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» » Joyce Meyer - Simple, Practical Changes With Real Results

Joyce Meyer - Simple, Practical Changes With Real Results

Now, you know, some people have a bad day, and it turns into a bad week, and it turns into a bad month, and then it turns into a bad year. And there's just millions of people at the end of the year, about december the 1st are sayin', "I will be so glad when this year is over." And you know what? What a tragic waste of life. I mean, really. What a tragic waste of life.

Let's make a decision in this conference to stop letting everything around us control us. C'mon. Now, that's our big decision this weekend. And for those of you watchin' by TV, I want you to make that decision with us.

"It's time for me to stop letting everything around me control me because, as a christian, 'and greater is He that is in me and Romans 8 says: "Right in the midst of all these things," not when they're over, but in the middle of 'em, "We are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us."

Now, this doesn't mean that you're gonna enjoy problems. It doesn't mean that you're maybe still not gonna hurt or go through some things. But I wanna tell ya somethin'. Attitude, man, if we can ever understand the power of attitude.

If, you know, there's a lot of things people could maybe take away from you, but your attitude belongs to you. And if you don't wanna have a bad attitude, nobody can make you have a bad attitude. I mean, when we read the life of Joseph, it seems, unless the Bible's left out a lot, that he had a great attitude while he was in prison for 13 years for somethin' he didn't do.

Yeah, amazing. Man, I spent so much of my life with a bad attitude. I mean, if I had a little problem, I could turn it into a big one overnight. Amen? And it's just bad attitudes, just feelin' sorry for our self, and havin' a chip on our shoulder. And you know, "Woe is me." and, "Nobody's got it as bad as me."

And you know, we just need to make a decision, "I am not going to waste one more day of my life being miserable." Sound good? 'Cause, see, I believe with all of my heart that God wants us to be happy.

I felt like the Lord just spoke to my heart last week just simple, "Be happy today." You know, it puts a smile on God's face when we're happy. If you have children, you know you love to see them happy.

Nobody wants to see their children miserable. And God doesn't wanna see us miserable. I think one of the things that we can do for Him is serve Him with gladness.

That's what Psalm 100 says: "Serve the Lord with gladness." If you don't know what your purpose is yet, just start with, "Well, I'm gonna serve the Lord with gladness," and He'll lead you into other good things.

You know, really, we just got this attitude, "Well, it's just so hard. It's just so hard, God. It's just so hard. Life is so hard. It's just so hard."

But you know what? Really, God gives us super simple answers that produce amazing results in our life. One of the ones I'm not gonna get to so I'll just talk about for a minute. Like, really, we think forgiving people who hurt us is so hard. But do you know what's hard? Bein' bitter your whole life. Now, that's what's hard.

And it's really not even very smart when somebody hurts us and then we're still mad and hurting a month later. And they probably don't even know they hurt us. And we're not even sure they care. And they're out havin' a good time. And we're over here bein' miserable.

And God gives us a simple answer. "Let it go. Drop it. Leave it. Let it go. Shake it off." Amen.
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