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Kenneth Copeland - Faith Has a Voice

Kenneth Copeland - Faith Has a Voice

Hello, everybody. Welcome to another edition of the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast. Every believer has a voice, and it's the Voice of Victory. I had the Lord say that to me years and years and years ago, preaching in the Texas panhandle, a little town called Hereford, Texas. Well, it's not all that small, but it's actually where the Hereford cattle that were bred in England... They called it Hereford, and the town was named after it because of the rancher there that accepted that cattle and it became of a predominant breed of cattle in the state of Texas.

Anyway, I was there and I was preaching there and I had all my outlines laid out just like this one that I use now. And I had the subject in blue and the scriptures in red. And I has them all laid out on the bed. And I was preaching the fundamentals, salvation, baptism, the Holy Ghost, healing, so forth. And the Word of the Lord came to me and said, "Is there victory in salvation"? Yeah, First Corinthians 15th chapter, we have victory over the grave. Victory over death. He said, "Is there victory in the baptism of the Holy Spirit"? Well, certainly is. That's the opened door to the supernatural. Is there victory in the healing message? Yes. He said, "Every believer has a voice and it is the Voice of Victory. Now you go to victory".

Well, we wound up with Victory magazine and then we round up with the Victory Channel. And that's the reason why. And so let's look at this. We were in Mark chapter five. Let's go to the 11th chapter, and then we'll go back over there. I want to read this from the Classic Amplified. I'll go there. In the 11. "And Jesus went into Jerusalem and entered the temple and when He had looked around, surveying and observing everything, as it was already late, He went out to Bethany together with the Twelve [apostles]. On the day following, when they had come away from Bethany, He was hungry. And seeing in the distance a fig tree [covered] with leaves, He went to see if He could find any [fruit] on it [for in the fig tree the fruit appears at the same time as the leaves]. But when He came up to it, He found nothing but leaves, for the fig season had not yet come".

Well, now, let's read it here. "Afar off having leaves, Jesus answered and said unto it". He answered that tree. You need to do the same thing. You need to talk to the disease. You need to talk to the pain. I use this. I use it daily. "And Jesus answered and said unto it, No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever. And his disciples heard it". He said that with a loud voice. He's turned around and left. "And they come to Jerusalem: and Jesus went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves; And would not suffer that any man should carry any vessel through the temple. And he taught..."

This was what is going on. He was teaching but they had something going on, oh man. If you brought your lamb in for a sacrifice, it wouldn't be good. No, they'd find a blemish on it, take it in the back room and get another one and bring it up. Now you can have this one. Then they'd sell yours to someone else. Jesus knew that. And so, I mean, he wrecked the place in order to be able to teach. "And the scribes and chief priests heard it, and sought how they might destroy him: for they feared him, because all the people was astonished at his doctrine. And when even was come, he went out of the city. And in the morning", now that's 12 hours, "And in the morning, as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots".

All he said was no man eat fruit to you again forever. That fig tree could have stood there and stood there and stood there and stood there with leaves on it every year. Every year. Every year. But no fruit. But no, his words were more powerful than that. It went into the root system of that tree and killed it. So you and I must come to the place where we find the root cause and how the devil got into our affairs... amen, by questioning the Word and search it until you can find it. My father in the faith, Oral Roberts said it like this. He said, "Kenneth, at any time... At any time for instance, should your finances begin to dry up". He said, "Find the key issue or the root cause. Most of the time it's because you've stepped out of love, most of the time. But if you'll continue to pray in the Spirit and listen to the Lord, he will show it to you and he'll show it to you in his Word and when he does, fix it and that'll stop that key issue. You can just wipe the devil out of your finances".

He called it a key issue, but it's the root of the problem. And he's right. Most of the time, you snap off of something and get irritated at somebody and turn around and walk off when you're supposed to be walking in love. So look at this, "Peter calling to remembrance saith unto him, Master, behold, the fig tree which thou cursedst is withered away. And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God". The cross reference says,"Have the faith of God". Well, it's by faith, you know. It's by faith that I ask Jesus to come into my heart. I believe that. I said, "Well, it sounds just as dumb as it did the first time, but I'm going to do it". I don't realize what I'm doing scripturally, but I did it and it worked, glory to God. But now... "Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he will have whatsoever he saith".

Now, Brother Hagin was healed right here on these verses. He was born very premature and to save his mother... Anyway, I'm not going in all that. But the Lord told him one time, he said, "Did you notice that the words say in some form is mentioned three times and believing only once". So he went back and read it. Well, yeah, it did. He said, "My people are not missing it in the believing parts, they are missing it in the saying part". Well, what difference does it make what I say? It made a lot of difference. That tree had killed it. Amen. So. And I've heard this. Well, I just can't support the Word of Faith anymore because I don't see it makes any difference what I say. Well, it does. Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge".

Go back and read the whole book of Hosea and you'll find out why. They rejected that knowledge. And the priests weren't preaching it. And what they did, they rejected it. Well, that was a rejection of what Jesus said. So anyway, look at this. "Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses. But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses". He can't. He can't get to you.

