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Joyce Meyer - The Joy Of Helping Others

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We'd like to welcome you to our program today. We're actually in Thailand, and we are feeding children here today at one of our more than 775 feeding centers around the world. And when I say, "We're feeding them," I want you to know that I'm not just talkin' about me. I'm not just talkin' about our ministry. I'm talking about us and all the people that support us, which is many of you. You know, the joy of helping others is absolutely amazing. And if you've never tried it, you need to get busy helping somebody else because I don't think it's possible to be truly happy if all we think about is our own needs. And I say this all the time, and I wanna begin this program by saying this. What we make happen for other people, God will make happen for us. So enjoy what you see today and let it touch your heart to be motivated to get involved.

We're here because it's not only us. It's those of you who support the ministry that help us do these kinds of things. And we just got finished being involved in feeding 150 children a nutritious lunch. And I wanna thank you for your part. And I wanna talk to you for a few minutes about the value of things that sometimes seem very little to us, how big they can be to other people: a plate full of food, a cup of water, a Tylenol, or an Aspirin for someone who's never had anything but pain in their life. We have so many people from our medical outreaches talk about how they were able to help people that had never had any kinda medical help in their life at all.

I remember being in one place where our team washed a thousand children's feet and put little new shoes on their feet. These were kids who had nothing but dirty feet. And they were so happy to get those little shoes. You know, the Bible teaches us that we should not ever despise small things. Actually, small things sometimes are very powerful things. And not only that, small seeds that are planted become giant trees. Actually, the Bible says that, "Faith like a grain of mustard seed is strong enough to move a mountain". A little-bitty tiny bit of faith, if it's pure faith, can move a mountain. I wanna encourage you that you have been so helpful to us in helping so many people. Remember, what you do for someone else, God will always make happen for you. And he not only gives us back what we give, he multiplies it many, many, many times over. Just think about it. We have so much, and yet, there are so many people in the world who have so little.

Well, these are some of the children that we have the privilege of helping around the world. And there are thousands more just like them. It's so good to help people that are hurting. These children might not be eating well if we weren't here to help them. And when I say, "We," I'm not just talkin' about me, or Dave and I, or even just our ministry. I'm talking about those of you who support the ministry and us. It's we, all of us that are doing this together. And we so appreciate your help. And we really wanna be able to continue helping children around the world. These children happen to live in one of our orphanages, but we're feeding children around the world in 775 different places, 80,000 children a day, and always wanting to expand that.

And so, the Bible says that we're all to be involved in reaching out to hurting people. We're all to be involved in missions work. That really means just reaching out beyond our own borders to help people that are hurting. And so we not only do this in America, in our own cities, but anywhere where we can. So I'm asking you today if you would give a gift to help us with the missions of Hand of Hope, which is the outreach arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries. I believe as you give, it will be multiplied back to you many, many, many times over. But the greatest thing is, I believe it will increase your joy.

I've really found out that people really cannot be just all concerned about themselves and really be happy. So, the more we do for other people, the happier we become. So, thank you so much for helping today. Just do the best that you can. Maybe you can only send in a small amount, but that's so important. I just remember the widow's mite in the Bible. She gave such a small amount, and yet, her story is still being told around the world every time Christians gather together. And so, thank you for your help. We believe you're gonna do your best. God bless you, and I pray that your peace and your joy would increase, amen.
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