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» » Joyce Meyer - Healing The Soul Of A Woman

Joyce Meyer - Healing The Soul Of A Woman

I'm going to talk about the "Healing of a woman's soul." And you know, obviously men can be wounded too, but this is a women's meeting. And so, I'm sorry guys, but you'll just have to listen to how to heal a woman's soul. And it probably will help you go home and help your wives have better lives. How many of you want your husbands to help you have a better life, amen? All right.

And I've had a lot of practice with the healing of my soul. And I know a few things about it, anyway. And Jesus wants us to be whole, whole, completely whole. He died not just so we could go to heaven someday, but He died so we could have a life that's worth living while we're on our way to going to heaven someday.

And you know what? We've all got a story. And your story is important. And maybe you're one of the ones who could give your victory report, your testimony of what God has done for you. And maybe you're in the process of watching God do something for you. Or maybe, just maybe, you're here tonight and you just thought you had to live with it.

It's amazing how many people that even are Christians and go to church, I was one of them for a long time, who has no idea that God is interested in anything other than just saving them and getting them to heaven.

And so, I lived as a broken christian for a long, long, long, long time. And I think it's bad to be a pitiful sinner, but it's really bad to be a pitiful saint. Because we are God's advertisement to the World. We're His ambassadors, and He's making an appeal to the world through us.

And so, it's important for your sake and also for His that if you've never done it before, that you make a decision tonight that you're going to go all the way through with God, and you're going to be everything that you can be in Him.

And that you're not going to live full of pain, and secrets, and regrets from the past. But you're going to go all the way through, and you are going to be whole, and you are going to be happy, and you are going to be strong, and you are going to be confident, and you are going to hold your head up high, and you're going to make the devil mad every single day that you're on this planet. Amen?
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