounds far-fetched, but not experiencing something from God every day sounds far-fetched to me. Because from the very beginning in the book of Genesis, as you know, every time God created something immediately afterwards, it says, "And it was good".

It was good.

And it was good. Now that's before he even created man. Everything he created, it was good. They had man in mind when he created all this. So when he created Adam and Eve, he already created everything that they were to be involved in and to partake of and called it good. So he is saying that his original intention was that life be good for humanity. That life be good.

Put that back with what James said.


Every good thing comes down. Well, the first thing that came down was God. I mean, he created all that and he said, "Oh, that's good. And oh, yeah, that's good". He didn't do any bad. On what day did he create cancer? I mean, that didn't happen until the curse came in. All this was good as long as God had anything to do with it.

I can just see him standing back. Now he's doing all this, but he's got man in mind. And I can just see him standing there creating all this beauty and saying, "Oh, Adam's going to like this. He's going to like this". Yeah. Everything he did was good.

They're going to like this.

He wanted them to have a good life. In fact, let me read something to you from Ephesians chapter two.

I'm going to like this.

This is from the Amplified Version, Ephesians 2:10. And it says, "Taking paths which he prepared ahead of time that we should walk in them, living the good life which he prearranged and made ready for us to live". Now from the foundation of the earth, God had the good life in mind for mankind. He never intended for us to know one thing about sickness and disease because it didn't exist. He didn't. He never intended for us to know anything about poverty, lack or want because it didn't exist. He never intended for us to know anything about the curse because the curse didn't exist. Everything he made was good. I preached a sermon down at Stan Moore's church in Miami not too long ago. And I just called it, if it ain't good, it ain't God. You know?

Jerry, I just saw something when you're reading that scripture there in Ephesians. The Word says in place after place after place that He planned these before the foundation of the world. He planned our paths. He has a plan and He had it all laid out perfectly in His heart and in His mind. He had this plan for this man that would be born in Shreveport, Louisiana called Jerry Savelle. And He had all of this plan throughout eternity. And here's these first few years, very few years, shortest time of all of our lives has been on these first years here on the earth. But He laid the base for everything that He said, "Now, Jerry's going to like this. Oh, yeah. Jerry's going to like this". Now, He knows exactly what Jerry's going to like. He put the like in you. He created you. You were born to do certain things. I knew I was born to sing. I knew I was born to fly. I knew that when I was just a little boy. Now, I didn't put it in those terms. I just, it was just there all the time in my life. And then later, very young, I'd make that kind of statement, you know? Man, I was just born to do this. And I was in a little variety show one time at school. And oh, I'll tell you, and I walked out of the house that evening to go, and Daddy was ready to take us on. I said, "Daddy, this is what I was born to do". Well, I didn't know about preaching yet. But I couldn't reconcile that. I know I'm supposed to fly. I know I'm supposed to sing.

Well, preaching looked like it interfered with what you were going to do.

Yeah, now how am I supposed to get all this work done? But see, God already knew all those things were in me. And when I started following His plan, when I started following His way, saying His words, thinking His thoughts after Him, here come the flying, here come the singing, here come the preaching, all of it. And He says, "Yeah, I told you you're going to like that".

Yeah, you know, when I finally surrendered my life to the Lord in 1969, at the time, I owned a paint and body shop. And that was my dream as a kid, because that's what my dad did. And I watched my dad work for all those dealerships and take his expertise to make somebody else rich. I said, "Daddy, teach me what you know, and I want to put all that in my own business and make me rich, you know". And so my dad had wanted to be in business for himself as far back as I can remember, but he never was quite able to achieve that. So he worked for all those dealerships. Well, by the time I was 21 years old, I owned my own business. And I'm doing exactly what my daddy had always dreamed of doing all of his life. Well, obviously, he was very proud of me. You know, I had my own business. I'm following in his footsteps as far as paint and body work and building hot rods and racing cars and all that. And I knew I was called to preach from 11 years old. Watching Oral Roberts on television, I heard the call to preach. But that was interfering with my dream. There's no way am I going to surrender to this preaching business. I already know what I'm going to do. I've known that since I was a little boy. And preaching...

Let me plug something in right there. You'd been lied to about the preaching.

