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Kenneth Copeland - Pray About Everything

Kenneth Copeland - Pray About Everything
TOPICS: Core Values, Prayer

Father, we thank You tonight for the richness of the Kingdom of God. Oh, hallelujah. Praise You. And thank You for this book. This book of covenants. Praise You and thank You for it. I'm asking You and believe that I received the anointing of God tonight to stand behind this holy desk, with all of the teaching anointing, supernatural anointing, to teach. And every gift and endowment necessary to carry out the reason You sent me to this place. I thank You for it. And I'm asking You that not one person in the sound of my voice, not one person in this room, not one person in all of the households all over the world that are hearing and seeing, that not one person, not one, goes through the end to the end of this service untouched by the mighty power of the Living God, the dunamis power of the Lord, Jesus Christ by his Spirit. And because I pray it in the name of Jesus, I consider it done. Thank You. Amen.

May I remind you again? There was one preacher. He was a con preacher. I won't call his name. But he said, I'll tell you that's a bloody bunch. Yes we are. Yes, we are. This is an Eastern book and it challenges the Western mind. But it's blood covenants. The first one in the blood of animals, the next in the blood of men through circumcision, and the next through the blood of Jesus. These ratified covenants. And when people say I plead the blood, well, it works. But most people don't understand why it works. It works because Revelation 12:11, they overcame them by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. And they love not their lives unto death. And when you plead the blood of Jesus, Satan, I plead the blood of Jesus. You just threw this whole book in his face and he knows it. He is a defeated foe. Jesus stripped him and actually brought him to naught. Made a zero out of him. Glory to God. So now we talked about core values. This should be the core value of every born-again, Spirit-filled believer.

Number one, we put the Word of God first place. This is final authority. Final authority. It is final authority for people, governments, ideas. This is the source of life, real life. This book. And as a believer, God will use many channels, but Jesus is the source. He meets our needs according to his riches and glory by Christ Jesus. He is the source. And this book is my life and my source. Now those tabs you see sticking out of mine, those are healing scriptures. And you can just take the time. Well, that one just fell off of Isaiah 53. Some of them are marked. Some of them are not. There's Psalm 91. There's Nehemiah. Oh, you turn over there's Nehemiah. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

Isn't that wonderful? If you're weak and tired, your joy is low. Yeah. But I don't feel it. Well nobody said anything about what you feel. This says you're strong. So you start off saying, I'm strong. Now, come on joy. The little book of Philippians. If you were to find out the situation that great apostle was in, when he wrote that, it was awful. And he used the word joy in one form or another 19 times. Rejoice. Hallelujah. So I sense an urgency in my spirit for you and to say this publicly, become covenant minded. I have a covenant. I'm a covenant person. I have an agreement. Amen. I have an agreement with the Most High God. And I am his to command. Praise God. I'm his to command at all times. I wake up talking to him and I go to sleep talking to him. I'll tell you something about Gloria.

There was a message that I'd heard of from Brother Hagin, and he, Brother Hagin already gone home to glory. But this particular message, there was something in it I wanted to hear. And so I had a little stand of a thing and she and I both gone to bed. And we were sitting there and I had my iPad up on there. And when he started giving the invitation I sent, I thought since Gloria and I already pretty well saved, we just turned it off right there. And I said, I said, "Okay, sweetheart". And I leaned over there to kiss her. She said, "Not in front of Brother Hagin". She and I have more fun. That's one of the last thing I just said. I tell her "Good night, my love". And then I love the Lord, my God, with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all of my strength. All of my strength means all, all, all of the wealth that I have. All the influence that I have anywhere, anywhere. He's first. I love my neighbor as myself. And a lot of times that's politicians. I cannot afford to criticize them because I've not walked in their shoes. And I just love people. Love people. And go to sleep, just begin to pray in the Spirit and fall off to sleep. And the next morning I go through the healing scriptures in the bathroom.

I suggest you do the same. The core values. The core. The most essential part of anything. And we talked about the core of an apple. That's essential because the life, that core is where the seeds are and the seed... Now what was it somebody said? You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can't count the apples in a seed. Amen. And those little old seeds in that little tiny thing. Have you ever seen an apple tree? Oh, what a marvelous tree. So there in Abilene, we had a peach tree. And it was an old one. The ground there is sandy and you just water it and it just... And one time that tree got so heavy laden with peaches that it split like this. And for somebody that liked peaches.

Oh. Well, anyway. Number one, we put the Word of God first place and final authority. Number two, we live by faith. The just shall live by faith. Our lives are sustained by faith. And well, yes, sir. I will. Let's put up on the screen, Hebrews 11:1 in the Amplified and get the definition of faith. Now, look at this. Now faith. When is faith? Now. Hope is in the future. But listen, hope is the blueprint for faith. And people use hope. Well, are you going to be healed today? Well I sure hope so Brother Copeland. No, you're not hoping. You're wishing. Hope says "Yes, I do". What? I absolutely hope to be healed because faith is the substance of my hope. And I'll walk out of there well. I'm supposed to be healed today. That's still on my heart.

Faith is the assurance, the confirmation, the title deed of the things we hope for being the proof of things we do not see. And the conviction of their reality. Faith perceiving as real fact, what is not revealed to the senses. You can't see faith any more than you can see the wind, but you look out there and you said, look at that wind blow. You can't see the wind. But you can see the results. I'm always amazed. And I understand it, of course. I never was afraid to fly. I wanted to fly since I could breathe. And the day I soloed, I could hardly wait to get that guy out of my airplane. But people hit bumps and they...

