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Kenneth Copeland - Take Your Place of Victory

Kenneth Copeland - Take Your Place of Victory
TOPICS: Victory

Hello, I'm Kenneth Copeland and it's Thursday. It's one day closer to the resurrection.

Yes, sir.

It's one day closer. One day closer to Christmas.

Yes, it is.

One day closer to my birthday.

Yes, sir.

And one day closer to Gloria and my anniversary.

Happy birthday. Happy anniversary.

Next one will be 61 years. Glory to God, hallelujah. And this is the Believer's Voice Of Victory broadcast. And we thank you for joining us today. And we're just having a whole lot of fun here. And the Spirit of power, glory to God, started out in the book of Genesis goes all the way to book of revelation. Same Spirit, same God, who is love.




Now, let's go back to 1 John, where we were. Now we remember, well, hold your place there and look at the gospel of John 14th chapter. Now remember now chapter 13 through 17 is all right there in that Passover meal, which has been called the Last Supper. Well, actually it was the last of that covenant.

That's right.

But, it was the first supper. It was the supper that changed heaven and earth. I mean, this is moments, moments before the cross. And they didn't know it, but He was preparing them right then for that, He promised them that another comforter was coming...

That's right.

... the Holy Spirit, the one we're talking about.

That's right.

Now, right here in John 14, he starts off with, "Let not your heart be troubled. You believe in God. Believe also in me". And this powerful thing, "I say unto you. He, that believes on me the works that I do, shall he do also". Now look at the 21st verse. It explains it. "He that hath my commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves me". Well now wait a minute over here, see Jesus didn't say, "Okay, now verse 34". No, that was put in there for reference sake. But now He said, "A new commandment I give unto you that you love one another as I have loved you, that you also love one another. Now He that hath my commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves me. And he that loves me shall be loved of my Father. And I will love Him and will manifest myself to Him". Oh my, "I will manifest myself". Well, it can be so supernatural and not be spectacular at all.

That's right. These small manifestations, when you know, whew, that was God, hallelujah. And you can walk in a state of constant manifestation if you're practicing his presence.

That's it? And practicing this book, and you're aware of covenants of blood the most serious agreement there is. A covenant of blood can't be broken with a lawyer. The Bible said it cannot be annulled. It can't be broken. It's blood bond. Now, and I might mention here, you and I can't break the covenant. The covenant is between the Almighty God...

That's right.

... and a resurrected immortal man.

That's right.

Now we can break fellowship with it, but we can't break the covenant. And right here...

We're beneficiaries of the covenant.

Yes we are. And right here in 1 John, "If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ His son cleanses us from all sin. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth isn't in us. If we confess our sins, He's faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness". Hey, that fixes it. You have to do it by faith, not just confess it and go on. No, you can confess it and go on, but then you believe it. You believe the love that He has for me.

See, I was always afraid that there was some sin I didn't know I did, that would disqualify me. Chapter two is the answer.

Yes, it is.

"My little children, these things I write unto you, that you sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ, the righteous. And He is the propitiation for our sins. And not only for ours only, but the sins of the whole world". I have an advocate with the Father for things I didn't even know. I did.

Oh yeah. That's right. And it's because there are sins of omission as well as sins of commission. But when you're walking in that place where like we talked about earlier, when you're practicing His presence, and he'll bring things up to you.

Oh sure.

There's been things that the Lord had just come up in me and said, "You shouldn't have said that". Well, I knew I shouldn't have said it, but it's out there, so I repent of it.

See, I learned the difference finally, between conviction and condemnation. Condemnation is you're bad. I'm disappointed in you. Conviction is what the Holy Spirit does, will say, "That's not who you are. You're better than that. There's a better way to say that". And that's what we need to do. That's what the Holy Spirit, He will convict you of unrighteousness "Greg, that was not the way righteous people do things".


And so then what have I got? I got 1 John 1:9. You're absolutely right Father, that is not the way righteous people do things. And I'm righteous. And so you brought that to my attention. I thank You for that. I love correction.

Yes. Oh my, yes.

And so therefore I'm going to repent of that.

Oh my, yes.

See, it's not that I got to get born again again...

