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Watch 2022 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Numerical Patterns of Shemitah and the Hebrew Calendar

Kenneth Copeland - Numerical Patterns of Shemitah and the Hebrew Calendar

Kenneth Copeland - Numerical Patterns of Shemitah and the Hebrew Calendar

Hello, everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland. Let me remind you again, now, get the notes that the professor put together here about the Shmita year, about the Jubilee year and so forth. Get these so that you can study these. I strongly suggest if you haven't already DVR these broadcasts so you can go back, particularly with something like this, it's possibly never heard of before. Go back and read this. Go to the scripture, and then meditate on it and study on it. What happens when you meditate the Word? Meditation in the Word does... usually brings faith, and neither to testimonies. But it expands your capacity for faith. Faith comes by hearing the Word and hearing by the Word of God in 10 chapter Romans. That's a covenant promise. But study this.


As you study it and meditate on it, what does it mean Greg to meditate on the scripture? It's really simple. God told Joshua, "You meditate on my Word day and night and don't let it get away from your mouth". He was about to go into combat. The last time he was there, there were giants in that land.


Meditate on it. Think about it. Think about it.

Say what he says. Before we get going, I got to do something, if you allow me sir.


Happy anniversary. Oh, today is your 60th anniversary with Gloria Copeland.

Let's celebrate that. Happy anniversary, sir.

Thank You Jesus.

What a blessing you guys are...

Yeah. Well, you flashed across my mind. About 8:00 in the evening and Joe Stewart's house. Of course, Joe and his wife are there, Claudette. Mary, Gloria's mother, and Wallace, everybody called him Babe Niece. Missy was there, but that's because Mary was pregnant. We always know how old Missy is. She's the same age as our marriage. Oh, it was just marvelous. My boss, Claud Holbert, owns Central Flying Service at that time in Little Rock. We left that night. We left Little Rock, and I borrowed $100 from my boss. This was before I knew ...

No. I understand. Yeah.

We drove to Hot Springs, and all weekend, had to be back to work Monday morning, and it worked.

It worked. What do you think the first time you saw her getting that wedding ceremony when you saw her?

I cried, man.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

When I saw her in that dress and Mary made her dress. It was beautiful. She had on a little white hat, a little white veil and when I saw her I just lost it. She still does me that way.

Definitely. Praise God.

Well, thank God.

We celebrate you.

This ministry is all about covenant. I'll give you a little bit of the testimony of this, because of the way it turned out. I was still, excuse me, student at Oral Roberts University. We drove from Tulsa to my mother's house. I was preaching at Grace Temple Church that weekend. I asked my mother if she had any tapes to listen to. She said, "Yes". It was a 7-inch reel, message on each side. One side, Kenneth E. Hagin. I knew who he was. I had seen him at a Full Gospel Businessman's meeting, but I never heard him preach. On one side, You Can Write Your Own Ticket With God, and on the other side, Paul's Revelation.

Oh, yeah.

You know in both sides, he went to Mark 11:22, 23, 24. Then in Hebrews chapter 1, are they not all ministering spirits talking about the angels, which we'd been mentioned yesterday. Well, I got my New Testament out. I'm looking at all the Scriptures. He made this statement. You can depend on the written Word of God as you can depend on a highly trusted friend, a lawyer, or a doctor, because it is the Word of the Living God. I took it out and I looked at it, and I just hugged that New Testament up to me. Well, later, I thought I am going to look that word testament up, because I think I know what it means. It meant covenant.

Yes, sir.

I thought, "Praise God". Now to me, the first thing that ran across my mind is a blood covenant.

That's right. This covenant is not the blood of bulls and goats.


It's the most precious blood.

Well, that came into my mind because of my grandfather being a full-blooded Cherokee Indian.


Of course, one thing led to another. Someone gave me the little red book on EW Kenyon, The Blood Covenant. That changed my entire life and ministry perspective. Then the Lord began to deal with me, and hold me responsible for the body of Christ, realizing this is not a testament, but it's called a New Testament, Old Testament. But now turn with me to the second chapter of the book of Ephesians. Now here, we're talking about this being a Shmita year, and we're talking about... Now, that is a covenant thing.