Now, if you were on a lake and you saw those little bumps, it wouldn't frighten you. But you can't see the bumps. There're bumps in the air. That airplane is riding on that air. It's actually going through the air and producing lift, in aviation terminology's called chop. Sometimes you get bumps. There are waves in the air. There are not air pockets. There are no pockets up there. And particularly when you're flying at a high speed. You come across there and there's a sharp drop and a wave in that air. And the airplane is going to do that suddenly. So keep your seatbelt fastened. Amen. Like we do up in the cockpit. Just keep it fasten. But now this is a good analogy of flying instruments when I can't see.

When I first started to learn and I said, I'm not moved by what I see. I said, Gloria, I already know how to do this. She said, what are you talking about? I said, I'm an instrument pilot. I fly in the clouds. And I can see just as well in the clouds as I can when it's good weather. Why? I've learned to read that panel and trust it. There it is. But I had to learn how to do that by training. And if you don't, you get vertigo. If you try to believe your feelings and try to fly an airplane by believing your feelings and you get where you can't see. And your mind is not trained. Your inner ear is going to tumble. And you'll feel like you're turning and try to straighten it up and that's when you started the turn. So now the thing's turning and you don't know it. You think it's upright. You better trust those instruments. Put it back where it belongs whether you feel like it or not. Put it back where it belongs.

Don't let the airplane fly you. Don't you let that headache fly you. Don't you let a stomach ache fly you. You put it back where it belongs. You do the flying. And that book is your panel. And the blood of Jesus is your guarantee. And faith will fly you through it. Amen. I had to learn to have faith in the engines. You do the maintenance, and there's been a lot of preachers that they were going to get into airplanes. And I told them, I said, listen, you do the maintenance or get rid of that thing. You'll stick it up like a dart someplace. Do the maintenance. Take care of business. If you can't do it, come over. We'll help you. If that doesn't work, stop flying that thing and get rid of it. Go back to the airlines. And pick a good airline, not a cheap one. Some of them don't know what they're doing. All of this has to do with life. And all of it has to do with the covenant and core values.

See that military, that the core value of that instructor, he's training this man to go to war and his core value is we're going because we're going to win. You don't let anything stop you. Our core value... Put the Word of God first place we live by faith. We walk in love. Love makes faith work. Praise God because faith works by love. We're led by the Holy Spirit. Praise God, Romans 8:14-17. Now, tonight we pray about everything. I had somebody say to me, one time, he said, Copeland, you are a fanatic. I said, what are you talking about? You're the kind of fool that would pray about a parking place. I said, I don't go down there without praying about... I said, you're the fool that drives around the block. I can't tell you how many times I'd drive up in there and said, "Lord, I don't want... Tell me which way to go".

And it just rise up on the inside of me, go around that next lane and stop. There's a guy coming out over there. Oh, well I don't. No, you bet don't violate that. You go around there even if it didn't work. You learn to trust that and it'll begin to work for you. Amen? I pray about which way to go. Which way to come home. Dr. Avery Jackson is a neurosurgeon lives in Michigan. He's on our board of directors and oh, what a delightful man. He knew he was going to be a brain doctor when he was a little boy. People would say, "Oh, what are you going to be when you grow up?" - Brain doctor.

Oh yes. And well, he's a brain doctor, that's what he does. And he was teaching and saying that most accidents happen within 20, 25 miles of home. You know why? They don't think about it. Just keep going the same way. And he'll tell you why it happens in your brain. Change up the routine. Or move. No that won't fix it. That would fix it for a little while. But change up your routine. And it does. Your brain wakes up is what he says. You just wake your brain up, go home a different way. Amen. Just change your routine a bit. Now we pray about everything. Let's look over here at the 18th chapter of Luke. Jesus spoke a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray and not faint. Ought always to pray and not faint.

I like what Gordon Robertson on the 700 Club, he calls it sustaining prayer. I like that. You just stay with it and stay with it. And you act... Not without the book. This is the answer to the prayer. Start with the answer. You need healing, it's in here. Then pray the book. Pray the Word. I had the Lord say to me one time, let the Word fight its own fight. You just stay cool. Rattle your sword a couple of times. Devil, you know you can't put that on me. The last time I had any kind of a flu symptoms was at a minister's conference, two or three years ago, I was sitting on the front row and all of the symptoms attached itself to my body and I began to chill. I was just sitting there. You can't put that on me. You know, you can't put that on me ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Now get your filthy hands off my body in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You get. Ha ha ha On about 12, 15 minutes it's gone. Let the Word fight its own fight. It's not what you think. It's what you know. Now, my father in the faith Oral Roberts, oh, he taught me so many things. He called it his knower... And he was talking about faith and I heard him teach it. But he said this to me. He said Kenneth, faith has to come to a place where it has a climax and towards God. Well, Gloria calls that when it boils over, it's the same thing. And he said, you just stay in the Word and you just stay there. And you stay there until you know that you know, that you know that you know, that you know that you know, that you know that you know, that you know that you know. You know that you're healed. And he said don't quit till you do. And he said, when the knowing comes, the war's over. Glory God. Thank You Jesus. Pray about everything in the name.
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