So now then let's go back over here to the fifth chapter once more. We started talking about that yesterday and we talked about corresponding action before faith. But now let's go ahead "And he departed, and began to publish in Decapolis or the ten cities how great things Jesus had done for him: and all men did marvel. And when Jesus was passed over again by ship unto the other side, much people gathered unto him: and he was nigh unto the sea. And, behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue, Jairus by name; and when he saw him, he fell at his feet, And besought him greatly, saying, My little daughter lieth at the point of death: I pray thee... I pray thee come and lay thy hands on her, that she may be healed; and she shall live". He prayed and he said it. She shall live. Jesus went with him. That was his faith speaking.

"And much people followed him, and thronged him. And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, and had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse. When she had heard of Jesus..." Faith comes by hearing she heard. She was a shut in, she had an issue of blood. Now you go back to the book of Leviticus and you can find where by law she could not get more than normal for a woman to have. And she'd had this 12 years. So she's a shut in. She could be stoned for being out in public. And there's the leader of the synagogue right there. "She had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague".

She believed it before she felt it. That's good, isn't it, Tim? Amen. "Jesus immediately knowing in himself that power," dunamis... in the old English it's virtue "had gone out of him". He was aware of it. He knew the power went out of it. The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me to preach, the anointing, the power. So she acted on her faith. "If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague. And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that power had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes"?

Well Brother Copeland, he knows all thing. No, he's a man anointed. He knew the power went out of him. I'm thinking about a young woman. She came up on the platform. I just see it in my mind and I laid hands on her and I knew it. I knew the power had gone out of me when I laid hands on her. And I said, "The power of God just went out of me. Now, what are you going to do"? She grabbed the curtain there on that stage and scooted down they came over to help her. No, let her alone. Let her alone. She began to take off braces. She had braced everything. I mean, she took it off and up around her neck, just peeled all that off and pulled herself up that curtain and took a couple of steps. And every step, a step of faith. And she began to walk. She began to walk. She did good. And they had come...

People in some places had come in a bus. She got out the bus. She wouldn't get in the bus. She kept walking. That was the testimony later. But it was the next year in Southwest. There she was back high heels, glory to God. And then she gave her testimony. And so Jesus was aware that that power went out of him. And he said, "Who touched me? Who touched my clothes? And his disciples said unto him, Thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me? And he looked round about to see her that had done this thing. But the woman fearing and trembling, knowing what was done in her, came and fell down before him, and told him all the truth".

That's how we know it was for 12 years, she told him. That's how we know that she was a woman of means and that she spent it all on many physicians and just got worse. And he said unto her, "Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague" or stay healed. You know how you got this. You know, be whole, be whole. W H O L E. So that means that now she's on her way to prosperity, restored to her what she spent on all those physicians. It's obvious that she gave the physicians what Jesus say. When you stand praying, forgive. So somebody had been relating to her what Jesus had said and what he preached. And so she was ready and when she was ready, she said, "Well, this is it".

Now, look, she said it. She believed it. She did it. Then she told it. She testified of it. She told him about it, she said it. She believed it. She did it and she told it. Brother Hagin was staying in the home of a meeting where he was. And after the meeting they came back to have some refreshments and so forth. Several people there at the table. And so he was talking about this. He said, "Folks, I have to pray and I have to pray now". So he just got down on his knees, turned the chair of the table around and got down on his knees. And when he did, there was Jesus. He saw him, he was right there.

And then Brother, Brother Hagin said, "The woman with the issue of blood, I'm missing something here". He said, "Yeah, you've missed it. You got part of it right". But he said, "There's four steps. Go get something to write with". He said he was still in the Spirit and went in the bedroom and felt around in there and got his pad and pencil, came back out, walked back out there and got on his knees and there was Jesus. He said, "Write these four points". Write down, "She said it. She believed it. She did it. She told it". Now, he said, "Anyone, anywhere at any time that will do those four things, they can receive anything from me that they need and anything that they want". You want? "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want".

There are things that you don't maybe particularly need all that badly, but it's something that you want. And but on the border of a need. I always like motorcycles. Motorcycles when I was a boy and airplanes and so but particularly airplanes. That was just in me and I was so thrilled when I finally soloed the thing and got that instructor out of there, just get out of here. And it really thrilled me. And I went ahead and pursued that. Little did I know at that time that the Lord was going to call me to preach, that he called me to fly. It was aviation that put me in that place as copilot on the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association's airplane. That put me in close relationship with Oral Roberts. But then when I got to Tulsa with Kenneth Hagin and his family, glory to God, we still support Richard Roberts, Praise God that those faith connections. But now the taste.

Let's take the "want" part. I've always like to ride the Honda Gold Wing. And I saw an ad where there was one over in Arkansas that already had the trike kit on it. And I thought about it, but I don't do anything without praying about it. And I prayed about it. And I said, "Lord, you know, I don't need that thing". But it's a good thing that Gloria and I have done to enjoy our well, you know, like, we're best friends and we've written a lot. Anyway, to shorten this one over there, beautiful thing and sat down.

A large man by the name of Cody. He checked me out and everything. We got ready to leave and Cody came over there and he said "My dad wanted to come meet you. I told him we didn't need a crowd". Make this long story short, he came over, he was a Rhema graduate. And this young man full of the Holy Ghost, he said, "Brother Copeland, my young son isn't". We prayed for him right there in that Honda store. And when we went to the restaurant, I heard it in my spirit. "You answered the prayers of a mother". That's what that motorcycle was all about. And I'm out of time. I'll be back in just a moment.
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