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2021 online sermons » Joyce Meyer » Joyce Meyer - When, God, When?

Joyce Meyer - When, God, When?

Well, I'm gonna be teaching this weekend a message called, "When, God, when"? Nobody ever has that question, do they? "Oh God, when will my breakthrough come"? And you know, if you're frustrated all the time because things aren't happening on your timetable or there's things going on in your life that you don't understand then you're not gonna enjoy your life. We need to live in, what the Bible calls, "The rest of God". It's a special kind of rest that you can have, even in the midst of the storms of life. Everything doesn't have to be perfect. You don't have to know everything. You don't have to have everything figured out. You replace all that with trust, that God is good, that he knows what he's doing, and that he will do the best thing for you at the right time.

I want you to get that. Matter of fact, we should say it together. Say, "God will do the best thing for me at the right time". And I know we're in a hurry, and God's not. But being frustrated about how long you have to wait will not get God to hurry. God gives us dreams and visions, or I just put hope. He gives us hope for change. We want to change. We wanna see our loved ones change. We wanna see the world change. We want our finances to change. There's always something that we want to change. And God is in the business of changing things, but he never tells us when. And it's frustrating, of course, when you have something real big in your heart. It seems to you like it should happen right away. At least, that's the way it seems to me.

And it rarely ever does happen right away, because to be honest, whatever it is, we're wanting God to do in our life, usually we have to go through some kind of a preparation period in order for that to happen. And we don't get to skip over those steps. And waiting doesn't have to be a time of misery if we trust God that he will do things, not on our timing, but in his timing and at the right time. And might I add, just because you feel like you're ready... In no way means that you are ready.

And another thing I want to mention is when you're praying for other people, God can't override their will just to answer your prayer. Because everybody has a free will. So, when you pray for somebody else, you've gotta give God time to deal with them. And the best thing to do is just be a good example to them while you're in the process of waiting. And obviously, when we pray for somebody else, there's no 100% guarantee that they're gonna get in to God, but one thing's for sure, if nobody prays for them, God will never even have an opening to work in their life. And sometimes, you just have to keep that in mind, that when you pray, it gives God an opening to work on them.

My husband always has said several times, when you start praying for somebody they're gonna act worse before they act better. You know why? Because when God starts... How many of you, when God is dealing with you, you don't act so good all the time? Well, so, when you pray for somebody and you see them acting worse, you should say, "Great. God is working". God reserves the knowledge of timing for his own wisdom. Why does God withhold information from us? Why doesn't he just tell us, why and when? Well, a handful of reasons.

Number one, if we knew how long we had to wait... So, God uses this little word, "Soon". Don't you love it when somebody with a prophetic gift comes through town and they give you a word. "The Lord says, 'soon you're gonna be sent out into your ministry'". And you get so excited, but you don't know any more than you did before they came in. It took me awhile to figure that out. Back in the seventies, there was a lot of the gifts of the spirit. They were operating more heavily in the church at that season than they seem to be now. And different people with different gifts would come to our church, and it seemed like invariably, they'd call me out, and give me a word. And it was almost always the same thing, "Be not weary in well-doing for in due season, you shall reap if you faint not".

And to be honest, I thought, "If I get that word one more time, I am gonna scream". Cause after about the 7th or 8th time, I figured out that it wasn't really telling me anything. Didn't tell me anything. And God finally, told me, he says, "All you gotta do is just keep on keeping on, until the time comes". You know, everybody waits. It's not a matter of whether you will wait or not. If you've got any questions about that, I can tell you tonight, you will wait. Nobody just has a dream, or a vision, or a plan, or a desire, or a hope and they just get it immediately. Everybody waits.

Moses had a desire to deliver his people from the bondage that they were in, as slaves, in Egypt. And he went to the desert for 40 years, in the wilderness. Have you ever noticed that when you're waiting sometimes you feel like you're in the wilderness? And what was he out there for? For training. I wish God could train us on a mountaintop but it seems he always has to do it in a furnace, or a wilderness, or a desert, or at a job we hate, or you know, something like that. Joseph waited 13 years, in prison, for something that he didn't even do. He wasn't even guilty.