Yeah. Well, that's...

You had the wrong...

See, watching preachers is what kept me...

Yes, sir.

... from wanting to do that.

Yes, sir.

And, you know, when you're running from God, Satan will see to it, and you don't want to preach, he'll see to it that all the worst preachers cross your path.

Oh, yeah.

The cons.

Too many times a day.

You know, and that's all I saw. And I remember even when Carol and I first married, and she knew I was called, and she's praying I'd surrender my life to the Lord. And I said, "Carolyn, if that's the way you want me to be, forget it. You know, because I saw the cons".

That's the way I was.

And I've said jokingly, but yet at the same time, I was serious. I was a sinner, but I was an honest sinner. My daddy and my grandpa taught me integrity and keep your word. And I thought, boy, if I ever go in the ministry, I'll have to become a con artist, you know? So that was not anything I wanted to do. But you changed that when you came in 1969, and Carolyn went to all the services, come home every day. I'd come home from my shop with Bondo dust from head to toe and grease all over me. And she'd say, "If you'll come to this meeting, I promise you he's not like all the rest". I'd say, "Carolyn, you've said that about 17 preachers, and you lied 17 times, you know"? She said, "I'm telling you, I've been in this all my life, and I've never heard anything like this man preaches. He's not like all the rest. He's not like those that you've been exposed to before". And she begged me to come, and I went the last night you were there. And it was the first time I didn't see a preacher ball and squall over the offering, tell sad stories, make us all cry and feel sorry for him till we gave everything we had, you know? And you just laid it out there, and I'll never forget your closing remarks. You said, you closed your Bible. You said, "If you believe it, it'll work. If you don't, it won't. Good night". And I thought, man, John Wayne in the pulpit, you know? That's what I needed. But right after you left, I surrendered my life to the Lord. Now, here I was with this painting body shop. My dad's proud of me. I've accomplished something that he'd never been able to achieve. And now I'm about to give this thing up to go into the ministry. And I went down to my mom and dad's house to tell them. And I thought, when I told them, I sat there in the living room with them. I said, "Mom, dad, I want to tell you something's happened to me". And I said, "I'm shutting my business down, and I'm going into the ministry full time". I thought I was going to pick them both off the floor. Shock. They'd never heard me say anything like that before. I'll never forget what my mother said. She looked at me and she said, "Well, son, that doesn't surprise me". I said, "Why doesn't it surprise you"? She said, "Well, I've never told you this, but when you were born, your daddy's mother held you in her arms about 20 minutes after you were born and looked up at your daddy and me and said, 'This boy will preach.'"

Praise God.

And they never told me that story. I never knew that. And so they weren't surprised. Now I can just see God saying, I got him there. I got him on the path. You know, David said, "Teach me the path of life". Well, God already had this path laid out. Now I'm going this way and God's going this way. And eventually I got on that path. And then when I got in the Word and began to discover the kind of life that's on that path. My Lord, why would you ever want to get off the path? He said, I love this. Living the good life, which he prearranged and made ready for us to live. Now, one time I was, I was meditating on that. And, the Lord reminded me of when my first grandchild was born, Mark James, you know, Mark James, you've known him since he's born. And when Jerriann gave birth to Mark James, I held him in my arms and I looked down at him. I said, "Mark James, I just want you to know, son, you picked the right family to be born into".

Yes, sir. I said, "Your grandfather and your grandmother are extremely blessed and highly favored. And as soon as I leave this hospital, I'm going to see my accountant and I'm going to set up for you a trust fund. And I'm going to contribute to that trust fund faithfully every month. And by the time you 18, 21 years old, I'm going to have prearranged for you the good life". Now he can't even focus yet. He don't even know who I am, but he don't have to know. The good life is already being prearranged for him. Now at one year old, he still don't know what a trust fund is, but it exists.

It's there.

It's there, even though he don't even know what it means. He don't know how to tap into it, but it's there. Now at three years old, he's calling me wanting to know how much interest is earned. And when do I get it? And now when he turned 18 years old, I say, my mom and dad didn't know to do these things. But at 18 years old, they didn't know they could, but when he turned 18 years old, his trust fund provided him a brand new car paid for. The good life had been prearranged for him. Now that's what God has done for us. We're his kids. And God has established a trust fund for us and everything we'll ever need, everything we'll ever desire, and everything that'll bring enjoyment and happiness to our life is in that.

