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Joyce Meyer - Dare To Believe

I'm gonna talk to you this weekend about transformation, not being translated 'cause translated means I'm here and then suddenly I'm there. You know, Enoch was translated into heaven, and the Bible says, "And he was not, for God took him".

So make sure when you see the word "Transformation" in the Bible that you don't think it's talkin' about, like, this miraculous, just, like, whoosh, you're one thing, and then, transformed means changed entirely from the inside out. God comes, and He does a wonderful thing in us by His grace, and then the Bible says, "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling".

Now that doesn't mean work for your salvation. That's already been taken care of. You cannot earn salvation. I don't care how many good works you do, how good you try to be, how long you pray, how much you know, you can never earn salvation, so we are all equal on that footing. Nobody's too bad. Nobody's good enough.

We all have to come through the same way, the door, which is Christ Jesus and Him alone, but so many people stop there, and they don't work with the Holy Spirit who is given to us after the new birth.

The Holy Spirit comes to live in us when we receive Christ, and it's his work then to work with us to work what's in us as a free gift out through us, cleansing and purifying our soul, which is our mind, will, and emotions, so the good thing in us can eventually be seen through us so what God has done in us can be a witness and a testimony and a blessing to somebody else to draw them into the Kingdom of God, amen?

A lot of people have no idea that they can be completely changed, and a lot of times even if we think we can be changed, we don't think other people can be changed. Well, you are never gonna change. Well, this is never gonna change. Let me tell you something. The only thing that never changes is God, and He's the same all the time.

Don't have anybody in your life that you give up on. Even if it's such a bad relationship you gotta get away from them, don't give up on them. Continue to pray for them and believe that God can change them, amen?

My father who abused me did not receive Christ as his Savior until he was 83 years old, and finally God gave me the privilege of leading him into a personal relationship with Christ. Many times I thought, "You are never gonna change," and I just would not give up. I didn't pray for him every day all day long or anything like that, but when he came to my heart, I would pray, and I tried to show him the love of Christ.

You know, we don't just pray for people, but we also try in areas where we can to show people the love of Jesus, amen? So don't give up on your kids. Don't give up on your marriage. Well, now that was really encouraging. Lord, help me. Okay, rewind. Don't give up on your kids. Don't give up on your marriage. Don't give up on yourself.

Oh, my goodness. A woman was at the book signing that I did here a couple nights ago, and she came to me, and you could tell by lookin' at her that she was goin' through some difficult things. And she got teary eyed right away, and she bought that book on hope and had it in her hand. And she said, "Now I wanna ask you something". And I said, "What"? She said, "Will Jesus heal anybody no matter what has happened in their life"? And I said, "Yes". And she said, "Now I mean, like, anybody. Like, from some of the same kind of stuff that you went through, will God do that for me? Will He do that for anybody"?

And I could tell it was like she was almost afraid to believe. She didn't even know that that was a possibility that she could believe that, and she was kinda, like, on the brink here of tryin' to think, "Okay, do I jump in and believe that God can do this for me"?

But, see, let me ask you a question. Why not believe? It doesn't cost anything. It's free. You have faith. You can put it wherever you want to. Why not put it in God? Well, what if I believe that things will change and they never do? Well, don't live with your glass half empty all the time. What if you believe that things will change and they do?

And, okay, I'll just go with you a minute if you wanna be negative. What if you believe that things will change and they never do? You're still better off because believing makes you happy. So it's a win-win all the way around. So actually the title of this message tonight is "Dare to believe".

If you've had financial problems as long as you can remember, I want you to dare to believe that someday you can be completely out of debt, have a car that's paid for, have a house that's paid for, have a job that pays you enough money.

Now you're not gonna get translated into it. You know, you might have to do something like work. I don't know, you know? You might even have to put in a little overtime. I don't know, you know? Might have to cut back on a few things.

Hey, I got started early tonight. I'll do this as long as it takes to get a breakthrough. I got me a happy lady up here on the front row. We're gonna have a good time tonight. She gonna make the TV audience happy. Think about where you're at. What are you expecting God to do for you?

Well, I don't know. I hope he does something. That's not hope. That's not really hope. It's really not, and it's certainly not faith. One of the reasons why I encourage people to be full of hope is because I don't think you can have faith if you don't have hope because hope is a positive expectation, and so a lot of times we say we're believing God while at the same time we've got a negative attitude and a negative confession.

Well, I'm trusting God. Well, smile. And listen, let me tell you something. I know that life is hard and that problems are real. Don't you dare sit there and think that I never go through anything because I do. A lot of times while I'm preaching I'm goin' through things that nobody knows anything about.

You think the devil's after you? And let me tell you something. I have to apply these same messages that I'm preaching to you, and it's not always easy for me. But even if it's not easy this is still the answer, and it's still what works in the long run. And unless you've got something that's workin' better then it would be a really good idea to just pay attention. How many of you, it would just help you a whole lot if you just had a more positive attitude?

Now you don't wanna lie in church. That's not cool. How many of you it would help you a whole lot if you just didn't complain quite as much? Yeah, I'm workin' on that, too. God wants to do so much in our life, but you're gonna see some amazing scriptures here in just a minute.

Everything is subject to change except God Himself. He never changes, but He's always changing things and people, amen? And usually when you think God is doing nothing, that's when He's working, and then suddenly you'll have a breakthrough, and you'll say, "Oh, that was God!"

Well, you know what? He was working all along. You know, when you put the fresh-baked pie on the table, the kids might just get happy then when they see the pie, but you've been workin' on it for a long time. You had to go get the ingredients. You had to go make the pie. You had to bake the pie, you know?

So God is working in your life even when you feel like that He's not doing anything at all, and one of the things that I encourage people to do, try to in every conference, is always say even when doubt comes against you, when you feel your worst, open your mouth and say out loud, "God is working in my life right now".
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