But you know, the interesting thing about Joseph is, it appears, I don't know if he ever had a grouchy day, but none of 'em are listed in the Bible. And it just appears that Joseph had such a great attitude about all these unfair things that happened to him, and the result was that everywhere he went God gave him favor. When he was in Potiphar's house, he got a little too much favor with Potiphar's wife, and she went after him. And then, that favor ended up putting him in prison, but he also got favor in prison. And no matter where he was, he got favor. And see, that can happen to you and it can happen to me, if we learn to wait with a good attitude. You know what the best thing is that you can do while you're waiting? Help somebody else. If you wanna know, "Well, what am I supposed to do while I'm just waiting on God"? Help somebody else. That's the very best thing that you can do.

And you know, Joseph did that. He helped the baker, and the butler, and they got outta prison. And he said, "Don't forget me," and they got out and just forgot him, right away. But he never got bitter about it, he never got angry. He wasn't bitter at his brothers who sold him into slavery. When they were in need, he helped them. And so, if we learn how to wait patiently... You know, patience is not waiting. Patience is how we act while we're waiting. So, let's just have a little selah moment, pause and think about that. How do you act while you're waiting? "Well... Well, can we just go on, Joyce, and see what your next point is"? And part of this training is to get us to that point, where we can wait and stay in the rest of God.

40 years Moses waited, 13 years for Joseph, Abraham waited 20 years to see God's promise come to pass, and in the process, he took matters into his own hands and got himself into a lot of trouble. And when we do that, when we decide to try to do what only God can do, then we always just put God's answer off longer. Amen? David waited 20 years, he was anointed to be king and didn't wear the crown for 20 years after that. I received the call to preach the Gospel 43 years ago, in February of 1976. And I was doing something all throughout those 43 years, but it started so little, and it changed so slowly. That it almost seems like nothing is happening. Although, when you get on the other side of things, and you have what you've been waiting for, you can look back and see that you were making progress.

And what we really need to learn how to do, is to celebrate our little victories. Come on, all along the way. One piece of advice I can give you, and if you don't get anything but this, it'll be worth you coming. Stop looking at how far you have to go and start celebrating how far you've come. Amen? And just a word to my TV audience, wanna make sure you know that, I know that you're out there. And this is for you, too. Stop thinking about how far you have to go, and everything that's still wrong with you, and everything that's wrong in your life, and everything that's wrong with your kids, and everything that's wrong with your job and just learn to celebrate the good things, the positive things. The more you make out of the good things, the smaller the bad things will become. And don't we tend to focus on the bad stuff? We shouldn't do that.

So, celebrate your little victories. I didn't know how to do that when I was waiting for God to do what he was gonna do in my life. But the day that God spoke to me... And I didn't hear audible words, but it just came so strong in my heart, "You're gonna go all over the world and preach the Gospel". Well, I was nobody from nowhere, and I hadn't been to seminary, I hadn't been to Bible college. I had a 12th grade education, you know. Almost failed English. "Oh, sure. I'm gonna speak all over the world". But you know what? Here's the interesting thing. When God speaks something to your heart, as crazy as it may sound, you believe it. Right? At least you think about believing it. Sometimes, it doesn't take the other side of your brain long to talk you out of it, but deep down inside you can't get rid of it.

A lot of people wanna know, "How do I know if God is calling me"? Well, I jotted down three, quick, little ways. Number one, if God's calling you to do something, you're gonna have a passion to do it, an unreasonable passion. It may not make sense to everybody else, but you can't get rid of it. From the day that God spoke to my heart, I have wanted, with more than anything else in the world, to teach his word. When God speaks to you about something that he wants you to do, it's gonna be on your mind. You're gonna think about it. You're gonna think about it a lot. You're gonna pray about it. And the other thing, and this is a big thing, is when God puts something on your heart that he wants you to do, you will sacrifice anything to get it.

You didn't like the sacrifice word much. Sacrifice. Jesus sacrificed, didn't he? The apostles sacrificed. Jesus said, "Follow me," and they just walked off from their jobs and their businesses, and just, "Okay," and followed him. I quit a full-time job making good money so I could stay home and study for this ministry that I thought God told me that I was gonna have, which at that time was a handful of people that I was teaching in my living room floor. You will sacrifice. You will do things, that to other people, don't seem to make any sense at all, and half the time, you'll think you're crazy, yourself.

People always wanna know, "How do I know if it's God"? You know, I just think, really, when God speaks to you, you just know. You just know. Because here's the thing, when God calls you to do something, he gives you the faith to do it. A man said to me one time, he said, "Don't you realize that you and Dave operate under a supernatural gift of faith, where this ministry's concerned"? And I never did, really, get it until then, but we had faith to do things that were absolutely nuts. I mean, things that sane people wouldn't do. But you believe that you can because God gives you the faith. "Unto every man is given the measure of faith that he needs to do whatever it is that God has called him to do". Amen?

