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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Faith Connects You to God's Reservoir of BLESSING

Kenneth Copeland - Faith Connects You to God's Reservoir of BLESSING

Kenneth Copeland - Faith Connects You to God's Reservoir of BLESSING
TOPICS: Faith, Blessing

Welcome to Thursday's edition of the Believer's Voice of Victory Broadcast. Well, all of last week and then up to this week, we're talking about the fact that God has a plan. I heard the testimony of a young man. He was on Kellie's broadcast, and he stopped at a railroad crossing, and suddenly he had a vision and he saw himself up over the top of that train. And he said, "I could see the front of the train and the end of the train". And he said, "That's the way God is with times. He can see the end from the beginning and he has a plan. He knows where that train is going and he knows where it's supposed to go". So we don't do anything until we seek God. We seek him when we spend time in the floor. And we spend time in this book and we read it and we meditate on it, and we think about it, and certain things will begin to come up on the inside. And when it comes up, it's a calling. And listen to it. Don't violate it and I used to just jump out and do something... I did way too much and I preached myself to exhaustion twice. And because I didn't inquire of the Lord, I'd announce something from the platform. And then I stuck with it. And he said, "You're mistaking the anointing for strength. And it's not". He said, "I don't intend for you to live under that anointing all day, all the time, all night and all day long. You can't. It's my power".

That's right.

So and I notice when you do, you wind up preaching the same thing over and over and over and over. That's fine if you're instructed to do that. But it's not fresh. It's just a labor. It's a labor of love. But it's tiring. And then I would depend on the Spirit of God to come, and he would do it but it hurt me physically.

That's right.

The calling is his plan. And that building was born inside you. I heard those words coming to you from the Revival Capital of the World. I knew it was done. I had no idea what it meant. Then we came out here and the Lord said, "You're not gonna call it that. Other people are going to call it that. And don't you call it that until I tell you to". I forgot about it. We were here. The church was built. Some people, I believe, from Phoenix... Hispanic people. And they came here and they came to Pastor George, and she said, "Does the Revival Capital of the World mean anything to you"? He said, "Yes. Why"? She said, "I had that in this dream. And the Lord said, 'Go there and it would be here.'" That's when we began to say it publicly.

Wow. Wow.

Now, you think that was easy not to say that? I had heard that audibly. I wanted to tell the world about it, but I didn't dare. So now listen to me. I just cast all the care of the Lord over it. Now, let's talk about the giving and the right and the left. There are giving times of giving that we don't have any business talking to other people about it. You just do it. And there are some things over the years that we've done that it's not anybody else's business. Now, those that are and the Lord allows me to say something about it. But you just don't talk about some things. But there are people on the other hand, and I know of this that untaught... Bless you, sweet heart... untaught, will get up next to someone, "Oh, God... You know how much I need a new washer and dryer. You know how..". You don't do that. God knows you have need of a washer and dryer. One woman I'm thinking about now, she went to the Lord, said, "Now you know I need this and I want it on my birthday". Well it came in, supernaturally, she said, "Lord, it wasn't my birthday". He said, "When were you born again"?

Oh, wow.

It was her new birthday. He gave it to her on her... Well, that's when he took her.

That's sweet. That's wonderful.


Praise God.

The more we turn toward him, the more we learn. And it's about coming into that place of just absolute self surrender.

It is. You couldn't have said it a better way. God. Here I am. This is where I need to be. I need to be in that place of intimacy with you. That everything from the outside world...

The sacred place.

Yes, that sacred place. And the scripture in the book of Hebrews. Sorry Ephesians... Ephesians 1:3. I begin to get a revelation of it in a greater way than ever before, because it says blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all of spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ. And I came to realize that as a child of God, we are positioned in a place of authority that we have to step to. We've got to get into, we're already there because of what he's done for us. But we have to get there in our hearts and our spirits have to understand where we rightfully are. And I realize that Paul, when he's writing this and I realize at that moment, there is a top line, a reservoir of blessing of God for every one of us. And it doesn't run out. It doesn't mean because everything that God's done here at the Revival Capital of the World, there's not enough for us in Africa.

Oh, absolutely.