Think about, you know, I hadn't put this together until while you were talking there. Think about how you and I actually met. Now, if this wasn't, I just see the smile on God's face. One of the tires, the tire tread on my car, by this time I had a decent car. It wasn't a wreck that I started out with the few years before. Yeah, I had a nice Bonneville Pontiac at that time. But the tread came off the tire and just like to rip the fender off that car. Man, I met Jerry Savelle and I said, "Hey, bud, come here and look at my car. I need you to fix a fender on my car". I mean that the very thing that Jerry did so well, the way God put us together was for him to do his touch on that car. And he did, brother, I'm telling you, you couldn't tell that car had ever been anything but brand new. And it didn't take him. It didn't take him any time to fix it. He just went out there and said, yeah, he had nothing to it. And ripped in there and fixed my car.

Well, let me, let me back up in that story because this is all part of that plan. God getting me on the path. When I came in that last night, you were there and I came home from my shop, Carolyn said, "Brother Copeland is going to be here one more night. Tonight's the last night", she'd been in every service. And she said, here's two things that got me to go that night because I was not going, you know, and she said, "If you'll go tonight and you don't like him, I will never ask you to go to another preaching meeting as long as we live". I said, "Now that's the deal I've been waiting for". I said, "If I don't like him, I'd never have to go again. I'll never ask you to go again". I said, "Okay, I'm going". And I said, "Now, what is this guy's name again"? She said, "Kenneth Copeland". I said, "I know who that is". She said, "How would you know who Kenneth Copeland is"? I said, "Well, back in 1957, he had a hit record on the radio called the Pledge of Love". She said, "That's not him". I said, "Does he sing"? She said, yes. I said, "Well, can't rock and roll people get saved"? She said, "Well, yeah, but that's not him". Now, I'm going to that service for two reasons. Number one, if I don't like you, I don't ever have to go to another meeting. Number two, I want to prove her wrong. I'd like to be right one time. I said, when that meeting's over with, I'm going to go up and ask him if he's the same Kenneth Copeland who was on the radio. Because I remember the song, I knew the words to it. I even sang it to her, you know. And she said, "It's not the same Kenneth Copeland". Well, I got to that service that night. And yeah, I heard things I'd never heard before. And I'm kind of right out on the edge of my chair now. But then right in the middle of your sermon, you stopped and said, in 1957, I had a hit record on the radio called the Pledge of Love. And it was going places, and Mama's praying it wouldn't work, you know, because she knew I was called to preach. I turned to Carolyn, I said, "See there, I told you". Now, God used that to get me further out on the edge of my chair, because now I'm hanging on to every word you said. And then when you left town the next day is when I surrendered my life to the Lord.

Praise God.

Now, that's not a coincidence.

No, none of it's a coincidence.

None of that's a coincidence. That's that path that God had. And He's trying to get me on. He'd been trying to get me on it all my life. If I had known, if anybody had preached to me what you preached that night when I was 11 years old when I heard the call, I'd have surrendered my life right then.

I would have done that.

But I never heard anything like that. All I ever heard, God going to get you, God don't like you, you're ugly, you're a sinner, you know. And even the people that got saved were still calling themselves old sinners saved by grace. And I thought, well, does any of this really work? How can you be a sinner and saved by grace at the same time? But that's all I ever heard. But if I'd have heard good news like you were preaching that night when I was 11 years old when I heard the call, I would have jumped right in the middle of it right then. But here it was years later. But God had already prearranged this good life for Jerry Savelle and he was not going to give up until I got on that path.

God is always nudging you towards that. He's always there moving you toward that high road, man, that good path, that thing he's planned. And when he had you in mind, he said, yeah, she's going to like this. Yeah, he's going to like this. You ain't see they're going to like this. But the devil has got you struggling against it because of all of the lies he's put forth, particularly in traditional religion that does not report much of anything good as far as the way somebody in the world sees things. But even when you're in the world and you see the real thing, Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I'll draw all men to me".
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