Yes, sir.

Because of the covenant God had with Abraham, and then going all down, he had to do this in order to protect people.

That's right.

Protect his covenant people. Then you find the word covenant being used all over both testaments.

Yes, sir.

Now let's go to Ephesians chapter 2. Remember now, and I want to say this to the radio, and also the television audience, the radio and television audience. As we said in the beginning, it'd be easy to say 95% of the Christian people... maybe not that much... have never heard of a Shmita year. But you read it over here and not on... But you don't know that's what you're reading, because we don't know anything.

We drifted away...

Well, yeah.

...from our roots so far.

But now, let's go over here to book of Ephesians chapter 2 verse 11, wherein remember that you being in times past Gentiles, that just simply means somebody without God. In the flesh, who are called uncircumcision, by that which is called circumcision, in other words, you get your... Let's put it like this. Well, you know who you are. I mean, you're not a Jew.


That being said, you were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. But now, in Christ Jesus, you who sometimes were far off are made nigh by the blood of the covenant.

That's right.

Now Shmita is big for us. We, according the Gospel of Romans... That tickled me when you said that, because I've called it that, that is the gospel.


You can get the whole thing in the book of Romans. But if you read after the apostle Paul, we have been grafted in. As far as God's concerned, we have firstborn status.

That's right.

We are grafted in Jews. Amen.

The testimony now there's a... It's a Latin word, a eunuch could not testify in court, because they couldn't swear. Not to be too crude. There's a covenant. It's pretty rare. It's in the Bible. You'll see with Abraham and his servant, and it's called the thigh covenant. He puts his hand under his thigh, well, and he swears on that. Actually, not to be crude, he's putting his hand by his man parts that testify testicles. I mean, I don't want too crude here, but he's swearing by his seed.

Yes. Big covenant. He'll do that go to find a bride for Isaac. That covenant will be there. But that's where we get part of that word testament. This is a covenant sworn by the seed, by the blood. I mean, it's...

Praise God. That form I didn't know.

It's powerful. One of these they will take it apart and show you where Eleazar will do that...

Oh, yeah.

...with Abraham. He puts his hand under his thigh. That's the weirdest thing, the thigh covenant

But that made him the voice of Abraham.

That's right. He's going to get the promise seed, will come from Isaac, he's going to get a bride for him. He makes that swear that covenant promise from there. It has to do with the seed. All right. You ready to break this down?


I'm trying to get through this today, if not, into tomorrow. Remember, I'm looking for a pattern over a prediction. We're looking at the Word of the Lord for this year. You said 2022, the year of correction, direction, protection, and perfection in spirit, soul, and by... interesting you said that... in finances, churches, and government.


All right. It's a Shmita year as well on top of that, meaning it's a release year. All right. In Hebrew, in the letters, there's only consonant letters, there are no vowels. The vowels are the dashes in the dots under the letters, there are no numbers. There's not a number one and a number three and a number seven. The alphabet becomes the numbers. Aleph is the first letter. It has a numerical value of one. Paleo-Hebrew, which I first started studying, has pictures. Even you see Egyptian type things, not the same thing. The picture of Aleph is a bowl. It's the first. It's the strong leader. The last letter is Tav, 22 letters. The last letter is Tav. It's picture symbol is the cross. The first and the last, we would say in Greek, the alpha, the omega, or in Hebrew, you would say, the Aleph Tav is a bowl and a cross. What began with the blood of bulls and goats will end at the cross. I mean, it preaches.

Yeah. That's in the book of Hebrews.

Absolutely. It's in Book of Hebrews. Paul knew that...

The blood of bulls is in the book of Hebrews, compared to the blood of Jesus.

