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Kenneth Copeland - Prosperity To Bless Others

Kenneth Copeland - Prosperity To Bless Others
TOPICS: Prosperity

Faith for prosperity. Now, faith is the catalyst for these covenants. Remember now Hebrews 11, "For without faith, it is impossible to please God". Why? He's the blessing God. He's the blessing God. And faith is the connection to these covenants. And this works... This absolutely works. Faith for prosperity. Everything you will ever need is in the earth now. The world and all in it were made for his man, Adam. Praise God. Poverty and debt are under the curse. And of course, we talked about the word borrow in Proverbs 22:7 in Hebrews, it's joined, the borrower is joined to the lender, the power to get wealth. Deuteronomy seven. Let's go over there. We're in Deuteronomy right now. Let's turn there.

Deuteronomy Chapter 7:9. Let's go back and read the seventh version. "The Lord did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye were more in number than any people;" What did he do? He set his love on them. "...for ye were the fewest of all people: But because the Lord loved you, and because he would keep the oath which he had sworn unto your fathers, hath the Lord brought you out with a mighty hand, and redeemed you out of the house of bondmen, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt. Know therefore that the Lord thy God, he is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love him and keep his commandments to a thousand generations;" Hmm. Glory to God. He keeps covenant. He loves you. And he keeps covenant with you. Thank You, Jesus. Glory to God.

Now, the eighth chapter, verse 17, "And thou say in thine heart, My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth. But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day". It is a covenant. Wealth is part of the covenant. And now Bishop David Oyedepo, my my my. What a man of faith. Now he said this. He said this to Gloria and to me. He said "I had no problem with the healing covenant, because he said, after all, these are blood covenants". And he said, "I'm an African and I understand that". But he said "The prosperity", he said, "Brother Kenneth, I read your book on the Laws Of Prosperity". And he said, "I saw it". But he said, "I read Mama's book, The Will Of God For You".

And she said in her book and he said, "I read it over and over and over and over". And he said, "She took me to that verse and said, 'Prosperity is a covenant with God.'" And he said, "I got it. And I had a visitation of the Lord". And he said, "I will never", he said, "I'll never pray about money again as long as I live. I get my assignment from God and I say thank You and I'm going to do it". He said, "Now see all this here"? This is the first time I've ever met him. I said, "Yes, sir". Well, he said, "This is stage one. And stage one cost 20 million USD. We borrowed none. We ask for none, but we just took it as a congregation and we stood on it. The money was in the bank and we built it without asking anybody. And now he said, this is phase two, it's $20 million and that money's in the bank". I said, "Well, maybe you need to be teaching me". How about that?

So I began to read his books on prosperity, but he depended on the blood. And he told me that. He said, "I am an African and I understand that every word in there is blood backed". And he said, "When I read when Jesus said, 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteous way of doing things first, all these things will be added to you". And so he said, "I took that, believed that and said thank You. And he began to show me what to do". And he said, "I just did it". Amen. He said, "I get my direction. Then I pray and I begin to praise". And he said, "We praise and we just praise until it comes. We just praise until it comes, we praise until it comes. We praise until it comes". Glory to God. Glory to God. And I must tell you this, and I've noticed this over a period of time, that little V-tail Bonanza... I just started thinking about, well, and then weeks and weeks and weeks and months and months back.

Now, I got to thinking about that. Well, you know, I courted Gloria in one of those... and I said, "Lord, what? What about this"? Then I noticed in a magazine, here's just some here. And I said, "Well, what about this? What about this"? And I was looking at some and it came up on the inside of me, take care of my widow. What? Take care of my widow. Okay. So the broker that's long time friend and partner, Charles Smithwith, great friend of Charles Capps. And he's a good pilot and we all, you know, together, but he broke his airplane. So I called him. I didn't say anything to him about that. And I told him, I said, "Charles, I kind of got an itch I need to scratch on a V-tail Bonanza". He said, "Oh, okay". He said, "I'll check around".

So he sent me pictures and the thing out of the control room magazine, advertised and here is this 1973 model, 1973. A V35 Beechcraft Bonanza with a V-tail never had been painted. All original. Some of the avionics have been changed of course. So I thought, look at this. And so I was checking around. I said, Charles, what about this? And so he sent me a link to the broker there in Alabama that had it. So Charles called me back. Now, during this time of year Oshkosh, Wisconsin, they have the largest aviation gathering in the world. And he said, "Kenneth she and her family, she and her family, her daughter, have gone to Oshkosh to see if maybe they can find a buyer for that Bonanza". I said, "What are you talking about"? He said, "She's a widow". Take care of my widow. Take care of my widow. I went over there and looked at it.

And so first thing I did, Paul Barnett, the broker, walked up to the wing in that airplane, and laid my Bible right there, 54th chapter of Isaiah. I said, "Now, Paul, here in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah," you're hearing all that... I said, "Now, this is Jesus on the cross, you understand"? And I said, "Now, here in the 54th chapter of Isaiah," I said, He's talking... now the spirit of God through Isaiah is talking to the church. And he read right down here and he said, "Don't worry about the shame of your widowhood anymore, because your redeemer is now your husband". I didn't know what he was going to say. And I never met this man in my life. He said, Copeland, that's wonderful.