And then, sometimes, I guess the final test is, if you believe God's calling you to do something, but you're not sure, well, just step out and find out. It won't you very long and you'll know. I wanted to serve God and I didn't know for sure, what I was supposed to do at first, and I just did anything and everything just to serve God. I mean, I knew I wanted to teach but the door hadn't open for that yet. And I worked in the nursery for about a week, week and a half, maybe two, and that's all it took for me and the kids to know that wasn't my call. So, you just try a few things and see what fits, amen? A little bit at a time, a little bit at a time...

You know, when the Israelites were making their journey through the wilderness, they'd come out of bondage in Egypt, but they weren't in the Promised Land yet. They were like, most of us are, they were hearing about the Promised Land but they weren't actually, living in it, or they weren't living in all of it. And I love how the Bible says that they were led by a cloud by day and a fire by night. And the Bible says that, "Whenever the clouds stopped, they stopped". They camped, and then they journeyed, and then they camped, and then they journeyed. And that's just like our lives.

You know, we journey for a while, we're going somewhere and nothing's happening, we're just trudging along. And then, it's kind of tough. And then, we get to camp for a little while. We get to rest and camp at a place of victory for a little while. And then, all of a sudden, without much warning, God says, "It's time to journey some more". And then you head off in another direction for where you're headed. God does things a little bit at a time. Deuteronomy 7:22 says, "He delivers us from our enemies little by little". And you know why we get things little by little? To keep us from getting in pride. People that are shooting star, overnight successes rarely ever make it for very long because they are not spiritually prepared to handle that kind of attention. Amen?

You better pray, instead of, "God, give it to me, now". You better pray, "God, don't give it to me until you know I'm ready". Amen? Now, you know, God could do things faster, there's no doubt about that. Whatever it is that you're wanting God to do, he could do it in a moment. But the Bible says, in Exodus 13:17, "When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them by way of the land of the Philistines, although that was near: for God said, 'lest the people change their minds when they see war, and return to Egypt'".

Now, that's very important part of scripture if we're gonna talk about timing because there was a shorter route that God could have led them and there is a shorter route that God could take you. There would have been a shorter route that God could take me. But he said, he didn't do that because they weren't ready for war. Now, what does that mean to us? You know, every time you come up higher, the devil comes against you harder. Every time you get more of something, there has to be less of you.

What did John the baptist say whenever his disciples came and started complaining? "Well, now, everybody's flocking to Jesus and he's baptizing, too. And you know, he's becoming more popular than us". And John said, "He must increase and I must decrease". In order for God to increase in your life, there has to be a decrease in you. And a lot of that comes in how you think about yourself and how you see yourself. God doesn't want any of us to have a bad attitude about ourselves, but he never wants us to think that we're better than anybody else. Come on. And have you ever noticed that some, not all, but some people who have important positions seem to mistreat people that are, "Not," as important as they are, in their estimation.

But here's the thing, everybody is equally important to God. Amen, amen, amen. One of the worst things that we can do is to mistreat other people. I mean, God takes it very personally. Well, you know, I wasn't ready. I thought I was ready, but I wasn't ready to stand firm. I didn't know when God put it on my heart to teach the word, that I was gonna get asked to leave my church. See, we think, when God wants to do something good in our life that everybody's gonna be happy for us. But has anybody found out that when God gives you favor and you progress that not everybody's happy for you?

And sometimes, it's shocking because a lot of times, it's the people that are the closest to you. The people that you would think really should believe you, and be for you, and be happy for you, but Jesus' family was like that. They didn't believe him. They wanted him to stop acting like a nut. You know, "If you really are, who you say you are, then do a miracle. Do something". And you know what Jesus said, "My time has not yet come". Your time is anytime, but my time has not yet come. He understood timing and we have to understand timing. We can't be jumping out ahead of God, just trying to prove to somebody that we're right. When will the time come?

See, I didn't know about all the criticism I was gonna get. I didn't know that when you get on television that then you just have a few million people that can find something wrong with you. Oh yeah, we get some interesting stuff. My earrings are too long, they're too flashy, they're this, they're that. But I didn't realize the things that were gonna happen to me. See, the church I was in, they didn't believe in women preachers. And I didn't know that I was gonna have to give up my church, and lose a lot of my friends, and... You know, I wasn't ready, yet. I had to get stronger in the Lord.