You'll find those two letters together all throughout scripture with no translation. They're just there. I call it the autograph. I say that's the Alpha, Omega. That's where he signed his name. That's talking about me. Aside from that, so what began with blood of bulls and goats will end at the cross. In the Greek, he would say alpha, omega. In the Hebrew you'd say, Aleph, Tav. Now, the Jewish people and the rabbi's believe that the entirety of this is divinely inspired. I said this on Monday. But they look at the first five being more inspired because God said it himself and even wrote it with his own hand, versus it was with a dream or a vision, or prophetic word. Okay. I think you have this here, I want to let you say you guys in the audience don't have this. But there I'll put it on the screen for us. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, the Torah, or the Pentateuch, there are five books, and there are 5,852 verses in the Bible, in those books. Genesis has 1,533. Exodus has 1,213. Leviticus 859.

What had Peter call them? Exceeding great and precious promises.

Yes, sir. Here they all are. That's how many...

At that time, these are the ones that he had access to.

That's absolutely right.

But now he wrote them in a letter. Now we know that they're exceeding great and precious. But this is what he knew as an Orthodox Jew.

There are many ways that you can look at the numbers. The first 10 numbers of the Hebrew alphabet are 1 through 10. When you get to the 11th letter, they go by 10s, 20, 30, 40, 50. They have to 100. Once you get to 100, we count by 100. The numerical value of the next four letters, 22, being the last one, is 400. This is why, in the Bible, you'll read John used it. The apostle John will use it. He says, the number of man is 660, and 6. He's using letters to make the numbers. That's why it sounds so weird to hear. Why didn't he just say 666? Because he's doing it the Hebrew way, 600, 60 and 6. That's how you do this. You learn. There are symbols that they use for numbers so that you know that this is a number, not a word. When I took Hebrew class, and I would write a piece of scripture, I had to have every jot and tittle, had ever punctuation placed in the right place, or the whole verse is wrong, even if I got everything right. But miss one dot, it's wrong... Or put the dot in the wrong place, it's wrong. Then my rabbi would count the numerical value of the verse to see if the numbers were right. That's to the extent that they loved this Word, Brother Copeland, that they not only looked at it from right to left, they looked at the spaces in between it. They counted it to make sure it was correct, because it's that accurate. I'll prove it to you here in just a second. If you think you love the Word now, just wait. All right. Now I know you can take numbers. I'm not doing numerology here. I'm doing grammatical of the Hebrew. You can get messed up with numbers if you're not careful. You get goofy. It's not mystical. Like I said, John, use this in the book of Revelation, chapter 13 verse 8.

It's mathematics.

It's math. That's the way they did. Okay. We know that Greek was the same way as Hebrew, that the number has a value. I decided, what if I do what... The rabbi's did, I took the simplest form. What if I took this year, and found the verse for it to see what the verse would say? Okay. It's the year 2022. In Hebrew, it's the year 5782. They count from creation. 5,782 is the year. 2022 is the same year as 5782. I decided what would happen if I looked at verse 5782? What would happen if I looked at some of these other verses? All right. I'm going to show you some examples right now of how God uses this. I'm going to illustrate how he works on our behalf. Okay. I took a year. I went and looked at this 5708.

Oh, this is just amazing.

You're 5708 and I found the verse 5,708 in the Bible. I found that verse, and it's Deuteronomy 30 and verse 5. Here's the verse. Here's what it says, "And the Lord thy God"... Now listen, pay attention of this part, "And the Lord thy God will bring thee end of the land which thy fathers possessed, and now shall possess it, and he will do thee good, and multiply thee above thy father's". That's the year 5708. Well, that's a great verse for your year, isn't it? But when you now take it over to our calendar, the Gregorian calendar, 5708 is 1948.

That's the year they became a nation.

That's exactly right. That's the Word.


Yeah. Did you just get a chill?


Did you get...

Whoa, yeah.

