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Joyce Meyer - The Beauty Of Generosity

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Philippians chapter 4, verse 5, this scripture has been catching my attention a lot lately, and I'm actually feeling like I may bring this scripture up in a lot of my conferences this year.

It simply says, "Let all men know and perceive and recognize your unselfishness (your considerateness, your forbearing spirit)," which means long suffering and patient spirit. "The Lord is near, He's coming soon".

Now, you know, the Apostle Paul, and many of the other apostles, they talked a lot about Jesus is coming soon. And I particularly like this verse because he's saying, now, he's saying, "Let's make sure that we're pressing in and living right".

And so, one of the things we need to really kind of sure up on is don't be selfish, nobody needs that today, right? You're all good. Nobody here is selfish. This is for somebody who didn't come, but I'll preach it anyway.

He says, "Let all men know and see your unselfishness. Be considerate, be forbearing," and why? "Because the Lord is near, He's coming soon".

You see, I'm kind of the opinion, and I got this somewhere last year in my teaching, I became convinced that we need to talk more about the second coming of Christ. I do believe the Lord is coming soon.

And you know you might say, "Well, you know, they believed that too and look how long that's been". Well, I agree with that but all I know is if they thought it was soon, then I need to really blow the trumpet because my soon is sooner than their soon. And I feel that we have a responsibility to keep reminding people, hey listen, it's not gonna be that long and we're gonna stand before the Lord.

Every man, every woman, every person, none left out, will stand before the Lord and give an account now, I don't know about you but I don't find that I am just I don't find generosity on the list in Galatians of the works of the flesh. One of the works of my flesh is not generosity.

Matter of fact, thank God that He has changed me a great deal, but selfishness is so inherent in our flesh that if we don't guard against it... Now the Bible says, "Guard yourselves".

And so, we have to guard against these things and I believe that sometimes that requires taking a little inventory of your life and just maybe even saying something to yourself like, "What have I done for anybody else I'm going over here. You guys are not". Come on, we gotta have a little encouragement, amen?

I mean, just to say to yourself once a week, I mean, if you would just put this into your week, put it on your calendar to once a week, just have a five-minute meeting with yourself. Did you ever think of having a meeting with yourself? I have meetings with myself all the time. We need to do that. And just ask yourself, "What have I done for anybody else"?
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