And how do you get stronger in the Lord? By going through things. Come on. When do you grow? When you're going through things. When do you grow? Not when you're getting what you want, when you're not getting what you want, and you don't give up. You know when you grow? When you're not getting what you want, but you keep doing what's right, anyway. Because here's a little secret, we can't do what's right just to get a result. Took me a long time to learn that. You do what's right because it's right and because it's God's will, and you make your mind up that you'll do it till Jesus comes back if you never see one result, this side of heaven.

Well, what kind of problems would it create if we knew when everything was gonna take place? Well, first of all, life would be very boring because we need a little mystery. I like to watch mysteries. And we wouldn't have to trust God to bring things to pass in our life if we knew when everything was gonna happen. And that wouldn't be good because trusting God is one of the main things that we need to be doing. That's a large part of our relationship with him. Not knowing keeps us from getting spiritually lazy.

Hello? Not knowing keeps us from getting spiritually lazy. It keeps us pursuing God, and seeking God, and praying, and learning, and wanting to grow. But if you knew everything, and you knew when everything was gonna happen, you wouldn't want any of that. Guess what? God knows what he's doing. And if we knew when, we might be tempted to live in sin until the time got close. "No," you say. Yes... God withholds knowledge from us on purpose and we need to believe that our times are in his hands, and that when the time is right, no devil in hell and no person on earth can stop God from moving in your life. Did you hear me?

"Well, if the devil would just get out of the way". No, no. The devil can aggravate you but he can't stop God. You keep your eyes on God, and when the time is right, God will do in your life what he wants to do in your life, and nobody will stop him. Amen? John 13:7, "Jesus answered him, 'What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand'". How many of you went through some things that you just did not understand at all, spent a few years being totally confused, and miserable, and almost lost your faith a number of times, and now, you look back and you know now, why that had to happen? Isn't it fun?

I'll give you an example. When I was still doing my little home Bible study, because of having a full-time job, I didn't really have time to study properly and get any sleep. And you know, I was raising kids. I had kids, I had a full-time job, and so, I started feeling like God wanted me to quit my job. But the problem was if I quit my job, we were gonna be short $40 every month of having enough money to pay our bills. And that was not even looking at anything for clothes, or car repairs, or home repairs, or anything like that. That was just to pay the bills. But I just kept feeling like that's what God wanted me to do.

Well, I partially obeyed God and that never works. You say, "What did you do"? I got a part-time job. Come on, anybody know what I'm talking about? "Well, God, I wanna obey you but I'mma have a little backup plan here, just in case you don't come through, I'mma have a little back-up plan". Well, you know what? You're not gonna get your breakthrough until you get rid of your back-up plan. Oh, you didn't like that. I'll tell them. Come on, you're not gonna get what you want until you get rid of your back-up plan. See, I'll preach to you more if you act better. Just think about that.

And so, finally I got fired from my part time job. Which, I knew immediately, was God because I'd never been fired from a job. I wasn't the kind of person that got fired from a job. But I mean, from the time I went to work at that place, I couldn't do anything, right. I mean, it was ridiculous the mistakes that I made. I would have fired me. And so, I quit my job, and I was so scared. Oh my gosh, I was scared. And for six years, every month, supernaturally, some way, God provided that money that we needed to pay our bills.

And I can tell you, I look back now and those were some of the most precious years in my life, and such bonding times with God when I would see the little things that he did for me that I knew was him, couldn't have possibly been anybody else. But you know, I was really, really, really getting tired of living like that. "When, God, when? I made this big sacrifice, when are you gonna come through with some prosperity for us? We're tithing, we're giving, I'm preaching, I'm teaching..."

You know, we love to give God a list of all of our good qualities like, "You owe me something. Look at all the good stuff I'm doing here, God, and you're not doing anything". So, my pastor came by, wanted to share a good report. He had a speaking engagement, which I was just desperate to have anybody to ask me to come and speak anywhere and they never did. And he came by, and he'd gotten this big offering, and two or three people said they wanted to partner with him. And he was all excited and he told me his good news, and I did what we do, "Oh, praise the Lord. That's so... Thank you Jesus". Come on. Well, at least I was trying to act like I knew I was supposed to act. And then, all of a sudden, it was like he said, "Oh, is it okay that I'm telling you this? I don't", and I'm like, "No, I wish you'd shut up," but I didn't tell him that.