I learned this flying airplanes of course. And when you've been flying a long time, but you have to go back for recurrent training. And still I have a very close friend, good flight instructor, and he takes me out and he said, "Now wait a minute. No, no, don't do that like that". I'm glad to get that. And so I work at it. I don't make as big a mistakes as I used to make, but a little one will kill you just as quick as a big one will if you don't correct it. And so correction is wonderful. And it's people that bucket correction. And there are pilots that do it. "Well, I've been flying a long time. I don't need to be doing that". Well, I don't want to fly with you anymore. You're just too good for me. And there are people that fly without a checklist. I'm not going with you. Nobody's that good. Even those that have the checklist memorized, it's good to have it memorized. That's good. But you need to go back and look at it again on paper because memory can twist a little something that you didn't pick up. And the same thing is true at memorizing scriptures. It's good to memorize scriptures, but go back and read them. You can memorize and just a little change and you don't know you made it. Put your eyes on it. That's Proverbs 4. What? One of the core values we put the Word of God first place, final authority. Keep it before your eyes.

Well, it's like this little phrase right here. This quoting this, right? Let's see if I get this right. The truth will set you free.

No, no.

That's not right?


That's not right?

The class is catching me here.

No, that ain't right at all. The truth will make you free. That's the way it's written.

That's one little word.

Yes. And I've heard people say, "Well set you free, makes you free. What's it difference"? There's a lot of difference. It will make you free. And the truth is this book. This book is in blood. And when you find out His truth about sickness, you'll never be sick again. It'll make you free. It has already made you free if you'll stay in it. "Continue ye in my Word, you'll be my disciples indeed. And the truth will make you free".

Amen. When Amalek came up against Moses, the children of Israel, God put two friends right there with Moses to keep his hands up. Remember that? So he wouldn't get weary. God has sent His two most trusted leaders to each one of us. And they are the Spirit and the Word. And the Spirit and the Word...

That is so rich.

...keeps our hands up. If you have only the Word you can dry up. If you have only the Spirit you can blow up. But when you have them both together, you grow up.

That's what happens. And that's what happens with us. So the Word and the Spirit agree, and the Holy Spirit speaks the Word and responds to the Word. And this is why we have those two power twins in our life. God gave us the two best to keep our hands up, to keep us on our race. And that's what Kenneth Copeland Bible College is about.

I think Greg, the Spirit of God said this to me earlier, and I believe this is a place to bring this up. We teach this at KCBC. There are certain things that you settle in prayer. You don't pray about them anymore.

That's right.

I remember, and I've said and told about this, that the only time that I really raised my voice to Gloria, and I don't even remember now what set me or what is a devil. And really the only time I ever raised my voice to her in 60 years. And I just stopped and I said, "Oh, oh Gloria, I'm so sorry". And I just fell over on the couch. We lived in this little rent house. And I just fell over on that couch, went into a deep sleep. Now to show you what love will do. And I mean, I was just ranting and going on. And I remember thinking, she doesn't deserve this. And I just stopped right in the middle of it. I said, "Oh, I'm so sorry". And I just fell over on that couch. It was so deep. I thought maybe I'd slept around the clock, but then I realized I didn't. It was so deep sleep. And I opened my eyes and there she was right up there in my face. I dare say nine out of 10 or more, right in the middle of that she'd just slapped my jaws and walked out. And that had been the end of that marriage. but love wouldn't let it happen. And I looked at her and I said, "Oh, Gloria, I have to preach". She said, "I know it," little tears in her eyes. "I know it". I have never prayed about that since. I'm called to preach. I am a preacher. From that minute I had a lot to learn 'cause I was ignorant as a sack of hammers, because I didn't know what I was doing. But, I've never had to pray about, "Well, I wonder if I'm called," that was taken care of. That was settled way back there then. I didn't quit being a preacher. I just started being a preacher. And that date of this, I'm still a preacher. Now I had a lot, like I said, I had a whole lot to learn, but that was settled. And there are certain core values that we need to settle. Certain things you don't, we don't pray about that anymore. We may pray concerning it. But no, no, that's a settled fact. And quality decisions. A quality decision is a Word-based decision. And as we've taught a lot of times that bad things happen to good people because good people make bad decisions, bad choices. But, there are certain decisions that are made based on the Word. A quality decision is a decision about which there is no more argument, and from which there is no retreat, no backing up. This is it forever.

Forever settled.


That's fully persuaded.

Yes it is. That's fully persuaded. Now there are core values. That's the core. You think about the core of an apple, apple core, C-O-R-E. 'Cause the dictionary definition is the most essential part of anything. Well, that's essential part of an apple because that's where the seeds are. That's where its continuance is, right in the center.

And that's where it was attached to the tree.


To the life force.

So there are seven of them that we teach in KCBC. Number one, we put the Word of God first place, final authority. I am what it says I am. And I can do what it says I can do, with the help of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of power. We live by faith. Faith makes prayer work. Prayer doesn't make faith work.

That's right.

