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Joyce Meyer - Having A Conversation With God

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Well, there's really no special formula to spending time with God. It's just very important that you do it. Making this a priority will change your life like nothing else. I know it has mine. And now I wanna help you enrich your time with God by sharing some thoughts and insights from my own life in my brand new devotional called "My time with God". Let's focus on him together and my prayer is that these scriptures and declarations of faith will help you grow deeper in your relationship with Christ a little bit more every single day.

Well, I wanna welcome you to the program today. And I just want you to know that I've had it on my heart for a while to just sit down here in my studio and talk to you about the subject of prayer. I wanna remind you how important it is but I also wanna remind you that you can pray and, when you do, God hears you. I think one of the main things on my heart is so many people don't pray because they don't think they're good enough to pray or they don't feel like that God will hear them if they pray or maybe they've done something wrong so they feel like until they get their life straightened out they can't pray. But I want you to know that nothing in your life is ever gonna get straightened out unless you do pray.

God wants to help you. I want you to really understand that today. No matter where you're at in life or what you've done or maybe you've backslidden and fallen away from God, the enemy's gotten you convinced that God is now mad at you. Well, God does get angry but He doesn't stay angry. He's not an angry God. And the first thing that I want you to really grasp today is that God wants to help you. But He can't if you don't ask Him to. Very clearly in James chapter 4, verse 2, the Bible says: "You have not because you ask not". And there are so many wonderful scriptures in the Bible. One in particular that I'm thinking about is in James and it talks about how when we ask God to help us, He does it without reproach or fault-finding.

Now I want you to think about that. He doesn't say, "Well, you know, I'll think about helping you but I don't know. You've been bad," or, you know, "You did this wrong or that wrong". No, when God's children cry to Him, He runs to their aid and He helps them. One of the best examples that I use is something from my own life with my children. I recall one of our sons, actually the youngest one, he had a little bit of an issue with discipline when he was little. He preferred play much more than he preferred working.

So let's just say that he frequently didn't do what we asked him to do. He had a little list of chores that we wanted him to do every day. He was only maybe, like, or at the time, if that old. He might not have even been that old. And so we devised this little system where when he did his chores, he got a little checkmark by that thing, you know, feed the dog, do this, do that, make your bed, put your clothes away. And if he got enough checkmarks then he finally got a star and then if he got enough stars, he got a prize. And we used to keep the outside garage door open a lot and so we would hear him come in, screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!" And you know what? I never one time had my husband say to me, "Joyce, would you check Danny's chart and see if he's done all of his chores and, if he has, then I'll help him and, if not, he's just on his own". No, he ran to his aid and helped him.

Now that didn't mean that we didn't deal with him about the things that we asked him to do that he didn't do. So I wanna be clear here. I'm not saying that God won't deal with us about the things that we do wrong because He certainly will. But just because you've done some things wrong, or I've done some things wrong, does not mean that God won't help us when we need help.
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