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Joyce Meyer - Faithfulness

I wanna talk to you tonight about faithfulness. In Revelation 2 it says: "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give you a crown of life". So faithfulness is something that's supposed to go all the way through to the very end of our lives. To be faithful means to keep your commitments. Today, people don't really understand, I don't think, a lot about the importance of keeping commitments and when you keep a commitment that means that you keep doing it when it's no longer exciting.

That means that you keep doing it when you go through times where you're really tired of doing it and you do it when it seems like you're not getting the result that you thought that you would get. And basically, I think we should never quit on anything unless we know that we know that we know that God says, "I'm finished with that now. You don't need to do it anymore," amen?

The definition of faithfulness can get pretty long and I'm gonna read you a little bit of it but this is from the Webster's dictionary. And if you ever wanna get a hold of a great dictionary, you order yourself this Webster's dictionary online. Thirty-four percent of this dictionary was the Word of God. Definitions have been changed quite radically from the time when Webster wrote the first dictionary. "Faithfulness," he says, "Is firm adherence to the truth, firm adherence of your duties in your relationship with God".

Imagine having a dictionary that tells you to firmly adhere to your duties of your relationship with God. "Firmly adhering to duty, being loyal, being constant in the performance of your duties or your services, be exact in attending to what an authority has given you to do. Individuals should be faithful to their word, faithful to their government, faithful to their constitution. People should be faithful to their marriage partner. To be constant, not fickle, true, and worthy of belief".

The Hebrew definition is interesting. It says to stick to. So tonight we're gonna talk about the importance of sticking. Maybe some of you are ready to throw in the towel and God just wants to encourage you to stick it out, just a little bit longer. I wonder how often we quit on something when our breakthrough is right around the corner, amen?

So I've got an example that I wanna show you that I personally think is one of the best examples God's ever given me. I've used this on TV a couple of times so I'm not gonna take a long time to do it tonight. But this is a puzzle, a 6000-piece puzzle. And, you know, when you have a dream or a goal, what you usually see is the finished product. You don't see what it's gonna take to get there. You see the finished product.

When God called me into ministry, I saw in my heart this big, going around the world, preaching the Gospel, doing the kind of things that I'm doing now. But I had no idea how long it would take and what it would cost personally in time and effort and being committed to do that. When you start a new business, when you start a new ministry, whatever it is when we begin, even if it's I wanna lose pounds, we... Day one, we see ourselves skinny, but that's gonna take a lot of not eating what you wanna eat to get there.

Or when you decide you're gonna work out, you may look at somebody, maybe you're a woman and you see a woman that's in really good shape and you think, "Oh, man, that's what I wanna be". Or maybe you're a guy and you see a guy with these big muscles and you think, "Wow, man, I'm gonna look like that". Well, you see a finished product but then you gotta learn to stick to the plan all the way through.
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