It doesn't mean there's not enough for you in your state or you in your town or you in wherever you live. There is enough for every one of us. There is a part line of provision that is attached to a reservoir of the supernatural blessing of God. And I come to realize this, Brother Kenneth. I came to realize that a reservoir is not a small cup, that it's not a little bucket. It's not a, you know, a little water tank outside your house. I reservoir is a supply that is adequate, more than enough for everything that God has called and God has purposed in your heart for you to do according to his purpose. And so when we started the project, when we started to move forward in what God wanted for us, I said, Lord, I'm going to believe in this money. I'm going to believe in what you've told us. And it was like the Lord dropped in my spirit. He said, "André, I want it to be different to anyone else. I want this to be cash. You've got to do this cash". And I realized that I had to put my connection into my provision from that reservoir of God's blessing. And it was in that moment when I connected, then I just began to see the supernatural provision of God come. And I said, "Lord, when do we go? When do we go? When do we go"? He said, "Hold back, hold back". It was like... I felt like a racehorse waiting, waiting in the gate, because all I wanted to do was I wanted to go and I wanted to do this. And he said, "Wait, wait, wait". And I was waiting because I've come to realize something. You can also rush ahead of God.

Ask me how I know.

So you see timing is critical. Timing is critical for everything God says. And here's the point that when the vision comes to you and when the Word of God comes to you, understand it is already done in the eyes of God, in the heart of God, it's fulfilled. It's done because he's given you the vision. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the right time to do it now for you in that moment of your life. And I've had to learn there's that season. The provision is there, the blessing of God. And I have to say, "Lord, when do I let this horse after win, win, win, win, win? Can we win? When is that gate going to open? When is it going to run"? Because I know that when I start to run, I need to make sure there is adequate supply of God's goodness and blessing.

Can I just say that?


You have to count the cost,

Count the cost, measure it.

You don't want to get halfway through and run out of money. Now, what the Lord said to you to do it debt free is huge. And I'll tell you why. Christian people don't realize it. Sinner people sure don't realize it. For me to go in, Oh, and there are people that would really have loved to do it for us to go in and apply for a loan for a Cessna Citation X at the time, the fastest civilian airplane on the planet. And we would have qualified for it. Two things. One, you're entering into a covenant and I am telling them I'm guaranteeing you, let's say, on a home. I'm guaranteeing you that I will be equally as able to do this 30 years from now as I am now. And I'm entering into a covenant with you, and I don't have any idea what's in your life. I'm connecting up with you. I preached this at a Minister's conference one year and then the pastor came back the next year, and he said, "You said that last year". And so he said, "I went home..". And I'm not saying that all bankers are this way. But I'm telling you this, you are entering into covenant with someone. And I had the Lord tell me. He said, "I have churches that have entered in covenant to the wrong people, some of them to the mob, and they don't even know it". And I know of that situation too, I won't go into that. And he came back and he said, "I went to the bank and I walked in there and I asked for Mr. So-and-so". She said, "I think they're working on you church loan right now Pastor, let me get him out here". And he came out big smile on his face. He said, "I believe we got good news, Pastor. I believe we're going to do it". He said, "It's ready, he came by, we've decided to go ahead and do it on our own and just build it, you know, and just do it debt free". He said his entire face changed. He said, "You can't do that without us". And he began to curse the man to his face. Now he goes into covenant with that man. Now that devil is in his business. And he's got church problems and cannot figure out why in the world he's got financial problems in that church.

The Lord spoke to us and said to me, "When you have thirty fold in the bank, 30% of the contract value, do it and I'll do the rest". He gave me the clear direction.

That's what you had to have.

That's what I had to have. And God brought it by faith in, we pulled the trigger on it to go, we're now going with the project. And when that happened, everyone was contacting us saying we... because now it was in the newspapers. Now it was, you know, this greatest facility is coming into a city that people have been saying, "How is that possible? How do you build a 11,000 seater in that position like that"? It was like they couldn't understand it. People were approaching us. We want in on the project. No no... God is in control of this project. God is in control. And I realize I said, "All we got to do is stay hooked up. All we've got to stay is in that pipeline of provision of that reservoir that I know is right there. And it's not for when I die one day, but it is reserved for me, in other words... And I came to realize that that there is a guarantee of provision that God has for me to see this project through and completed".

Philippians four. The Apostle wrote to the church at Philippi... He said, "Not that I desire a gift but I desire a gift to your account". Your heavenly accounts. I don't usually do this, but it's come up steps through... Let's see, this is June 20. This is July. And KCM began January 24, 1967. Radio broadcast started in 1975, Sunday broadcast in May 1979, daily broadcast in 1989. So we're going back with this covering... right from the beginning. Television time, air cost over that time, $746,966,417.