You get a chill go over you because there it is. That's the year they went in and became a nation. 1948 was the year 5708. All I did was look at the 5,708. Now it doesn't work for all of them. Doesn't work like this for all of it. It's in a prophetic cycle when these things happen. Israel becomes a nation in that year, the verse is, and the Lord thy God will bring me in the land which your fathers possess. Okay. That's just one. Let me show you another one. Brother Hagin would say all the time, you have to show me two or three. All right. The year 5712, just a few years behind that. 5712, I went and found the 5,712th verse of the Torah. It's Deuteronomy 30 verse 9. Here's what it says, "And the Lord thy God will make thee plenteous in every work of thine hand in the fruit of thy body". Listen to this, "In the fruit of thy cattle, in the fruit of thy land, for good and for the Lord will again rejoice over thee for good as a rejoice over their fathers". 1952 was that year. Okay. Big deal. David Ben-Gurion is the modern father of Israel. He was the leader that time, David Ben-Gurion bought cattle from the United States and put them in the Negev desert and begin watering the Negev desert and fruit and vineyards and cattle. That verse happened in 5712, which was also 1952.

Where did they get the cattle?

Right here.

Yes. They didn't go to any place else on Earth to get the cattle. They went there, their little brother.

That's right.


The other Lone Star.

The other Lone Star state over there.

In Texas. They were just... I don't know if you knew this. Just this last year in 2021, they were back in Texas looking for pure red heifers.

I didn't know.

They were examining them. They found pure red heifers in Texas, and took them to Israel to prepare ...


...for the temple, to prepare for the coming of the Messiah.

It came from Texas.

Came from Texas. Now they're going to be raising.

That's because we live here.

That's right. Those are two. I'll continue this tomorrow. But can I show you one more?

Please do.

Because this one, if those two excited you, oh, this one, 5727, the judiciary 5727 is Deuteronomy 31:4. The Lord shall do unto them as he did to Sihon and Og, king of the Amorites. Remember we talked about till the time of the Amorites?


To the land of them with whom he destroyed. It was 1967, '68.

There it is.

The Golan Heights, that's where Sihon and Og lived was in the Golan Heights. He mentions them by name and that verse that corresponds with that year when it happened.

The 1967 War.

The Six-Day War, and they got control.

Yeah. I mean the Six-Day War.

They got control of that area, of the country where these two old kings...

Oh, I remember that. When that happened, I want you to know, we were holding our breath. We knew it. We knew it. We knew this was it. This has to be it. It was.

It was. But see that was in scripture for that Jewish year.

You should put that on these.

On that... yeah. Got them right here. Here's a...

Let's see. I don't have that one.

It's right here, 5727 was a 1967, '68. Now you say, "Wait a minute. You're doing it over two years"? Yes, because the Jewish new year begins in September. Every year we have three months of living in the future before you get to here. The Shmita year began in September and will go through into September this year. It doesn't go by the same January the 1st. We're in it right now. I mean we're right in the smack in the middle of this thing...

Yeah. Right in the middle of it.

...right now. But in those places, God predicted the year or what happened that year happened based on the verse. The verse lined up with it.

Praise God.

He's that accurate, Brother Copeland, and what he's promised us. He's that accurate when His Word. He watches... This why I'm telling you. He watches over His Word to perform it.

To perform it.

This why He told them don't provoke the angel. There's an angel that takes care of time. When the time come for Jesus, he makes sure that happen. He makes sure that everything... Jesus is not going to be late returning to the earth.


It's a set a point of time that's kept in the Father's heart. When it's time that angel is going to sound that trumpet and this thing's over. There's a pattern of things here. Do we have time for another one?

Yes, sir.

Okay. 5746, 5746 corresponds the 5,746 verse.


Is Deuteronomy 31:23, "Be strong have good courage for thou shall bring the children of Israel in the land which I sware to them. I will be with thee". That's 1984. Operation Moses began in 1984 where they start bringing Jews from all over the country, all around the world back home. That's that verse. That's Aliyah. This ministry has been big.


I mean, big time in Aliyah, getting people. You're part of that verse.

Oh, glory be to God. We're out of time.

We're out of time.

Somebody shout amen, somebody. Glory to God. Hallelujah. We'll be back in just a moment. Yes.
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