Now, let me tell you in our church. This man's a strong believer. And I told him, I said, my boss is fussy about widows. He said, There's a picture... This young man... Her husband was a mountain climber. He was 40 years old. And he just suddenly dropped dead. She's just a young woman. And so there were some things wrong with that airplane. I said, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no". I said, "I don't want her paying for anything. You know, this is personally mine. I don't need it. I won't play with it. It's a keepsake between Gloria and me. I just want to keep it". So Duane was there. He flew it. And that little red, white and gold Bonanza 1973 model, it's in my hangar that blessed that young widow woman, their daughter learned how to fly and she flew the airplane with her dad. And the man that taught her how to fly was there that day. Well, all of this is going on. Well, I just treat everybody like they're believers. And there's another fellow walked in there and he walked over there. It's hot in that hangar. Everybody's sweating, you know, in Alabama. Had to land in Birmingham and then and go over there.

Anyway, he came over there, he said, "Copeland, I met you few years ago". I said, "You did"? I said, "Okay, let's get around here We're going to pray over this thing". So I laid hands on that airplane and received it and blessed it and blessed her. There's a picture over there on the wall. Young woman and blessed her. And then this tremendous man turned over there to me and he said, "Copeland", he said I know you're a man of prayer. I said, "Well, yes, sir". He said, "I have somebody I really would like for you to pray for". He said, "I have her on my heart". I said, "Let's do it". And we just caught hand. And we started believing God for that woman's family, right there in that hot, sweaty hangar, prospering. The blessed people, the blesser.

Now, I'm going to get to meet her one of these days, but not until after... I had that little fella painted. And it's going to be red, white and blue. I already have the paint scheme, and then I'm going to give her... Just fly it over there and let her see it and bless her personally. That's what money's for. And Gloria and I bought a little house in Steamboat Springs. Gloria called it Birdhouse. It just got a straight up down house. Now, we found out the man that built that house was a contractor. He built it to live in and he had it on his floor plan at the bank. And the recession hit. Ha! Have you ever heard of such a thing? So bought that little house. Gloria called it a bird house. Just stood up there, big lot.

In 1999 I said, "Gloria, I don't know. What do you think? You think we need to sell that place"? She said, I think so. So no paying attention to it. And we called the woman there very close friends of ours there and partner of this ministry. And he's in the contract or she's in real estate agent and told her, well, now we had that, you know, we want to sell this place. The first guy that walked in there, he just walked in there, looked at it. He said, "Okay, I'll take it". He didn't ask how much. He said, "I'll take it. Get out of here in 30 days". We got out. He rushed in there and dozed the whole thing down and started over again. And like I said, that lot wasn't all that deep, but it was very wide. And he built onto the top of it. It came up for sale again.

Now, you do know Creflo Dollar. He got with my son John that he had had a Pastor Appreciation Day. So he said, "John, we need to have a Gloria Kenneth Copeland appreciation and we need to get this out to preachers and so forth around". Didn't say anything to us about it. Nothing. In the ministers conference, I walked out there to preach and they walked out with this huge check about this big, money had come in from all over the country. I was speechless. I just stood there and said, "Can I preach now"? I had to go back and apologize in a letter... Hey, I don't know. So now we're in this larger house. Oh, we enjoyed it. So we went back up there. Then Christmas time, like we always did. And Gloria said, we were there one night, she said, "Kenneth, I want to go home". I said, "What's the matter, babe"? She said, "I don't know. In my spirit, I'm done with this house". I said, "You know, I believe it's the thing to do".

So I went back up there then and stood out there in the driveway of the house and put my hands on it. And I blessed it. I said, "House, I bless you. You were here. My grandchildren learned to ski here and all that. I bless you, House, and I bless you to someone else". And I turn around, the driveway, goes up like that. I turned around and I said, there will be a man and his wife and they will drive down that driveway and they'll walk in the front door and they'll say, this is it.

Well, a real estate agent there call me. He said, "I have some people looking for this house". And he said, I think they're gonna buy it. Well, they did. I'm talking about the laws of prosperity. I spoke... hey. Spoke to that house and blessed it. Spoke to the Lord and thanked him for it for all these years and said what I believed. Prosperity. You start off with nothing. But you keep straight. Keep love in your heart. And later on, the Lord said about that house up there. He spoke. I said, "Gloria, you think they're going to buy that back"?

He said, "Kenneth..." Now, he said to me at the first place, he said, "I want you to buy a house in Steamboat Springs, Colorado," and I'm going because we were skiing up there. He said, "I'm going to hold you responsible to be the keeper of this valley". He said, "I want you to break the power of poverty over it and break the power of witchcraft over this valley". So Gloria and I did that and we met excellent friends there. The biggest witch coven in the United States had chosen Steamboat for their headquarters. And about 30 days after Gloria and I broke that power, they put out a publication. We believe that Steamboat Springs is just not for us at this time. And so we were keepers of the valley, and the valley began to prosper.
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