How many of you, when you feel like you're hurting so bad, you feel like your guts are gonna fall apart, you don't appreciate hearing somebody else's great testimony? Come on, be honest. So even, with giving your testimony there's a time. I mean, you know, if somebody looks like they're about to fall over dead with the flu that's not when you should tell 'em that you started to get it last week and God healed you. That's the time to have a little bit of compassion. Amen? And so, I pretended like I was real happy for him, and when he left, I went and threw myself across my daughter's bed, and I cried, and cried, and cried, and cried, and cried. And when I got up from that bed, I said, "Jesus, I don't care if I ever see one result, I will continue to tithe and give offerings until the day you come back to get me, and", our finances changed from that day.

Let me go back to what I said earlier. We gotta stop serving God just to get a result. Do you hear me? We know there are promises. It's fine to believe for those promises. But how we behave in our relationship with God cannot be based, on whether he's giving me what I want or not. He's already given us more than anybody could possibly ever deserve in a million lifetimes. Well, I didn't understand why we were going through that. It didn't make any sense. We had sacrificed. We were trying to do what was right.

Well, I know now, I fully understand it. Because then, we needed $40 a month, you would fall right out of your chair, if I told you how much it costs to run this ministry now, every month. And you know what? I never think about it. God brings the money in. We don't charge for our conferences. Our ministry has no debt at all, none. We've never paid one cent in interest because we've never borrowed money. And it used to be $40 a month, but see, that's where I learned how to trust God. You gotta learn how to trust God for your socks and underwear before you can trust him for a worldwide ministry. Come on. And I still have a notebook, at home, where I wrote my little prayer list to God back in the seventies. "Dear God, I need 12 new washcloths and I need a new skillet".

And I'll never forget the day that somebody knocked on my door, and I answered the door, and didn't recognize the person, and she said, "I hope that you do not think that I am stark Raving mad, but I felt like God told me to bring you 12 new washcloths. Ahhh"! That's the kinda stuff that knits you to God. I mean, 'cause I knew that, that had to be God. And see, saying we trust God is one thing but when we really trust God, we enter his rest. Trying to trust God is frustrating. But when you really trust him, you really don't worry about the situation because you know that God will take care of it. You don't know when, you're not trying to figure out when, you don't know how, you're not trying to figure out how, you're just, you know God'll do it. And if God doesn't do it, then maybe, it's not supposed to be done.

Come on. You know, it's just possible, remote, I know, but it is just possible that you're believing God for something that you're not supposed to have. Eww, that didn't go over good at all, did it? Well, we gonna see how spiritual they really are. It's just possible that you're believing God for something you're not supposed to have. I'm being unfair to you 'cause I tell you first. And so, you have to take the hit, and they've had time to think it over by the time I get over there. But that's true. I mean, if God wants you to have it, can't God give it to you? And if he doesn't, then it's either not time or it's not right. And if we're really smart, we're not gonna want anything that God doesn't want us to have. And we surely, don't want it out of season. Because if your not prepared to take care of it, then it just becomes a burden to you.

John 16:12, Jesus said, "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now". Wow. Wonder what God knows that I don't know. You know, now, that I'm getting a little older, I ask God sometimes, "How long am I gonna live? And when I do die, how am I gonna die? Is it gonna be painful or you just gonna take me in my sleep"? You know, you start to think about some odd things when you get... And just let me say a word to those of you that are in your twenties.

There's a Psalm that says, "Once I was young, but now I'm old". And you're gonna get there, trust me. Everyday you're aging. But I'm gonna write a book on how to age without getting old. Amen? I seriously, am working on a book called, "Aging gracefully". I mean, you know, age is a number but old is a mindset. God don't tell you stuff like that. I don't know. Someday, it'll just be over, and I'll go. If you knew exactly, how greatly, God was gonna use some of you, in this room, you would be so full of yourself it would be pathetic.

Okay, here's a statement I wrote down. I want you to get this. "Being greatly used by God and staying humble requires a lot of spiritual maturity". Come on. Being greatly used by God, and knowing it's not you, but God. And that God is not doing it because you're so good, but in spite of you, and giving God all the glory takes a lot of spiritual maturity. You gotta stay really close to God to handle it.

