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Joyce Meyer - How To Overcome Disappointment And Discouragement?

I wanna talk to you this afternoon about how to overcome disappointment and discouragement. You know, we all have times in our life when we get disappointed and the answer to being disappointed is to get reappointed. We all have times when we're discouraged but the answer is to then find a way to be encouraged. Just like light always overcomes darkness, positive things always overcome negative things. Now, there's a little place that the devil wants us to live in called the pit. Anybody know about the pit? The pit of depression, the pit of discouragement, the pit of fear, anger, whatever it might be.

Well, what is a pit? It's a sunken place, a low place, a dark and an unpleasant place. I believe self-pity is a pit. There's nothing worse than spending a whole day sitting around in a half-dark room feeling sorry for yourself. It's terrible. Room it's certainly not a place that God wants us to be in and it's certainly not a place that Jesus died for us to live in. Joseph's brothers threw him into a pit and he ended up in the palace so he must have found some way to get out of that pit.

And you may be in a place like that right now. Maybe some of you watching by TV, you think you accidentally turned this program on, just flipping through the channels and you're sitting in a pit of depression or fear or anger and it's no accident that you've joined us. God is gonna show you through His word how you can get out of that pit. Now we pray for God to get us out of places we don't wanna be in but, to be honest, it's not all about prayer. I've found out many times when we pray and ask God to do something for us, He shows us what we need to do. I'm gonna say that again, just to make sure you got it.

A lot of times when we ask God to do something for us, instead of just magically doing it for us, He shows us what we need to do to change that thing in our life. There's a difference in works of the flesh and the works of God. The Bible clearly and over and over tells us not to get into works of the flesh. And works of the flesh is our energy, our idea of how we can make something happen and we've left God out of it. Works of the flesh, we want to avoid. But the works of God we want to do and the works of God are doing what God has shown you to do. Doing what God has directed you to do, whether He's directed you from His Word or whether He's given you what we would term a rhema word which is not necessarily a written word but it's a word God speaks to your heart that agrees with the spirit of the rest of the Bible.

There are countless people that pray for healing day in and day out. Probably as much as anything, we get prayer requests for God to heal people. And God is our healer. Jesus is our healer. There's no doubt about that. But we need to also make sure that we're not abusing our own bodies at the same time that we're asking God to do miracles in our life. You might pray for a healing and God might show you I'll go slow, it's all right. You might pray for a healing and God may be simultaneously telling you that you desperately need to get some of the stress that you need to slow down. That you need to not spend every day multi-tasking, trying to do five and six things at one time. You may need healing in your life and maybe God wants to deal with the anger that you've carried around for years and years and years. Or maybe you feel bad and what you really need is exercise.

Now, don't worry, I'm not gonna camp on top of this particular point but I just wanna make the point that we need to grow up enough to realize that we can't just keep asking God to do everything for us. We can't ask Him to deliver us from the problem that we keep feeding. Is that a good way to say it? Let's stop asking God to deliver us from a problem that we keep feeding day in and day out. So it's very important that we realize that sometimes, if you're in a pit of some kind... How many of you know what I'm talking about when I say a pit? It's kind of a broad term but a, you know, I mean, even the final resting place of hell is called a pit. So we certainly don't wanna end up there but I don't wanna live in one all the way up until my time here on earth is up. And sometimes the simple answer on how to get out of a pit is just to climb out. Get up and climb out.
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