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2021 online sermons » Joyce Meyer » Joyce Meyer - Celebrating You - Part 2

Joyce Meyer - Celebrating You - Part 2

Joyce Meyer - Celebrating You - Part 2
Joyce Meyer - Celebrating You - Part 2

How do you take care of yourself, spiritually? Well, it's really very simple. If you want to stay spiritually strong, you have to feed yourself the word, on a regular basis. And there's no excuse not to. There's too many different ways of feeding yourself the word. I mean, God has made it so easy for us. You can listen while you're doing other things. You can download it. You can upload it. I mean, it's just simple. Spend time with God. Pray your way through the day. Instead of worrying about things, just pray about 'em. Be conscious and aware, of how much God loves you. Watch out for God, to do something awesome for you. I think God does so much for us and we don't even notice it. We just think it's an "Oops", or an "Oh well", or an accident, or a you know, whatever. I keep a notebook, and I write down things, that I see God do for me. God created us because he wanted somebody to fellowship with.

So just talk to God about anything and everything. Being thankful, is one of the ways, that we can stay strong spiritually. Being thankful, will make you happy. And being thankful certainly makes God happy. Don't you imagine that he gets tired of hearing people murmur, and grumble, and complain, after all the good things, that he's done for them. God's word is your spiritual food. Jeremiah said, "When your words came, I ate them: and they were my joy and my heart's delight". Meditating on God's word, is like chewing your food. It's like, what does it mean, to meditate on God's word? Just to think about a scripture over and over. And maybe like to take, each word of a scripture, and really think about it. Like if you took Psalm 139, about how God created you, and how you're fearfully, and wonderfully made. And if you took each word, and just thought about that.

You know, we read the Bible, but what do we really get out of it sometimes? Because sometimes, we get this religious thinking, that more is better. So, we're real proud of ourself if we, you know, read 6 chapters a day. But what difference does it make, if you didn't understand any of it? God would rather you read one verse, and get something out of it, than to read the whole Bible every, single day. Confessing your sins, keeps you strong spiritually. Don't hide sin in your heart. You're not hiding anything from God. He knows it anyway. You can confess your sins to God. And sometimes, it's even very helpful, to have a trusted friend, or spiritual leader, that you can also say, "Listen, I've been having a problem with this". I mean, it's amazing, sometimes how that will break a stronghold off of you. Just to speak it out, to somebody that you trust, and get rid of it. Taking care of yourself, mentally. Let your mind rest. Wow.

Some people go on vacation, just so they can lay on the beach, and worry about what they're gonna do, with the rest of their life. It's true. "I think I'll take the day off today, and worry". Two of the main things, that cause people, to wear out mentally, is worry and reasoning. Trying to figure things out, that only God knows, that he's not telling anybody yet. And there's no such thing, as trusting God, without unanswered questions. No wonder God tells us, to live one day at a time. And especially, the times we're in right now, my goodness. "How long before we don't have to wear masks anymore? When's the COVID gonna be over? Is it ever gonna be over? Now they have all these new strains. What's gonna happen if I get it"? You can't figure all that out.

You just say, "God, I belong to you. You created me with your own hand. I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. My name is written in your book of life". If I died with COVID, I mean, Paul said, "To live is Christ, to die is gain". We need to look at it, according to what the Bible says. You don't need to be afraid to die. If you're a believer, wow! I mean, you really probably, I'm kinda looking forward to it myself. And I don't mean that like I, you know, have a death wish. But I mean, wow! What's it gonna really look like? What's it gonna be like? What's that heavenly choir gonna sound like? I wanna do a seminar with Moses. And I've been thinking about it. We worry about so many different things. And you know, I'm reading a book right now, that is about the mind. And I've written, a lot of stuff on the mind. But this is really a good book. And one of the things that the author said, that I really like is, "Is when you have a wrong thought pattern", let's just say like you worry about money all the time, "The first thing you need to ask yourself is, 'where did this come from'"?

