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Joyce Meyer - Godly Wisdom For Your Finances

Welcome to "Enjoying Everyday Life." I'm so glad that you're with us today and glad to have our studio audience here with us, so I've got some people to talk to here in the studio as well as talking to all of you beautiful, wonderful, handsome, amazing people that are watching the program today. And you know what? You really are amazing. God created you with his very own hand, and he's got a really, really, really good plan for your life.

And I know that many of you watching today, you're probably hurting, and you've got a lot of different things going on in your life, but I want you to know that don't ever think that nobody cares about you because God cares about you. He sees you. He knows exactly what's going on in your life, and He has already planned your prison break. All you have to do is listen to Him and know exactly that He loves you, that He cares about you, that your sins are forgiven, and that whatever's holding you in bondage, whatever's got you in some kind of emotional prison or mental prison or financial prison, that God has got a way for you to get out.

Today I wanna to talk to you about money. Do you know that Jesus said more about money than He did heaven or hell? I think that's interesting, in over half of the parables, Jesus talks about money. So money is not something that's a bad thing to talk about. Matter of fact, I think if we talked about it in a right way a little more than what we do people might have a lot less trouble with it, and I just want us to think about all the things that this does and all the things that it causes. This buys things. To get this, people steal. They lie. They mistreat people. Some people will even kill to get it. People commit all kinds of crimes to get it. Divorces are caused because of it. To get more of it, people sometimes don't pay enough attention to their children.

I don't think it's quite as important as we make it out to be. And we all know that we do need money. It's what we use in the world today to get the things that we need, but I think we have to come to an understanding of the difference in our needs and our wants. It's not that we shouldn't all be able to have some of the things we want, but to be honest, nobody needs to have everything that they want. And the quest for materialism and for stuff is actually destroying our society. Greed can destroy a family. It can destroy a person. It can destroy an entire society.

Well, what really is greed? Really, greed is no more than just saying, "No matter what I have I'm not satisfied with it for very long, and then I think I have to have more." And I believe that greed is an evil spirit that comes against every single one of us. I've experienced feelings of greed in my life, and I've learned the way to fight greed is with generosity, and I really, truly mean that. You can fight greed, you can keep greed out of your life, by being generous on purpose. I think that's one of the reasons why the Bible tells us that we are to give back a tithe of all of our increase to the house of god, which then should be used to help people. So, in effect, we're giving a part of everything that comes to us to help other people, and that keeps our minds off of just us.

There's nothing worse than just living a selfish, self-centered life that's totally absorbed in "What can I do, and what can I get?" And I want more of it. And then having to have something just because somebody else you know has one, and maybe they can afford one, and you can't afford one. But you find some manipulative way to get one just so you can feel like you're as good as they are, and it's just really kinda foolish if you look at it, the importance that we place on things.

Do you know the bible says that every single thing that we go purchase, every single thing that we have, is already in the process of decay. So when you think about it, the car that you buy is already in the process of decay. The home you buy is already in the process of decay. And if you don't think it is just go drive by a junkyard somewhere and realize that what is now a pile of junk at one time was somebody's dream, and there's no telling the price that they may have paid in family, in relationships, in doing damage to their health, in lots of things in order to get that thing that is now laying in a junkyard somewhere and has no value to them at all.

Now obviously I'm not saying that we don't wanna have nice things. I believe God wants us to have nice things, but I do believe that there's a very clear direction in the Word of God in Psalm 37:4 that says that, "If we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart." And the great thing about God is we can trust Him to give us what is safe for us. The flesh fights against wisdom. We have wisdom in us from God, and we have to learn how to be led by the Spirit. So we can't let the flesh rule, and we need to realize that it will if we don't stand up to it.

So it's good to trust God to give what is safe for us to have, and I pray all the time, "God, I want you to give me anything You want me to have, but if I ask You for something and it's not right for me, then I'm asking You now not to give it to me." Now for those of you watching by TV, can you just start to do that? That's a bold way to pray and not, "God, I want this. I have to have this. I need this. I can't be happy without this. I don't know what I'm gonna do if You don't give me this." But, "God, I'd like to have this, and I'm asking You for it," because the Bible says you can ask God for anything, "Ask me for anything," "You have not because you ask not."

Ut the good news about that is if you're really trusting God and abiding in Him, you can trust that even if you ask for something that's not right for you right now or it's the wrong time, you can trust God not to give it to you, and that's not really even a NO. It's just, "I've got something better for you, and you really don't know how to ask for that yet." It's a wonderful thing to not crave possessions, to enjoy what you have but to not crave them to the point where you cannot be happy without them.

So there's a lot of good things that I wanna share with you today. I've read a couple of books that were very valuable to me, and some of the things that I'm gonna be sharing are taken from some of those books. One of 'em is a book called, "Money came by the house the other day," by Robert Katz, and then "Financial Peace" by Dave Ramsey, so I wanna give credit where credit's due. And I'm gonna share a few things that I've read out of their books, but their books are great, and I think they would be a blessing to you. I wanna talk to you today about becoming debt free, and I know that a lot of people probably don't even have in your mind that that would ever be a possibility for you.

But I want you to never stop believing in miracles, and a miracle doesn't always mean that there's nothing for you to do. It means that God will do everything you can't do, but He's gonna ask you to do what you can do. So you might say, "Well, you know, I can't do this and that. I can't give this and that." But what can you give? What can you do? If we start doing what we can do and we do it to honor God and to glorify Him, now we've got a way to pray and say, "God, I need a miracle from You." But God's not gonna give us a miracle while we lay on the couch and eat doughnuts and watch soap operas all day.

You know, for example, if you're in debt and you wanna get out, then that means you're probably gonna need a job and maybe a job and a half or maybe two jobs for a period of time, and it means that you're not gonna be able to go buy everything that you see that you want. And you may have to cut up all the credit cards. You know, I think some people need plastic surgery and in a different way than what we think about it. They need to get out the scissors and cut up all those little plastic cards that are charged up to the max that they're paying all kinds of interest on paying for stuff that they couldn't even find it in their house if they went to look for it right now. And so we are really addicted to stuff, and we don't wanna be. Let's trust God to give us what we really need.
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