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Joyce Meyer - Removing Hindrances

Today, I want to talk about "Removing hindrances". Let's just say a person says, "Well, you know, I do want to be spiritually mature, I do want to be everything that God wants me to be, but something just seems to be stopping me. Something seems to be hindering me".

So today, we're going to talk about how we can get rid of some of these hindrances in our life. Actually, I would have preferred to call the message "Is your well stopped up"? But people might not understand that later if it's just laying out on the resource table, so people get this better.

So, Bible says, "Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water". Now, I would like you to think about something for just a minute. You know, a great thing about our mind is we can see a picture in our mind even if we're not looking at something with our eyes, we can get a picture of it in our mind.

So, how many of you have ever had a faucet in your house, let's say like a kitchen faucet, that gets clogged up, and when you turn the water on, all you get are little, little spurts. Sometimes, it goes in all kinds of crazy directions. Have you ever had that happen?

Okay, I remember years ago I guess equipment has improved now 'cause this doesn't happen, but we had these little screw-on screens that went on the bottom of the faucet. Any of you remember those? And when the faucet would start to do that, we'd have to take that off, clean it out, get rid of the hindrances so there'd be a good flow again.

Well, nobody wants to have a faucet in their house that doesn't have water flowing out of it. And we all like our water pressure, don't we? We don't even want to have low water pressure. We want to get a full flow. Well, you know what? That's what the world needs to see coming out of us is a full flow of Godliness.

There's too many Christians that have got a little spurt of godliness every now and then, a little pst, pst here and there. Can you all say that, pst? See. And so, you know, you might go to Sunday church and spurt a little bit, but then on Monday, you're all clogged up again with the world. And that's the whole reason for you being here is to learn better how to behave when you go out there.

I tell people all the time we can get so excited about the conference, "Yay. Oh man, I see Joyce on television, now I see she's a real person. I'm so excited". Well, you know, I hope that you came here for something other than just to see what I look like in person. God has got things that He wants to do in the earth, and He needs every single one of us with a full flow in our life to be able to do that.
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