I remember the Lord telling me one time, "You're so proud of yourself because you work for me, but the problem is you're not spending any time with me". And you know, some of the guiltiest people, about spending time with God, are those who work in full-time ministry. "Well, not anymore, honey. That's the first place I go every day". 'Cause God's let me know, 100% for sure, I cannot do this and him not be my number one priority. My times are in your hands. What about when God only shows you part of something? Kinda like the appetizer? You know what? Act on what you know but don't worry about what you don't know.

See, a lot of people won't act until they know everything, and so they never know everything because they won't act on the little bit that they do know. Take whatever opportunities in front of you, be faithful over little things, come on... Be faithful over little things. Be faithful over little things. "Well, I'll tell you what, sister Joyce, if I had a million dollars I'd give it to you". No, you wouldn't. Cause if you got ten and you wouldn't even give that... Here it is, Psalm 31:14-15, "But I trust in you, o Lord. I say, 'You are my God'. My times are in your hands: rescue me from the hand of my enemies and from my persecutors". Habakkuk 2:3, "For still the vision awaits its appointed time: it hastens to the end... It will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it: it will surely come: it will not delay".

Every one of you, who have a dream in your heart and you've been waiting a long time, I want you to close your eyes and just listen to this. If it seems slow, wait for it: it will surely come: it will not delay. One more time. If it seems slow, wait for it: it will surely come: it will not delay. Everybody say, "At the right time". Now, your journey may be long but you can decide tonight, to enjoy it. You can enjoy the time that you're waiting on God if you'll make up your mind to do it. Don't be moved emotionally. Jesus refused to be moved emotionally. Don't try to birth something premature.

Ecclesiastes 3 says, "Everything is beautiful in its time". But it's not so beautiful out of its time. And the devil will provide opportunities for you. When I was so, like, so strongly wanting my ministry to grow and be bigger, oh my gosh, it was just like... All I could think about... Big, big, we're just addicted to big. Everything's gotta be big. And a promoter, yes, they have promoters for preachers too. I was out in California and he contacted us and said, "If you'll sign on with me and let me be your agent, I can get you all kinds of engagements and make you famous". Well, temptation... "We can work around God's plan and get things moving here".

Come on, you know what I'm talkin' about. But that afternoon, I laid on my bed and was praying before I went to do the meeting that night, and I knew in the pit of my gut that was not what God wanted me to do. And so, I finally, just said, "Well, God, either you'll promote me or I'll never get promoted because I'm not gonna do it in the flesh". Come on, don't make the mistake of trying to do what Abraham and Sarah did and get something going yourself because God's not moving fast enough to suit you.

And finally, let me say that the Bible talks about two covenants: the old and the new. The covenant of works, the covenant of grace. The covenant of working, and following rules and regulations, and then, thinking that you deserve something because of that, or the covenant of trusting God, believing him, being obedient to him, and letting him do things for you because of his favor. These covenants are represented in Galatians. It talks about how it's represented by two different women: Hagar and Sarah. And if you know the story then that's good. If not, I'm just gonna tell you just enough so you're not totally lost. God gave Abraham a promise that he would have a child from his own body. But he and Sarah were both past childbearing years. So, it had to be a miracle.

And in Romans 4, it says, Abraham, all human reason for hope being gone, he hoped on in faith. See, even when you don't have one natural reason to hope, you can hope on in faith because God can do the impossible. And it said, no doubt or unbelief made him waiver concerning the promise of God. Don't think that doubt and unbelief won't come against you because it will. Let it come, but don't let it change you. No doubt or unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God.

So, he believed God. But in the process of this waiting, Sarah got a bright idea. That she would take Hagar, her handmaid, and give to Abraham as a secondary wife. Well, we already know, any woman in the room knows that's stupid. I noticed, Abraham didn't turn her down, but you know... So, she got pregnant, gave birth to Ishmael. His name means man of war. Finally, after a good number of years had gone by, God did visit Sarah and she had a baby, named Isaac, and his name means laughter. So, you got your choice. You can do it your way and have war, or you can wait on God and laugh all the way home to Jesus. Amen? Amen.
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    THANKYOU for this encouraging word.
    I come in agrmnt with you right now and I know Gods timing is ALWAYS
    perfect in our lives.Amen.
    He is perfecting all that concerns us and his word does not return void
    He watches over his word to bring it to pass.
    We give God all the Glory Honour Praise for his goodness and faithfullness
    In our lives always in the mighty name of Jesus we pray. Ps 37:4-5 AMEN.

    May the Lord Bless you and Keep you always Joyce
    Your family ministry and all that concerns you.

    Love you dearly,