Total benevolent, our tithing was adequate to that and . It gives our total grant income. But now listen to this. Cost saved by not borrowing. Michael Evans, certified public accountant, went to Oral Roberts University, came right out of there and went to work for us. Now stand up and say and rightly so... I'm not saying it's the wrong thing to do that remember receiving the offering on a new church building and thank God every dime you put in here is going right into that building. No, it isn't. Cost saved by not borrowing over these many years now, and it started right there at the very beginning. We were Grace Temple church. $53,097,581,000. Partners' money. Church members' money that would have gone to the bank. And didn't. Or would have gone to the you know the some loaning institution. But now that's the way the Lord directed us. Now he'll have to direct you. You go to God. I'm making a point of this whether it's personal, I mean believe God for the house. Like Gloria, it took 30 years to get the one she wanted. But we began to sow. And I've told this many times, this is just one of the situations. We were going in the Target store and I heard the tires squeal. Brother Copeland... Brother Copeland. I and Gloria walked in there, walked out there. Young woman, two children in the backseat. The Lord told me you would be at the Target store today. She said, "I'm two payments behind on my house". She's a schoolteacher. But she said my property has become very valuable and the bank will not give me any kind of extension. This schoolteacher and two little children were fixing to be out on the street and homeless, see what I'm talking about? Well, I stand there and praying in the Spirit what she's telling me that. And I said, "Sweetheart, give me your name and your phone number, and I'll take this up with our legal department", and our legal department stepped in and paid the $9,000 on her home. And so we set that aside and said, "Lord, now here we have seed in the ground for the home that Gloria is believing for". We helped people in that area. But the reason I pointed out, they didn't care. They'd put that woman and kids right out on the street. They say business is business, and not all of them are like that, but they're not like that at all, if you don't owe them in the first place. And you just be still. And she didn't know how to pay it, so she's just praying, I need to get a hold of Brother Copeland. He said he's going to be at the Target store and I was. I was walking in there that day. Now don't be coming up to me and wanting me to... No, she didn't come to me. She went to God. Spirit-filled woman, lovely lady and she went to God and he directed her to me and Gloria and oh!... We enjoyed doing that. And you go to places and we were at a restaurant that we'd go to. Young woman had a bad marriage, and then she went back. Then they divorced and he took the car away from her and she's on foot and she had to borrow her dad's car to get to work. What kind of car do you want?

Have you been praying and believing God?

Yeah, I've prayed about this. She said, I knew I shouldn't have gone over there to him, but I... Oh, she said I shouldn't have done it. But my children are involved. I said what kind of car... I said don't tell me about some dog. I want to know what kind of car it takes. And well, she said, "Here's what I've been looking at and all of that". And I said, "okay". So we prayed about that and we were able to help her. And then the next time we were in there, I said, "You get the car in"?

Oh, I really did. She said, "My dad's here. I want you to meet him. He's one of your partners". And he lived in another town. He said, "Brother Copeland, I really appreciate what you did for my girl". That was in a restaurant. Because we learn to be debt free, and we connected the dream. Now this dream is big, but that was just as big a dream to her. She was on foot. That other woman was about to be homeless. This is a huge dream but now, wait a minute. The Almighty God, El Shaddai, who is more than enough taught you and Jenny how to do it? I don't think there's anything that he come up with that you wouldn't agree to do.

I'm in agreement.

Yeah, you're in agreement. And that's the reason you stepped out and developed that network to go all over Africa. And you made a lot of people not too happy about it and I won't go into that. But anyway, that's all right. They can be unhappy. But you have to forgive for other people. And this is the big thing. You have to walk in forgiveness. We were living there in that little house in Florentine and I'd had anyway, I was preaching up in Oklahoma, sitting up in the bed, and suddenly I had this vision and there was a big pipe about a 45 degree angle right here, big about that big around. And there was water gulfing into the end of that splatter. And I could literally feel this little spewing in my face, and I said, "Lord, what is that"? He said, "It's repeated unforgiveness". And I began to pray and the Lord brought up something to me. A guy right out there came and Gloria picked up a sack of cantaloupes. They look so good and got him home. The only top two were good. I said, "Give me that bag. I'm going down there and spank him". She said, "No, you're not. No, you are not". And I said, "Lord, I forgive the cantaloupe guy". The cantaloupe guy. This little grains of junk on the inside of me that had to be fixed. Goodbye. We're out of time. We'll be back in just a moment.
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