See like, for example, when I was growing up, nobody did anything for me. I had to take care of myself. Now, my parents gave me a place to live, and they fed me, and they bought me what clothes, I absolutely had to have. But my dad wouldn't buy my graduation dress. He wouldn't buy my school pictures. He wouldn't buy my class ring. Anything that was like something special for me. So, I have a little more fear, of not having enough money, than Dave does. Dave was raised, his family was poor. Mine weren't. His family was poor, but he had a mother, who taught him how to trust God. And he watched God, provide for them time, after time, after time. Like one of the things she did was, she cleaned homes for people. And a lot of the people, that she cleaned homes for, were wealthy people. And many times, they would give her whole bags, of brand-new clothing, to bring home. Well, Dave doesn't have any fear, concerning money.

So, it's helpful for me to say, "Where did that come from"? "Why am I like that"? I know a man, who has so much fear about money. I mean, like he won't hardly buy anything, except what he just absolutely has to have, even though he has the money to do it. Why? Because he went through a season, of real poverty, in his childhood. And even though his mother, remarried a man that took good care of them, it's amazing, how you can get stuck in a mindset. I mean, some people can worry about what people think of them, because of one very painful thing, that somebody said to them, 25 or 30 years ago. So, if you're stuck in a worry pattern, about the same thing over, and over, and over, maybe you do pretty good, in all these areas, like, maybe, you don't worry about your kids, but this money thing is a problem. Or maybe, you worry about your health, or whatever it is. Don't just keep doin' it, and fightin' it, and trying to get over it yourself.

Ask God to show you, "What is the source of this"? Because if you don't get to the root, it'll just keep producing bad fruit. Ginger asked me, the other day, if I had anything special in my heart for this year. And I said, "Yes, take life one day at a time". Such a great example, with the manna. God provided their food daily. Just imagine how, what, just... See, we don't think about stuff enough. Think about that. Now, they're out in the middle of nowhere, and all this food comes down, and God says, "Now you can only gather enough for today. And if you gather more than that, it's gonna rot and stink". And they had to trust God, that the next day, he would show up again. Come on. It was probably a little harder than we think. "Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you". Take care of yourself emotionally. Hmm, it's not selfish to take care of yourself. It's wise.

You say, "Well, how do I take care of myself emotionally"? Well, I mean, some of the things, I've already said will help. You know, not worrying, not reasoning. But let's just say that you're a person, and we're all different. Let's just say that you're a person, you need to be around people. One couple that I know, she said, "My husband is energized by people and they wear me out". Well, we're all different. So, you need to get with God, and figure out what you need. And don't feel like, you're doing something wrong, if you meet your needs. I can tell you my husband, needs to play golf. And I'm at the point, in my life now, where I need for him, to go play golf. Amen? Do you know that men need to play, more than women do? That's an actual fact. I don't need to be around, a ton of people. I mean, that's kinda funny sounding since i... But I mean, I need quiet time. I need time by myself.

Dave and I were talking about, what we'll do when I got home today, and I said, "Well, for about the first hour, that I'm there, I just wanna be left alone". Why? Because by the time I finish this, I need some quiet time. And I just wanna... I don't wanna go right home, and start doin' something else. So, whatever you need emotionally, let's just say that emotionally, you need more compliments, more encouragement. But maybe you're not married to somebody who gives you that. Well, find yourself some very encouraging friends. I'm serious. Don't just get mad at the person you're married to, because they're not built, in such a way, that they can give you, everything you want. Ask God to provide what you need. And he may not provide it through the source, that you think it should come from, but he will provide it. We get mad at people sometimes, for not giving us something, and they don't even know how to do it. It's not even in their wheelhouse. Maybe they were raised, in a family where there wasn't much affection shown. Maybe a guy was, and he marries a woman, who got a ton of affection, when she was growing up.

