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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Joyce Meyer » Joyce Meyer - Choosing To Trust God

Joyce Meyer - Choosing To Trust God


You know, trust is a choice. You say, "Well, I want to trust, but I'm just having a hard time with it". Well, see, you do trust something. I mean you're either trusting yourself, or you're trusting the world, or you're trusting your job, or the government, or your bank account, or somebody else that you know. We do trust something and the point is is we need to get spiritually smart enough to know what to trust and what not to trust, or who to trust and who not to trust.

We may give a certain amount of trust to people, but don't ever give the trust that belongs to God to another person because although we can trust other people to some degree, we can trust ourselves to some degree, God is the only one that we can completely trust, totally trust, and say, "I believe that you will always take care of me".

Now, right away when I say it, there's probably some people that are thinking, "Well, wait a minute, I trusted God and He didn't come through for me". Well, let's just back off a little bit and look at that a little different. Were you trusting God to give you what you wanted him to give you and so, now you're a little bit miffed because you didn't get what you wanted, or are you trusting God to give you his very best for you in his timing in his own way? We're gonna actually cover that in detail in another message. Choosing to trust God.

Well, how many of you have any medicine in your house like over-the-counter stuff or prescription medicine? You got any medicine? Okay, you probably got some band-aids, maybe some antibiotic cream, you know, maybe like you got a pain somewhere, whatever your choice of aspirin, or whatever it is, you got some stuff. And God also has medicine for our soul, you know that? Do you know that the diseases and sicknesses that we have in our souls, in our mind, our will, and our emotion, are much worse than any physical disease that you can get?

I tell ya, I'd prefer not to have either one but if I had to choose, I would rather have a really bad headache for a long time, than to have to suffer what your soul goes through when somebody has hurt you emotionally really bad. Come on. And so, it's really not the things that happen to us that determine the quality of our life, it's how we respond to those things and how much of it we take into ourselves or how much we say, "Well, I'm gonna trust God with it". So, God has medicines for our soul.

For example, if I sin and do something wrong, I can do what the normal thing would be, which is to feel guilty and condemned, or I can take some, "God forgives me," and it will heal my soul. Amen? So, if you want to, you can sit there all morning and you can feel guilty about something you did or did not do this morning. Some of you probably got mad at somebody in your home and said a bunch of stuff you shouldn't have said before you left to come to the christian meeting.

I don't know, maybe somebody got real not so kind to somebody else in the parking lot who zipped in and took the parking space you were trying to get. I can almost guarantee you in a crowd this size that happened to somebody. And so, you can either be mad at them, or you could take some, "I'm gonna forgive you". You can feel really bad about yourself because of something that you did this morning that you shouldn't have done and just ruin the whole day, or you can take a good dose of, "God's merciful and He forgives me".

So, God has medicines for our soul and actually, the Word of God is medicine for everything that ails you inside. The Word of God fixes our mind, it helps us turn our will in God's direction to where we're doing what he wants, instead of what we want. Has anybody here figured out yet that doing what you want your way doesn't make you happy? Has anybody figured that out yet? Okay. You know what? I've been teaching the word 40 years and you know what I know now? God is always right. No matter what I think or how I feel, God is always right. And I mean really, the whole Bible is a message about do this and live a quality life that's worth living, do this and be miserable.

I don't know why it takes us a lifetime to get it. Well, I do because we have stubbornness and self-will and, you know, all these different things. And so, God's word, it really is medicine for our soul. And I mean I've been at this a long time and I'm a serious student of the Word of God and I can tell ya, I have yet to find anything that bothered me that I couldn't find an answer for in God's word. But I do believe that there is a couple of medicines that we need to make sure that we have and these two together pretty much will solve every problem that you have anytime. And the first one is trust God. And the second one is do good.
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