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2021 online sermons » Joyce Meyer » Joyce Meyer - Personal Evangelism

Joyce Meyer - Personal Evangelism

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Well, thank you for joining us today. We're so happy to have you. Today, I would like to talk about something that, as far as I know, I've never really done in a proper teaching like this. It's something that I have talked about, of course, and encouraged people to do but I wanna talk to you today about personal evangelism, about how we are all called to share the gospel with people.

You don't have to have a reverend in front of your name to be a person who's called to tell other people about Jesus. And I think people can go from one extreme to another. They can either be so bold that they're actually bordering on being obnoxious and trying to just make everybody they see love Jesus, which I think one of the first things to remember is that you cannot make somebody that's not hungry eat, amen?

And I've noticed in the gospels that Jesus never went around begging people to let Him help them. He always helped people that wanted to be helped. And so, I think we can go from that extreme to just not being sensitive at all to who we're talking to or how we're talking to them all the way to being just really frightened of sharing our faith with anybody.

I also believe that God gifts us in different ways. I mean, I really believe that that's involved in evangelism just like it is in the other gifts that we have. For example, I think some people are probably very anointed to go out in the streets and preach, you know? I'm not.

I think a lot of people can just corner almost anybody and talk to them about Jesus. I had to find my own comfort zone is a word that I'm gonna use but I wanna make it plain that I'm not saying that we always have to be comfortable with everything that we do.

We need to follow the Spirit, whether we're comfortable or not. But I do believe if we're gifted and anointed by God to do something that it's not gonna make us miserable and it's not gonna be really, really hard for us to do.

It's gonna be something that's more natural. So first of all, I wanna make it clear that all of us are called to do this. Every christian has a biblical responsibility to desire to and to work with the Holy Spirit toward leading other people into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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