And so, she wants all this stuff from him, that's just not even, he don't get it. Well, then she needs to pray, that God will give that to her, through another source. Take care of yourself emotionally. You know, there's a story in the Bible, that I think, is interesting. It's about, it's in John 12:3-7, when Mary took a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume, and poured it on Jesus' feet, and wiped it with her hair. Mike, can you come here, just a minute real quick? Just so this makes sense to you. See, they didn't sit in chairs and eat in Jesus' day. Mike is so obedient. See, now this was how they ate. They were at tables, and they laid down. Well, she was back here, behind his feet. And she let down her hair, which a woman did not do in public. First of all, for her to even be in there, to come that close to Jesus, I mean, like she was really being radical. Which is the way you get, if you love Jesus enough.

And, you know, Judas complained and he said, "Why did you waste that"? Come on, now, listen. "Why did you waste that"? And Jesus said, "She has done this in preparation for my burial". You know what I think? This is my own opinion. I think that helped him emotionally. 'cause see, emotionally, his disciples all went to sleep. They couldn't even pray with him an hour. He was going through a lot of emotional things. But here, Mary comes, and she takes perfume worth a year's wages, and just pours it all over him. Can I tell you something? Once in a while, you're worthy of waste. You can get up, Mike. Thank you. Mike's so good. "Oh, I can do without that". Well, maybe, you can, but maybe, it's not the best thing for you to do without it.

Don't pay any attention to the judgments of other people. "Well, you didn't need that". "Well, you don't know what I need. You don't know what my life is like. You don't know what I go through". We've got all of our opinions, about everybody else, and what they should do, and what they shouldn't do. And the bottom line is, you start telling God what you need. You know, sometimes, I'll tell God, you know, "Could you just do, something special for me? I just need a surprise". I love my husband with all my heart, but he's not a gift buyer. And my love language is gifts. I love to give 'em, and I like to get 'em. But that's just not what he does. He'll go out and shop all day, and bring home shirts, and jeans, and shoes, and, "You got anything there for me"? "Nah. Figured if I bought you something you'd just take it back anyway". I said, "I don't care". But that's just not him.

So, I spent years gettin' mad at him. There's no point in that. It's not the way God's put them together. He's got a lot of other great gifts. And he'll do anything for me. He's very much with acts of service, which is my second love language. So, he still got in there. But if you're not getting something from somebody else, that you want, ask God for it. It's okay for you to ask God for something special. "God, could you do something special for me"? I've just written a book called, "How to age without getting old". And so, that begins with, taking care of yourself, when you're young. I really hope that people don't look at this book and go, "I don't need that, I'm only 20".

Well, that's exactly when you do need it, when you're 20. I wish, with all my heart, that somebody would've written this book, 30 years ago. And I would've read it, and paid attention to it. I could've avoided making myself sick three times. I could've avoided some of the things that I still deal with, because I work too hard. Because of being abused in my childhood, I really tried to get a lot of my worth, and value out of my work. I didn't know any better. I had nobody telling me the things that I'm telling you now. And yes, I went to church. There's a handful of things, if you do them now, not hard, that will make a whole difference for you, as you get older. First of all, don't start thinkin' old. "I'm so old, I can't do that anymore, I'm old". No, you're aging, but you don't have to get old. Old is a mindset. Age is a number. And we all know, 'cause I tell it all the time, I'm 77 soon-to-be 78. Still going strong. Yes, I get a little tireder than I used to. I need more rest. I have to say, "No," to more things than I used to. But I am not old! Amen?

Don't start thinking, "I'm too old to do that". Simple things. Let me just tell you. Get enough rest. Learn how to say, "No," when you need to say, "No". Get seven to eight hours sleep every night. "Well, I don't have time to do that". Well, you'll either take time, because you choose to, or eventually you'll be forced to. Amen? You can't do the same thing all your life. You have to be making changes, all the way along. Drink lots of water. Eat healthy foods. Don't be excessive with sugar, caffeine, different substances that aren't good for you. Get plenty of exercise. Move, move, move, you've got joints because, you're supposed to move. Make an investment in yourself. You know why? Because you're worth it. You have tremendous value. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, amen? Come on, let's give God a big praise.
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