Number three, we walk in love. Love makes faith work. Number four, we are led by the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:14-17. We pray about everything. Everything. We pray about everything. It is a prayer when you say, "Lord, should I do that"?

That's a prayer.

Okay. No, no, no, no. Wait and get the answer. "Should I do that"?

Or maybe it's, "I know I should do that. Is this the right time? How would you have me do that"?

"I didn't hear anything". Well, don't do anything.

That's right.

There is a saying in aviation and it's to realize I'm off the ground. I can't just park this thing. And suddenly something happened. Stop and wind your watch. Now, wait a minute. What is this all about? Don't get in a hurry. We have an emergency here. I have a firelight. I have memory items, I know what to do about that, but I'm not in a hurry about it. Because if I get in a hurry, I make mistakes. I'm going without answers. So what's the first thing that comes after this? Checklist. So something happens. Checklist.

There you go. That's responding instead of reacting.

"Well, I'm going to, where am I going to," we walk my faith. Wind you watch be still. Gloria and I had just driven in from Tulsa and we sat down there at the bar that was in my mother's kitchen. And I said, "Mother I'm hungry. Scrambling me some eggs". She stood and the telephone rang. She came in there and she said, "Kenneth, they just called. If we're going to see Eily alive, we're going to have to get to the hospital right now". I said, "Now Mama, just take it easy". "When you going to have to'", I said, "I'm going to have to change shirts. I'm filthy". Go ahead and..." I said, "Mama," 'cause I didn't know what to do. I was "tarred", tired, tarred. That's Texas in me. You get tarred and you iron the clothes. Anyway. That's old time takes. But anyway. And so I went back and washed my face and cleaned and shaved, got a clean shirt and put it on, walked back in the kitchen. She said, "Come on". I said, "I'm going to finish my eggs". Now, what was I doing? I was winding my watch. I learned that flying airplanes, but I'd also learned it from Oral Roberts and Kenneth Hagin. Not going to do any good for me to get all upset. So we walk by faith. And I'm telling you, those scrambled eggs tasted like leather, but I ate them because you don't ever want the devil to see you sweat. Because greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. So I got in the car and Gloria got in the back seat and I said, "Mommy, you drive and you take it easy". So we drove down to the hospital. They had moved her over to a just room because the doctor had not come by and signed the death certificate yet. But on the way to the hospital, now I had time to pray in tongues, inquire of the Lord, and I heard exactly what to do. We walked in there in her room. Her daughter was standing at the end of the bed, making funeral arrangements. I said, "Lois, put the phone down". "Huh"? I said, "Put the phone down Lois". So she put the phone down and walked up there beside her bed. And she was always very slender woman. Anyway, she a big knot right here. So mother said, "Kenneth has that thing right there, the sheet is just choking her to death". "Well, the doctor said she's dead. He just hadn't signed the certificate". On the way to that hospital, the Lord told me exactly what to do.

Praise God.

I touched that and said, "Aunt Eily, open your eyes". Her eyes popped over. She said, "Kenneth, what are you doing here"? I said, "I came to pray for you".

Praise the Lord.

And the doctor didn't get to sign his death certificate.


And she moved back to her house and lived. She lived by herself. And I'm telling you, she was a Southern Baptist saint of God. She loved God. I just tell you. And one day mother was driving down the street and she got it in her spirit. She said, "Go see Eily". So she went, mother went over there and she was sitting in her favorite chair in her living room. And mother said, "Eily, you think it's about time to go"? She said, "Oh yeah". She said, "Yeah, he's right there, and I told Him He had to wait a minute". So mother took her in, put her in a bed. And mother told her, said, "Eily, just lay your head back on the pillow and let it go". She laid her head back and began to speak in tongues.

Praise God.

That dear Southern Baptist child of God, just the Spirit of God just consumed her. She began to speak in tongues and out she went. That's what I'm talking about.

Yes, sir.

Now, if it is a bonafide emergency, use the name.

That's right.

Use the name.

And the authority of the blood.


Having been washed in the blood, I have the power to use the name.

And that name and the blood covers all the scriptures, all the covenant.

Yeah. It's all there.

So use the name. Now, here it is right here. This commandment. Where am I here?

1 John.

Yeah, 1 John. Okay. Third chapter and the 23rd verse. "And this is His commandment". Now we read, we know what he said in the 13th chapter of John, 14:21, we read that. "This is His commandment that we should believe on the name of His son, Jesus Christ, and love one another as He gave commandment". We are commanded to believe on that name.

Yes. Have faith in that name.

Have faith in the name. And we're already out of time and you didn't get to say anything.

I'm surprised... Praise God.

Oh, praise God. We'll be back here.
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