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Joyce Meyer - Journey And Camping

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Okay, I wanna just tell you just a little quick thing about my journey, and then I wanna minister to you for just a minute. I've been teaching God's Word now for 42 years, and that's a lot to be proud of. It's also, represents a lot of hard work, and a lot of hanging on and holding on and not giving up.

And I know that this room tonight is full of dreams. You have dreams for your family. You have dreams for your finances. You wanna be used by God. You have all kinds of dreams for your life. It could be somethin' maybe small to somebody else, but all of our dreams are important to us.

And our walk with God is a journey. And I think one of the things that I've said is before I'm finished writing, I really want to try to write a book on just my Journey with God. We have to understand that it's just a long walk and a long journey, and there's so many different components, and so many different parts of things.

And God doesn't always do things the way that we think He should or wish that He would, and He certainly doesn't always do them or even usually do them in our timing. And there's disappointments, and there's challenges, and there's thrills, and there's laughter, and there's tears, and they all go together to make a wonderful life.

And I started teaching in my living room, and for 5 years, I taught 25 people every Tuesday night in my living room floor. And if you look at the israelites, the Bible says that they journeyed through the wilderness, and then they camped. And then they journeyed, and then they camped.

And, you know, it's the same way with all of us. It was, like, you're goin' somewhere. You've got a vision. Things are happening. And then, all of a sudden, nothing's happening. You're just camped somewhere.

And then, just like God would, the cloud would move, and then they'd get to move again, and they never knew when it was gonna be. Sometimes they camped for a long time, and sometimes they just camped for a short period of time. And when the cloud moved, they moved, and when the cloud stopped, then they had to camp.

And maybe some of you are excited to night because you're journeying right now. You know, you're, like, somethin's happenin'. You've had good news. You've had a breakthrough, and, boy, you just, you're on top of the world right now.

But some of you are camped, and you've been camped a lot longer than you'd like to be camped. And you're just at that point, "Well, I just need to see somethin' happen. I need to have somethin' take place in my life". And I just wanted to take a few minutes tonight to just encourage you to just don't give up.

Don't abort your dreams and give up. Don't waste the years that you've already got put into the dream that you have for your life. If God needs to tweak it and make some adjustments, then let Him do that. It may not turn out exactly the way you think it will, but it will turn out good.

And I'll tell ya, there is no better feeling than to be at a place where you feel like you've arrived at the place that God wanted you to be at. And I look back now, and I look at all the things we went through, and the people who came against us, and the, just all the things.

I remember the fear and the excitement. I was sick at different times, and didn't understand that, and just so many things go into makin' a life. And, you know, sometimes you can sit and you can look at somebody that's up here, or you can see somebody on a stage somewhere, or you can hear somebody's testimony, and you don't always know when you see their victory what they went through to get there.

And I just wanna encourage you that what you're going through now will be worth it in the end, and you don't want to quit and give up, amen? I think there's a lot of starters, but I don't think there's enough finishers in life.

And I love what Paul said, "I don't care what I'm goin' through. I don't even count my life as dear to me. If only I might finish my course with joy". Let's be finishers in life.

I mean, if the devil's been playin' with your mind, and you've been kinda thinkin', well, you're gonna give up. You're gonna give up on God. You're gonna give up on goin' to church. You're gonna give up on your marriage. You're gonna give up on your kids because they're never gonna change, or you're gonna give up on this call you think you got on your life 'cause nothing's happening.

Just make a decision tonight, "Get one thing through your head, devil. I am never going to give up. I'm never gonna quit, and I'm never going to give up. If I get it the way I want it, that's fine. If I don't get it the way I want it, then I know God is smarter than I am, and I'm not going to give up".
I actually think just that bulldog determination is one of the greatest gifts that you can have, to just say, "I don't care how long it takes. I don't care how hard it is. I'm not gonna quit and I'm not gonna give up," amen?
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